The Adventure Continues


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Chapter 1 of my Build A City Challenge
Sequel to the Goldweaver Family Legacy

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The Adventure Continues

  1. 1. Iwan Urisini left his home planet of Loros embarking on a journey to settle the untamedlands of the nearby world of Palivan. However, nothing ever seems to go as planned forour heroes from Loros. The ship’s drive malfunctioned and instead of dropping out ofhyperspace after 3 months the ship continued to drift through space for 300 years.Instead of landing on Palivan, it had reached a far off world which the locals or humanscalled Earth.Realizing what had happened, Iwan Urisini decided that he and his settlers shouldsimply set up a colony on this strange world instead. Realizing that some humans werefearful or jealous of their strange gifts, Iwan with the help of the Gypy matriarchs createda shield that could hide the new settlement of Horizon from the prying eyes of thedangerous locals.The only way a human or outsiders from other worlds could enter and see the settlementwas for a member of the colony to bring them in…well unless you happened to possesmagic of your own…Welcome one and all to The Adventure Continues. This is going to be my attempt at theBuild A City Challenge/ Prosperity Challenge and is a sequel to my Goldweaver FamilyLegacy. Our hero is Iwan Urisini (The tenth generation spare to my Goldweaver Family)Hopefully, this all goes well. Oh and since this is a hybrid…I’ve started out with morethan 1 sim. I have 7 houses at the start of this challenge. Well onward with the story eh?
  2. 2. How did he always end up with the crappy assignments? Zeus was going on about strange new powerreadings that someone just had to investigate…apparently some unknown beings had set up a colonyon Earth. And he wanted to know exactly who these beings were…what they were capable of…werethey a threat to the Greeks etc. So here he was transported into the middle of a wedding (not thatgetting around their magical barrier had been easy, actually it had been rather difficult no humancould have pulled it off) Wait? That man in the yellow tux looked familiar…no it couldn’t be. Couldit?
  3. 3. As the wedding progressed and guests began to cut into the cake, Aiden started to make his way through thecrowd and toward the man in yellow. He could almost swear that it was Ryker Kim, the old family guardian forthe Goldweavers. He’d been married to an heiress of the family once…but that was so very long ago, and whatcould the Lorians possibly be doing on Earth?“Hey, you’re cute. Wanna dance? Hic!”Why was he always followed by these types? “Look lady, no. Just no.” Honestly she looked like an ape. As hetried to push past the drunken blue clad party guest, he felt the alien giving him the strangest look.
  4. 4. “Pardon me, but well you look an awful lot like Aiden Loros.”“Hey General,” a cheeky teen cut in, “that’s completely ridiculous. Aiden Loros died hundreds of years ago.”“Hey Rick…if you hadn’t noticed this guy just popped into the middle of the Ursini wedding so he’s clearly not human. As an Akivari it’s myjob to ensure the protection of everyone including your miserable hide. Which I might add you are making more than just a little bit difficult.”Aiden had forgotten how much he hated snot nosed teenagers. He cut in, “Hey kid, you should listen to the green guy..Listen, this is going totake some explaining and is likely going to be really awkward could you maybe set up a meeting with the other Akivari…Ryker…” He wasalmost certain that the other man was Ryker Kim now.“Uh, sure.”
  5. 5. “Grandmaster, this man asked to speak to you.”Ryker looked up with a sigh. He hated the public gatherings. Everyone always had to be so diplomatic and formal.“Yes?” he took one look at the man and he nodded. “Aiden? So I take it Zeus abducted you after all then? Ani-Meisuspected as much…she said he has a tendency to be a pain sometimes.” He grinned a toothy smile. “You’re probablywondering about the whole not frying in the sun thing…I can thank one of the great-grandkids for that one. Speakingof great-grandkids how’d you like to meet one of your distant relations? Hey Iwan there’s someone here I think you’llwant to meet!”Wait he had great-grandkids now? Aiden was so completely confused. As Ryker drug him off into the house, hesighed. This was by far one of the worst assignments ever.
  6. 6. After the wedding party was broken up, Aiden was escorted into the kitchen. Iwan said he’dbe right back. After the young man had changed out of his suit he’d come back in in. “Soyou’re Aiden! Honestly I can’t believe I’m meeting you great-grandfather. It’s a completehonor.”“Riiight.” He just looked at the strange man staring back at him. He could certainly seehimself in the man. “So, do you mind telling me exactly what you are doing here?”
  7. 7. “Not at all Great-grandfather.”“Aiden.”“Excuse me Great..”“No, Aiden. That’s my name.”“Oh. Sorry Great-grandfather Aiden.”“Just Aiden…none of that formal titles stuff. We’re family.”“Oh. So you don’t want me to call you Great-grandfather? I apologize, but Great-grandmother Kalana instilled the importance of referringto others by their proper titles and I simply thought.”Ah Kalana, how he’d missed her. Well sort of. “Yes, well, I’m NOT the formal type myself. Call it opposites attracting if you want.”
  8. 8. “Very well. Though it will probably take me some time to become accustomed to calling you by your given name. If Islip into the formal titles I do ask your forgiveness.”“ what are you doing here again?”“Oh. Well you see I’ve always been fascinated with traveling to other worlds and so it was decided since I was theyoungest son that I should lead the expedition to colonize new worlds. I had an older brother named Fable. He’s deadnow. Our ship malfunctioned and we travelled for 300 years instead of 3 months. Anyway, we ended up here on Earthinstead of Palivan and well we took a vote and decided to start the colony here instead. That is alright isnt it sir?”
  9. 9. Aiden really felt like slamming his head into the table. But he restrained himself, somewhow “No, that’s not aproblem. It’s just my boss he sensed that you were here. We had a problem with aliens trying to take over the worldrecently and he wanted me to make sure you weren’t like that guy.”“Your boss sensed? If you don’t mind my asking…I mean you were an elder in some of the photos and now youaren’t. Ryker said you didn’t die. And he mentioned something about Zeus abducting you..”Great how did he explain this? “Honestly, I’m immortal. And apparently I wasn’t allowed to grow old and die soZeus, my boss, he used his magic to bring me back to Earth after Kalana died. I was then returned to my originalage.”
  10. 10. “So you and your boss are kind of like elves or Akivari?”“Something like that.”“Could you visit us here? I mean since this is still Earth could you get your boss to let youspend time with us? I’d love for you to be around to meet my kids. Or maybe we could comevisit you? Like I said I love going to new places, and I’m sure Claire, that’s my wife by theway, she’d be more than happy to come too. She’s a very open-minded human. She’s the onethat taught me English. Pretty neat right?”
  11. 11. Aiden smiled. “I’d like that too. I can’t see why he’d say no to either really. Though you coming for a visitmight be a little more complicated.” Besides he owes me, Aiden thought bitterly. He already hauled me awayfrom my family once. He can’t actually think I’ll let him tear me away from them a second time. “I’ll see yousoon Iwan.”“John…that’s my Earth name if you’re curious…John Ursini. Claire says it’s perfect. I’ll practice just callingyou Aiden. And you can practice just calling me John. Unless you want to use Iwan. Whatever’s fine. Wellunless we’re out around the humans…then I’m just John. But you already knew that didn’t you great-oh wait…Aiden.”“Sounds good to me.”
  12. 12. It took some time, but eventually Aiden was allowed to move to Horizon to be with hisfamily. He had to live in his own house that operated under “the rules” so that he would notage, but otherwise he was free to visit and watch out for his own. It was true that Kalana wasno longer with him, but now at least he had part of her with him again.“Welcome back Aiden. See that I remembered.” Iwan/John laughed, “Meet your great-greatgrandchildren Axel and Lexa.”
  13. 13. And before anyone knew it Axeland Lexa had grown into veryrambunctious toddlers.
  14. 14. Lexa, the oldest was her mother’s little girl. She looked exactly like Claire,except for the ebony locks inherited from her father. She’d also inherited hergreat-great grandfather’s nasty streak. (No lie only 1 nice point here folks)
  15. 15. See?
  16. 16. Meanwhile Axel, inherited his father’s sweet disposition. (10 Nice Points.)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  17. 17. Of course, the Ursini family wasn’t the only one in town. Just across the streetlived one Akivari Ryker Kim. He was still considered the Grandmaster of theAikivari order, but he was retired from his duties as a guardian. He was also nowcured of his allergic reaction to the sun which meant he could come and go as hepleased.
  18. 18. In many ways, he hadn’t changed much. He was still the same loveable goofball.Though he’d discovered that he had a true love of the outdoors. (I kid you not hispre-destined hobby is Nature. How fitting is that? *huggles her Ryker*)
  19. 19. And he’d decided to take up dancing in his old age. He wasn’t that good at it. Actuallyhe made faces reminiscent of when he played chess with Toren, but he seemed to behappy. And of course he always practiced In green leotards.(I’m sorry I know Ryker causes me to break the fourth wall al lot, but he’s awesome.For those who don’t know Ryker practically did everything in his green PJs back inLoros. Oh and he married a green alien. Wore green outerwear…yeah I think he has afavorite color.)
  20. 20. And Ryker kept in touch with his great-great grandson Bran. Bran was the leader ofthe town’s defense forces and the Ursini family’s current guardian.“Uh…sorry about the crispy fried toast there Ry-Ry.”“It’s not a problem Bran. Honestly, I told Allyn I would have been more than happyto make breakfast.”
  21. 21. “You’ll do no such thing Ry-Ry! You are a guest in our home. I won’t have youdoing the cooking, cleaning, and gardening. Those are my jobs. You just relaxand play with Kay.”Ryker chuckled.
  22. 22. Allyn Walosenko was truly a Nectu woman through and through. Hard working,loyal, and hospitable. His great-great grandson was a lucky man.
  23. 23. He wandered into the kitchen to put away his own dishes before Allyn cameback and tried to do it for him. “Ry-Ry play with me?”He looked down to find Kay Walosenko gazing up at him from the floor. Thekid had certainly gotten his father’s messy hair. “Sure thing kiddo. Just let meput these dishes in the sink.”
  24. 24. And Allyn wasn’t the only Nectu woman in the small colony either. On the north sideof Horizon the Aspir family had set down their roots. The Aspir’s had been the first toopen up shops in the small marketplace. But then Nectu never worked for anyone butthemselves. Elizabeth was a renowned seamstress and the clothes from her Clothingshop were highly sought after.
  25. 25. Her husband Victor and his father Luis took turns minding the colony’s grocer. Bothmen had developed close friendships with the Ursini family. Victor and Aiden gotalong quite well.
  26. 26. Elizabeth had recently had to put her sewing and business on hold. Her secondpregnancy was proving to be quite difficult. But the family was still doing quitewell even with Elizabeth currently off her feet.
  27. 27. Victor and Elizabeth’s daughter Pauline did her best to help her mother around thehouse while she was pregnant. She kept her room tidy, helped set the table before themeals and helped her Grandpa Luis with the dishes. But not to worry even with herMama being tired, Pauline still found time for her favorite hobby, drawing.
  28. 28. It wouldn’t be much longer now before she had a new brother or sister. Pauline wasquite excited about being a big sister. She couldn’t wait to show the kids at schoolpictures!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  29. 29. Meanwhile, in the gypsy compound, Inderb Mole dutifully sat studying the finer arts ofcooking and cleaning. Both skills would serve her well when she became a woman. UnlikePauline, Inderb did not attend the human primary school or even the colony school. She waseducated at home by her governess, an elder gypsy named Cleo. The gypsies were of the mindthat a child should not attend formal schools as they were filled with corruption that couldeasily ensnare a young girl like Inderb.
  30. 30. Inderb also took music lessons three days a week. These she learned from her musicteacher Urien. Her father John made his living by writing books. John was devoted tohis job and spent many long hours at his typewriter in the study within the Gypsycompound. His daughter Inderb therefore spent most of her day with the variousservants that her father employed or else left on her own.
  31. 31. That isn’t to say that John Mole did not love his daughter. In the evenings after his work was completedfor the day, he made time to listen to his daughter play her newest musical pieces and they often playedchess before bed. “How was that Father?” she asked expectantly.“Lovely Inderb! You are progressing quite nicely with your studies. Mistress Cleo and GrandmasterUrien have given me very good reports. You are growing into a fine young woman.”Inderb beamed up at her father with pride. She was glad he liked her music. “Shall we play chess now?”“Lead the way child.”
  32. 32. Iwan woke with a start from his latest dream. Hedidn’t think he’d ever get used to havingprophetic dreams. Had his ancestor Toren evergotten used to them? Somehow he doubted it. Heshook his head. He should speak with Bran….
  33. 33. And so that is where I leave you. Hopefully you enjoyed the first installment of TheAdventure Continues. Yes the most original title ever.  So now for some stats.Current Population and Stats:Playable Sims:18Sim Multiplier: 11Community Lots: 3Careers Unlocked:Military (1) (Bran Walosenko)Criminal (1) (Edward Contrary)Total Population: 198Thank-you to Ani-mei for loaning me Aiden. It’s so good to have him back. Hopefullyhis character file doesn’t get corrupted this time. And I do hope he was in character.:yup: