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Jasons Search For The Mythical Miss Right Epilogue


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Tying up all the loose ends of the Bachelor Challenge.

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Jasons Search For The Mythical Miss Right Epilogue

  1. 1. Welcome back to Jason's Search for the Mythical Miss Right! I've decided that the epilogue will be rather simple. I'll walk you through all the weddings that happened in the neighborhood after the competition was over. And there were lots of them.
  2. 2. I decided a long time ago that I would find husbands for all my contestants at the end. And decided that I'd go ahead and make them for all the simelves as well. And there was one special couple that I needed to include as well.
  3. 3. So if your ready for a long string of weddings, and some extremely cute children, sit down and get ready to click the arrows. Oh and the last two pictures? They were just to show that at some point I had everyone seated for the weddings. Did it last? Of course not.
  4. 4. We'll start with Lucy and Rhys. He was more than a little surprised when she pulled out the ring, and more than a little reluctant. He wasn't sure if this was a good idea.
  5. 5. “Lucy, are you sure about this? After what happened?” “I am sure. I love you, Rhys. I know who you are. I know what you are, and I love you. I'm willing to take a chance on this again if you are.”
  6. 6. “If you're sure about this.” “I am.” “Then hell yes, I'll take the chance. Just try to stop me.”
  7. 7. Lucy met Rhys at the wedding arch. She was radiant as every bride should be, and he was a little concerned. But he was there.
  8. 8. And as flowers fell Lucy put the ring on Rhys' finger. She winked at him and startled he found himself smiling.
  9. 9. “Behave,” he said and then slipped her ring on her finger.
  10. 10. Lucy was laughing when she pulled him closer, “Was that so hard?”
  11. 11. You can see what his answer was.
  12. 12. It wasn't long before she was giving birth to Rhys' child. Hey it's not a legacy, I can cheat!
  13. 13. And she gave birth to a baby boy named Lawrence Fitzhugh. His thoughts were of his mother.
  14. 14. And he has red hair!
  15. 15. And has been voted unanimously adorable.
  16. 16. And honestly he hasn't grown out of it yet.
  17. 17. When Vickie left the Bachelor house, she did it knowing that Jason wasn't the man for her. It didn't take her long to find a man to love in Pong here. She greeted the guests with a decidedly “un- Victorian” gesture. They didn't mind.
  18. 18. And with a smile for Pong they exchanged their vows, and rings ...
  19. 19. ...and sealed the deal with a kiss.
  20. 20. She decided to give birth in her pj's. Or I should say I did, after I she yelled at me for taking a picture of her in her undies.
  21. 21. And soon Grace Legacy made her appearance.
  22. 22. Here's her toddler picture being held by Uncle Jack.
  23. 23. And I finally caught her for her child picture in the bathroom.
  24. 24. And much to Gin's eternal joy, she and Spider Jerusalem met under the arch and exchanged rings. She was beaming when she slipped his on.
  25. 25. And Spider's grin seemed to hint he was enjoying this too.
  26. 26. Everyone clapped loudly in their seats for this kiss. Okay the ones that were still in their seats. Sims!
  27. 27. And we fast forward to Gin giving birth in the living room.
  28. 28. To a beautiful girl named Pisces Aquaria Vetinary.
  29. 29. See I told you she was beautiful.
  30. 30. And yes, her mother dresses her.
  31. 31. Celly fell in love with Alejandro. “My name is Armando.” “But dear, your name must be Alejandro, I called you that on day four.”
  32. 32. “Yes, love, I know, but I do know my own name, Armando.” “Armando what, dear?”
  33. 33. “Armando Legacy.”
  34. 34. “You're looking good, sweetheart!” “Get out of those Goopy shorts and call the doctor, before I snap that finger gun in two!”
  35. 35. I believe the baby picture was burned by the mother. But here is Cecily Legacy with her Aunt Anne as a toddler.
  36. 36. And here she is as a child. I think she's adorable.
  37. 37. And here is Jamie laying claim to Will.
  38. 38. Will doesn't look too unhappy with that.
  39. 39. When I think about what's coming up, it's a good thing I love both of you.
  40. 40. You see, Jamie is one of three female sims in this subhood that decided one pregnancy was not enough and had two. I decided to just show one pregnancy picture though. Also the next four pictures do not occur in any order, and I can't swear that the babies are really who I say they are. You've been warned.
  41. 41. We will say that this is Wallace Austen.
  42. 42. And that this might be Xavier Austen.
  43. 43. Yvonne Austen.
  44. 44. And Zachary Austen rounds out the ranks. Yes she had a single and then triplets. But then again they're all lovely, so I can't complain too much.
  45. 45. Wallace a bit older.
  46. 46. And Xavier or Zave. Can they look anymore like their father?
  47. 47. Zachary, who I think will be Zach.
  48. 48. And this lovely young lady is Yvonne.
  49. 49. And now they are children. Wallace once more.
  50. 50. Xavier says hello!
  51. 51. Zachary looks quite inquisitive here. And seems to me to be a nice blend of his parents' features.
  52. 52. And Yvonne will break quite a few hearts one day, and turn Will's hair white again.
  53. 53. Next up on the list is Rebekah and Collin Livingston.
  54. 54. It was a beautiful wedding, although the guests kept commenting on how much Colin looked like Bekah's father, Larry.
  55. 55. Not that the newlyweds minded one bit.
  56. 56. Fast forward to the birth. As you can see Bekah wanted this baby. Christopher is a little freaked by the whole thing though.
  57. 57. But soon Caleb Livingston was born. He looks like he isn't quite sure what to make of all this being born stuff.
  58. 58. And he grew up all too soon. Here he is with his Aunt Celly. And I'm not sure I want to know about that mischievous grin on his face.
  59. 59. And one more transition. Colin, do you know how good looking you are?
  60. 60. Ahh yes, Kento and myself. This was before I was able to recover Kento's kimono, so he's in a tux like all the rest of the men. The dress isn't exactly like my wedding dress, but it's sort of close.
  61. 61. Gin and SJ were behind us chatting. By this time half of the guests were just enjoying themselves. As long as they were having fun.
  62. 62. I was definitely enjoying this.
  63. 63. This not so much.
  64. 64. I somehow missed a baby picture for her, but this little cutie is Michiko Mizutani.
  65. 65. And here she is learning to smustle. I still need to figure out how to make Kento's nose correctly. Oh well one day.
  66. 66. Jack was quite the gentleman when he exchanged his ring with Iris.
  67. 67. I was going to do this differently, and Iris would have had a nice green dollar sign to go with her pretty rings, but I forgot when it came time to actually do the weddings. Sorry Iris, I hope having Jack is consolation enough.
  68. 68. From the grins on their faces, I'd say it is.
  69. 69. But Rhys is having a problem with all this domestic bliss.
  70. 70. Iris soon though is giving Rhys another couple of grandchildren.
  71. 71. This one is Mary. Named after Jack's mother.
  72. 72. Yes, grandchildren. She had natural twins.
  73. 73. And here is Nadine, named after Iris' aunt.
  74. 74. Mary enjoys her father's attention.
  75. 75. And Nadine is quite comfortable with Auntie Anne. Anne holds the toddlers a lot, Cait, are you sure she's not part Family? ;)
  76. 76. Mary grew up quite nicely.
  77. 77. As did Nadine. Yeah I caught several of the kids in the bathroom when they aged.
  78. 78. Lea too found love with Elmer.
  79. 79. “Are you sure about taking my last name?” “Wyrd as it is, I'm sure.” “That was awful, Elmer, it's a good thing I love you.”
  80. 80. “Shut up and kiss me.”
  81. 81. “Why do you guys all have to do this at one time!” “Because, Lauri has no freakin' patience now shut up, Rhys!”
  82. 82. And so Phillip Wyrd was born and had to get a look at the camera.
  83. 83. He still loves it. And it loves him.
  84. 84. I can't help it, he's adorable.
  85. 85. Anne found happiness with Jacob Regacy. And it wasn't long before they were engaged.
  86. 86. Their wedding was quite lovely in front of the lake where they met.
  87. 87. And there was quite a lot of clapping when Jacob kissed his bride.
  88. 88. Anne gave birth in the hall still wearing her bridal veil. I think I mentioned before that I forgot to remove it.
  89. 89. Micah takes a great deal after his father, but many of his facial features are pure Austen.
  90. 90. See how cute he is? And do Cait's readers recognize the nose?
  91. 91. Yep, Micah Regacy is definitely an Austen.
  92. 92. Cait and Jeremy finally get their formal wedding.
  93. 93. And the Navy is nowhere to be found.
  94. 94. Her outfit didn't have a very good pregnancy morph so she got to give birth in her bathing suit.
  95. 95. Edward Regacy got a lot of looks from his mother. And his father heads back inside to get a bottle.
  96. 96. Can't you just pinch those cheeks?
  97. 97. Cait you did well!
  98. 98. However, who gave you permission to get pregnant again? I must have fixed the pregnancy morph issue, because she's not in her bathing suit this time.
  99. 99. But everyone welcome, Alice Regacy to the neighborhood.
  100. 100. And here she is as a toddler. I love the smile on Cait's face.
  101. 101. Di and Indy have had what 3 weddings so far? Do we love putting them together? Of course we do!
  102. 102. I really do think that Doc gave us quite an awesome couple here.
  103. 103. I'm a little concerned about this birth though.
  104. 104. He seemed to turn out all right though. This is Bryant Vetinari.
  105. 105. And Di and Indy always make cute kids!
  106. 106. When Saeva left the house, she wasn't sure when her heart might heal enough to love again. But then she met Jason's cousin Christopher.
  107. 107. He made her quite happy, and as you can see she's pregnant here. I feel quite good about the two of them. Will they be canon? You'll see.
  108. 108. But they are very good together.
  109. 109. When she popped the second time it was into this formal outfit, and I never got around to changing it before she gave birth.
  110. 110. Callandra Tegenaria was born right about 7 am.
  111. 111. And here she is with Iris. She and Nadine almost look more like twins than Nadine and Mary.
  112. 112. She has that serious Xenobia look all right.
  113. 113. And speaking of Xenobia's, Callie and Rafe decided to get married as well.
  114. 114. I have never regretted marrying in this sim.
  115. 115. I don't know what else can I say?
  116. 116. Um, Rafe, your wife? “She told me to!” Callie? “If he's not panicking, I can do this!”
  117. 117. Callie her head! “It'll work itself, out, Lauri, don't panic.” “Easy for you to say.” “Are you ready for the second one?”
  118. 118. Second one? Twins? “You sound happy.” “Hey, Xenobia twins are awesome!”
  119. 119. I'll be honest and say I'm not sure if this is Antigone or Aphrodite. They look so much alike I have trouble telling them apart.
  120. 120. And here is her sister. See what I mean?
  121. 121. And as children, here is Antigone,
  122. 122. And here is Aphrodite.
  123. 123. Callie got pregnant again, and gave birth to another girl, Athene. Jason is still the only son.
  124. 124. I have a feeling I have three clones here. Oh well they're pretty. Antigone isn't sure she likes all the attention her sister is getting though.
  125. 125. And now for the wedding you've all waded through the last 100+ slides for!
  126. 126. The guests began to arrive, some of them still in their wedding garb. Marina seemed fascinated in the house, or she's deliberately ignoring the hot tub hanging from the upper deck.
  127. 127. “Why am I here again?” “I thought you might like to see the wedding, and your son and granddaughter.” “I love Rhys too much, I'll spend time with Iris.”
  128. 128. Once everyone was sort of in place and sort of watching, Cay and Jason began the ceremony.
  129. 129. “I, Jasonikan Xenobia, take you, “Cayenne Jaqueline Buccaneer, to be my wife from this day forward.”
  130. 130. “Ditto. Jason, I love you.” “You better, 'cause I love you too.”
  131. 131. Callie welcomed Cay into the family. Much to Cay's relief.
  132. 132. And Rafe sought out Jason to offer him some fatherly advice.
  133. 133. Aphrodite watched with a wistful look as the adults made their toasts. Max motives is your friends for this kind of thing.
  134. 134. And Antigone listened carefully as the adults talked mostly unaware of her presence.
  135. 135. Hello everyone! This is obviously before I moved the champagne. And I hate to think what this would have looked like with Headlines on.
  136. 136. After the wedding they moved into this cute little house. If you're wondering about all the pink, it's the house I made for a Valentine's Day contest.
  137. 137. Cay, that better be juice. “Cranberry Cocktails of the juice variety, yes! I wouldn't do anything to hurt the baby.”
  138. 138. “Um, Jason, I'm sort of giving birth.” “Yeah I know, see 1000 points for meeting someone new!” “You're not going to panic?” “Nah, I've seen it before.”
  139. 139. “Beau your father is a bit silly, but I love him.” And here is Beau Xenobia for everyone to see.
  140. 140. “He's beautiful, Cay. Thank you.” “Ditto. I love you.” “Love you too.”
  141. 141. As a toddler I put him in the Wakko Warner dreads just to show off his ears. If this kid looked anymore like his daddy he could use him as a shaving mirror.
  142. 142. And here he is as a child. Probably thinking his father is a popularity Sim. I want to thank all my readers for your time and encouragement. This never would have been completed if it weren't for you.
  143. 143. Thanks again to Cait, Di, Marina, Lea, Gin, Jamie, and Doc for the use of their simselves/legacy sims. And thanks to the Box for keeping me on track!