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Chapter 1 Part 1


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Chapter 1 Part 1

  1. 1. Welcome to the Aistrigh Legacy. This is my wonderful founder Hunter Aistrigh. Hunter is a Knowledge Sim with the LTW to top the Intelligence Career.
  2. 2. His stats are: 2/5/6/7/5 His secondary aspiration: Popularity His main party trick: A constant flow of lame jokes.
  3. 3. The first thing he does on freewill is turn on the radio and get his dance on.
  4. 4. Spirit fingers!
  5. 5. 'Hey we never got pancakes at the orphanage' thought Hunter, 'don't know why people always complain about dorm food, its not that bad.' Hunter eats as if its always his last meal.
  6. 6. Dagmar Davison watched the young man eat, she was sure there was something odd about that one.
  7. 7. After breakfast hunter joined some of his dorm mates for an impromptu dance party. He got on well with fellow ginga Kampol. Kampol even thought his joke about butterflies and Socrates was pretty funny.
  8. 8. Hunter often took his binoculars with him on the way to class. Under the guise of practicing for when he is a spy.
  9. 9. One day a few months later, he walked into the kitchen and saw a face that made his heart flutter. (WHAT!!! Geeze like totally make things complicated why dont you!!)
  10. 10. He grabbed a bowl of slop even though he wasn't that hungery and sat down opposite the boy who made his skin tingle. The dormie in pigtails decided to retreat from the area before she got anymore food on her cloths. They are so made for each other.
  11. 11. Despite being a bit of a sourpuss, the many gay men of the dorm found him quite irisistable.       (Yeah so almost all of the boys of this dorm are gay.)
  12. 12. Deafened by cheerleaders.
  13. 13. Hunter invited Shenene over to study with him.
  14. 14. She was a bit forward and Hunter got a bit defensive when she admired his curly locks.
  15. 15. She played a mean game of chess and left hunter wondering how she beat him.
  16. 16. This girl looks a bit dazed and confused. Hunter found her lost and showed her the way to her dorm.
  17. 17. To cheer her up he told her an aparantly hilarious joke about chickens and light bulbs.
  18. 18. Hunter and Kampol bond over... fryed eggs.
  19. 19. "Hi Anthony, its Hunter. I was wondering if you would like to Hang Out today?".
  20. 20. Anthony greets Hunter with a friendly kiss on the cheek.
  21. 21. They Hang Out in the autumn sun for hours talking about everything, Hunter even tells Ant his favorate Pope and Jesus walk into a violin shop joke.
  22. 22. It was dark when Kampol came. "Sup dudes?," he snickered, "you making daisy chains out here?" Despite himself he sat down.
  23. 23. Although they tried to involve him in the conversation, there was long periods of silence while Ant and Hunter could only stare into each others eyes.
  24. 24. "Shit, I cannot stand this much longer," muttered Kam as he rose to his feet, "you two should just make out and get it over with." He stalked of to find a cow mascot to poke.
  25. 25. Hunter felt his face go flush, he stood up and patted his pockets pointlessly. "Um well its getting late, I have a final tomorrow..."
  26. 26. He helped Ant up and stood close to him for a few seconds, savouring the awkward moment.
  27. 27. He lent forward and asked quietly in Ant's ear, "do you like me?" He could feel Ant's hand, warm on his shoulder.
  28. 28. The burn of skin on skin races up his arm.
  29. 29. Ant answers him without words.
  30. 30. Awww (You are going to have to forgive me for the cheesy writing, they are one cheesy couple.)
  31. 31. Hunter is in such a good mood the next day that even that macabre excuse for Spaghetti wouldnt damper his elation.
  32. 32. "Hey Hunter, Dagmar is staring at your arse." "I don't care, pink track pants dormie, I've got a boyfriend."
  33. 33. Hunter did have to acknowledge that Dagmar did stare at him an awful lot.
  34. 34. Dagmar grimaced as the young student scuffed up the floors playing some silly game in the kitchen. Youth is wasted on the young she thought.
  35. 35. "Mutter, mutter, damn dormies, scungy dirty hair in the plug leaving... Mmmm thinking about Ant makes cleaning easy."
  36. 36. "Wow you guys are freaks!!"
  37. 37. Hunter and Kam spend alot of time fooling around and soon find that they are the best of friends.
  38. 38. Kam does like a good victim.
  39. 39. "Hey, guess what?" "What?" "Im going on a date with Ant tomorrow." "That's great Hunter... " (Note sarcastic tone)
  40. 40. "I knew I shouldnt have moved into this stupid gay friendly dorm," mutters blond dormy.
  41. 41. "Hey so... um... you really need to back off, Im not into um... mature ladies, eh?" "Whatever kid."
  42. 42. "I think you're cute too."
  43. 43. "Don't be silly Kam, Im not going to have to move to europe just to run away from the creepy cook."
  44. 44. "Why does that old lady have you in her though bubble all the time?" "Just ignore her,  babe."
  45. 45. "When I'm with you I can ignore anything, I love you." (bleh sickening)
  46. 46. "... and then the duck said well thats how the butter melts, hahahaha. Get it? Butter?"
  47. 47. "yeah I like flags too, hey you wanna get a flat with me? I'm way sick of this place."
  48. 48. "Hell yeah!"
  49. 49. "I wonder if I could be best friends with a bird?" "Stupid Flamboyant lawn ornament."
  50. 50. Hunter fell asleep in his new bed and dreamed about new friends.
  51. 51. Somewhere else, a man in foliage started to dance.
  52. 52. With energetic flourish he gestured at the carpet.
  53. 53. Hunters felt in his dreams like he was wrapped in vines.
  54. 54. Murdir giggled.   "That's your founder?" She asked in a strangely harsh tone.
  55. 55. Hunter woke up on hard marble. "I think he turned out ok," said a voice that was deep, but sweet and dripping with honey.
  56. 56. "Oh man, where am I?".
  57. 57. "Right here," the grating voice said.
  58. 58. Hunter finally pushed the wool out of his head and jumped up. "What the fuck is going on?" "I needed to talk to you," said the green clad man.
  59. 59. "Why didn't you call me or something? The whole waking up on the floor thing is a bit distressing." "Sorry, it seemed easier this way." "Ok, what are you people?"
  60. 60. "We are gods." "Yeah right," Hunter waved his hands around, "and I suppose I'm on mount Olympus or in Atlantis or um, Valhalla?" "Nope, close though, this is Simhalla." (Cough, snort... lazy writing...)
  61. 61. The dark lady with the wicked hair smiled and pointed at Hunter. Suddenly he felt crawling all over his body, like thousands of maggots were on him. He could feel them trying to get up his nose.
  62. 62. As sudden as it started it stopped and he could open his eyes. The green man stood between him and the woman. "Now, now, Murdir, you always have to use scare tactics." The women seethed in the background. "I was having fun," she whined.
  63. 63. "Ok, I totally believe you now," said Hunter, "but why me?" "We need a Legacy Founder, you are the best candidate. Your blood is not human." "WHAT?" "I made you out of feathers, moss and Pinot Noir. Your red hair is most definitely from the wine."
  64. 64. "No way," Hunter said, "no fucking way am I going to start a legacy." "Why not?" "I've got a boyfriend, I love him and I could never cheat on him, this is way to messed up for me, can I go home now?" "No," said the green man sadly.
  65. 65. Murdir snarled "Chryseis, if you bring him here I will deal with this." "Ok, but I beseech you, be kind." "Hah, I will do what is necessary."
  66. 66. Chryseis began his dance.
  67. 67. As before it ended with a gesture.
  68. 68. And in a flash stood before them Ant. "Wha... What have you done to him?"
  69. 69. "Ant started awake and rubbed his head, whoa, where, who are you people?" "Ant? Are you ok?" He heard Murdir cackle in the background.
  70. 70. "Who are you?" "What no! Its me," Hunter went to touch his beloved but Ant shied away. Murdir stepped behind Hunter and rasped, "He isn't yours anymore, I have claimed him." Chryseis stood behind Ant and watched sadly.
  71. 71. Ant watched the man in front of him close his eyes and clench his fists. He felt but for the young man, the red head seemed familier, as if he was part of a dream. Murdir near hooted with laughter. For a second Ant felt the need to reach over and touch the mans cheek. Suddenly he felt a stronger urge. He knew he belonged here. With the two strange people who with every second were becoming less strange to him. .
  72. 72. "What makes you think I'm going to co-oporate now?" Said Hunter to the sadistic woman. She just smiled, and for a second looked beautiful. She was terrifying.
  73. 73. "You will do what we ask if you love this boy," surprisingly it was Chryseis who delivered the threat. Murdir was a bit peeved, "Hey that's my line you thieving asparagus." Ant winced at all the tension flying about the room, he didn't understand but he knew it was something to do with him.
  74. 74. Time for you to go home," said Murdir, she pointed her finger at Hunter, who winced half expecting the maggots, but instead he opened his eyes and he was home in bed and the sun was up.   Ant was relieved the man was gone, he just wanted things to be quiet and peaceful for his family.
  75. 75. After Ant had cleaned up all the leaves and went to bed, Chryseis danced while Murdir played the violin. "Sister?" "Yes, Chry?" "Asparagus?" "Well you are wearing a lot of green today," said his terrible twin.
  76. 76. Hope you enjoyed my little legacy, stay tuned for part two. Where you will get to know Kampol and his badly dressed friend.   Oh and Hunter will graduate. Will he be able to find a GIRL to settle down with. (Im sadistic like that.)