Summer 2 vega


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Summer 2 vega

  1. 1. The Sixth Season: Summer Vega By: CanImarryapony Arbor Watch: A BACC
  2. 2. Welcome back to Arbor Watch. Sorry it's been so long, RL is fun(hard) stuff and I honestly haven't felt the desperate urge to play for awhile. My computer probably wants to murder my DS and Xbox by now.
  3. 3. Day One starts with dogs, lots and lots of dogs. Seriously they're everywhere. If Julien refuses to take them this time I'm going to scream.
  4. 4. First thing in the morning Amber gives Fierce and Joy a bath. Maybe Julien just doesn't like smelly dogs.
  5. 5. Off to more than food, yet again.
  6. 6. -headdesk- I officially give up, Julien I tried to be nice and just give you the dog, but you said no. Fine now I have to do this the hard way.
  7. 7. Amber and Komei nip over to the bookstore for a bit. I forget why but I ended leaving them paused at the shop for several days and then lost track of things. I thought they had been at the store for a week and rushed everyone home. I'm a horrible sims player I know.
  8. 8. Back home again Joy and Fierce had one last disagreement before Amber called the pound. I swear they're best friends one moment and at each other throats the next.
  9. 9. Finally Animal Control comes and picks up Joy and Fierce. Now the house can breathe a bit. I was going to keep Joy with Fierce, but I think I'll put her with Ethan and have little ghost mutt babies.
  10. 10. I was surprised, both Komei and Amber were really sad to see the puppies go. Aw, I feel bad now.
  11. 11. Sammie comes home with her first A+. Poor kid, Komei barely looks up from his sewing machine. I can just imagine him saying, “That's nice dear, now go bother your mom.”
  12. 12. Amber finally gets a chance to complete her painting. Eventually I want to have an art museum with portraits of all the citizens of Arbor Watch.
  13. 13. Man Amber is needy, it's almost midnight on day one and she's hungry. Nevermind she ate a few hours ago with her family.
  14. 14. Abby and Sammie are also up, who needs sleep. The girls cram in their homework and I send them off to bed again.
  15. 15. In the wee morning hours, lightning struck the breadfruit tree just as the storm ended. Girf, I kept waiting for the rain to put out the fire until I noticed it was spreading. Luckily Komei to the rescue. Too bad this doesn't count as the third fire. I'm only one away from opening up an law enforcement position.
  16. 16. Day Two begins with birthday hugs. It's Saturday and Sammie's teen birthday. Woot.
  17. 17. Saturday's pretty slow. Amber bathes all the dog. I swear dogs attract filth, I have to bathe them all every time I turn around.
  18. 18. I found Sammie in the yard doing this. I couldn't help but watch her. She's so cute, I'm a little sad that she's growing up.
  19. 19. Komei took Abby up to his store so she's get some familiarity with the register. I decide some time ago that Abby would be the heir and stay with her parents, while Sammie would ventured out to her own household. I'm still up in the about decide who takes over what business. Especially now that Amber wants a third.
  20. 20. Abby did well her first day luckily the store is still low enough there's not a lot of customers stomping in the line. I had them close up the shop at sixish like normal.
  21. 21. I realized it was Amber's and Komei's anniversary. I broke out the wedding leftover from the wedding.
  22. 22. They had a little prebirthday celebration. I almost brought the champagne in Komei's inventory too, but thought better of it. The house still only has one functioning bathroom.
  23. 23. The rest of the afternoon was pretty lazy, Amber worked on Komei's portrait while he got his silver sewing badge. He can finally start making actual clothes now. Sweet!
  24. 24. Abby worked on her charisma. She wants be a prestidigitator eventually and need ten points before her birthday.
  25. 25. Finally six pm rolled around and it's birthday time. I think I'm gonna cry.
  26. 26. You absolutely had to pick the jumpsuit didn't you Sam. Sammie rolls logic like Abby and I forget about her turn ons and offs, I always let the game select those.
  27. 27. Lucky there was some extra clothes in the wardrobe. The soccer uniform isn't grand but it'll do until Komei can make her something else.
  28. 28. The dogs are on a complete different sleeping schedule than the people. They send all night playing outside.
  29. 29. Day Three rocked! I got a genie lamp first time in the morning, Sammie turned out stunning and Amber because Arbor Watch's first elder. And then...
  30. 30. Bella stepped on my plugbar underneath the desk and got rid of all of day three. Bad Bella, that's right look ashamed. Aw who am I kidding how can you resist that face.
  31. 31. Fortunately I saved after taking the pictures of the dogs and didn't have to replay the whole week. Any how Day Three round two started with wolves. Sammie makes friends with Jubel. Too bad the wolves never show up consistently enough to adopt them.
  32. 32. It's Sunday so the family loiters around mostly. Amber finishes Komei's portrait, aren't they wonderful together.
  33. 33. Komei made an outfit for Sammie. I almost made the blue one again but I decided on this so I don't have to change her hair.
  34. 34. The Vegas settle down for a small meal of leftover spaghetti. I've been making Abby cook on the most part. Reading books for skills in too mundane hands on experience I say!
  35. 35. Alas six rolls around again. This is one of the moments I've been dreading. Amber is one of my favorites. Bah I'm being too pessimistic they say fifty is the new twenty!
  36. 36. Much better choice in clothes this time Amber. Though I need to do something about the hair. She's not exactly the green hair type of woman anymore.
  37. 37. A quick trip to the mirror fixes the hair and I set Komei to make her a lovely new outfit.
  38. 38. There's no love lost between these two. The moment you leave them alone they're in each other's arms. Day four begins with a much needed trip to the bookstore.
  39. 39. Abby brings Gordon Nott home from school. For some reason she decided to bring vacation teen home rather than the run of the mill ones.
  40. 40. I was a bit surprise Abby wanted to talk and flirt with Gordon, but he would have none of it. Something about not liking red heads the jerk.
  41. 41. Or maybe it was the acne. Still he's a jerk.
  42. 42. Poor Abby, the moment she left Gordon alone Sammie pounced on him. He liked her way better.
  43. 43. Day Five began with Amber giving Bane a bath. Poor dog hasn't got his usual amount of face time this season. His still the greatest simdog ever.
  44. 44. With Bane not getting any younger I figured it was time to look tot the next generation of Vega dogs. I want to breed Faith, but the Vega are too poor to buy an already adult dog. I settle for Ben, formerly Benny, I think he's a collie when he grows up if I remember correctly.
  45. 45. Komei takes an instant liking to Ben. I made sure to adopt Ben before eleven so he'd age quicker. But the game foiled my plan, for some reason Ben has five days before aging instead of the normal four. Girf.
  46. 46. Eleven o'clock comes just as I get Ben up the stairs and intot he house. Cleo ages gracefully and poor Bane's life bar looks really full.
  47. 47. Not cool Grimmy, didn't you get the memo, Bane's suppose to live forever. Bite him Bane.
  48. 48. I was seriously close to crying during this. I'm about to now writing this up.
  49. 49. Goodbye Bane. We'll see you around again.
  50. 50. Thankfully the kids where at school. I let Amber and Komei grieve for a bit before sending them up to Komei's Klothes for a much needed distraction.
  51. 51. Putting their grief aside Amber and Komei manages to get Klothes up to level 3 before closing up.
  52. 52. Abby again is boy shopping pretty hard when she brings Juan Harris home. Another vacationer. Abby can't you shop a little closer to home kid.
  53. 53. Juan's nicer to her than Gordon was. I give him that much, they have one bolt, but I still don't want Abby involved with anyone quite yet.
  54. 54. Oh wait! It's RENO DAY!!!!!!!!!! I was distracted by Bane going. Anyways, the Vegas had just enough to outfit the second bathroom with the basic. Sweet no more potty juggling. Next rotation I'm hoping to finally expand the living room.
  55. 55. I also realize Faith is eight days away from being an elder, she doesn't have for Ben to grow and have puppies. But Strength can sire puppies even when he's old. So here's Hannah, I have no earthly idea what she'll look like. But here goes nothing.
  56. 56. And I finally remember to take care of Abby's acne. This is the end of the Vega rotation. Onward to the Cooke's
  57. 57. Rotation: Summer 2 Households: 1 of 3 Playable Sims: 10 # Of Total Residents(PS + Gravestones): 10 Community Lots: 3 Business Diststricts: 0 Universites: 0 Downtown: No SM: 2 Population: 20 CAS Available: 1/3 University Funds: $1411 # of Fires: 2 # of Burglaries: 0 # of Electrocutions: 0 # of Graves: 0 Businesses: Amber's Tales - Amber Vega - 10 More than Food - Julien Cooke – 4 Komei's Klothes – Komei Vega - 3 Careers: Business - 1/1 *Stat sheet inspired by THEOlive211 ~Stats~
  58. 58. ~Somewhere in the seas surround Arbor Watch, far out of view of the blossoming community~
  59. 59. Bane stood alone on the street, his collar gone and the a trance of his beloved Amber anywhere. Somehow it didn't bother him.
  60. 60. He wasn't sure how he got there or why he wasn't afraid.
  61. 61. But Bane wasn't a dog to sit back and wonder why these things happen. He boldly climbed the stairs no longer did his joints creak and groan in protest. He didn't wonder at this, but trotted into the house instead.
  62. 62. She sat reading the paper. She got up and came to him.
  63. 63. “ Welcome home Bane.” She said. Bane wagged his tail.
  64. 64. Happy Simming