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Menu Planning

Menu planning provides a guide for all level learners taking a course on food production

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Menu Planning

  1. 1. MENU PLANNING Murage Macharia
  2. 2. MENU PLANNING Specific Objectives  By the end of this sub-module unit, the trainee should be able to:        define terms used in menu planning state the importance of menu planning identify types of menu explain factors to consider when planning menus explain factors to consider when compiling menus explain how to cost and price menus prepare a time plan for production of a menu. Murage Macharia
  3. 3. Definition of terms used in menu planning  Menu is a list of dishes to be served in a given meal.  Menu planning is the selection of a menu for an event. Such as picking out the dinner for your wedding or even a meal at a Birthday Party. Improve answer. Murage Macharia
  4. 4. Cont…  Meal planning is the act of advanced planning of the menu for different situations such as for a family or a restaurant. It is important to consider the dietary needs of the people one is preparing for. Beginner cooks may find the task too daunting at first, but luckily there are wide range of resources on line to help with the planning process. Murage Macharia
  5. 5. Importance of menu planning  Customer satisfaction  Facilitating costing  Facilitating pricing  Reference by customer and management  Guide production  Facilitate evaluation and improvements Murage Macharia
  6. 6. Cont….  Facilitate ordering  Plan storage  Guides the catering staff on how to prepare dishes  Help the catering staff to prepare in terms of attitudes, skills ordering etc.  Some menu requires special preparation like decorations and equipment therefore menu will help in availing the necessary. Murage Macharia
  7. 7. Types of menu Table d’hôte  A set menu forming a complete meal at a set price A choice of dishes may be offered at all courses. Choice and number of courses is limited to two, three or four. A La Carte  Menu with all the dishes individually priced.  Customers compile their own menu from the list.  The meal is cooked to order.  The customer should be prepared to wait for this service. Murage Macharia
  8. 8. Cont… Party/function Menus  Menu for banquets or functions of all kinds.  All guests start the meal at the same time.  Seasonable foods must be available if the menus are printed well in advance to avoid embarrassments. Murage Macharia
  9. 9. Cont…. Ethnic/Specialty menus      Can be al carte or table d’hôte specializing in the food or religion of the country or in a specialized food itself e.g. a) Ethnic: - Chinese, Indian, Kosher, Kenyan, African etc b) Specialty: - steak, fish, pasta, vegetarian etc Kitchen staff must know how to obtain and use the ingredients. The ambience (mood) of the restaurant must reflect the menu. Murage Macharia
  10. 10. Cont… Hospital menus/Institutional menus.  It’s a form of a menu given to the patient. The day before service the patient ticks his/her preferences.  A dietician is usually involved with menu compilation to ensure nothing is given to the patients that would be detrimental to their health.  The patient’s meals are usually 2-3 courses. Murage Macharia
  11. 11. Cont…. Menu for people at work  Menus served to people at the work place.  They vary in standard and extent from one employer to another depending on the company policy.  They are usually served in staff canteens or cafeteria.  Some companies charge for the meals and some ask for a token sum and offer meals at a subsidized price/rate.  The menu offers 2 or 3 course meal with a selection of items. Murage Macharia
  12. 12. Cont… Traditional menus/Ethnic menus  Traditional recipes form a sound foundation of knowledge for the chef/caterer.  However fashions in food change and customers look for new dishes, different combinations of food, fresh ideas on menu etc  Some of the most successful menus contain a sensible balance of traditional and contemporary dishes. Murage Macharia
  13. 13. Cont…. Menu for children  They emphasize on healthy eating and a balanced diet in schools.  Schools with children from different cultural and religious backgrounds should have appropriate items available o the menu.  Most establishments provide special children’s menus which concentrate on favorite foods. Murage Macharia
  14. 14. Factors to consider when planning menus Several factors direct what kind of menu to make 1. Nutrition requirements Proteins  Starches  Vitamins  Fats  Mineral salts  Murage Macharia
  15. 15. Cont… 2. Health consideration  Sickness  Deficiencies kwashiorkor like scurvy, diabetes, 3. Availability of foodstuffs  Seasonal foods like  Fruits  Vegetables Murage Macharia
  16. 16. 4. Number of courses  Appetizer  Main dish  Dessert 5. Sequence of courses Murage Macharia
  17. 17. Cont… 6. Nutritional balance Proteins  Vitamins  Minerals  Water  Roughage – acts as a “broom” along the digestive system.  Fats and oils  Murage Macharia
  18. 18. 7. Occasions Funerals  Wedding  Birthday  Graduation Ceremony  National holiday celebration  Festivities like  Christmas  Ramadhan  Easter holiday  Murage Macharia
  19. 19. Factors to consider when compiling menus  Pricing policy based on cost  Clientele  Staff capability  Facilities for cooking and service  Balance  Business promotion and marketing  Availability and season of supplies Murage Macharia
  20. 20. Costing and pricing menus When costing include the following:  Cost of individual ingredients in a recipe  Cost of each recipe  Total cost of each dish  Total cost of the whole meal  Profit margin and price per portion Murage Macharia
  21. 21. Preparation of a time plan for production of a menu A production time plan should include the following: Menu  Food order list  Costing  Timed order of work  Presentation and garnishing  Murage Macharia