front office front desk co ordination of front office service menu bell desk house keeping ppt types of rooms in hotel triple room in hotel twin room in hotel double room in hotel single room in hotel room designation in hotel travel and tourism hospitality industry classification of hotels need for organization procedure of room change guest cycle reservation in hotel check out breakfast steward room service reciption interwive quations liquid awadhi geographical location awadhi history awadhi culture awadhi cuisine beverages breads germination pent house room in hotel adjacent room in hotel king room in hotel queen room in hotel suite room in hotel hospitality room in hotel efficiency room in hotel lanan room in hotel parlor room in hotel studio room in hotel cabana room in hotel duplex room in hotel hollywood room in hotel interconecting room in hotel quad room in hotel formula and competition based market in hotel important in hotel broucher in hotel room tariff card in hotel meal plans in hotel room rate in hotel check out bais 24 hrs fixed check in in hotel establishin the dnd of the day in hotel room factors affecting hotel room tariff glossary of front office room discrepancy reports in hotel room status codes room status reconciliation numbering of rooms room configurations to suit guest preference room designations hotel reservations reservation processors types of reservations in hotel pre-payment guaranteed reservation confirmed reservation waitlisted reservation tentative reservation guest address and telephone number for registratio name and surname at the time of registration registration procesures types of registrations equipment's in front office other departments equipments importance of front office layouts of front office different back of the house front of the house fuctions areas of frount office relate industries in hospitality importance in hotel evolution in hotel origin and growth in hotel minor revenue in hotel major revenue in hotel major departments of hotel vision of hotel eduction guest complaints wake up call for guest handling guest mail key cards handling keys handling guest room types of paging a guest person paging telephone paging departure in hotel guest in hotel arrival pre arrival stage of guest cycle telephone manners communication front office layout chick in hotel booking how to do booking booking hotel punjabi dresses of punjab punjabi religion punjabi communication punjabi geography and climate punjabi inportant festivals punjabi cultural heritage punjabi literature of punjab punjabi art and craft punjabi cusine introduction domestic tandoor under ground tandoor clay of tandoor mud tandoor metalic tandoor gas tandoor commercial tandoor charcoal tandoor over ground tandoor tandoor types of tandoor clay tandoor tandoor naan regional influence type of event service style yield of the product equipement cost control forecating accounting planning skilled labour hygiene costing profits purchasing right equipment awadhi food principals of flower arrragements aragements of flowers types of flowers used in flower arrangement types of flowers glass curtains types of curtains soft furnishing identification of stains strain methodes strain stone floor semi hard flooring soft flooring hard flooring types of floorings off premises laundry on premises laundry laundry opreation laundry operation in hotel fabric construction purchasing of linen natural fibers linen operation types of fibers linen cleaning cotton vegetable fibers types of linen different fromes of light energy of light light light ppt linen room organization linen operations laundry facility linen room laundry department in hotel without laundry facility the classifications of different types of balance interior designing of carved lines interior designing of horizontal lines interior designing of vertical lines interior designing of diagonal lines environmental friendly house keeping training of house keeping training and motivation of house keeping box spring beds guest room in hotel guest bed flat bed spring bed base guest bed room base spring beds in hotel out sourcing of house keeping contract service advantages of contract service hotel house keeping contract service what is contract what is contract service foctors effecting hotel room tarrif tariff card in hotel tariff card number of rooms in hotel glossary terms in front office types of rooms importance of reservation types of reservation tentative reservation in hotel types of registration group registration registration procedure vip registration in hotel different sections in front office layout and sections of front office lay outs of front office equipments used in front office evolution and growth of the hotel industry goal vision strategies major departments of hotels major and minot revenue generating departments mission objective processing of key cards guest services wake up calls pageing guest reservation in small hotel types of reservation in hotel réservation co ordination medium hotel organisation hotel organisation organisation small hotel organisation guest reservation reservation procedures scanty baggage guest check in dust tea black tea jasmine tea leaf tea types of teas white tea red tea green tea types of cigarette cigarette brands inroduction to tobacco cigar tobacco tobacco products cigarette cultivation of tobacco plate room pantry room still room pre plated service silver and pre plated service in hotel silver service food and beverage organization chart organization of f and b food and beverage department methods of payment method of payment in hotel and restaurant payment in restaurant payment in hotel stewarding department kitchen stewarding department kitchen department cleaning guerdion service service for vvip guest dishwashing methods methods of dishwashing french menu french classical menu with examples maintenance in restaurant equipments in restaurant english breakfast meat responsibilities of manager restaurant manager duties of kitchen stewarding kitchen stewarding banquet manager responsibilities duties of banquet manager duplicate and tripilicate system tripilicate billing duplicate billing different methods of making a coffee coffee making a coffee continental breakfast serving procedure waiter qualites attributes of a waiter eggs fruit juices american breakfast menu breakfast cereals fresh fruits glassware brandy balloon champagne liqueur glass beer jug high ball glass champagne tulip champagne saucer wine goblet other types of menu types of menu ala carte menu fish knife knife dessert fork dessert spoon ap fork salad fork ap spoon bow tie bishop hat shrit napkin candle heart napking flod lotus fan bunny air condition restaurant music set for service napkin folding set up handling glassware tray handling salad trolley liqueur trolley cheese trolley types of trolleys tablw setup fruit juice juices fruits sommelier sommilier skills sommilier abilities sommelier job knowledge sommelier.dining duties responsibilities cashier waiter food ala carte restaurants bakery and confectionery banquets food production salemanship observation good conduct revenue good memory responsibulity interwive steam solid solid fuel electricity fuel gases gases fuel electricity fuel steam fuel liquids fuel types of whisky steeping brands of whisky whisky cooking increases palatability cooking helps in digestible cooking cooking increases a variety cooking concentrates nutrients objectives of cooking coulis purees veloutes broths thick soups chowders soup consommes thin soups bisques special and national soups sweetners commodities milk nuts flavourings fats gelatin bakery cream oils pastry bengali bengali spicial equipements bengali history bangal bengali geographical location bengali culture bangali cuisine bengali cuisine culinary terms bengali cuisine introduction bar alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages non alcoholic alcoholic bar operations types of bar bar introduction oil basic food groups blanced diet body buiding food fat blancediet sugar cereals and millets group protective food awadhi introduction awadhi cuisine culinary terms awadhi cuisine equipements assamese geographical location assame cuisine assamese introduction assamese cuisine assamese culinary terms assame assamese culture arunchal pradesh arunchal pradesh culture arunchal pradesh culinary terms arunchal pradesh history arunchal pradesh food arunchal pradesh cuisine arunachal pradesh andhra cuisine culinary terms culture andhra cuisine history andhra cuisine culture history andra cuisine andhra cuisine method of preparing alcohol what is brewing classification of alcoholic beverages alcoholic beverages what is stilling what is fermented drink remedies in breads faults in bread understanding of bread faults bread loaf faults beer production ingredients in beer kilnings beer top fermentation fermentation mashing malting how to make a bed bread making procedure breadmaking ppt breadmaking bread making
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