hotel food tourism marketing front office hospitality design communication business safety layout facility planning services department beverage planning retail travel and tourism accomodation room production discuss how culture is often transmitted. define the meaning of organisational culture. disc contrast and compare the five key change managemen with little or no involvement of other people. directive - highlights the manager’s right to mana retention strategies mayo herzberg mcgregor maslow motivational theories and theorists managing employee motivation and retention on-the-job training coaching and mentoring outdoor or off-site programmes online or audio-visual media based training lectures soft skills training competency-based or skill-based training quality technical external training mentoring in-house training stages of employee orientation employee orientation success of any training initiative issues training & development situational interview questions behaviour description interview questions behaviour situational video interview group interview information interview panel interview telephone interview traditional interview tips for effective interviewing question types for interview process of the interviewing plan what is the interviewing plan? types of interview tips for effective interviewingtips for effective unstructured or structured interview questions. the interview process task-based analysis competency-based analysis job description list the advantages and disadvantages of different outline the different types of recruitment strateg discuss the importance of developing a job analysi identify the key stages in the recruitment process advantages disadvantages strategies a job analysis and job descriptions process developing recruitment online travel companies companies regulations role travel agents holiday package wholesalers security writing report food & beverage yield management accounting argument discussion group formal informal email marketing verbal non-verbal health mixing adulteration food adulteration is the act of intentionally deba concierge réservation reception bell desk sub-section organization kitchen equipments larder garge manger food production review feedback customer experience guest guest cycle consideration foyer lobby facility social media affect of marketing facebook marketing facebook attraction india menu sanitation hygiene personal personal branding pictures visual audience skills presentation equipment sausage souvienier narendra modi emergency first aid history film types of room science food science interdepartment coordination private sector public sector brines cure marinade
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