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Nonverbalcommunication 110726160236-phpapp01

  1. 1. ByMuhammadZeeshan
  2. 2. "I am the most spontaneousspeaker in the world because every word, every gesture, and everyretort has been carefully rehearsed."
  3. 3. Presentation Outline What is Communication? What is nonverbal communication? Difference between verbal & nonverbal communication. Importance & Power of Nonverbal communication. Types of Nonverbal communication. Functions of Non Verbal Communication Nonverbal Communication Around the World. Advantages and Disadvantages of NVC. How Can we improve our non verbal communication
  4. 4. What Is communication? ?
  5. 5. What Is Communication Communication can be defined as “ A process of transferring and receiving the verbal and non-verbal messages ”.
  6. 6. What Is Nonverbalcommunication ? ?
  7. 7. Nonverbal communicationNonverbal communication, or bodylanguage, is a vital form of communication—a natural, unconscious language thatbroadcasts our true feelings and intentionsin any given moment, and clues us in tothe feelings and intentions of those aroundus.
  8. 8. Difference between verbal &Nonverbal communicationVerbal and non verbal are all types ofcommunication. But the difference betweenthem is that we use our voice in verbalcommunication and we use body signs innon-verbal communication.
  9. 9. Importance of Nonverbal CommunicationVerbal & nonverbal Communication plays an important role in how people interact with one another. People are usingaround 35% verbal communication and 65% nonverbalcommunication in daily life. Nonverbal communicationhas also cultural meaning.“The most important thingin communications to hearwhat isnt being said.” Peter F. Drucker
  10. 10. Importance of nonverbal communicationNonverbal communication is the most powerful form of communication. More than voice or even words, nonverbal communication helps to create your image in others mind and even you can express your emotions and feelings in front of others, which you are unable to express in words.
  11. 11. Form of nonverbal communication• Eye Contact• Facial Expressions• Posture• Hepatics or Touch• Gestures• Proxemics(Space)• Paralinguistic• Appearance
  12. 12. Eye Contact
  13. 13. Facial Expressions
  14. 14. Posture
  15. 15. Haptic or Touch
  16. 16. Gestures
  17. 17. Let see some Example gestures…..
  18. 18. Personal space Intimate Distance Distance: Touching to 2 feet) Personal Distance Distance: 2 feet to 4 feet Social Distance (Distance: 4 to 12 feet) Public Distance (Distance: 12 to 25 feet, or farther) -
  19. 19. Paralinguistic Rate/Speed Rhythm Volume Pitch Quality Intensity/Tone
  20. 20. Appearancechoice of color, clothing, hairstyles and other factors affecting appearance also include in non verbal communication
  21. 21. Functions Of Non verbalCommunication  Repeating  Complementing  Substituting  Assenting  Regulating  Contradicting
  22. 22. Barriers To The NVC Culture Barriers Age gap Deceptive Gestures
  23. 23. NVC Around the World NonverbalCommunication in Pakistan Expressinghappiness, respectand love for others.Cultural effect
  24. 24. NVC Around the WorldNonverbal Communication in ChinaThe Chinese dont like beingtouched by strangers. Thereforedon’t make any body contact. Cultural effect
  25. 25. NVC Around the WorldNonverbal Communication in ArgentinaA handshake and nod show respect when greeting someone. Cultural effect
  26. 26. NVC Around the WorldNonverbal Communication in India Namaste Cultural effect
  27. 27. NVC Around the World Nonverbal Communication in the U.S.AQuite Informal way of nonverbal communication - A handshake, a smile, and hello. Cultural effect
  28. 28. Advantages of NVC Deaf person Place where we supposed to be silenced dont want others to hear or listen to your massage. standing at distance. short and brief. communicate with people who dont understand your language.
  29. 29. Disadvantage of NVC You can not have long conversation. Can not discuss the particulars of your message Can not be used as a public tool for communication. Can not create an impression upon people/listeners.
  30. 30. How To Improve NVC Pay Attention to Nonverbal Signals Use Good Eye Contact Use Signals Consider Context Practice, Practice, Practice
  31. 31. NVC must be understandableBut what the…… this? Gangnum Dance……  Dance is an artistic form of nonverbal communication. But no one really knows what England’s creepy chicken dance is trying to communicate. I just understand that they are happy.
  32. 32. Ask me about the topic if you want.