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#MTC2018: Progressive Web Apps (PWA) jako Game Changer dla eCommerce - Tomasz Karwatka


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Progressive Web Apps (PWA) są całkiem nowym rozwiązaniem na rynku eCommerce, ale zdążyły już udowodnić swoje zalety. Sklepy internetowe zbudowane jako PWA są znacznie szybsze, bezpieczniejsze na froncie i działają w trybie offline

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#MTC2018: Progressive Web Apps (PWA) jako Game Changer dla eCommerce - Tomasz Karwatka

  1. 1. Progressive Web Apps (PWA) as a Game Changer for eCommerce Tom Karwatka Vue Storefront / Divante
  2. 2. Hey eCommerce, what’s wrong with you?
  3. 3. Hey eCommerce, what’s wrong with you?
  4. 4. The average load time for mobile sites is 19 seconds over 3G connections. On a 4G network the average time isn’t much better: 14 seconds
  5. 5. 53% of mobile site visits are abandoned if pages take longer than 3 seconds to load. 75% of mobile sites take longer than 10 seconds to load.
  6. 6. Mobile abandonment rates exceed 80% when customers are asked to input their credit card details.
  7. 7. Google Mobile First Index From the beginning of 2018, Google is changing its indexing to be mobile-first.
  8. 8. 30%+ of users have purchased a product they first discovered on Instagram. WeChat- monthly users passed 1 billion Instagram - more than 800m users
  9. 9. We aren’t ready for mobile. Fine?! But we feel strong on desktop!
  10. 10. 40% of major eCommerce companies experience periods of website downtime during seasonal traffic peaks. 56% noted that their website experienced longer loading times during seasonal peaks
  11. 11. eCommerce demand has outgrown current tech-stacks
  12. 12. eCommerce demand has outgrown current tech-stacks
  13. 13. We need new tools! eCommerce demand has outgrown current tech-stacks
  14. 14. HEADLESS front-end is stand-alone software, which communicates with a back-end via an API
  15. 15. HEADLESS front-end is stand-alone software, which communicates with a back-end via an API DESIGN SYSTEMS a collection of reusable components, guided by clear standards, that can be put together
  16. 16. PROGRESSIVEHEADLESS front-end is stand-alone software, which communicates with a back-end via an API DESIGN SYSTEMS a collection of reusable components, guided by clear standards, that can be put together WEB APPS web applications that can appear to the user like traditional applications or native mobile applications
  17. 17. Mobile apps provide the finest user experience, but have some limitations USER ACQUISITION need to be downloaded COSTS expensive to build & maintain BUSINESS MODEL high commision lack of control over publishing USER EXPERIENCE different on every device
  18. 18. The new mobile standard Progressive Web Apps one app for all channels Multi platform Lighting fast Off-line ready Black Friday ready Google Microsoft Apple
  19. 19. Vue Storefront Mobile-first ecommerce frontend that allows you to build super fast eCommerce websites and apps, without changing the backend platform. Open Source Head-less approach Design Systems Time2Market < 60 days.
  20. 20. Provide native app features Vue Storefront feels just like an app - it even has app-style interactions and navigation. Full screen Hiding the browser top URL bar and the bottom navigation menu Home screen Instant access from the home screen without opening the browser and typing a URL Push Notifications Push notifications with a one click opt-in directly from the PWA site. Offline mode Browsing with a weak or even lack of a network connection.
  21. 21. Anytime. On any device. Vue Storefront behaves the same on each device. Vue Storefront behaves the same on each device. It delivers a 100% responsive and smooth shopping experience, so it’s not necessary to develop apps for different web browsers and platforms. Vue Storefront works on: Android phones Desktop browsers (Edge, Chrome, Safari, Opera etc.) iOS phones and MacBooks Windows
  22. 22. Accelerate with PWA advantages By combining the best of the web and native apps, Vue Storefront gives significant business capabilities. Install directly Vue Storefront is much smaller than native apps, so it loads faster, works better over low- bandwidth networks and takes up less space on a user’s device. Up to date PWAs synchronize data in the background even when a user is not active. The app is always up- to-date with the latest version and content served instantly. Discoverable Vue Storefront is fully searchable and indexable, contrary to native apps. You can easily bookmark and share every page. Analytics You can track website users the mobile app way, for example: number of installs, active & offline users or even notification performance. Trusted by the World’s Top Brands
  23. 23. With eCommerce features Shopping - adding products to cart, stock synchronization, Cart Expiration, Multi-store, Products bundle and many more Ordering - Offline ordering (via in-browser queue), High speed with local caching, SSL for all online orders, Crossell, Upsell and more Checkout - built-in checkouts, external checkouts, creating an Account during the Checkout Process, checkout fallback option and more Payments - synchronization with major payment service providers like Google, PayPal and a few others Shipping - online Tax and Shipping Calculation, Multiple shipping addresses, free shipping functionality and more Open Source CMS and PIM Open Source Loyalty
  24. 24. The platform for future growth Visual Recognition Take advantage of the API with a PWA to automatically tag, organize, and search visual content with its machine learning engine. Chatbot Use a PWA as a platform for chatbot development. It is much more reasonable to offer a full blown user experience via PWA than going into native solutions. Virtual Assistants Virtual Assistants (Alexa, Siri, Google Now, Cortana) usage grew 23.1% in 2017. This year, 60.5 million Americans will use them. It’s nearly 20% of the US population. One Touch checkout The expiration of Amazon’s US patent on one-click ordering (September 2017) allows companies to use express checkout functionality on their sites. You can extend the mobile-first experience by adding more channels. Voice Commerce Amazon Alexa and Google Home used with Vue Storefront &
  25. 25. Vue Storefront - The future-proof solution We react quite fast and embrace all opportunities that are open for eCommerce. Focus on frontend. Bringing frontend innovations at speed. Google made page speed a factor in mobile search ranking. January ‘18 February ‘18 March ‘18 April ‘18 July ‘18 Vue Storefront is much faster to interact with, as well as providing smoother scrolling and transitioning of pages. Microsoft brought PWA standard into Microsoft Edge and Windows 10. Vue Storefront is fully compatible with Progressive Web App standard, so it’s going to be available on any Windows device. Google began with Mobile-first indexing as a SEO ranking factor. Vue Storefront delivers an exceptional mobile UX which gives higher rankings position- even for desktop searchers. Apple announced PWA support on iOS and macOS devices. Vue Storefront works not only on Android phones and desktop browsers (IE, Chrome, Firefox, Opera) but on iOS phones and MacBooks too. Google Start marking non-HTTPS sites as ‘not secure’. Vue Storefront is served via HTTPS, ensuring that data is encrypted, has better performance & caching and is promoted as SEO ranking signal.
  26. 26. 470 developers in the Community 8th most popular eCommerce Platform on GitHub 2nd most popular Magento repo on GitHub 25+ official Partners Join the Community Projects live: India, Holland, Italy, Russia, Poland, USA Workshops, Trainings, PoC, Time2Market <60 days
  27. 27. SPEED Higher CR Sites that load in 5 seconds vs 19 seconds observed: ● 25% higher ad viewability ● 70% longer average sessions ● 35% lower bounce rates PAYMENTS Lower cart abandonment rate ● PayPal - 53% increase in mobile payments thanks to One Touch checkout. ● The expiration of Amazon’s US patent on one-click ordering allows companies to use express checkout functionality. TRAFFIC New Clients ● PWA is Mobile-First Index Ready - if a website has desktop content and mobile content, then Google will index mobile content first. ● 68% of Instagram followers engage regularly with brands
  28. 28. Try Vue Storefront for Mobile-First Commerce Tom Karwatka
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