Etdf fefd-presentation sept2012


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Do you know ETDF - European Training and Development Federation? If you don't, be sure to see what it has to offer you and all of its members, including APG - Portuguese People Management Association and Project GREAT - Game Based Research in Education and Action Training.

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Etdf fefd-presentation sept2012

  1. 1. Who are we?What do we stand for?What do we offer?Barcelona, 12 may 2012
  2. 2. Who are we? ETDF-FEFD is an umbrella organisation linking 12 national associations of training and human resource development in Europe.2
  3. 3. Our member associations3
  4. 4. Our member associations4
  5. 5. Our member associations5
  6. 6. Our member associations6
  7. 7. ETDF-FEFD believes..  In the effective development of human talent to generate sustainable growth and quality of life.  Learning & Talent Development has a local cultural economical dimension and common challenges throughout Europe.  By the exchange of best practices we can achieve more innovation and a higher level of people development.7
  8. 8. MissionETDF-FEFD’s mission is: to put learning & talent development on the agendaAnd to be an observatory that works out differences & common issues in European Learning &Talent Development practice.8
  9. 9. Vision ETDF-FEFD aims to grow as:  a point of inspiration and influence  to members of our member associations (as well as other stakeholders)  being L & TD professionals9
  10. 10. What do we offer?1. Exchange: learn from each other.2. Representation of Learning & Development practitioners.3. Cooperation with other relevant European associations.4. Common projects.10
  11. 11. Exchange through physical meetings When Where Host Theme Nov 2012 Brussels EPSILON Cooperation May 2012 Barcelona AEDIPE Corporate universities Nov 2011 Nijmegen NVO2 About ETDF April 2011 Rome AIF Workplace learning Nov 2010 Berlin DVWO Evaluation practices May 2010 Rome AIF Certification Nov 2009 Sevilla AEDIPE Intercultural learning May 2009 Leusden NVO2 Trends in HRD Physical meetings are always connected to an activity of the hosting member.11
  12. 12. Exchange through our website http://www.etdf-fefd.eu12
  13. 13. Exchange through ETDF-news13
  14. 14. Exchange through Linkedin14
  15. 15. Exchange through online meetings15
  16. 16. Represent L&TD professionals ETDF-FEFD representents Learning & Talent Development professionals to the EU & EC through close coöperation with EUCIS-LLL.16
  17. 17. Cooperate with relevant partners European Association for People Management17
  18. 18. Common projects18