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Michele Archambault - The Web Documentary: a Pedagogical Resource - M&L Webinar 2017


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These slides were showed during the M&L webinar: New formats and applications of video in higher education on 16 March 2017. Find out more about the webinar:

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Michele Archambault - The Web Documentary: a Pedagogical Resource - M&L Webinar 2017

  1. 1. The Web documentary A pedagogical resource Michèle Archambault
  2. 2. • Text image picture audio and video • Digital support Multiplicity of media • Blended learning • MOOC Mediation spaces « transmedia » • Writing • Reading New ways Context/An information environment that changes uses and practices
  3. 3. New teaching needs Attention High Involvement Low Involvement
  4. 4. The webdocumentary as a response The webdocumentary A Multimedia training document Diversity of scenarios Diversity of documents Adapted to the new modes of reading and writing Implies an active attitude +
  5. 5. Added educational value Scientific content To describe/to analyse To illustrate/to present/to enrich Learning process Self reliance of the student Adapted guidance Design scenarios Mastery of technologies Webdocumentary for courses and educational activities Knowledge of multimedia library And/or STUDENT TEACHER
  6. 6. Training in a new pedagogical approach Flipped classroom Web series A webdocumentary in 9 episodes
  7. 7. To navigate To participate
  8. 8. Follow the series Search for a theme To navigate
  9. 9. What do we find ? Documentary in situ Videos Teaching and learning situations
  10. 10. Bibliographic references Articles Websites Courses What do we find ? Scientific analysis
  11. 11. To participate Have an active attitude To exchange with community To progress at one’s own pace
  12. 12. The webdocumentary A training document Examples of use
  13. 13. Webdocumentary and training Multimedia content Documentary in situ Communication Area Activities area The webdocumentary to update the teaching practice
  14. 14. Thank you ….