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TU Delft Open Education for NTNU


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Presentation for the student council of NTNU

Published in: Education
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TU Delft Open Education for NTNU

  1. 1. Open Education | Educationir. W.F. van Valkenburg
  2. 2. Open Education | OCWOpen Education TeamJanine KiersMark van HuysteePieter StoterNew Media CentreMartijn OuwehandCora BijsterveldGijs HouwenIgor Lesko
  3. 3. Open Education |“Open and onlineeducation allows peoplefrom around the worldaccess to the top educationof TU Delft. It enableseverybody who wants todevelop themselves andaccommodates theincreasing number ofstudents seeking highereducation. TU Delft isdedicated to deliverworld class educationto everyone.”Drs. Anka Mulder. Vice President Education TU Delft
  4. 4. Open Education |• Free• Shared• Choices• Ability to adapt• Cost effective• Ability to tailor & buildyour own• Creative Commons• Freedom of info and use• Quality assurance• Varied availability bydisciplines• Available to anybody• Digital• Often multimedia• Accessibility—moreaccessible to some and lessto othersCC-BY Brandon Muramatsu:
  5. 5. Open Education | is Open Education?Ecosystem of different Open Initiatives:
  6. 6. Open Education | of Open EducationPotential for…• Changing the nature of the educational experience• Smaller chunks, focused objectives• MOOCs, alternate credentialing• Limit costs while improving quality• Student and institutional• Reclaiming control• From publishers, from static content• Enabling flexibility to mix and matchOpen is a means to an end:Improved learning
  7. 7. Open Education | and Campus EducationMassive OpenOnline Courses(MOOCs)OpenCourseWare(OCW)Online DistanceEducationCampusEducation• Learning Activities & Course Materials• Free• Enrolled students only, massive numbers• Bachelors Level• Certificate of Completion• Course Materials• Free• Big Exposure, Worldwide audience• Both Bachelor and Master level• No interaction with faculty• No accredited certificate• Learning Activities & Course Materials• Paid enrollment• Enrolled students only, limited numbers• Master level• Accredited Course Certificate• Full Master Degree• On-campus Education• Top-class education and research facilities• World famous university library• Active student societies• Great opportunities to participate in specialstudent projects
  8. 8. Open Education | EdX?•Consortium of top universities•Focus on improving campus education•It is not-for-profit•It has a focus on Open•Focus on research of innovation ineducation
  9. 9. Open Education |
  10. 10. Open Education | Courses
  11. 11. Open Education |•Started in 2007•More than 100 courses online•Daily visits > 800•Courses from Bachelor and Master
  12. 12. Open Education | and Re-use of OCW•Choice of Study•Stumble Courses•Prepare International Students•Use in Developing Countries•Source of Reference•Extracurricular education•Online EducationImages CC-BY-NC-SA:
  13. 13. Open Education | additional services and resources.More support servicesEssentials: reference course.Publish the official course as OCWAdditionals: Broading, in depth, supplement.Extra OERs to improve the courseGuidance: Tailored to need.F2F and online tutoringSTUMBLE Courses
  14. 14. Open Education | Distance Education• Full master degree• Accredited Course Certificates• Enrolled students only, limited numbers• Pay regular tuition fee
  15. 15. Open Education |
  16. 16. Open Education |