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Lorenzo Mucchi 5g #digit19 Pin Prato 14 -15 marzo


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presentazione dell'intervento sul 5g del professor Lorenzo Mucchi dell'Università di Firenze al panel di #digit19 dal titolo La rivoluzione digitale della Quinta Generazione

Published in: Technology
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Lorenzo Mucchi 5g #digit19 Pin Prato 14 -15 marzo

  1. 1. Towards the 5G experience Prof. Lorenzo Mucchi Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell’Informazione, Università di Firenze PIN Polo universitario «Città di Prato»
  2. 2. Mobile Networks Evolution- up to 5G Yesterday Now Future 2G 3G 4G 5G GSM/EDGE WCDMA HSPA HSPA+ LTE LTE-A IMT2020
  3. 3. 5G Flexibility & Spectrum Efficiency One Physical Network Multiple Industries New Air InterfaceNew Architecture Aggregate All Available Bands Spectrum
  4. 4. Diversified Challenges and Gaps to Reach 5G Network Architecture Slicing Ability Required Connections 1,000K Connections Per km2 Mobility 500km/h High-speed Railway Throughput 10Gbps Per Connection Latency 1 ms E2E Latency 5G 30~50ms Inflexible LTEGAP 30~50x 100x 100x 1.5x NFV/SDN 100Mbps 10K 350Km/h Challenges because many of these requirements areconflicting 4
  5. 5. 5G is an end-to-end ecosystem to enable a fully mobile and connected society
  6. 6. 2 5G: a unifying connectivity fabric Mission-critical services Enhanced mobile broadband Massive Internet of Things NetworkingMobile devices RoboticsAutomotive Health Smart cities Smart homesWearables Unified design for all spectrum types and bands from below 1GHz to mmWave • Ultra-low latency • High reliability • High availability • Strong security • Multi-Gbps data rates • Extreme capacity • Uniformity • Deep awareness • Low cost • Ultra-low energy • Deep coverage • High density
  7. 7. 4 Enhancing mobile broadband Ushering in the next era of immersive experiences and hyper-connectivity UHD video streaming Broadband ‘fiber’ to the home Virtual realityDemanding conditions, e.g. venues Tactile Internet3D/UHD video telepresence Extreme throughput multi-gigabits per second Ultra-low latency down to 1ms e2e latency Uniform experience with much more capacity
  8. 8. 5 Connecting the massive Internet of Things Optimizing to connect anything, anywhere with efficient, low cost communications Power efficient Multi-year battery life Low complexity Low device and network cost Long range Deep coverage Utility meteringSmart homesSmart cities Remote sensors / Actuators Object trackingWearables / Fitness
  9. 9. 6 Enabling new mission-critical control services With ultra-reliable, ultra-low latency communication links High reliability Extremely low loss rate Ultra-low latency Down to 1ms e2e latency High availability Multiple links for failure tolerance & mobility Energy / Smart grid Aviation MedicalIndustrial automation RoboticsAutonomous vehicles
  10. 10. Market Entry Benchmark of Wired and Wireless Technologies with Projections DSL Ac 1Kbit/s 10Kbit/s 100Kbit/s 1Mbit/s 10Mbit/s 100Mbit/s 1Gbit/s 10Gbit/s 100Gbit/s 1Tbit/s 10Tbit/s 100Tbit/s 1Pbit/s 1995 2000 2005 2010 2015 2020 2025 2030 2035 Optical Backbone Optical Access DSL Access WLAN Access Cellular Access 560 Tbit/s CapacityLimit 1,300-1,620nm Band Optical Backbone Optical Access WLAN Access Cellular Access GPON 10GPON WDM-PON NG-PON2 GSM GPRS 3G- Edge HSDPA HSPA LTE cess LTEAdvanced LTEBeyond ISDN ADSL ADSL2+ VDSL2 Vectoring 802.11 802.11b 802.11ag 802.11n 802.11ac/ad Multimode G.Fast 5G
  11. 11. 5G test trials in the world
  12. 12. 5GradioTestBED DEMONSTRATEINVESTIGATELEARN Propagation @ 10+ GHz Technology for large bandwidth, high frequency systems > 5 Gbps
  13. 13. 5Gexcavator demoatMWC2015 Ericsson Research demonstrated remote control of real life, full size Excavators at MWC2015.
  14. 14. New Air Interface Test Result 25 20 15 10 5 0 22.422 7.516 Multiple UE Mbps 5G New Air Interface LTE Test Result: 3 Times Spectrum Efficiency Improvement Without frequency bandwidth and antenna change
  15. 15. World's First 5G Test Bed (Sub 6GHz) Throughput 10.32 Gbit/s Spectrum Efficiency 51.6 bps/Hz
  16. 16. Huawei High Band Test Bed (>6GHz) 9.6GHz BW 115 20 Gbit/s Breaks World Record
  17. 17. 4G vs 5G: Real-World Test @ FINLAND • The test was done in Helsinki with Huawei network equipment. • A base station running the standard hardware with supporting core network router and other electronics were placed in a rack. • The test crew then moved to some 500 meters away from the base station to conduct a test. • The team compared 4G LTE and 5G connections running two laptops and connections. • The 4G maintained a stable 50 MBit/s connection in the test, something considered to be standard real life performance in city conditions. • The 5G connection yielded significantly higher bandwidth. It constantly stayed above 700 MBit/s.
  18. 18. Harmonized Spectrum for 5G: US vs. EU 15
  19. 19. Cost of LTE GByte in North America 2014-2020 Source: Bell Labs, 2016 2 1
  20. 20. Fiber vs. 5G in the UK 16
  21. 21. Socio-economic benefits of 5G in EU28 14 €56bn Total cost of 5G in EU28 by 2020 5G could lead to the creation of 2.4 million jobs in EU28 by 2025
  22. 22. IL PARTENARIATO Capofila Operatori di telecomunicazione Università e Enti di ricerca Imprese con competenze nel settore Ulteriori Soggetti Centro Ricerche Fiat 2 4 5G: la sperimentazione a Prato
  23. 23. ULTERIORI REALTÀ LOCALI COINVOLTE AREA dell’AQUILA AREA di PRATO 2 5 5G: la sperimentazione a Prato
  24. 24. 5 IL CITTADINO AL CENTRO DELLA CITTÀ 5G Certificazione e valorizzazione del Made in Italy Maggiore sicurezza cittadina Sistema di gestione efficace della mobilità Ottimizzazione delle reti di distribuzione elettrica Evoluzione industria manifatturiera – Industry 4.0 Monitoraggio strutturale degli edifici e prevenzione delle emergenze Beni Culturali in Realtà Virtuale ed Aumentata Miglioramentosistema assistenza salute del cittadino e-health Beni culturali A/VR SHM E-Industry 4.0 Grid 4.0 High connected EV road monitoring Viabilità evoluta IMPATTO SULLA COLLETTIVITÀ E LE REALTÀ LOCALI Smart security Videosorveglianza Sensori e IoT 5G: la sperimentazione a Prato
  25. 25. Contatti Per informazioni Prof. Lorenzo Mucchi Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell’Informazione, Università di Firenze PIN Polo Universitario “Città di Prato” 055 2758539 0574 602581