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Future of user generated content marketing - JustKapture Innovations


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"User Generated Content" Marketing has a great potential for all industries. It's the best way to marketing or promote your product n services. It's like Word-of-mouth publicity.

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Future of user generated content marketing - JustKapture Innovations

  1. 1. Future of UGC
  2. 2. Total Internet Users in India 351.4 Million
  3. 3. And they are growing…
  4. 4. Do you know? Instagram Generates an average of 95 million consumer posts a day. Facebook connects almost 2 billion people in a world 500 million tweets are sent per day on twitter
  5. 5. User-Generated-Content Millennial Spend 18 hours per day with media, and 30% of that time is spent looking at user-generated media. Consumers believe User generated content is 35% more memorable than advertising content Consumers find UGC 9.8x time more impactful than influencer content
  6. 6. The Connection Users on Social Media User-Generated-Content Power
  7. 7. Questions you should ASK YOURSELF?` Don’t you want to leverage those hours your potential consumers spend on social networking sites? Don’t you want to build your brand with human touch? Don’t you want to provide your customers authentic content to help make their decision?
  8. 8. If the answer is YES… Switch to UGC Marketing right now