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130 stats about the 7 social media trends dominating 2015

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The digital landscape has been dispersing rapidly over the last 12-24 months and with ever more scattered audiences and fragmented social platforms, brands face a bucketful of challenges. To thrive in this highly competitive environment, digital marketers need to constantly be on their toes and stay up-to-date with the latest trends. In this deck we share 130 stats around the 7 social media trends that we see dominating 2015. To read the full blog and to understand the full scope of these developments visit

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130 stats about the 7 social media trends dominating 2015

  1. 1. sCommerce StartupsFM Social commerce is the evolution and maturation of social media meets shopping Heidi Cohen
  2. 2. sCommerce StartupsFM Global ecommerce sales top $1.2 trillion Social commerce sales are forecasted to represent 5% of all online retail revenue in 2015 MediaBistro $15 billion
  3. 3. sCommerce Conversion rate of social referrers Statista
  4. 4. sCommerce MediaBistro Average order value by social referrer
  5. 5. sCommerce Half of social media driven purchasing happens within one week of sharing, tweeting, liking or favouriting the product MediaBistro
  6. 6. sCommerce of marketers have successfully gained Postcron 70% new customers via social networks
  7. 7. sCommerce 74% of consumers rely on social networks to guide purchase decisions StartupsFM 55% of consumers share purchases on social networks
  8. 8. sCommerce of consumers are more likely to buy a new product 43% when learning about it on social media filemobile Nielsen 48% of consumers think that posts created by others in their networks are a great way to discover new products, brands, trends or retailers 48%
  9. 9. sCommerce Shopify MediaBistro 60% of social traffic to retail sites originates from Facebook 85% of all orders from social media come via
  10. 10. Social Advertising By 2015 Internet advertising will make up nearly 25% of the entire ad market Postcron
  11. 11. Social Advertising Mobile ad spending will rise to $95 billion by 2018 eMarketer
  12. 12. Social Advertising Marketers advertise on… 92% 35% 24% 23% Socialbakers
  13. 13. Social Advertising Providing networks with massive advertising revenues TechCrunch DailyDot VentureBeat in Q2/2014 AdAge $2.9b $1.1b (for the whole of 2014) $106m $312m
  14. 14. Social Advertising But the true giant remains Google with an ARPU 6x higher than Facebook’s KPCB $45 $7.24 $3.55
  15. 15. Social Advertising Facebook remains marketers’ favourite platform 500,000 Facebook pages use promoted posts to boost their social success Accumulating 2.5 million promoted posts on Facebook Jeff Bullas
  16. 16. Social Advertising But Twitter’s popularity increases Mashable 44% of advertisers have increased Twitter spending over the last six months 63% said they plan to do so over the next year 59% said they expected to spend more on Facebook
  17. 17. Social Advertising Jeff Bullas 45% of ads in the 2013 Super Bowl included Twitter hashtags A 24 hour Promoted Trend on Twitter costs $200,000
  18. 18. Social Advertising Pinterest: a MUST for ecommerce businesses Mashable 42% of the IR500 top 50 have adopted rich pins Top brands in fashion & retail see high engagement rates, with an average of 46 repins 46
  19. 19. Social Advertising And let’s not forget about mobile… 62%of Facebook’s profit comes from mobile ads TechCrunch TechCrunch 81% of Twitter’s ad revenue comes from mobile
  20. 20. The Revolution of Mobile Worldwide mobile penetration amounts to 93% We Are Social
  21. 21. The Revolution of Mobile We Are Social
  22. 22. The Revolution of Mobile Digital Marketing Magazine Mobile data traffic increased by +81% since 2013 And will grow 10x by 2019 Ericson
  23. 23. The Revolution of Mobile Digital Marketing Magazine With users spending 2h 42m Per day on mobile devices
  24. 24. The Revolution of Mobile And 86% of that time being spent on apps TechCrunch
  25. 25. The Revolution of Mobile 21 billion SMSs are sent daily Informa Leading to an SMS revenue growth of 127 billion
  26. 26. The Revolution of Mobile 98% of all SMS messages are opened 75% of people would like to have offers sent to them via SMS Digital Marketing Magazine
  27. 27. The Revolution of Mobile 57% of consumers would be happy to sign up to an SMS loyalty programme Digital Marketing Magazine
  28. 28. The Revolution of Mobile 90% of consumers signed up to such schemes feel they have gained value from them Digital Marketing Magazine
  29. 29. The Revolution of Mobile Mobile advertising grows with global mobile use… KPCB
  30. 30. The Revolution of Mobile … and so does mobile app and advertising revenue KPCB
  31. 31. The Revolution of Mobile Mobile and social media go hand in hand 60% of social media time is spent on mobile Business Insider
  32. 32. The Revolution of Mobile The Drum Facebook’s audience is growing via mobile and tablets, but holding steady or declining via PCs and laptops More people are using mobile to share a link to an article, comment on posts, watch video clips or message friends
  33. 33. The Revolution of Mobile Jeff Bullas Facebook owned 21.7% of worldwide mobile internet ad revenue in 2014
  34. 34. The Revolution of Mobile Facebook is the second most popular app category Gaming: 32% of time spent on mobile Facebook: 17% of time spent on mobile TechCrunch
  35. 35. The Revolution of Mobile Mobile video consumption is increasing 22% of video consumption happens on mobile … and will increase to >50% by 2019 Mobile makes up 40% of Youtube’s global watch time Ericson KPCB
  36. 36. Social Video Video will continue to dominate the digital landscape Brainshark 74% of all internet traffic will be video by 2017
  37. 37. Social Video Single Grain Video is shared 1200% more times than links and text combined
  38. 38. Social Video Mobile & tablet shoppers are 300% more likely to view a video than laptop/desktop users Single Grain 92% of mobile video viewers share video
  39. 39. Social Video But many brands ignore the potential… Single Grain 9,100 tweets are sent every second But only 700 tweets a minute include YouTube videos And only 120 tweets a minute include Vines
  40. 40. Social Video YouTube is the #2 search engine in the world DigitalSherpa
  41. 41. Social Video More than 1 billion users visit YouTube each month Over 6 billion hours of video are watched each month 100 hours of video are uploaded every minute 500 years of YouTube videos are watched on Facebook every day Relevancy Group YouTube
  42. 42. Social Video Many miss out on potential co-operations with the stars of YouTube KPCB
  43. 43. Social Video Micro-videos are equally important for a successful marketing strategy 45% of viewers will stop watching a video after 1 minute 60% will have stopped watching a video by 2 minutes DigitalSherpa
  44. 44. Social Video More than 40 million users total DMR MediaBistro create over 1 billion Vine loops daily
  45. 45. Social Video Every minute Vine users share 8,333 videos DMR And upload 12 million Vines to Twitter
  46. 46. Social Video Branded content accounts for 4% of the top 100 Vines receiving 400% more shares than branded videos Mashable
  47. 47. Social Video Hyperlapse received 30.000 mentions within the first two days of its launch and a social media reach of 60 million Brand24
  48. 48. Social Video With user-generated content dominating the discussion 48% Brand24 of Hyperlapses were user-generated
  49. 49. Social Video 57% of Instagram users access the site every day 35% of users access the site multiple times a day 57% 35% Pew Research
  50. 50. Social Video L2 The average user spends 257 minutes a month on the site 257 Instagram engagement is 15x higher than Facebook engagement
  51. 51. Social Video Instagram videos are creating double the engagement of Instagram photos Inside Facebook 88% of brands on Instagram have shared at least one video Totems
  52. 52. Social Video Still don’t believe in the power of social video and user-generated content?
  53. 53. Social Video 80% of all online content is user-generated The biggest drivers are consumers: 25 - 45 year olds contribute 70% of all UGC SparkReel
  54. 54. Social Video 25% of search results for the world’s top 20 brands Social Times are links to user-generated content
  55. 55. Social Video User-generated content increases brand sales effectiveness by nearly 20% SparkReel
  56. 56. Social Video On Youtube, UGC fan videos get 10x more views than brand-owned content Brand engagement rises by 28% when consumers are exposed to both professional content and user-generated product video filemobile
  57. 57. Social Video Statista 97% of beauty related video content on Youtube is generated by vloggers In 2013, YouTube beauty vloggers had generated an average of 255 videos per channel, more than double the amount of official brand channels
  58. 58. Social Video 8-10% of consumers are influencers that typically generate 3x more word-of-mouth messages and each message has 4x more impact than the average word-of-mouth message filemobile
  59. 59. Agile Marketing Incite One of the most disruptive trends in the industry Agile marketing Customer experience Content creation Multichannel Seamless collaboration
  60. 60. Agile Marketing 29,000 retweets 14,000 favourites 16,000 retweets 7,000 favourites
  61. 61. Agile Marketing CMG Partners 63% of CMOs say agility is a high priority Yet only 40% call themselves agile
  62. 62. Agile Marketing Business needs are met with agility CMG Partners
  63. 63. Agile Marketing Find the right balance in your marketing strategy Econsultancy Agile marketing Automated marketing Planned marketing
  64. 64. Agile Marketing My Customer And win agile marketing in 2015 • Define your strategic framework • Create an agile team with the right resources • Plan real-time marketing activities • Understand social data • Take risks and be bold • Measure your outcomes
  65. 65. Anonymity Users are concerned about online anonymity & privacy 54% 86% of internet users have taken steps online to remove or mask their digital footprints of mobile app users have decided not to install a mobile app when they realized how much personal information they would need to share in order to use it PEW PEW
  66. 66. Anonymity 60% Pragmatists 30% Fundamentalists 10% Unconcerned Statslife Ipsos MORI Pragmatists’ concerns are based on situational circumstances, but are moderated by trust – which is dependent on previous brand experiences
  67. 67. Anonymity Yet many users don’t bother reading T&Cs Ipsos MORI
  68. 68. Anonymity Signing anything without second thoughts: 88% of people signed Gamestation’s clause that gave the computer game retailer the ‘non-transferable option to claim now and forever more your immortal soul” StatsLife
  69. 69. Anonymity Is ‘smart disclosure’ the solution to privacy concerns? 71% would like to have access to the data that companies hold about them, which could help them to make better decisions Ipsos MORI – e.g. about how they spend their money
  70. 70. Anonymity So users started flocking to anonymous social media
  71. 71. Anonymity Usage numbers started to explode Whisper is nearing 3 billion page views a month with 45% of users actively creating content Allthingsdigital CNN 50,000 users create accounts, send out invites hour and receive invitations to join Ello Forbes
  72. 72. Anonymity Anonymous networks get crucial financial support Whisper received funding of 57m and is valued at 200m Marketwired Allthingsdigital TechCrunch 19m for Secret Mashable 10m for Yik Yak TechCrunch 2m for Confide TechCrunch
  73. 73. Anonymity But people are open to change – if brands treat them the right way 52% of consumers are willing to share personal information to receive relevant communications from brands Emarsys
  74. 74. Anonymity 55% of consumers appreciate that brands track their website behaviour to learn more about their audience Emarsys
  75. 75. Anonymity 51% of millennials and 40% of people 35+ would share information with companies as long as they get something in return USC Annenberg
  76. 76. Anonymity USC Annenberg 56% of millennials and 42% of people 35+ would share their location with companies in order to receive coupons or deals for nearby businesses
  77. 77. Private Messaging Private messaging got big over the last few years
  78. 78. Private Messaging and was the biggest boom in 2014 Increase in user base The Drum Snapchat Kik WhatsApp Line WeChat
  79. 79. Private Messaging In February 2014 Facebook acquired WhatsApp for 19 billion Stratablue 16 million = WhatsApp’s revenue for the first half of 2014 DMR
  80. 80. Private Messaging 600 million monthly active users 1 million new registrations per day 70% of users are active every day
  81. 81. Private Messaging 64 billion messages sent per day 700 million photos shared per day 100 million video messages sent per day 1000 heads DMR
  82. 82. Private Messaging monthly active users snaps a day Snapchat stories viewed per day KPCB DMR
  83. 83. Private Messaging DMR 58% of college students are likely to purchase a product from a brand that sent them a Snapchat coupon Yet only 1% of marketers use Snapchat
  84. 84. Private Messaging 438 million monthly active users 100 million from outside China DMR
  85. 85. Private Messaging WeChat Moment’s share of DMR 67k apps are connected to WeChat Before a business can advertise it needs 100,000 followers total Chinese social sharing: 23.4%
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The digital landscape has been dispersing rapidly over the last 12-24 months and with ever more scattered audiences and fragmented social platforms, brands face a bucketful of challenges. To thrive in this highly competitive environment, digital marketers need to constantly be on their toes and stay up-to-date with the latest trends. In this deck we share 130 stats around the 7 social media trends that we see dominating 2015. To read the full blog and to understand the full scope of these developments visit


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