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Being on target through social media


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Being on target through social media

  1. 1. ONTARGETBeing On Target ThroughSocial MediaWayne Kirby
  2. 2. ONTARGETHow Social Media fits with IT – How IT services and socialmedia fit in today’s world.Social MediaWhat is Social Media? – A brief description of what social mediacan do for you.How Social Media emerged? – a synopsis of how it cam to be.Opportunities – The benefits and chances available today forsuccess.In Conclusion – A general overview of this presentation.The Power of the world wide web and your potential within it.
  3. 3. ONTARGETONTARGETWhat is Social MediaSocial Media is the process of communicating withOthers via the world wide web. The following list showsThe most widely used applications for social networking.• Facebook• Twitter• LinkedIn• Google Plus• MySpace
  4. 4. ONTARGETONTARGETQUICK FACT50% Growth in 5 years.95% of those 55+ use itWorld wide 65% usage#1 activity on the webQUICK FACTAccounts for 20% of thetime online82 % reached by SocialMedia30% more womenuse it.The emergence of Social MediaHow we got here so fast.Teens use it to socialize
  5. 5. ONTARGETGrowing larger•The list below shows the amount ofuser since October 2012.Daily usage•A brief explanation on daily usage.Business statistics•How much power can yourbusiness have.• Facebook 1 Billion users• Google 400 Million users• LinkedIn 175 Million users• Twitter 550 Million users Social networkingchannels are used 22%of the time whenpeople are on line. 42% of mobile usersshare multimediathrough Facebook. Smartphone users useFacebook and Twitter asoften as they playgames. 60% of Facebook usersare willing to postabout productspurchased if they get adeal or discount. Of the top business 65%have an active twitterprofile. Of the 90% of marketersthat use social media93% rate social tool as“important”. 43% of the marketershave noticed anincrease in sale due tosocial campaigns. 80% of the users ofFacebook prefer toconnect with brandsonline.Social Media’s Current Status
  6. 6. ONTARGETThe Benefits of Social Media1.Increased awareness of thecompany.2.Increased website traffic.3.Favorable perception of yourbrand.4.Ability to monitor conversationsabout the company.5.Develop deeper marketingstrategies.6.Understand your customersperception of the brand.7. Improved insights about theirtarget markets8. Identification of positive andnegative comments9. Increase in new business10. Identification of new productor service opportunities11. Ability to measure thefrequency of the discussion aboutthe brand12. Early warning of potentialproduct or service issues
  7. 7. ONTARGETThe easiness of it all.With the power of SocialNetworking anyone canproduce good connectionand positive results ifdone correctly.No reason not to.With the power of 1billion users on Facebookalone how can you notsucceed in building agreat web presence.In Conclusion
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