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Amanda Peters MAS 2017


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Presentation at Massachusetts Sustainable Communities and Campuses Conference on March 17, 2017

Published in: Environment
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Amanda Peters MAS 2017

  1. 1. Chart a Course to Success Amanda Peters | Twitter @acpeters #masustain @masustain Amanda Peters, Career Coach, Harvard Kennedy School Office of Career Advancement Michelle Waters-Ekanem, Director of Diversity and Civil Rights, Massachusetts Dept. of Environmental Protection
  2. 2. A Bit About Me Amanda Peters | Twitter: @acpeters #masustain @masustain
  3. 3. What brought you here today? Amanda Peters | Twitter: @acpeters #masustain @masustain
  4. 4. For Career Success….. Before you start looking, prepare! Amanda Peters | Twitter: @acpeters #masustain @masustain
  5. 5. Amanda Peters | Twitter: @acpeters #masustain @masustain Your Skills EnvironmentYour Personality Career self Your Interests Your Values Other Just one part of your LIFE!
  6. 6. What impact do you want to make? What does a ‘green’ career mean to you? Amanda Peters | Twitter: @acpeters #masustain @masustain
  7. 7. What skills do you have that you WANT to use? Amanda Peters | Twitter: @acpeters #masustain @masustain
  8. 8. Who is doing that work? Amanda Peters | Twitter: @acpeters #masustain @masustain
  9. 9. What is your one sentence? Put it all together! - What impact do you want to make? - Using what skills? - In what settings? (as examples) - To help in structuring your career investigations. Can be adjusted for the external audience - You may have more than one at first Amanda Peters | Twitter: @acpeters #masustain @masustain
  10. 10. Explore! • Set the stage for ‘luck’; planned happenstance • Even 5 minutes a day can help you focus, learn, prepare, connect; share with others- reciprocal; how can you be helpful? • Discover: who can you talk to for Information, Advice and Referrals? • Brainstorm: what obstacles do you foresee, and how can you overcome those? Amanda Peters | Twitter: @acpeters #masustain @masustain
  11. 11. What is needed in the industry you want to enter? Where are your gaps? Amanda Peters | Twitter: @acpeters #masustain @masustain
  12. 12. • Be strategic- set time aside, including time to reflect. Set goals. • Start now • Practice communicating your value • Keep track of your explorations and follow up • Focus off-line more than on-line, but…. Amanda Peters | Twitter: @acpeters #masustain @masustain
  13. 13. Amanda Peters | Twitter: @acpeters #masustain @masustain Use LinkedIn!
  14. 14. Explore! What small steps can you take to learn more? Amanda Peters | Twitter: @acpeters #masustain @masustain
  15. 15. • Connect to me on LinkedIn and tailor your message (let me know if you want relevant handouts) • Jot down a ‘one sentence’ that could describe your career goals • Talk to at least one employer in the exhibit hall and follow up after the event • Before you leave this room, introduce yourself to someone you don’t know. Ask them a question about their work and interests. Ask them what brings them here today. • Take a quiet 5 minutes and jot down the employers already in your mind who inspire you…..ask people you talk to for ideas for others that fit your interests Amanda Peters | Twitter: @acpeters #masustain @masustain