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Mike stanley mas 2017


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Presentation at Massachusetts Sustainable Communities and Campuses Conference on March 17, 2017

Published in: Environment
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Mike stanley mas 2017

  1. 1. ©2017 Transit X, LLC Tiny footprint Privately funded Solar-powered Flying Pods High capacity Convenient
  2. 2. Carries up to a family of five or wheelchair, bike, stroller, freight pallet
  3. 3. ©2017 Transit X, LLC Small, high-capacity stops 1200 pph to 2,000 people per minute
  4. 4. 45 mph and 135 mph along highways Fly nonstop above traffic (72 km/h and 217 km/h)
  5. 5. TM TM TM The convenience, capacity, and cost to replace cars, buses, trains, and trucks.
  6. 6. Pilots deployed in 2018 2 customers, 100+ proposals 50 cities within 5 years, 5000 cities within 10 yrs. Testing in 2017-18
  7. 7. Quiet • Clean • Efficient Solar powered • Carbon free Fully automated • Low cost Convenient • 24-hour • Sharable No waiting • On-demand High capacity • Personal Highspeed • Nonstop Intercity • Suburban • Regional Equitable • Affordable Handicap accessible Comfortable • Always-a-seat Easily installed • Easy to use Featherweight • Sustainable Extremely Safe • Dependable Resilient • All weather Beautiful • Tiny footprint Car-free cities and suburbs ©2017 Transit X, LLC
  8. 8. Capacity: Low Cost: Too high >$10M/mi Size: Not urban fit Scale: Not network Biz model: Selling systems vs. providing service Tech: Risky tech (maglev, evacuated tube) Why hasn’t it been done? 1953 Over 80+ concepts Only 4 systems deployed ©2017 Transit X, LLC
  9. 9. 10x Autonomous vehicles vs.orks during floods, major snowstorms Resiliency No street parking Parking No congestion, fast, close, nonstop Convenience Fully automated, no crossings Safety Fewer vehicles, Less expensive CostLess landfill, sound, & emissions Pollution 100x 10x ReliabilityOver 99.9% availability EquitableFull coverage without bias 10x 100x 100x 1000x 10x 4x 10x 100x 100x Land use 100x Sustainability Solar-power, and educes peak loads on grid Complexity Fewer parts and lines of code. Capacity20K passengers per hour per track AccessibilityFully accessible to people of all abilities 1000 mpg vs. 100 mpg Efficiency Economic viabilityProfitable and privately financed 100x 10x