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James Manzer MAS 2019


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Presentation at the 2019 Massachusetts Sustainable Communities and Campuses Conference on March 29, 2019 in Cambridge, MA

Published in: Environment
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James Manzer MAS 2019

  1. 1. Clean Energy: Integrated Systems James Manzer ReVision Energy 978.308.9041
  2. 2. 250+ Employee Owners that care about your system and its lifespan
  3. 3. Certificated B-Corporation that is best FOR the world
  4. 4. To accelerate and lead the transition to a clean, renewable energy economy in Northern New England. Our Mission

  5. 5. Solar + Air Source Heat Pump Heating with Sun
  6. 6. Solar + Water Heater Heating with Sun
  7. 7. Solar Electric Vehicle Charging Driving on Sunshine
  8. 8. Solar + Storage
 Storing the Sun
  9. 9. James Manzer
 General Manager
 ReVision Energy
 1980 Turnpike Road
 North Andover, MA