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Debra shepard mas 2017


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Presentation at Massachusetts Sustainable Communities and Campuses Conference on March 17, 2017

Published in: Environment
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Debra shepard mas 2017

  1. 1. Campus Sustainability Debra Shepard, LEED AP 2017 MA Sustainable Communities & Campuses Conference March 17, 2017 RIVERSTONESUSTAINABILITY
  2. 2. About Riverstone Sustainability RIVERSTONE SUSTAINABILITY Riverstone Sustainability is a consulting firm that helps organizations to measure, manage, and report sustainability impacts. We partner with our clients to promote sustainable change, balancing all three elements of the triple bottom line: environmental, social, and economic performance. We use a mix of technical and soft skills to develop sustainability solutions that fit each client’s unique mission, operational constraints, and culture. 2
  3. 3. Our Approach to Campus Sustainability • Build a business case • Align sustainability with core mission: Educate future leaders, and serve as a model for society and center of innovation • Market demand – 61% of college applicants value having information about an institution’s environmental commitment (Princeton Review) • Competitive pressure - benchmark against peers • Potential for cost savings and gains in efficiency • Develop a strategy to integrate sustainability into: • Operations • Academics • Community Engagement • Measure and report progress • Carbon Commitment, AASHE STARS, etc. RIVERSTONE SUSTAINABILITY 3
  4. 4. Example: Wentworth Institute of Technology The Wentworth Creed (1904) ECONOMY “We seek to use our resources wisely at all times. We accept our obligation to safeguard the earth, its resources, its life, and its energy for the benefit of future generations.” “Ensuring the planet’s long- term health will take imagination, innovation, and action. As our reach continues to grow well beyond our walls and national borders, I grow ever-more confident that Wentworth alumni around the world can help answer this challenge.” WIT President, Zorica Pantic 2011 RIVERSTONE SUSTAINABILITY 4
  5. 5. Climate Action 39% 1% 3% 36% 4% 17% GHG Emissions By Source Stationary Combustion Mobile Fugitive Electricity Air Travel Commute RIVERSTONE SUSTAINABILITY 5
  6. 6. Green Buildings The Apartments at 525 Huntington The Apartments at 525 Huntington • Brownfield site - fully remediated • Groundwater recharge system • Energy performance 25% better than code • Water use savings 44% over baseline • 84% of construction waste was recycled • 30% of materials with recycled content • 47% of materials regionally sourced • 100% certified sustainable wood • Low-emitting materials for indoor air quality • 94% of regularly occupied spaces have access to views RIVERSTONE SUSTAINABILITY 6
  7. 7. Recycling & Project S.T.R.I.V.E. • Supported Training to Reach Independence through Vocational Experiences • 26+ year partnership between Boston Public Schools and WIT • Offers inclusive internships and training to BPS students with learning challenges • Provides top-quality recycling and facilities services for the WIT community RIVERSTONE SUSTAINABILITY 7
  8. 8. Green Commuting RIVERSTONE SUSTAINABILITY 8 Drive 7% MBTA 29% Carpool 1% Walk 62% Bike 1% 93% of WIT students either live on campus or commute using sustainable modes Resources:  MBTA subsidies  Hubway bike-sharing station and discount  Zipcar discount  300+ bike parking spaces on campus  Bicycle repair stations  Free bike tune-up events  Showers and changing facilities  Commuter Assistants
  9. 9. Academics • > 60 courses related to sustainability • Undergraduate minor in sustainability (COF) • Accelerate – Social Innovation Lab • Blittersdorf Professorship in Sustainable Energy • Co-ops at leading companies in cleantech • EPIC Sustainability Projects RIVERSTONE SUSTAINABILITY 9
  10. 10. Co-Curricular Education RIVERSTONE SUSTAINABILITY 10 • Sustainability 101 orientation & RA training • Friendly competitions and campaigns: • Energy conservation • Water • Recycling • Annual Earth Day celebration
  11. 11. RIVERSTONE SUSTAINABILITY Social Media • Great role for student interns! • Provides dynamic content • Helps to understand your audience • Targeted campaigns by topic, season, etc. 11
  12. 12. Carbon Commitment – Celebrating 10 Years of Climate Action Princeton Review Guide to Top Green Colleges 2016 President's Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll (2015) WENTWORTH INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY Building a Sustainable Tomorrow RIVERSTONE SUSTAINABILITY 12
  13. 13. Thank You! Debra Shepard, LEED AP Principal / Owner Riverstone Sustainability RIVERSTONE SUSTAINABILITY 13