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Rick merson gcc 2019.


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Presentation at Massachusetts Green Careers Conference on September 20, 2019

Published in: Environment
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Rick merson gcc 2019.

  1. 1. 11th Massachusetts Green Careers Conference 
 September 20, 2019 
 MA Division of Fisheries & Wildlife
 Westborough, MA

  2. 2. Public Works Green Career Opportunities
 Richard P. Merson, PWLF Director of Public Works Needham, Massachusetts New England Chapter American Public Works Association Past President - 2015
  3. 3. What is Public Works? How does Public Works affect you on a daily basis? Who are Public Works professionals? How does Public Works relate to green careers? Where do I find green careers in Public Works?
  4. 4. What is Public Works?
  5. 5. 
 How does Public Works affect you on a daily basis?

  6. 6. Upon Waking Water Supply, Wastewater Services, Morning Meal
 Work/School/At Home Streets, Sidewalks, Traffic Signals, Street Lighting

  7. 7. Recreation/Leisure Trails, Parks, Playgrounds, Athletic Facilities
 Waste Management Recycling, Reuse, Composting, Disposal

  8. 8. Weather – Rainfall Stormwater, Snow, Ice
 Climate Extremes Blizzards, Wind Storms, Hurricanes, Tornado

  9. 9. Who are Public Works professionals?

  10. 10. Engineers Project Design & Construction, Programs
 Public Administration Budgets, Personnel Management, Public Relations

  11. 11. Technicians Water & Wastewater Treatment & Supply, Traffic Systems
 Equipment Operation/Fleet Maintenance Dump Trucks, Excavators, Tree Trucks

  12. 12. Craft Workers
 Skilled Labor

  13. 13. How does Public Works relate to green careers?

  14. 14. Sustainability In the broadest sense means delivering our services in a manner that ensures an appropriate balance between the environment, the community and an ability to pay.

  15. 15. 3-P’s – People, Planet, Profit
 3-E’s – Equity, Environment, Economy

  16. 16. Principles of Sustainability based on the elements of the Triple Bottom Line
 People, Planet, Prosperity

  17. 17. How do I find out more about Sustainability and Public Works? American Public Works Association (APWA) >30,000 Members in US & Canada New England Chapter APWA >1,000 members (5 States)
  18. 18. Center for Sustainability/C4S
 • Vision The APWA C4S empowers APWA and its members to create thriving and healthy communities for all, now and into the future. • Mission The APWA C4S delivers resources, education, advocacy, and member engagement for public works professionals to implement environmentally, economically and socially responsible projects and services.
  19. 19. Where do I find green careers in Public Works?
 •APWA – IN THE WORKS - Weekly Newsletter • Washington Report • Education & Credentialing • Professional Development • APWA Certification • Work Zone – Job Posting • •New England Chapter APWA •
  20. 20. Other Related Sources •American Waterworks Association/AWWA •New England Waterworks Association/NEWWA •Water Environment Federation/WEF •New England Water Environment Association/NEWEA
  21. 21. On Behalf of the New England Chapter APWA Public Works Awareness Committee Thank you Richard P. Merson, PWLF 500 Dedham Avenue Needham, MA 02492