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Aaron clausen


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Presentation at Massachusetts Sustainable Communities and Campuses Conference on March 17, 2017

Published in: Environment
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Aaron clausen

  2. 2. Beverly Snapshot
  3. 3. Coastal Resiliency Planning
  4. 4. Coastal Resiliency Planning
  5. 5. Coastal Resiliency Planning
  6. 6. Coastal Resiliency Planning
  7. 7. Coastal Resiliency Planning l  Vulnerability & Risk Assessment l  Public Participation Education & Outreach l  Adaptation Measures: Ordinance/ Regulations, Capital Improvements, and Other Strategies
  8. 8. Coastal Resiliency Planning l  Project Team l  Resiliency Planning Advisory Group l  Public Participation/ Outreach
  9. 9. Coastal Resiliency Planning l  What is the probability of Flooding? l  What areas are vulnerable and at what depth? l  What critical infrastructure might be at risk? l  What Interventions are available?
  10. 10. Probabilistic Mapping
  11. 11. Probabilistic Mapping – Beverly Harbor
  12. 12. Depth Mapping – Beverly Harbor
  13. 13. Coastal Resiliency Planning l  Public Facilities (schools, parks, beaches, etc.) l  Underground utilities (storm drain systems, sewer) l  Sewage & Stormwater pump stations l  Electrical Substations l  Municipal Buildings & Properties l  Fire/Police/Emergency Facilities l  Transit and Train Stations l  Public Works Facilities l  Sea Walls & Coastal Infrastructure l  Roadway Surfaces
  14. 14. l Next Steps