Personal Branding Definition


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Defining Personal Branding as a process and as enhancing your recognition

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Personal Branding Definition

  1. 1. Section A: Unit 2Defining Personal Branding
  2. 2. Personal Branding DefinitionA processDifferentiate yourself Stand out from the crowdUnique value propositionConsistent messageand imageSpecific goal• Enhance recognition• Establish reputation andcredibility• Advance career• Build self-confidence
  3. 3. Personal branding is a processPersonal branding is a four step process:• Uncover• Create• Communicate• MaintainYou need to take several actions in order to develop your brand.You also need a strategic plan for developing your brand.Uncover your uniquenessCreate your uniquepersonal brandHave a consistent message anduse various platforms tocommunicate this messageAlways update andmaintain your brand
  4. 4. Personal branding is aboutstanding out from the crowdWhat yourcompetitorsstruggle withWhat you dobestWhat peoplewant mostYour “sweet spot” orcompetitive advantageSelf-discoveryWhat do othergraduates nothaveDo “market research”“If you want to be known for everything, you will be known for nothing.”- Anonymous
  5. 5. Personal branding is about findingyour unique value propositionThis is the answer to…“Why should a company hire me and not someone else?”or“Past, current, prospective employers hire me because…”Create a unique value proposition that:• Is in-line with your market’s challenges and desires• Communicates the unique contribution that you will be able to makeYour unique value proposition should differentiate you andcommunicate your excellence
  6. 6. Personal branding is a consistent messageand image that achieves a specific goalSet a specific goal or objectiveVerbal or non-verbal messageAchieve goal or objectivePersonal Branding
  7. 7. Personal branding is about enhancing yourrecognition
  8. 8. SummaryPersonal branding is:• Uncovering your authentic self• Using your uniqueness to advance your career• NOT about putting on a mask"Regardless of age, regardless of position,regardless of the business we happen to be in,all of us need to understand the importanceof branding. We are CEOs of our owncompanies: Me Inc. To be in business today,our most important job is to be headmarketer for the brand called You."Tom Peters in Fast Company, 1997
  9. 9. That’s Personal Branding in a nutshellIt’s all about standing out in the crowd an dmanaging your reputationThe next step:Watch the Personal Branding and Your Reputation presentation