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Branding And Brand Clarity Workshop


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With a strong, clear brand, decision-making is easy, your value is clear, and you can charge your worth with confidence and certainty. When you have brand clarity and know exactly who you are selling to, what you need to say, and how to communicate the important details, your sales marketing efforts will become less stressful and more enjoyable.

In this hands-on workshop session, we'll cover what a brand is, the difference between a brand and branding, the difference between branding and marketing, why brand clarity matters, building your reputation, creating an ideal client persona, using emotional brand triggers, creating benefit/risk statements for your marketing, and crafting a powerful brand marketing message.

(Slides used for a 2 hour hands-on branding workshop.)

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Branding And Brand Clarity Workshop

  1. 1. Brand Clarity Hands-On Workshop Attract more clients, boost lucrative referrals, and create new opportunities
  2. 2. Every business owner wants to be remembered, respected, and referred... which is very hard without total clarity
  3. 3. No one will... • Hire you • Buy from you • Learn from you • Partner with you ...without clarity on who you serve and what you do best
  4. 4. “Our fatigue is often caused not by work, but by worry, frustration, and resentment.” DALE CARNEGIE
  5. 5. Brand Brand A noun, A thing Your brand is who you are, your reputation or “known for” status Branding Branding A verb, An action Your branding is what you do, the strategy behind brand building
  6. 6. Branding Branding A verb, An action The strategy and actions designed to increase mindshare Marketing Marketing A verb, An action The strategy and actions designed to get a conversion
  7. 7. “Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.” JEFF BEZOS
  8. 8. The Bottom Line... • Brand: Reputation • Branding: Positioning Remembered, respected, and referred • Marketing: Conversion Hire me, buy from me, learn from me, partner with me
  9. 9. The difference between where you are and where you want to be is what you do... the difference is your branding
  10. 10. “A brand is the set of expectations, memories, and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another.” SETH GODIN
  11. 11. Be The Only Choice Not Another Choice Focus on branding to transform your business and achieve your biggest goals
  12. 12. • Communicate your value clearly • Feel confident in sales conversations • Experience ease with marketing efforts • Write effective sales copy • Attract more clients and new opportunities Brand Clarity Breeds Opportunity
  13. 13. Let’s Get To Work Real-world, simple hands-on exercises to gain brand clarity Understand who you serve, what you must communicate, and how to say it
  14. 14. “Success is about doing what you already know, not looking for the secrets you don’t know.” DARREN ROWSE
  15. 15. Exercise 1: Your Powerful Brand Reputation Your brand is your reputation and the perception others have of you... What is the one thing you want to build your reputation around, to be known for?
  16. 16. Exercise 2: Your Ideal Client Persona Your ideal client is a perfect fit for your offer, and the easiest to turn into a raving fan... Who is your ideal client? What matters to them? What are their struggles and dreams?
  17. 17. Exercise 3: Your Emotional Brand Triggers Buying decisions are based on emotions (the heart) and justified by logic (the head)... What emotional reasons drive your prospects’ actions and trigger buying decisions?
  18. 18. Exercise 4: The Benefits Of Saying Yes Effective sales and marketing focuses on results and emotional benefits... What big results do your customers achieve? What are the benefits of those results?
  19. 19. Exercise 5: The Risks Of Saying No Effective sales and marketing focuses on risks and potential losses... What are prospects’ common objections? What will they lose by not moving forward?
  20. 20. Exercise 6: Craft Benefit/Risk Statements Communicate the benefits of a yes and the risks of a no to get pospects to take action... What must a prospect hear to overcome an objection and move forward?
  21. 21. Exercise 7: Plan Your Marketing Message A clear marketing message shares exactly what an ideal client must know to say yes... What does a potential ideal client need to hear to take the next step?
  22. 22. Exercise 8: Create Your Marketing Message Position yourself as the no-brainer solution your ideal client has been searching for... What should you say, how should you say it, and what comes next?
  23. 23. Let’s Wrap Up Your brand is made up of experiences, perceptions, stories, and memories. Shape your brand with clear, consistent branding efforts
  24. 24. “You have the opportunity to be remembered, respected, and referred, but you first must establish what you want to be remembered, respected, and referred for.” JENNIFER BOURN
  25. 25. Thank You! Let’s Connect Jennifer Bourn