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Digital capability - Connected U: developing professional presence on LinkedIn


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Presentation at the LTA Conference at Sheffield Hallam University with Andrew Middleton on the Connected U project.

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Digital capability - Connected U: developing professional presence on LinkedIn

  1. 1. Digital Capability Connected U developing professional presence on LinkedIn Sue Beckingham & Andrew Middleton @andrewmid@suebecks Faculty of ACES Annual LTA Conference, Sheffield Hallam University
  2. 2. Common ground Employability as a lifelong challenge and commitment to professional development and establishing good standing
  3. 3. Defining digital literacy
  4. 4. Digital identity and wellbeing A strategic approach to building digital capability (Jisc 2015)
  5. 5. Connected U HEA funded - Employability SEP “Re-imagining PPDP” Enabling Remaining in Good Standing Challenge: to make PPDP and RIGS real Relevant for staff and students
  6. 6. Connected U - The ‘LinkedIn University’ How and why we should establish and maintain our professional profiles using social media Personal & Professional Development Planning (PPDP) for students Professional Recognition for staff
  7. 7. Professional Profiling Common purpose The Employability Continuum Enacting PPDP and CPD Case studies Staff Students Alumni Employers
  8. 8. Understanding the impact of a LinkedIn online presence Audience(s): peers, students, parents of students, employers, research, industry.
  9. 9. Being professional Have a profile… To be professional… Act professionally… Maintain your profile…
  10. 10. About LinkedIn Guides users to complete relevant headed sections Header Summary Experience Qualifications But there’s more...
  11. 11. Developing a richer picture
  12. 12. Begin with a Digital PPDP Toolbox
  13. 13. Connected U case studies Stage 1
  14. 14. Connected U resources How to guides Exemplars Profiles Recommendations, skills and endorsements
  15. 15. In development Templates In class activities Assessment and marking criteria Adding multimedia What would you like to be added to the toolkit?