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Social media portfolios - building the digital toolbox using social media


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Part of the ongoing Connected U project, we ask how do universities engage students in using social media as a digital toolbox to establish e-portfolios? This presentation supported a short idea generation activity led by Sue Beckingham at #melsigntu in January 2016

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Social media portfolios - building the digital toolbox using social media

  1. 1. Social Media Portfolios Building the Digital Toolbox using social media Andrew Middleton, Sue Beckingham & Kelly Snape @andrewmid #MELSIGNTU, 8th January 2016 @suebecks @kelsnape
  2. 2. LinkedIn - de facto place for professionals The shared need to develop Professional profiles using social media • Aspiring professionals - PPDP for students • Practicing professionals - professional recognition for staff
  3. 3. Lifelong professional habits • Fostering effective lifewide professional habits and presence • Demonstrating your professional self is a lifelong capability
  4. 4. What is Connected U?
  5. 5. What is Connected U? • ‘How to’ guides • Exemplars • Profiles • Recommendations, skills and endorsements A Toolkit • Cases studies • Written • Video with • Alumni • Employers • Academics • Advisers
  6. 6. The portfolio challenge: becoming professional Learning about having a professional profile… Learning about bring professional… Practicing acting professionally… Learning to maintain your online identity…
  7. 7. Beyond the presentation layer... Focusing on the aspiring professional and the developing academic The Portfolio Layer How do we make, curate, and prepare content for presentation in LinkedIn? How do social media habits relate to this?
  8. 8. Begin with a Digital Toolbox
  9. 9. Developing a richer picture
  10. 10. Building the Digital Toolbox What apps or social media do you want to put in the digital toolbox? Why? What does it do? How will it enhance our students: • reflective self • presence • profile • habits