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Robyn Tomlin

ISOJ 2016

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Robyn Tomlin

  1. 1. Distributed @robyntomlin
  2. 2. The question: Can journalism survive and thrive in a media ecosystem where publishers don’t control their distribution channels?
  3. 3. My Question: Can LOCAL journalism survive and thrive in a media ecosystem where publishers have a multitude of distribution channels? Opportunities Challenges
  4. 4. > The economics of digital media reward scale > Local journalism does not generally scale well
  5. 5. What helps local journalism scale? Social sharing
  6. 6. Test and learn - @dallasnews Apple News: Full-text feed. Very low usage. No monetization yet. Facebook Videos: One native FB video each day, with link to related story. Also hosting 1-3 Facebook Live videos/wk Snapchat: GuideLive (entertainment brand) uses extensively. Reverse publishes “snaps” in stories. Instagram: DallasNews, GuideLive, SportsDayDFW Facebook Instant Articles: Launching in the next few days -- testing begins with 10 articles a day. Google AMP: Planning to launch after summer redesign, focused on improving mobile page speed, improving content API. { { NowSoon
  7. 7. Attract Engage Convert Premium Distributed content can widen the audience value pipeline $ $$$$
  8. 8. 105-year-old Elizabeth Sullivan throws out first pitch at Rangers game
  9. 9. FB native video
  10. 10. Facebook Live
  11. 11. Challenges > Algorithms favor scale - national brands and/or viral content > Monetization opportunities are limited > Requires dedicated editorial staff to develop and sustain brand “voice” > Technical implementation can take significant time/resources > Platforms become the new gatekeeper Opportunities > Native social distribution expands reach and brings more into the “pipeline” > Helps you to target audiences you might not normally reach > Your content is the best marketing for your brand > Helps staff improve social and mobile storytelling skills