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Guten news ed_51
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ISOJ 2015


  1. 1. Mediating the Conversation @media_republik Getting my two cents worth in: access, interaction, participation and social inclusion in online news commenting
  2. 2. “digital inclusion is an individual’s effective and sustainable engagement with Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in ways that allow full participation in society in terms of economic, social, cultural, civic and personal well-being.” Helsper, EC discussion paper, 2014
  3. 3. • Social inclusion • Political participation • Media diversity • Cultural citizenship • Media economics
  4. 4. What type of access? 5 55% 32.5% 12.5% SOCIAL MEDIA IN HOUSE COMMENTS PAYWALL
  5. 5. Where is the interaction?
  6. 6. Participation: scale and scope across lower engagement sites Where is the interaction?
  7. 7. Who’s commenting? Commenting distribution: top 100 commenters
  8. 8. Gendered user names: top 100 commenters metros & internationals
  9. 9. Gendered user names: top 100 commenters public service broadcasters
  10. 10. Gendered user names: top 100 commenters local services