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Eye On: Instagram's Feed Gains Order

The latest “Eye On” explores Instagram’s new algorithm and what it means for users and brands.

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Eye On: Instagram's Feed Gains Order

  1. 1. Eye On: Instagram Feed Gains Order 03.21.16
  2. 2. Contents 1.  Instagram Introduces New Algorithm 2.  How Will the Feed Change? •  Concrete Timing 3.  What Does This Mean for Brands?
  3. 3. Eye On: Instagram Feed Gains Order, Vol 5, Issue 3, March 2016 © Leo Burnett /// Arc Worldwide Eye On: : Instagram Feed Gains Order Instagram Introduces New Algorithm Since its debut in 2010, Instagram images have been presented in chronological order. A new algorithm update will change that by frontloading images that the platform deems “worthy” based on user behavior and the likelihood of user interest. The social platform owned by Facebook announced that the update will roll out in the coming months. How Will The Feed Change? The platform’s change in algorithm might, in part, be a response to findings like those from VentureBeat, indicating that user interaction was down nearly 40-percent last year – creating a need to make the content users see first be the content most likely to grow the platform. To make this happen, the algorithm will look at the relationship between the user, the account that is posting, and the time stamp of the content posted. The content that is commented on and “liked” frequently by the user is more likely to pop up first in the feed when the app is opened.
  4. 4. Eye On: Instagram Feed Gains Order, Vol 5, Issue 3, March 2016 © Leo Burnett /// Arc Worldwide Concrete Timing Since time factors into the priority of a post, the platform will now display the actual time it was uploaded – not in weeks or in days but with the actual date. This information will shift from the top right corner of the post to the bottom left corner. What does this mean for brands? Instagram says that users miss an average of 70% of feed content from those followed, so the algorithm should make sure that the 30% seen is the most interesting. As these changes roll out, consider the following: •  In order to achieve high organic placement, content will need to provide a reason to stop scrolling long enough to take interest. In other words, content needs value! •  Take special note of posts that excel under this new model and optimize based on performance. •  Paid media content should not be affected as far as where it appears in a feed. Eye On: Instagram Feed Gains Order   Users will now see the post time at the bottom of the image (seen here in the red box). Sources: Instagram, Adweek,,, Venture Beat