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Summer Anne Burton

ISOJ 2016

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Summer Anne Burton

  1. 1. lessons we’ve learned (so far)
  2. 2. My name is Summer Anne Burton and I grew up on the internet.
  3. 3. The internet used to be pretty synonymous with the world wide web, and mostly made of links. BuzzFeed in 2006
  4. 4. But for most people, the internet now looks more like this: 75% of traffic comes from mobile. of BuzzFeed’s traffic comes from social referrals. 60%
  5. 5. For BuzzFeed, “social media” is no longer just a source for traffic or brand building. It’s a place where our work is published directly, reaching people where they already are.
  6. 6. Some lessons we learned (so far)
  7. 7. You can do 10x more if you adapt across platforms GIF: Imgur (3.4 million views) Twitter (400k impressions) Tumblr (205k engagements) Looped video: Facebook (18 million views) Instagram (21k engagements) Video with added sound: Vine (4.2 million loops)
  8. 8. And that includes formatting for those platforms Pinterest: +24k pins Facebook: 100 mm views • 2 mm shares Instagram
  9. 9. Things spread further than you could imagine when you think about distribution creatively…
  10. 10. Facebook: 57 mm views • 900k shares
  11. 11. Capture the moment by trying a lot of moments
  12. 12. 5.1 million Facebook video views 2.1 million Vine loops Over 1 million Twitter impressions 10k engagements on Instagram
  13. 13. Patience with testing and learning will pay dividends eventually 45 minutes of live-streamed video Over 800k simultaneous live viewers 10 million total views so far
  14. 14. Sharing is becoming even more personal We focus primarily on engagement, and the way that we see most people engaging is through one-to-one sharing. That means content about human relationships — what most people have on the mind when they’re on social media platforms — always overperforms.
  15. 15. Quality matters, but if you want organic reach it isn’t enough by itself… 150k people reached 6.6k total likes, comments, + shares 47 million people reached 2.3 million total likes, comments, + shares Comics done by the same artist and posted to the same page, two weeks apart.
  16. 16. To recap… Social is now publishing ADAPT! Think of distribution as a creative art Try a lot of variations on a theme Test & learn! Sharing is communication Quality matters, but isn’t enough by itself