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The legend of arthur


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The legend of arthur

  1. 1. The Legend of Arthur Performed work: Anastasia Kuznetsova 8 «A»
  2. 2. The story of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table has been popular in Europe for more than a thousand years.
  3. 3. The Knights in England wanted to choose a newking. They found a huge stone with a sword in it. There wasgolden writing onthe sword which said: «The manwho can pull thesword out of the stone will be king».
  4. 4. All the knightstried to pull the sword from the stone, but noneof them could doit. Arthur was ayoung boy at the time, but hepulled the sword from the stoneand became king.
  5. 5. Arthur lived in the castle of Camelot, with Queen Guinevere.In the castle there was a round table, which was made by Merlin, the magician. All theknights sat around the round table. The most famous knights were Sir Lancelot, Sir Gawain and Sir
  6. 6. The knights had many adventures.They killed dragonsand saved beautiful ladies.
  7. 7. Arthur was killed by his nephew, Sir Mordred.
  8. 8. Before hedied, he gave his magicsword, Excalibur, to his friend SirBedwere. He told Sir Bedwere tothrow the sword into a lake. A woman’s hand came out of thewater and caught the sword.
  9. 9. Three beautiful queens took Arthur’s body away in a boat to the magic island of Avalon. The legend says that one day Arthur willreturn and save Britain.
  10. 10. Sources:•• Pater and Karen Viney«Student’s Book 2» (Oxford English)