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The Legend Of King Arthur


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The novel Freak the Mighty makes frequent reference to the legend of King Arthur. Telling a version of the story to the class via a PowerPoint allows for a visual presentation of vocabulary in context.

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The Legend Of King Arthur

  1. 1. The Legend of King Arthur
  2. 2. A Knight in Armor
  3. 3. A Dragon
  4. 4. Arthur’s Father Uther Pendragon
  5. 5. The magician Merlin with young Arthur
  6. 6. Arthur pulled the sword out of the stone.
  7. 7. Arthur married the fair Guinevere.
  8. 8. Arthur’s castle Camelot Castle
  9. 9. The Lady of the Lake gave Arthur his magic sword Excalibur.
  10. 10. The Round Table
  11. 11. Quests for the Holy Grail
  12. 12. Guinevere & Sir Lancelot
  13. 13. Arthur in Avalon