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Journey to Mastery Timeline Presentation

  2. 2.  Course Goal: To learn the definition of mastery and what it takes to become a master in Entertainment Business.  Strategies :  Familiarize myself with academics tools and resources that Full Sail offers and take advantage of the resources to help me with my journey  Read Robert Greene’s book, “Mastery” to get a better understand of traits that can help me become a master in my field.  Shadow a mentor or leader in my field to learn how decisions are made when finding talent. MAY 2014: MASTERY - PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT AND LEADERSHIP
  3. 3.  Course Goal: To learn the qualities that are necessary to become an executive leader in the entertainment industry.  Strategies:  Join the Executive Leadership Team at Full Sail to network with others who have the same interest and to get extra support.  Join Entertainment Networking Society at Full Sail to learn about others in the organization and enhance my skills while taking the course.  Read Executive Leadership Development in U.S. Health Systems article by Ann Scheck McAlearney (Journal of Healthcare Management. May/Jun2010, Vol. 55 Issue 3, p206- 222. 17p.) from the Full Sail database to learn more about executive leadership in general and not just within my field. JUNE 2014: EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP
  4. 4.  Course Goal: To learn the principles of project management as well as managing conflict and variety of personalities. Strategies  Learn to identify team member’s strengths and weaknesses and how to bring the best out of each member on the team.  Act in different mock situations dealing with conflicts and what could happen within a company.  Read Project Management Supports (Requisitely) Holistic: Socially Responsible Action in Business Systems article by Igor Vrecko and Sonja Sibila Lebe from the Full Sail library to learn how to take a socially responsible action in my field. JULY 2014: PROJECT AND TEAM MANAGEMENT
  5. 5.  Course Goal: To implement brand development strategies and to develop my own brand identity and create tools for the entertainment business industry.  Strategies:  Join Full Sail’s Student Branding Society to network with others  Read The Rise of Storytelling as the New Marketing article by Joe Pulizzi (Publishing Research Quarterly. Jun2012, Vol. 28 Issue 2, p116-123. 8p. 2 ) from the Full Sail database to get a better understanding on how business storytelling has emerged in business.  Watch How to Create a Powerful Personal Brand from to get tips and tricks on how I can harness the power of the Internet to create a memorable personal brand. AUGUST 2014: BUSINESS STORYTELLING AND BRAND DEVELOPMENT
  6. 6.  Course Goal: To learn how to make proper financial decisions and apply them to help prevent issues that are faced in the entertainment industry.  Strategies  Watch; Business Finance- An Overview from to not only learn, but visualize the concepts of business finance, financial management, objectives of Financial management, role of financial management in an enterprise and its importance.  Role play different situations that could happen leading me to make the right financial decision.  Read INSIDE THE BUSINESS MIND OF Russell Simmons article by Jean Williams from the Full Sail database to learn how a well known leader in the entertainment industry makes decisions dealing with business finance. SEPTEMBER 2014: ENTERTAINMENT BUSINESS FINANCE
  7. 7.  Course Goal: To learn the skills to become a stronger negotiator and deal maker in the entertainment industry.  Strategies:  Role play with team members to sharpen up deal-making skills, and critiquing one another.  Shadow a business leader in deal-making and negotiating to learn more techniques and hands on experience.  Read In Deal-Making, Keep People in Mind news article by Carol Hymowitz from Wall Street Journal - Eastern Edition. 5/12/2008, Vol. 251 Issue 111, pB2. 0p. 1 Cartoon or Caricature from Full Sail’s library to become more knowledgeable on deal making and what important key notes to keep in mind. OCTOBER 2014: NEGOTIATION AND DEAL- MAKING
  8. 8.  Course Goal: To learn how to use the proper tools and strategies to help resolve management issues and scenarios.  Strategies:  Watch Artist Management - Artist Managers Role retrieved from to learn the role from an actual artist manager.  Make notes and write out a plan on what could possibly make me become a successful artist manager.  Read PHONOMICROSURGERY IN SINGERS AND PERFORMING ARTISTS: TREATMENT OUTCOMES, MANAGEMENT THEORIES, AND FUTURE DIRECTIONS article from Annals of Otology, Rhinology & Laryngology. Dec2002 Part 2 of 2, Vol. 111, p21. 20p from the Full Sail library to get a better understanding of artist management and outcomes. NOVEMBER 2014: PRODUCT AND ARTIST MANAGEMENT
  9. 9.  Course Goal: To learn how the role of entertainment law has played in the industry’s evolution and apply it to becoming a leader in the industry.  Strategies  Join the Pre-Law Society at Full Sail and network with others about entertainment law.  Watch Entertainment Law: How to Option Life Rights retrieved from to learn more first hand from an actual entertainment lawyer.  Read ENTERTAINMENT LAW: AN ANALYSIS OF JUDICIAL DECISION-MAKING IN CASES WHERE A CELEBRITY'S PUBLICITY RIGHT IS IN CONFLICT WITH A USER'S FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHT academic journal By: Wanat, Daniel E. Albany Law Review. 2003, Vol. 67 Issue 1, p251-277. 27p from Full Sail’s library database. DECEMBER 2014: ADVANCE ENTERTAINMENT LAW
  10. 10.  Course Goal: To learn about issues that are currently affecting media publishing and distribution and possibly learning strategies to protect future issues.  Strategies:  Reach out to people on social media to discuss related issues to get the opinions of others.  Review an actual business plan from a company to see how distribution models develop a publishing and distribution plan for their business.  Watch A Beginner's Guide to the World of Self-Publishing retrieved from from Full Sail to to successfully self-publish my own work, and how to do it without getting lost in the sea of all of the other content that's out there. JANUARY 2015: ENTERTAINMENT MEDIA PUBLISHING AND DISTRIBUTION
  11. 11.  Course Goal: To learn and understand the techniques to create a digital marketing plan and apply my skills to my industry field.  Strategies :  Watch Digital Marketing Bootcamp: Especially for Artists and Musicians Last updated at Apr 07, 2014, 02:16PM EDT by Liz George (Admin) from Full Sail  Read DIGITAL NEWSPAPERS EXPLORE MARKETING ON THE INTERNET by Palmer, Jonathan W. and Eriksen, Lars Bo from the Full Sail library.  Volunteer to do hands on Digital Marketing work for small companies in the community. FEBRUARY 2015: DIGITAL MARKETING
  12. 12.  Course Goal: To incorporate the business skills that were developed over the course study into research for my own business plan.  Strategies:  Overview all previous courses to prepare for the final project.  Read Using Business Plan Development as a Capstone Project for MPH Programs in Canada: Validation Through the Student Perspective academic journal from Full Sail’s library database to get an actual student's perspective on a business plan development.  Watch Business Plan : Examples and Best Practices of Business Plan Writing retrieved from to obtain examples of some of the best practices of business plan writing. MARCH 2015: BUSINESS PLAN DEVELOPMENT
  13. 13.  Course Goal: To develop a business plan and be able to use all the skills and techniques that I’ve learned to successfully present my final project.  Strategies:  Put forth even more time and effort than ever before to unsure that my final project is a success.  Frequently check in and ask my professors questions to make sure my business plan is on the right track.  Watch an example of an actual business plan; Business Plan Proposal PowerPoint Template retrieved from to get an idea of a business plan presentation. APRIL 2015: FINAL PROJECT: BUSINESS PLAN
  14. 14.  Knowledgeable about managing talent  Passionate  Approachable  Sense of Humor  Achiever  Excited about my success  Natural connection  Out spoken  Opinionated  Not afraid to critique me  Outgoing  Extremely helpful  Networks well with others  Has connects within the industry CHARACTERISTICS OF A MENTOR
  15. 15.  Glenn Walker: (407)  Dr. Ray Isaac Caputo: (315)491-3796  Erik Niewiarowski: (312)222-4816|  Jim Brosemer:  Mike Love:  Marc Dixon:"nailz"-dixon/12/ba2/539  Yandy Smith: MENTORS IN MY FIELD
  16. 16. During my 12 month mastery journey, I plan to become extremely active within the Full Sail community. I think by joining different organizations and clubs within the community, it will allow me to network more with others, become apart of something that I have great interest in and gain friends, contacts and possibly mentors. The following clubs/organizations are some of which I recently joined or planning on joining during my 12 month mastery journey..  Entertainment Networking Society (joined)  Pre-Law Society  Social Media Club (joined)  Black Student Union (joined)  DJ/MC Entertainment (joined)  The C.E.O. Society  Student Branding Society FULL SAIL UNIVERSITY COMMUNITY
  17. 17. I plan to expand my PLN (Personal Learning Network) by being active on all social and blogging sites such as linkedin, diigo, and feedly. I believe that it is extremely important to stay active and keep myself knowledgeable on what’s going on in the entertainment industry. I will constantly check all accounts and find new blogs, stories, and news in the industry and network with others who also share the same interest as myself. I find these three sites very helpful to me while in my mastery journey and I will use them to my full advantage. EXPANDING MY PERSONAL LEARNING NETWORK
  18. 18. MY MASTERY JOURNEY During my mastery journey, I want to learn all the skills that will make me marketable in the entertainment business. I want to become a well-known radio personality and possibly manage talent. I am eager to learn the skills that will prepare me for the entertainment business and I am looking forward to my mastery journey. I will stay committed, dependable and strive for the best in each course as they helps me get closer to my dreams.
  19. 19.  Greene, Robert. Mastery. Penguin Books, 11/2012.  All course materials  Go To Session 4  Full Sail Library Tutorials  LexisNexisAcademic  Full Sail University: -business- masters    Full Sail Online Library Database ( EBSCOhost ) RESOURCES