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Chris' Mastery Journal Timeline


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An educational assignment about Mastering the art of the Entertainment Business

Published in: Education
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Chris' Mastery Journal Timeline

  1. 1. Mastery Journey Timeline By Chris Donnell
  2. 2. Mastery Journey Timeline v Business Plan v Business Plan Development v Digital Marketing v Entertainment Media Publishing and Distribution v Advanced Entertainment Law v Product and Artist Management v Negotiation and Deal-Making v Entertainment Business Finance v Business Storytelling and Brand Development v Project and Team Management v Executive Leadership v Mastery
  3. 3. Goals & Tactics
  4. 4. Gain a better understanding of the media-tech v Watch YouTube Clips about Marissa Mayer: v v v v Research Paul Graham, mentioned in Robert Greene’s book Mastery v v v v v pagewanted=all&_r=0 v v paul-graham.html v v RAYMOND, C. (2014). MOVERS & MAKERS. Popular Mechanics, 191(3), 54-61. v direct=true&db=a9h&AN=95633220&site=ehost-live v Learn the basics of Entrepreneurship v 95896/102184-4.html industry and its masters Mastery
  5. 5. Learn lessons that will help guide decision making while running my company Executive Leadership v Read: “Are you a good Boss or a great one” v ar/1 v Watch “Making Decisions”: v Making-Decisions/144201-2.html v Read “Management Tip of the Day” v
  6. 6. Attain project management skills v Read: “Conflict Management” v login.aspx? direct=true&db=a9h&AN=77326796&site=ehost-live v Watch “Managing Teams”: v Managing-Teams/117531-2.html? v Investigate Project Management Institute v Project-Management.aspx Project & Team Management
  7. 7. Become a better Story Teller Business Storytelling and Brand Development v Practice writing a story v how-to-craft-a-narrative-arc v Watch “Andrew Stanton: The clues to a great story”: v how_to_tell_a_story v Watch “Story check (Hooking your reader)” v Story-check-Hooking-your-reader/ 89962/121788-4.html v Tell at least 3 stories both verbally and written.
  8. 8. Understand how to read an annual report and daily CEO financial reports Entertainment Business Finance v Read annual reports from Disney, Yahoo, AOL, Facebook, and Google. v Watch “Financial Literacy: Reading Financial Reports with Rudolph Rosenberg”: v Financial-Literacy-Reading-Financial-Reports/ 135826-2.html v Read “How to read a 10-K like Warren Buffett” v
  9. 9. Learn industry best practices for deals and negotiation Negotiation and Deal- Making v Read: Negotiating tips v dealmaking-and-business-negotiations-6- tips-for-novice-hagglers/ v v v Watch “Negotiation Fundamentals with Lisa Gates”: v Negotiation-Fundamentals/101504-2.html v Find someone to negotiate with (or at least practice)
  10. 10. Enhance product management skills Product and Artist Management v Watch “Lean Product Management” by Google Ventures v v Watch “Managing digital products”: v products/122464/134049-4.html v Interview Tommy Cannon about Product Management
  11. 11. Learn more about digital rights law as well as industry standard contract points v Read: “Entertainment, Art & Sports Law” by Cassandra Willard v direct=true&db=a9h&AN=87855193&site=ehost-live v Watch “Making Decisions”: v Exceptions-rights-publicity-law/165636/168744-4.html v Review these websites: v entertainment_sports.html v entertainmentlaw.cfm Advanced Entertainment Law
  12. 12. Fully understand the basic principals to publish media properties Entertainment Media Publishing & Distribution v Read: “Plunkett's entertainment & media industry almanac. 2014” v v Watch “Digital Publishing Fundamentals”: v Digital-Publishing-Fundamentals/100904-2.html v Develop a Publishing & Distribution strategy
  13. 13. Enhance Digital Marketing Skills v Research and Review current industry trends. v Digital marketing is an ever-changing industry, therefore reading the most-up-to-date sources are best. v Watch “Content Marketing Fundamentals with C.C. Chapman”: v Content-Marketing-Fundamentals/ 135355-2.html v Develop a Digital marketing plan v Building-Integrated-Online-Marketing-Plan/ 126059-2.html Digital Marketing
  14. 14. Develop an executable Business Plan Business Plan Development v Use the following sources to develop a business plan v page=2 v v v v v Watch “Writing a Business Plan”: v Writing-business-plan/162455/186713-4.html v Write a complete Business plan and begin exectuting
  15. 15. Pitch Business Idea to investors Business Plan v Perfect My Pitch v v v v and-products-to-executives/73563-2.html v Identify 3 Investors and set up a meeting with at least one. v Pitch to at least one investor (outside of class)
  16. 16. Clubs & Industry Involvement v iSummit Conference v Young Nonprofit Professionals Association v Downtown Credo v Full Sail Pitch v Full Sail Entertainment Business Network Club v Silicon Orange v Internship with Daily Buzz
  17. 17. Mentor Characteristics
  18. 18. Responsive Challenging Mentor Characteristics Creditable Knowledgeable
  19. 19. Leaders to Interview
  20. 20. John Doer Venture Capitalist & Partner– Klein Perkins Caufield Byers Contact Information: Image credit:
  21. 21. Joshua Davidson Founder Chop Dawg Studios – Startup Advisor Contact Information: @dasjoshua Image credit:
  22. 22. Matt Huggins General Counsel – Google Channel Intelligence Group Contact Information: @matthuggins Image credit:
  23. 23. Tom Cannon CMO – Contact Information: @Tommy_Cannon Image credit:
  24. 24. Jonathan Fields Founder –Good Life Project Contact Information: Image credit:
  25. 25. C.C. Chapman Content Strategist Contact Information: Image credit:
  26. 26. References v v v v v v v great-one/ar/1 *all other references cited in text.