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Mastery Journey Timeline


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Mastery: Personal Development and Leadership course final project.

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Mastery Journey Timeline

  1. 1. MASTERY JOURNEY TIMELINE Eugenia F Wigington Full Sail University 2016
  2. 2. My path in the Full Sail University Master’s in Public Relations program will be guided by the innovative courses and my desire to absorb the knowledge that will help me set my path. Inspired by industry leaders who have been exemplary examples in the field, I will enter the industry willing and able to elevate any position and fully represent an organization’s or company’s message. The industry knowledege that I gain in the next eleven months will increase my skills and confidence. I intend to emerge from the program with the capacity and opportunity to be an outstanding leader. -Eugenia Wigington
  3. 3. MDL510 Mastery:PersonalDevelopmentandLeadership Month 1 Goal: To learn how to properly research and gather valuable resources to write effective professional papers. Gain insight on what is expected of an outstanding leader in the field of public relations. Strategies: § Read the assigned book Mastery by Robert Greene to further understand my individual path to mastery. § Follow and read about Industry leaders and companies on professional sites such as § View online video training on writing at, “Writing Research Papers” with Judy Steiner-Williams.
  4. 4. PBR 510 PublicRelationsinaDigitalWorld Month 2 Goal: Learn how to expertly navigate the digital world in order to further promote and support the brand and mission of the organization I will work with in the future. Strategies: § Read articles from online magazine, § View online video training on writing at, “Social Media for Non Profits” with Olivia Uribe-Mutal. § Set up meeting with a local PR professional, Kate Fodera at Push 22 to interview and shadow her process. DIGITAL MARKETING
  5. 5. NMJ520 Writingfor InteractiveMedia Month 3 Goal: Explore the technical and holistic practice of interactive media writing. Challenge myself to be a more effective and compelling storyteller. Strategies: § Read FSU library resource article, 8 Common Copywriting Challenges by Robert W. Bly. § View online video training at on “How to Use the Appropriate Type of Marketing Copywriting” with Ian Lurie. § Write and publish an article on LinkedIn. View training video, Writing to be Heard on LinkedIn with Daniel Roth. A SHARE Z> < S W Q lock
  6. 6. NMJ642 LegalAspectsofMedia Month 4 Goal: Learn all the legal complications that can arise with media relations. Through current events and trends, I will gain insight that will help my client maintain brand. Strategies: § Read FSU library resource article, Be Tweet Life and Death: Utilizing Social Media While Avoiding Malpractice by Bonie Montalvo Navarrete. § Read Top 10 Legal Issues in Social Media pdf on § Take notes on the FSU library resource article, Five Ways to Keep Social Media from Being a Legal Headache by Bradley Shear.
  7. 7. PBR 540 InnovativePublicRelationsToolsandResources Month 5 Goal: Investigate the role HTML and RSS play in the development of a public relation campaign. Elevate my skills in social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter. Strategies: § View training video, “Social Media Marketing with Facebook and Twitter” with Brad Batesole. § Create a professional public relations Facebook page and increase my presence on Twitter by posting at least two tweets every other day. § Attend a Girl Develop It Detroit, ”How to Build a Website: HTML & CSS for Beginners” (2-Day Workshop).
  8. 8. PBR 550 SocialMediaMetricsandROI Month 6 Goal: Gain working knowledge and understanding of ROI and Social Media Metrics in order to monitor and gauge effectiveness of an organization’s web presence. Strategies: § Read FSU library resource article, Web Indicators for Research Evaluation. Part 2: Social Media Metrics by Mike Thelwall and Kayvan Kousha. § View video, “Use Site Metrics Reports, Adobe Reports, and Analytics” with David Booth. § Attend a Girl Develop It Detroit, ”Intro to Search Engine Optimization” workshop. SEO
  9. 9. PBR 560 MarketandConsumerResearchAnalysis Month 7 Goal: Learn how to effectively research various public relations and marketing resources in order to identify a niche market and attract target audience. Strategies: § Read FSU library resource article, Warning system for online market research-identifying critical situations in online opinion formation by Carolin Schlick. § View training video, “Implementing an Online Marketing Campaign” with Brad Batesole. § Read online article on, Finding Your Audience on Social Media by Gemma Went. MARKETING STRATEGY
  10. 10. PBR 610 MediaRelations Month 8 Goal: Learn how to effectively be an advocate for the organization that I may be representing to the media, supporters and non supporters. Strategies: § View online video training on writing at, Media Training with Dierdre Breakenridge. § Interview Megan Mair Crosslin, Marketing and Events Director for Gilda’s Club Metro Detroit on her media relation experience. § Read Your media relations should have a strategic purpose by Kim Harrison on
  11. 11. PBR 620 EventsMarketingandProduction Month 9 Goal: Learn how to garner excitement and support for an organization or a cause through engagement and participation from the community. Explore various digital and public approaches to public relations campaigns. Strategies: § Attend networking events including Drinks X Design. § View video training on, Writing Press Releases with Lorrie Thomas Ross. § Contact Artist on the Boulevard and/or The Pontiac Art Center about developing and producing an art education event.
  12. 12. PBR 650 ReputationManagementStrategies Month 10 Goal: Learn strategies to deal with misrepresentation and misleading information that may threaten to damage the reputation of a company or organization. Strategies: § Read FSU library resource, Public relations in the small business environment: Creating identity and building reputation by Nell Huang-Horowitz. § View online video training on writing at, “Creating Your Personal Brand” with Lida Citroën. § Read 5 Efficient Reputation Management Strategies by Mike Zammuto on
  13. 13. PBR 640 TheOnlineMediaRoom Month 11 Goal: Develop skills to help me create effective and compelling content in order to strengthen an organization’s online message using Facebook and twitter. Strategies: § Read article, Strategic content management by Jonathan Kahn on § View training video, How to Rock Social Media with Guy Kawasaki. § Take online course, Copywriting secrets- How to write copy that sells ($29) with Len Smith and Sean Kaye.
  14. 14. PBR 699 ThePublicRelationsFinalProjectandThesis Month 12 Goal: Develop a final project that will be an accumulation and reflection of what I learned in the previous eleven months. Create and present a professional website that will display my skill and knowledge Strategies: § Read FSU library resource article, Writing Your Winning Thesis by J. Lajom and C. Magno. § Apply for positions for Development and Community Relations specialist (Oakland County government, local non profits, educational institutions. § Volunteer at annual holiday event for Grace Centers of Hope, a local non profit.
  15. 15. Laysha Ward Executive Vice President and Chief Corporate Social Responsibility Officer at Target “Real leadership and growth emerge from our willingness to ask for help and give it. Authentic human networks are built on a balance of vulnerability and strength, trust and acceptance of the idea that we'll all get better together.” (612) 696.3400 Retrieved from Photo retrieved from Industry Leader
  16. 16. Leslie Berland Chief Marketing Officer at Twitter “At many companies, teams workingon digital initiatives are broken apartand siloed. This disconnectresults in a lotof different people workinga lotof differentthings and it prohibits the formation of one vision, one approach, one strategy.” Retrieved from Photo from Industry Leader
  17. 17. Christopher Graves Global Chair at Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide “Lots of hard data will drive your audience away. Appeal to emotions instead.” Retrieved from Photo retrieved from Industry Leader
  18. 18. Brandee Barker Co-Founder and Partner, The Pramana Collective “If you have a photo of a dress that looks different colors to people, create a meme-you might break the Interwebs.” Retrieved from Photo retreived from Industry Leader
  19. 19. Mathew Harrington Global Chief Operating Officer at Edelman “At Edelman, we believe strongly that in order for our clients to achieve their business objectives and connect with their target stakeholders, both they and we have to do as Unilever did and “show up differently. This means, among many things, connecting in genuine and authentic ways with employees, customers and all types of people. It is not about being a slave to data, big or small, but rather it’s about leveraging data to guide, not dictate, a way forward.” Retrieved from Photo retrieved from Industry Leader
  20. 20. Christine Kirk Founder and CEO Social Muse Communications “Forget content. In #PR, relationships are king. Forge meaningful relationships with media, clients, & influencers for results.” (323) 371-9004 Retrieved from Photo retrieved from Industry Leader
  21. 21. Companiestofollow
  22. 22. Digital Detroit Michigan Nonprofit Association American Marketing Association (Detroit) Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) Digital U Women of Full Sail Creative Writing Club Creative Student Networking Group Full Sail University Clubs and Organizations Professional Public Relations Clubs and Organizations ClubsandOrganizationstojoin
  23. 23. Knowledgeable in the industry. Genuine human being Empowering innovator. Involved in thecommunity. Positive outlook and influence. Generous with his or her time and resources. The right mentor can inspire and motivate you with his or her positive professional outlook and demeanor. Her influence may make all the difference. Characteristics of a Mentor
  24. 24. TimelineGoals:Mypathtopurpose January February July March August April September October May November December June Begin Leadership Development Navigate Digital Marketing Become a compelling storyteller Gain media law insight Elevate social media skills Gain social media metrics skills Become effective consumer market researcher Gain media relations skills Learn digital events marketing Learn reputation management Create effective web content Evolve from knowledge to practice Learn Practice Network PresentTeach evolve
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