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Tara harris mastery_journey_entertainmentbusiness_timeline


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Full Sail EBMS Program
Week 4 Final Assignment
Mastery: Personal Development & Leadership

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Tara harris mastery_journey_entertainmentbusiness_timeline

  1. 1. Mastery: Personal Development and Leadership Course Goal: Understand and develop a deeper sense of what it is that I love doing in the Entertainment Business. Strategies: Read Robert Greene's "Mastery" and learn to apply techniques used in book. Attend online class lectures or view archives to further develop personal skills pertaining to mastering my chosen field. EBSCO Research Database Use throughout month of June for Mastery course. Search out articles that engage in documenting personal mastery journey's of known entertainment masters.
  2. 2. Executive Leadership Course Goal: Effective at being a leader and learning how to maneuver successful business relationships. Strategies: Read course material and implementing strategies to strengthen my journey in business relationships and leadership. View course video's in FSO and other media platforms that deal with Executive Leadership or Leadership in general. Main Strategy for Course: Watch Leadership Tutorials Watch a Leadership tutorial each week to strengthen personal skills.
  3. 3. Project and Team Management Course Goal: Develop successful teams and plans while being creative and productive at business. Strategies: Contact one of my associates who have mastered Project and Team Management and gain their personal insight to developing skills needed to succeed. Main Strategy for Course: Watch Project Management Tutorial Watch and identify certain techniques that are introduced in the Project and Team Management course that will aid me in my personal business journey. Search LexisNexis and EBSCO for articles on Project and Team Management
  4. 4. Business Storytelling & Brand Development Course Goal: Effective creation of my company's business brand and creating a safeguard from unproductiveness while heading a successful team. Strategies: Read various blogs and view websites that deal with Business Story Telling and Brand Development. Speak with people I know who have degrees and background in Brand Development and Marketing. Main Strategy for Course: Watch YouTube Brand Development Strategy Video’s Choose a new video every week throughout the month of September on Brand Development Strategy.
  5. 5. Entertainment Business Finance Course Goal: Learn successful financial techniques to run my company and create a solid foundation for financial success. Strategy: Main Strategy for Course: Watch Finance Tutorials. Watch a Finance video every week for the month of October Re-Read All You Need to Know About the Music Business: Eighth Edition Read course materials and search EBSCO for related material readings
  6. 6. Negotiation and Deal-Making Course Goal: Learn strong negotiation skills and the proper deal making techniques to set my company apart from others. Strategy: Find articles on EBSCO and search internet for articles and books on Negotiation and Deal Making that are beneficial to my journey. Re-Read All You Need to Know About the Music Business: Eighth Edition Main Strategy for Course: Read Negotiation Skills Tutorial
  7. 7. Product and Artist Management Course Goal: Be able to identify issues with artist/products and quickly resolve. Strategy: Read article. Main Strategy for Course: Watch Management Tutorials. Choose a Management tutorial that I have not seen and watch one each week for the month of December. Read Dealmaking in the Film & Television Industry: From Negotiations to Final Contracts, 3rd Ed.
  8. 8. Advanced Entertainment Law Course Goal: Identify legal aspects of the industry and why it affects certain realms of entertainment. Also, be able to understand legal terms as far as contracts and intellectual property is concerned that I may not know. Strategy: Read Music Law: How to Run Your Band's Business by Attorney Rich Stim. Main Strategy for Course: Watch YouTube Entertainment Law Video's Choose a different Entertainment Law video each week for the month of January. Research EBSCO, LexisNexis & Internet on various lectures and tutorials on Entertainment Law
  9. 9. Entertainment Media Publishing and Distribution Course Goal: Help my company maintain it's content and explore avenues that may be unrealized. Strategy: Read Music Marketing: Press, Promotion, Distribution, and Retail by Mike King Full Sail EBSCO Host Research Readings Search Media Publishing & Media Distribution on EBSCO and find articles that relate to the Entertainment Media and Distribution course.
  10. 10. Digital Marketing Course Goal: Know how to effectively market my company's digital content. Review and implement other techniques and strategies for successful business marketing. Strategies: Read blog post "10 Books Every Digital Marketer Should Read in 2014" by Jen Ribble View and choose books from Good Reads Popular Digital Marketing list to read and gather information from. Main Strategy for Course: Watch Marketing Tutorials Choose a different Marketing tutorial each week for the month of March
  11. 11. Business Plan Development Course Goal: Understand how to draft a successful business plan for my company. Strategy: Read Business Weeks "The Best Business Plan Tools” Main Strategy for Course: Watch Business Plan Tutorials at Watch Business Plan Tutorials each week during month of April & May
  12. 12. Final Project: Business Plan Course Goal: Complete a undeniable business plan for my company outlining all aspects that are relevant to it's success. Main Strategy for Course: Watch Business Plan Tutorials at Watch Business Plan Tutorials each week during month of April & May Purchase Business Plan Software Research Business Plan Templates and sample Business Plans
  13. 13. 6 Industry Leaders Victoria Celeste – Fashion Wardrobe Stylist & Image Consultant Cynthia Johnson – VP Urban Promotions at Columbia Records Terry Bello – Radio Host/Personality & International Soul Summit Founder Yamil Little – COO Bridge Da Gap/Grammy U Representative Airickca Gordon – Executive Director at Mamie Till Mobley Memorial Foundation Shed Jackson – Director of Communications and Marketing at Jazz 91.9 WCLK
  14. 14. Club & Organization Associations ASCAP (Publishing) (active) BMI (Songwriter) (active) Grammy Pro (active) Gospel Music Association (pending) Interested in NAMM also
  15. 15. PLN Expansion Innovative Companies & Heroes I will do extensive research on innovative companies and the people who I consider masters in Entertainment. I will search to find people who work for or are associated with these companies and masters and attempt to gain information and knowledge about that person or company and apply it to my personal journey. companies/2014/industry/hollywood
  16. 16. Full Sail University Community (Active) I am a part of various clubs and organizations through Full Sail. I network as much as I can with others who are associated with these clubs and organizations. The majority of my associations are through these and my friendships with industry professionals. These associations connect me with events and power mixers that have and will continue to help me along my Entertainment Business journey. Xclusive (formerly X Factor) Entertainment Network Society Christian at Full Sail Full Sail University MEISA Chapter Full Sail BMG Full Sail Advanced Audio Production Techniques Grammy U
  17. 17. Mentor Characteristics Approachable Down To Earth Caring Giving Willing To Help Powerful Well Connected Diverse Sincere Intuitive Knowledgeable Passionate Intelligent Well Spoken
  18. 18. Master Journey Timeline Link Mastery-Journey-Timeline/
  19. 19. Tara Harris Journey To Mastery