Mastery Journey Timeline


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My personal academic timeline for the year 2014.

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Mastery Journey Timeline

  1. 1. MY MASTERY JOURNEY Jasmin B. Thomas
  2. 2. JANUARY 2014  Course: Mastery: Personal Development and Leadership  Course Goal: To fully explore the concept of Mastery while applying it to my personal growth and development towards leadership. 1) Read and take notes on Robert Greene’s book entitled Mastery. 2) Research the journey of other masters using 3) Use terms learned throughout my readings and place them in my everyday vocabulary.
  3. 3. FEBRUARY 2014  Course: Executive Leadership  Course Goal: Learn the tactics it takes to become an efficient executive leader in today’s entertainment business. 1) Research the path of five executive leaders in today’s industry and pick up on their strategies for success. 2) Reach out to my career advisor and locate a mentor in the field that can teach me the ropes on how to become a professional businesswoman and leader. 3) Inquire about Full Sail’s Entertainment Networking Society with hopes of joining.
  4. 4. MARCH 2014  Course: Project and Team Management  Course Goal: Learn how to effectively and efficiently manage any team or project. 1) Research the project and team management skills of the late Steve Jobs and how his company became so successful. 2) Act out certain scenarios of what could happen among my team and my response to it. 3) Learn and retain techniques to be more of a competent and dynamic leader.
  5. 5. APRIL 2014  Course: Business Storytelling and Brand Development  Course Goal: Acquire the knowledge necessary to create a brand that sticks in a consumers mind, through development and publishing. 1) Research the book entitled The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding by Al and Laura Ries on 2) Analyze the top brands of today’s industry and how they became household names. 3) Start brainstorming on how to make my personal brand more tangible and a pillar in its industry.
  6. 6. MAY 2014  Course: Entertainment Business Finance  Course Goal: Learn how to monetarily manage and fund a project or company, including projections, planning, and management of finances. 1) Research for market trends and cost projections on average. 2) Learn how to manage my personal funds, to include balancing a checkbook and budgeting. 3) Contact a finance expert via to discuss the necessary skills needed to find a successful project or company.
  7. 7. JUNE 2014  Course: Negotiation and Deal-Making  Course Goal: Learn the art of making the best deal to grow , enhance, and establish my company. 1) Research the book entitled Negotiate like the Pros by Kenneth L. Shropshire on 2) Follow the ABC network show, Shark Tank to absorb the negotiation and deal making tactics utilized. 3) Practice negotiations in my personal life.
  8. 8. JULY 2014  Course: Product and Artist Management  Course Goal: Understand how to properly manage artists and products. Learn techniques and strategies to help resolve artists and management issues. 1) Research and contact some artist managers from 2) Study the habits of human resource personnel and conflict resolution counselors. 3) Shadow some of today’s top sports and talent agents.
  9. 9. AUGUST 2014  Course: Advanced Entertainment Law  Course Goal: Learn entertainment law, contracts, and property protection. Understand the legal inner-workings of the entertainment industry. 1) Research the book entitled Copyright Law by Richard W. Stim on 2) Contact an entertainment lawyer via , and inquire about the laws and loopholes of the entertainment industry. 3) Learn legal and litigation terminology.
  10. 10. SEPTEMBER 2014  Course: Entertainment Media Publishing and Distribution  Course Goal: Learn and understand the new, along with the old, industry publishing and distribution models. 1) Research entertainment media publishing and distributing policies on . 2) Familiarize myself with the past and present distribution and publication practices. 3) Learn how to address the issues within the entertainment industry.
  11. 11. OCTOBER 2014  Course: Digital Marketing  Course Goal: Learn efficient and effective marketing strategies, plans, and techniques. 1) Join the American Marketing Association 2) Contact a Disney marketing director via , and learn the marketing strategies needed to be effective. 3) Research finance and business information to learn proper business plan structure, technique, and requirements.
  12. 12. NOVEMBER 2014  Course: Business Plan Development  Course Goal: Learn to create my personal business plan utilizing the information acquired throughout my course of study. 1) Research the book entitled Successful Business Plan by Rhonda Abrams on . 2) Practice establishing a business plan for my professional portfolio. 3) Research successful business plans, while combining them with the things that makes them stand out from the crowd.
  13. 13. DECEMBER 2014  Course: Final Project: Business Plan  Course Goal: Design an effective business plan that can be submitted to a company for desirable job placement. 1. Research Disney and how I can make my personal business plan appeal to their company. 2. Contact my career advisor for further instruction on how to make my business plan align with the company of my choice. 3. Submit draft business plans to peers, mentors, and professors for revision.
  14. 14. MENTOR  Characteristics should include: 1) Responsible 2) Knowledgeable 3) Open-Minded 4) Competent 5) Experienced 6) Passionate 7) Intense
  15. 15. CLUBS/ORGS  Clubs to join at Full Sail University: 1) Grammy U 2) Student Branding Society 3) Entertainment Networking Society 4) Social Media Club
  16. 16. CLUBS/ORGS  Organizations to join for “Real World” experience: 1) American Marketing Association 2) Disney Linkedin Group 3) Entertainment Resource & Marketing Association 4) Disney Worldwide Outreach 5) DECA
  17. 17. PROFESSIONAL CONTACTS  Laura Annette Gibbs; Walt Disney World PR, (407)566-5337,  Alayna Riggins; Walt Disney World, (252)266-7059,  Melanie Tom; HR at Warner Bros. Entertainment Group,  Hillary Hattenbach; Walt Disney Company VP of Digital Marketing,  T.J. Marchetti; Walt Disney Studios Senior Vice President Digital Marketing,  Andrew Runyon; VP of International Interactive Marketing at Paramount Pictures,