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Tour package

  1. 1. PRINCIPLES OF TOURISM IITour PackagesKate S. Magpoc
  2. 2. PACKAGED TOURare prepared/formulated for those tourists who wantto travel independently.the components of such tours are air travel, airtransfer, accommodation, travel documents,sightseeing, boat riding, entertainment, and othertravel services.however, in some cases, the tourists are free topurchase each single component separately.
  3. 3. PACKAGED TOURit may or may not be an ALL-INCLUSIVE TOUR.Tour Prices vary depending on the type of air travel,air transfer, accommodation, and is inclusive ofother tour components.
  4. 4. ESCORTED TOURit is an escorted tour when an agency includes theservices of a well-educated and trained tour manager inits package tour.they are meant for those travelers who are planning tovisit foreign country for the first time.escort’s responsibilities and duties are to providecomprehensive information and assistance to the group,at the origin, enroute and the destination place.the excursion tours are the examples of escorted tours.
  5. 5. HOSTED TOURa hosted tour means when an agency utilizes theservices of another agency at a particular destination.a hosted tour provides the tourists maximum level ofpre-arranged and personalized services.
  6. 6. INCENTIVES TRAVEL/TOURSit is a motivational program or a fully paid holiday whichis given to the employees by the enterprises as reward.mostly, in medium and large scale companies andusually to distant destinations to spur them inmaintaining their track record, to increase output,improve image and moreover to earn the long periodloyalty of the employees.there are a number of other packages offered by a tourcompany such as a custom tour an excursion tour, anadventure, and special interest package tours.
  7. 7. FREEDOM TOURSfreedom tours are becoming very popular these days amongthe working class.these tours are designed as per the choice of tourists.the tourists are free to choose and plan how they want totravel and enjoy their holidays.this type of tour is meant for that kind of people who like todecide how, when, and where to travel.these tourist may be an individual, family, group holiday forfamilies and group travel for business.