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Dna replication


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dna replication

Published in: Science
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Dna replication

  1. 1. Ce_| s Heed -Haeir own copy ; C i ‘Hat’. DNA. Tlacrdlorel DNA‘ mus+ be 1" O><. +D makt e><o«c. + copies 04 ‘ i‘"s«e. .*p (€cp| 'co: }‘c)_ S--¢P I: An gnzyme called Helfcqsg brgaks ‘Hag Hydrogen [>0-‘| €lS b*c+~Iccr- -fL, ¢ bases and unfosvds ‘HI: DNA.
  2. 2. 8+‘-P 2 : /'n cm-zyme, Called DNA P°'y~= r«= «: l: >u'lcls new smnas 0'9 DN/ ,USin3 ‘Hag old s+ram<lS QS ‘ltn-. plo: l‘¢s « ~. ‘ .4 Each molecule oF DNA ancls up »li'l'l1 l old $l‘romd and l ncw S'l‘t‘omd. -ll-is is callccl Seml-COnScI'vo. 'l' l"q>l'co: Hon_