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Managing data behind creative masterpieces -RCM


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Emma Hewett from the Royal College of Music talks about their experience in managing research data at the DRHA - Data Ache conference in Plymouth.

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Managing data behind creative masterpieces -RCM

  1. 1. The data behind creative masterpieces Session 6 RLB 209 DATA ACHE Conference September 12th 2017
  2. 2. RCM and Research Data RDMSS project • Data Asset Framework, audit of research data storage requirements • New researcher profile staff database, harvests research outputs from…. • New Samvera research repository as data shop window - groups outputs and data into projects and themes from… • Preservica data repository, testing phase with Studios and Terry, Research Data Champion from Centre for Performance Science.
  3. 3. Research Data storage
  4. 4. RCM and Research Data • Heritage and ‘standard’ social science/scientific data sets • With REF looming the Open Access Agenda is becoming more important • Our practice-based researchers aren’t aware of the data behind their work; in the main our composers don’t think of themselves as researchers • Getting RCM systems to talk to each other – what is the point of having a secure storage system for RD if no one can find your public- facing outputs?
  5. 5. Heritage data storage Future proofing We need a data preservation system which can cope with current and legacy formats. RCM Studios and Museum have their own digital storage systems. The Studios had a number of legacy- format items which were in danger of being lost.
  6. 6. Data samples for preservation The RDMSS project gave us the opportunity to digitise: 50 x DAT tapes 100 x CD/DVDs 60 x Betamax tapes 100 x reel-reels 20 x audio/video U-matic tapes 30 x VHS tapes
  7. 7. Heritage data Emma Towers-Evans Reel-to-reel tape in need of ‘baking’ Some labelling on it, difficult to decipher Was this going to be heritage gold-dust?
  8. 8. CONTACT Emma Hewett Research & Knowledge Exchange Manager 020 7591 4734 @MusicResearchKE