Advanced Search Techniques


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How to get more out of Twitter and Google searches

Updated: March 20, 2012

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Advanced Search Techniques

  1. 1. Search Techniques:Twitter and the Web How to: Create effective Twitter searches Get more out of Google searches
  2. 2. To recap:Search = Find Tweets by Keyword Search for tweets, people, and media using the search bar at the top of the screen. Toggle between “Top” and “All” to see what the most important Twitter users are saying and what everyone is saying.
  3. 3. To recap:Use Advanced Search to RefineOnce you’ve done your search,click “Advanced search.”Now you can exclude terms, seetweets only in a certain language,search by location, etc.
  4. 4. To recap:Twitter Search Operators
  5. 5. Refining Your Twitter SearchAre there key words you can exclude to narrow your search?Use the - operatorAre there particular phrases that will make your search morespecific?Use the “ ” operatorAre there multiple spellings or multiple key terms you caninclude?Use the OR operatorAre there particular hashtags in use?Search only by hashtag, or include hashtags in your OR searchAre you getting a lot of results you can’t read?Use a lang: search to restrict the languages
  6. 6. Start with a broad search and tweakuntil you’re happy with the results Pick up on key terms in the search results that might get you refine your query
  7. 7. Ex: Monitor the Egyptian election
  8. 8. Ex: Find news on Occupy Wall St.
  9. 9. Remember:Save good searchesReturn to any of your saved searches byclicking on the search bar at the top ofthe screen. You will see the most recentresults for that search.Use that search to continue finding andhoming in on trends, and to identify keyusers on the topic.
  10. 10. Use lists to save good people you findwhile searchingLists let you curate users into categories,and then view their tweets in a separatestream.* *You don’t have to follow someone to put them in a listAccess your lists from your profilepage or from your head icon
  11. 11. Tools to TryTopsy.comSearch Twitter archives and sort by relevance or date. Searchincludes photos, videos and links shared on Twitter, usersmentioned on Twitter and Google Plus content.Twitterpowersearch.comShows searches in side-by-side streams so you can easily test searchterms against each otherTrendsmap.comBrowse regional trending topicsSulia.comIdentifies the most influential tweeters around various topicsAddictomatic.comSee results from Twitter and many other online sources all at once
  12. 12. Twitter searches are often a good starting point, and one of thebest ways to track a topic over time, but don’t neglect otheravenues for finding information… Google is still your friend!
  13. 13. Google Search Take advantage of the many easy options for refining your searchAre you looking for anews event, an opinionpiece or a specialist’sview? Try switching to ablogs or news searchDo you need things thatare very recent, or thatare definitely notrecent? Adjust the dateNot finding exactlywhat you need? Seewhat related searchesyou could try
  14. 14. Google has an advanced search But learning basic search operators is easier… OR either word “ “ the exact phrase - excluding this word
  15. 15. Useful operators you don’t know*The “wildcard” – used as a placeholder for any word.ex) Obama voted * would find “Obama voted yes” and “Obama votedno”~Includes words similar to the word you specify.ex) ~glossary would also find dictionaryrelated:Finds sites similar to the site you specify.ex) would find websites similar to VOAsite:Searches within one specific website.ex) Putin would find mentions of the name Putin onVOA More:
  16. 16. Google Alerts Subscribe to good news or blog searches by email or in an RSS reader. The alert will automatically deliver new search results to you as they appear.
  17. 17. Google Advanced Image Search Search within specific photo-sharing sites Find Creative Commons photos
  18. 18. Google Advanced Video Search
  19. 19. Tools to TryGoogle Keyword Tool, Google Insights for SearchFind and compare related keywords, and see how keywordsare trendingGoogle ReaderGoogle’s RSS reader for subscribing to blogs and searchalerts you want to followGoogle PlusAnother place to see what people are sharing and saying.Allows you to save and track web/social searches