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MobileWeek - Mobile App Advertising Analytics


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Mobile app advertising analytics - how and what to measure

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MobileWeek - Mobile App Advertising Analytics

  1. 1. How & What to Measure MOBILE APP ADVERTISING ANALYTICS Jennifer Wong MobileAppTracking Mobile Week NYC 2014
  2. 2. Hi Jennifer Wong Director of Product Marketing @Jenerationy
  4. 4. It’s Not Like Measuring Desktop Ads
  5. 5. Cookies
  6. 6. Pixel Tags
  7. 7. URL Parameters
  8. 8. • Google Install Referrer • Identifier Matching • Fingerprint Matching • Open URL with Click ID Attribution Methods
  9. 9. 1.  Engagement Type: Click-though measurement vs. View-though measurement 2.  Conversion Type: Install or In-App Event 3.  Platform/App Store: iOS/Apple App Store, Android/Google Play Store, Amazon App Store, etc. Method Dependent on 3 Factors
  10. 10. Choosing The Best Fit
  11. 11. Install Attribution
  12. 12. Install Attribution with App-to- App vs. Web-to-App
  14. 14. Concurrent tracking methods – one user could be attributed to different channels, depending on who you ask and when! •  Multiple networks take credit for the same install Prevent Duplicate Attributions
  15. 15. Networks know top of line metrics only, not ROI •  Many networks support a real-time feedback loop to optimize campaigns based on app installs, but not all •  Ad networks use different look back periods Prevent Inaccurate Metrics
  17. 17. Attribute in-app events back to source What events do you need to measure? •  Registration •  Subscription •  Login •  Purchase •  Add to cart •  Add payment method •  Reservation
  18. 18. FUNNELS What are the important flows and goals in your app that you want users to follow and complete?
  19. 19. COHORTS Are there data patterns with groups of users?
  20. 20. RETENTION What is the length of engagement of your users over time?
  21. 21. LOYALTY How frequently are users coming back to your app?
  22. 22. LIFETIME VALUE What value are users contributing to your bottom line?
  23. 23. What to look for in advertising analytics tech? You own the data Reconciliation for duplicate installs Attributes to the last click Supports all advertising partners Provides insight into multi-touch Allows you to easily add new advertising channels Event tracking (for re-engagement) Real-time and deep data reporting.
  24. 24. Attribution Analytics Platforms
  25. 25. Data is more important on mobile All customer/user level data belongs to you, the advertiser. The data you collect with an unbiased platform falls inline with your own privacy policy. You decide who you share information with and how.
  26. 26. Thank YouJennifer Wong | MobileAppTracking | @Jenerationy
  27. 27. A little about us (MAT) solves attribution with unbiased SaaS technology for mobile app marketers. •  157 Employees •  Seattle, San Francisco, London, Tel Aviv, Seoul, New York •  Working with the top grossing apps on iOS, Android, Kindle and Windows Phone A few of our clients apps include: