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Inspire 2018 - Annual Magazine of Inspiria



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Inspire 2018 - Annual Magazine of Inspiria

  1. 1. inspire Annual Magazine of Inspiria Knowledge Campus MARCH 2018 SCENT OF SUCCESS
  2. 2. CONTENTS 1. MANAGING TRUSTEE’S MESSAGE 2. PREFACE 3. COVER STORY – A Successful Beginning by Avik Agarwal 4. FROM THE FACULTY – Career in Hotel Management by Prof Anjani Nandan 5. FROM THE FACULTY – Conditioning of the Mind by Prof Arnab Sen 6. FROM THE FACULTY – ICT in Education by Prof Dipjyoti Das 7. FROM THE FACULTY – True Story based on Industrial Training by Prof Sushil Kumar Mishra 8. EVENTS – Upbeat in the Campus by Shiladitya Ghosh 9. FICTION – The Story of ‘HIM” by Ravi Chettri 10. REFLECTION – Women Empowerment the Need of the Hour by Vidhika Singh 11. ACHIEVEMENTS – Doing Well in All Fronts by Upasana Chhetri 12. FEATURE – Inspiria’s Rising Stars by Jyoti Saha 13. GOURMET – Baked Chicken Roulade / Pina Neon 14. FROM EXPLOREA – Going Back Again & Again Compiled By Upasana Chettri 15. FROM 1001 THINGS – Cham Dance - Compiled by Jyoti Saha 16. CAREER LOOK – Work Hard and Make the Right Choice By Jyoti Saha 17. SUCCESSFUL INTERNS 18. TEAM INSPIRIA ANNUAL MEET
  3. 3. I am happy that the first edition of INSPIRE, the Annual Magazine of Inspiria Knowledge Campus is being published. For an educational institution, an annual magazine derives its significance from multiple perspectives. From harnessing and showcasing the creative talent of students to help them develop further, the magazine also serves as an archive for the numerous events and achievements that mark the journey of an organization, carrying the cherished memories of the years gone by. Let me express my sincere appreciation for the entire team that worked together for the publication of INSPIRE. Congratula- tions to our students too for their active participation in this creative endeavour. This is the first edition. Henceforth, I sin- cerely look forward to INSPIRE being an annual property of Inspiria Knowledge Campus. MESSAGE FROM THE MANAGING TRUSTEE Atul Gupta (MANAGING TRUSTEE) J P SAHU FOUNDATION
  4. 4. It is a matter of great pleasure that we are going to publish our first college magazine. The journey of Inspiria Knowledge Campus began in the year 2015 with 100 students in the roll and 15 faculty members. Young minds are always vibrant and jovial. We have conducted lot of programs and activities in last three years. Entrepreneurship development took a new dimension in the institute, as we believe in creation of jobs. Many distinguished guests have visited our institute and shared their expertise with our students and faculty members. We have a strong presence in the social and digital media as a new generation of knowledge economy are continually exposed to all activities with full enthusiasm. The student magazine is the first outcome of our effort to showcase our students’ creativity in terms of our excellence in areas other than and above direct academic activity. We have a writer, printer, photographer, dancer and entrepreneur within us. I am sure many of them will create an impact in society in the coming years. We have entered a new age in this digital era. It has become easier to reach to your audience with the help of social media as well as other internet backed platforms. We encourage and develop the culture of association-ship. This magazine will reach to the audience at large through our delivery mechanism. Inspiria will earn a new identity. I wish you all the best for this endeavour. With warm regards. Prof. Indrajit Chatterjee (HEAD-ACADEMICS) PREFACE
  5. 5. COVER STORY Inspiria began its beautiful journey with the sweet scent of success. It was a beautiful rainy day, the 23rd of August 2015, a day of achievement for my team BYE LOADS, from Inspiria. We were awarded with the winning trophy among the 09 teams in the CII – YI (Young Indians) Regional Final YUSTART 2015 – organised by Young Indians Yuva, Siliguri chapter, held at Institute of Chartered Accountant of India, Siliguri. YUSTART is a CII – YI (Young Indians) organised annual start up business plan competition which provides a platform to innovative young students to show- case their entrepreneurship skills by proposing new business ideas. The opportunity also serves as a forum for interaction with established entrepreneurs at the national level. Winning the regional round opened the door for us to compete with national teams at the final round held at Bengaluru on the 25th and 26th of September, 2015. Reaching this level was not easy and was made possible thanks to the interest and the initiative taken by the college itself. My first day at Inspiria started with a briefing session about YUSTART from our respected Managing Trustee sir, Mr Atul Gupta. He provided useful tips on how to brainstorm ideas for the business start-ups. We joined regular sessions with our faculty team before the commencement of regular classes, discussing new ideas and the way to present them. A small problem which I used to face personally ignited a big business idea – ‘BYE LOADS’ for the competition. My mates who liked the idea behind BYE LOADS came together and formed a team of three, Vedant Bajaj, Bivek Chandak and me (as a leader). Other teams from Inspiria came up with ideas like Serenity Gift house (Amit Agarwal as leader) and InTrade (Rachit Bansal as leader) We worked on our idea intensely to furnish it with an entrepreneurial touch by several mentoring sessions with the YI Siliguri leaders. They gave our plan a business outlook altogether and would evaluate our pitching every alternate day. The whole journey to reach the Bengaluru Prelims was a new experience to all of my members. It was challenging but also interesting. It was time consuming but hundred per cent worth it. Before I had only known some leading entrepreneurs but YUSTART provided me the platform where I got an opportunity to actually network with these leaders, which is helping me even today and is a benefit that’s going to stay life-long. ASUCCESSFULBEGINNING By Avik Agarwal
  6. 6. When we registered ourselves for the national round, there were 68 teams from the whole nation among which only 12 would be called to Bengaluru and 5 to end up as the finalists. Team BYE LOADS managed to be among the best 12 teams of India standing with the IITs and IIMs. We just packed our bags and rushed to Bengaluru and presented our plan at the CII office there on 25th September. And the most exciting and rewarding moment came when we were announced among the top 05 final teams for the YUSTART. I was in tears and could not expect more. The top 5 teams needed to present the plan at the GROWTH HACK - National Entrepreneurship Summit on 29th Sep- tember, 2015 at The LEELA PALACE, Bengaluru. We were amazed by the grand setup and the large entrepreneurial audience full of CEOs and MDs of large companies and start-ups. We met the National Yuva Chair Mr. Darshan Mutha, who congratulated us and was happy to see yuva students from the east taking initiative and being part of such a big event. Different aspects of start-ups and businesses were discussed by the great panellists consisting of the Co - founder of Infosys, CEO of, CEO of Chai Break, and many others. We were literally exposed to the real business world at the Growth Hack event. The day ended and we grabbed the 4th position, we could not make it to the top three but there was nothing we were ashamed off. At this position also we impressed the judges who offered us a sum of two lakh rupees to fund our plan. It was a truly learning experience for all of us representing Inspiria. OUR BENGALURU JOURNEY
  7. 7. FROM THE FACULTY TOWARDS A BRIGHT CAREER IN THE HOTEL SECTOR By Anjani Nandan Assistant Professor (BHM) Overview We Indians have a very famous verse in Sanskrit, “Atithi Devo Bhavo”. This is just not a phrase but also reflects Indian culture and ideology where the guest is respected as a God and the course of Hospitality Management is weaved around the services being provided to the guests in the field of hotels, restaurants, cruise lines, casinos, airlines, catering to name a few. Hospitality Management is a part of service industry. The Indian tourism and hospitality industry has emerged as one of the key drivers of growth among the services sector in India. Education Hotel management course is very nicely drafted by encompassing the theoretical aspects which one learns in college and the practical work experience the students gain while doing Industrial training. Skills desired To excel in the industry, one needs to develop • analytical, critical and problem-solving skills, • communication skills • negotiation and teamwork skills • leadership and delegation skills
  8. 8. Responsibility The major responsibility of hospitality personnel is to ensure that travellers have a pleasant experience. One is responsible for overseeing the staff that works in the establishment and needs to make sure that any issues a customer has are addressed in a prompt and professional manner. You may also need to make sure that a hotel does not exceed its budget for the month. You will need to ensure that you have the ability to instantly respond to any emergencies that arise in the hotel environment, such as a theft or a fire. What the Industry has for aspiring students? • First and foremost are the job opportunities. One of the biggest gainers of the growing In- dian economy is the hospitality sector and in years to come more and more skilled people will be required. • Professionals in hospitality management can find work in catering, conference and events management, the entertainment and leisure sector, facilities management and food ser- vice management. • There are roles for them throughout the public sector in universities, hospitals, transport and the armed forces. • Self-employment is an option, if one has the experience, the business sense and a sound plan. Facts and Figures • World Travel and Tourism Council, India is the 18th popular business destination and is going to be in top 5 in coming years. • 8.7% of worldwide employment is in travel and tourism • As per study by Hilton worldwide more than 73 million jobs is expected by 2023 • The travel and tourism industry is expected to grow at a rate of 4% per annum from 2017- 2023 Where can a hospitality management degree take you? The hospitality industry offers a stimulating, international work environment and a wide array of career paths and job opportunities. The following list shows you some of the sectors you might work in upon graduating from Inspiria Knowledge Campus.
  9. 9. Introduction Technology is everywhere - leading to a paradigm shift in almost every part of our culture and society. With the emergence of Information and Communication Tech- nology (ICT) we have witnessed a massive proliferation of innovative digital tools in all human endeavours. Technology transcends the barrier of time, space and distance creating a platform for everyone to commu- nicate, interact, and socialise. Along with technology, education is one of the most critical elements to our ho- listic development as individuals and societies, helping to pave the way to a successful and productive future. Education enhances lives, ends generational cycles of poverty and disease, and provides a foundation for sus- tainable development. Indeed it has been argued, with much supporting evidence, that education is in itself a key to accomplishing other millennium development goals. With the growing demand for quality and holistic education, academics have adopted and steadily imple- mented technology to ensure the same. The traditional educational pattern has been trans- formed, re-inventing the way teachers and students interact with each other. It has not only reformed the practices of knowledge dissemination but also facilitated the growth of interactive learning within the periphery of contemporary academic domain. Around the world and at all educational stages, ICT is a recognized means of satisfying the ever-growing thirst for knowledge and lifelong learning. With mobile, computers, tablets and several other wireless devices becoming an increasing requirement across every industry today, it only makes sense that academic institutions are also effectively de- ploying technology in the classroom. Integrating tech- nology into the classroom is an effective way to connect with students of all learning styles and making it more students centric. The learning experience is no longer restricted to lectures and notes. Students have access to an incredible amount of new opportunities, catering to the demands of a more user friendly and engaging ap- proach. Technology empowers students to be more cre- ative and be more connected. New tech has definitely super-charged how learn today. TECHNO – ACADEMIC ECO SYSTEM: EXPLORING THE POSSIBILITIES OF ICT IN EDUCATION Emerging Trends in Academics The demand for holistic and quality education in devel- oping countries like India has skyrocketed as it contin- ues to be an important bridge of social, economic and political mobility. ICT based education can be expected to provide greater reliability, validity, and efficiency of data collection and greater ease of analysis, evaluation, and interpretation at any educational level. While tech- nology not only promotes a learner centred approach but can be used to harness multiple purposes such as increasing the capacity and cost effectiveness of learning and training system and develop overall quality of ac- ademics. Besides, it can provide networking structures transcending borders and foster empowerment amongst students. There are various types of technologies currently used in classrooms. Among these are: Computer in the classroom : Having a computer in the classroom is an asset to any teacher. With a computer in the classroom, teachers are able to demonstrate a new lesson, present new material, illustrate how to use new programs, and show new information on websites. Class blogs and Wikipedia : There are a variety of Web FROM THE FACULTY By Dipjyoti Das Assistant Professor (BMS)
  10. 10. 2.0 tools that are currently being implemented in the classroom. Blogs allow for students to maintain a running dialogue, such as a journal, thoughts, ideas, and assignments that also provide for student comment and reflection. Wikipedia, an online encyclopaedia, are more group fo- cused to allow multiple members of the group to edit a single document and create a truly collaborative and carefully edited finished product. Wireless classroom microphones : Noisy classrooms are a daily occur- rence, and with the help of micro- phones, students are able to hear their teachers more clearly. Students learn better when they hear the teacher clearly. Mobile devices : Mobile devices such as tablet or smart phone can be used to enhance the experience in the classroom by providing the possibili- ty for professors to get feedback. Interactive Whiteboards : An interac- tive whiteboard that provides touch control of computer applications. These enhance the experience in the classroom by showing anything that can be on a computer screen. This not only aids in visual learning, but it is interactive so the students can draw, write, or manipulate images on the interactive whiteboard. Digital video – on – demand : Dig- ital video eliminates the need for in - classroom hardware and allows teachers and students to access video clips immediately by not utilizing the public Internet. Online media : Streamed video websites can be utilized to enhance a classroom lesson. Online study tools: Tools that motivate studying by making studying more fun or indi- vidualized for the student Considering today’s state of technol- ogy, some experts suggest that ICTs present teaching tools far superior to those of heavy, static, paper-based textbooks. Today’s textbooks should be portable, searchable and easy to update, giving students immediate feedback and demonstrating an abil- ity to effortlessly load, close and ma- nipulate diagrams and video content on a touchscreen. In principle, any device with the capability to display text on a screen may act as an e-book reader. Some vendors, however, pro- vide dedicated e-readers. Convergence of Technology and Academics ICT has attracted the attention of academia, business, government and communities to use it for innovative profitable propositions. In order to compete in a global competitive en- vironment, a highly skilled and ed- ucated workforce with aptitude and skill sets in application of ICT is in- evitable for every nation. Educational institutions are heavily incorporating the latest digital tools of Information and communication technology in the teaching learning process there- by influencing on the way education is imparted. Numerous studies have proved that appropriate use of ICT can increase educational quality and relate learning to real life situations. A profound culmination of technol- ogy and academics opens up endless possibilities to explore and increase the efficiency of the teaching learn- ing methods. It not only determines the way students are taught, but also enables development of collaborative skills as well as knowledge creations. In diverse socio - economic and cul- tural context, ICTs can be successful- ly leveraged to reach out to a greater number of students, including those to whom education was previous- ly not easily accessible, and help in promoting learning, along with ex- posing students to the technical skills required for many occupations. In all facets of learning, instruction and assessment, ICT is being increas- ingly given preference. Determining the quality of education is a pertinent issue to be thoroughly deliberated while imbibing new technologies to disseminate knowledge since good teaching is not simply adding tech- nology to the existing teaching and content domain rather it should cause the representation of new concepts and requires developing sensitivity to the dynamic, transactional relation- ship between the three components of knowledge: Content, Technology and Pedagogy. The implementation of the multi-di- mensional technological devices in academic discourse do make for a case, stimulating user friendly learn- ing approach. Obviously, ICT does have the potential to positively and significantly contribute to learning among young students. Several stud- ies have categorically explained the role and the additional value of these technologies in classrooms and on student’s performances. The very na- ture of technology enabled education employs a culture of real-time, simu- lated, engaging learning process, cre- ating a diverse and innovative learner based learning needs. Undoubtedly technology gives students immediate access to an abundance of quality in- formation which leads to learning at much quicker rates than before, gen- erally 24 hours a day and seven days a week. The students is not solely dependent on printed materials and books. There are plenty of resource- ful, credible websites available on the Internet that both teachers and stu- dents can utilize. The Internet also provides a variety of knowledge and doesn’t limit students to one person’s opinion. Innovative and user friendly software
  11. 11. applications has made studying and classroom teaching fun. It is also enabling the students to carry out their academic activities with far greater efficiency and suc- cess. Many institutions have adopted these tools to em- power the teachers to make the process of delivery much more effective and interesting whereas for students it is designed to harness their talents and make them ready for the competitive industry oriented environment after the completion of respective courses opted for. Initially it was considered as a supplement for teaching but it is now a standard. The evolution of communication tech- nology and gadgets into better, faster and convenient tool has made it an essential requirement for teachers as well as students. From computers for emailing, grading and lesson planning to tablets for reading and projectors for lecturing, teachers today are more reliant on technol- ogy than ever. A simple film projector was the sufficient technological tool for academic institutions to carry out their class room teaching but nowadays teachers have technology at their fingertips. Teachers and students used to be delighted to have desktops at their disposal. Computers have been used for ages and we have found them in our classrooms and practical sessions. At pres- ent it is a norm to have a set of computers to facilitate the teachers as well as students. They serve as a teaching and resource tool that students visit on a daily basis to look up information, type reports, or reinforce skills. But these days not only computers but smartphones, tablets etc are used rampantly. Digital Class room is one of the modern concept of imparting education. An interactive white board, a new innovation enables the instructor to display and discuss all the contents to the students at the same time. It is a great attention-grabbing device having a large screen and as the name implies, it enables inter- action between the instructor and the pupils. Teachers can take their students on a virtual field trip, show math computations, give a PowerPoint presentation and play an interactive mapping game all in the course of a day. The convergence of education and technology has scaled new heights enabling teachers as well as students to have greater interactivity and understanding over the topics prescribed in the curriculum. Technology Enabled Distance Learning Technology has created an eco -system for the distance education mechanism to prosper and flourish and pave way for millions across the globe to fulfil their aspirations of securing academic degrees in respective domains without any interruptions. It has been aptly explained by experts that “a process to create and provide access to learning when the source of information and the learn- ers are separated by time and distance, or both.” Today, distance education is provided globally by multiple in- stitutions through multiple channels making it more affordable and accessible. It offers wide range of pro- grams and courses through its vast network of learning centres across the globe. Distance education programs are an initiative to make education reach all prospective students and individual irrespective of the confines of a classroom. It is widely accepted that those unable to secure admission in a regular college can afford to con- tinue their studies outside the purview of traditional classroom teaching and attain the same academic degree and excellence for further career growth without any hindrance. It is also comparatively cheaper and afford- able compared to a regular programme. Online career counselling, Online digital library, e- books, e- learning, online admission facility, online syllabus and scheme of course, online- on -demand examinations etc are some of the innovative features provided by the institutions to ensure the enhancement of educational proficiency. Distance learning universities and centres have rapidly proliferated with majority of enrolled students coming from different backgrounds such as, Industry Profes- sionals, Indian Army or Boarder Security Forces, Nurses of Hospital and Nursing Homes, Businessman of differ- ent sectors, House wives etc. To manage and distribute, the excessive pressure of students, multiple study cen- tres are operated at various locations of a state and the country providing ample opportunities to pupils to fulfil their academic ambitions. Online coaching, tutorial ses- sions or learning continues to grow for higher education and achieves popularity among the students. Conclusion The significance of education cannot be overempha- sized. It is extremely crucial for empowering the masses and helping them attain self-sustainability and dignity in all aspects of life. The gradual evolution of academ- ics with the rapid rise and incorporation of the latest technology and digital tools has usurped the entire dy- namics of education sector. The potential to create en- riching and engaging learning experiences are limitless. However the challenge is to continuously maintain the standards and ethos of the basics of academics in this era of technology aided digital environment which is
  12. 12. growing exponentially. The role of teachers, books and traditional classroom teaching will always remain the fundamen- tals of education with opportunities to explore with new concepts and innovations within the periphery of academics. It is of paramount significance to maintain the balance between technology and human element, in order to ensure the objectivity and rationality of academics in this digital era which is continuously evolving and experimenting for further advancement in the field of academics. Digital India campaign of the Union Government is a promising initiative to revitalise our education system. It must holistically integrate technology to achieve our desired educational outcomes – improving student learning outcomes, building capacity of teachers, and improving accountability to create strong gov- ernance structures. The government should start with establishing a strong, ambitious vision of adopting technology in education that goes beyond provision of infrastructure to schools and basic IT literacy to students. The government must focus on providing appropriate and reliable access to infrastructure, pedagogically sound digital resources for students and teachers, capacity building programmes to enable teachers to use ICT as well as remodelling teacher education using technology, and data systems across all levels. References: 1. “TOWARDS A DIGITAL TEACHING ENVIRONMENT: THE MERITS AND CHALLENGES” by Dipjyoti Das & Abu Mounir 2. “Transformation of education with the advent of technology, privatization and specialization” by Dipjyoti Das 3. “Role of Technology in Indian Education” by Mr. Chinmoy Goswami 4. “Technology-enabled learning solutions to enhance student achievement” ( Technology- enabled+learning+solutions+to+enhance+student+achievement) 5. “Standards for technology- enabled learning” (ITU-T Technology Watch Report September 2012) 6. “Issues And Challenges in Bringing ICT Enabled Education To Rural India” by Dr. Shradha H. Budhedeo
  13. 13. I started my journey as a Bell Boy in SITARA hotel at Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad. During that time I was the only person to work in the lobby area as a Bell boy. This was probably my first encounter of being intro- duced to the hotel enforcing multiple responsibilities outside of a contract agreement. If you experience this then welcome to the hospitality industry as this is norm in the hotel and hospitality industry. TRUE STORY BASED ON INDUSTRIAL TRAINING FROM THE FACULTY By Sushil Kumar Mishra Asst. Professor (Hospitality Management) To continue, this is where I was assigned duties in some aspects to lobby main entrance and cleaning the glasses of the main door. It was the responsibility to keep the lobby area tidy throughout the day. It was basically about setting up and preparation of morning briefing with our department head and ultimately being a porter. It would be no surprise to you that being a porter wasn’t one of my favourite duties ever as I should inform you of the small issue this very fascinated hotel faced. For carrying the guest luggage when there was no luggage trolley in that hotel during that time. So if you are carrying more than guest luggage, then you have to go through the elevator with the bulk of luggage which you find more uncomfortable than others. If any guest wants their luggage to reach them soon means you are in trouble. This is where you hope and softly pray for the convenience. I would never forget that night, after completing my duty, how good a pint of fosters tasted when I was late to meet a roommate buddy after work at the local restaurant. It has to be noted that I missed my dinner brake again because of another large group of individuals checking in at the best possible times. I came across with several complains which was committed by me during my training period. First, one day morning, when I got a call from GM Cabin to get the news paper for him. Mean while I was also assigned the work of distributing news paper in every guest room as well as in administrative office. After 5 minutes I got second call from GM Office to get the news paper for him. Again same problem happen I was bit busy with handling guest luggage check in. This time I have been called to meet GM cabin itself. I was quite tensed what to do what not. I was really feeling very nervous be- fore step into the GMs cabin. My GM asked different questions apart from that, one he pointed out strongly i.e. are you working newly in this hotel. Are you aware of the rules and regulation of the hotel? He also suggests me to give priorities to the urgent work. In another incident, one of my hotel guests called me to get a cigarette packet for him. I stated my point and took the permission from the lobby manager to go out. I took almost 15 minutes to get the stuff for that guest. I met the guest and gave him his cigarette along with balance money. That guest didn’t take that balance amount and said me to keep the changes. Felt very happy that time to get the fist tip of my career in the hotel industry.
  14. 14. During my training period I have faced many problems which are not in count. But I have survived for 2 months, and successfully completed my training from Ramoji Film City. Dear students, the above matter is all about my personal experience during my Industrial Training in Ramoji Film City. I have learned how to take the work load, taking the additional responsibility, understand the time management, and to be disciplined during your training period in hotel. Today I am successful for hard work, punctuality, dedication in work and understanding my responsibility. Now I am giving the same inspiration to my students to be successful in their career path and taking the responsibility to place them in Five Star Hotels in India.
  15. 15. CONDITIONINGOFTHEMIND FROM THE FACULTY By Arnab Sen Assistant Professor (BBA) Inspiria Knowledge Campus has set a course of initiated momemtum where all its stakeholders realize that the only way to nurture excellence in its quest of academic excellence and related activities is to shape and condition the perception of students in ways way unprecedented. Academic instructures are always finding out newer ways to communicate the vision of the college to its fellow students and every single student is cared for their best interests. A robust academic curric- ulum fortified by co-curricular and extra-curricular activities creates a platform for both cerebral and team-playing scenarios and students directly benefit from the immense exposure they receive over the years before passing out as knowledge enabled, skilled and ethical citizens of the state with an entre- preneurial mindset to achieve the best that life has to offer. The college understands that real education is not just about finishing a certain semester exam suc- cessfully but makes sure that teachers who are recruited to handle an array of subjects and activities are not only equipped with an impressive academic background but also possess the zeal to excel and the passion to teach. Inspiria Knowledge Campus vehemently believes that transformation in both mind and body in stu- dents can be activated by deploying the right course of events both on and off campus by encouraging them to look at things differently by sensitizing them on various business and social issues that would help in shaping their minds and personality. At this age, students have minds that are highly impres- sionable and the college makes sure that the right level of knowledge pertaining to their chosen course are taught with great care and interest; thus creating an environment of learning. Pre-planned and impeccably designed expert talk sessions, management games, video lectures, case studies, quizzes, role plays and the like are embedded in all graduate courses to impart teaching based on real life experiences and scenarios. This helps students to understand and appreciate a plethora of courses with greater enthusiasm and focus; the two vital pre-requirements of academic brilliance. Well planned exposure to students on real life management scenarios through talk sessions enables the opening up of young minds to actively plan and self design their careers by becoming well in- formed on future ventures be it in media, hospitality, corporate, prestigious government organiza- tions or startups. Students in their pursuance of degree courses at Inspiria mature exponentially and self-confidence is instilled in them right from the initiation of the graduate programmes with the help of members of faculty and leadership. Thus the right conditioning of the mind promises the very best that life has to offer to students.
  16. 16. EVENTS UPBEAT IN THE CAMPUS A plethora of meaningful events added value to students experience at Inspiria By Shiladitya Ghosh InspiriaQ 2017 G.D. Goenka Public School won the coveted In- spiriaQ 2017, the annual inter-school quiz con- test organized by Inspiria Knowledge Campus in association with Times of India on 4th Novem- ber 2017. BSF Senior Secondary School, Siliguri secured the second spot while SMHD School, Jaigaon stood third. The event was inaugurat- ed by Mr Pankaj Kumar, Income Tax Commis- sioner, Siliguri. The grand finale consisted of six schools qualifying from the initial prelims which consisted of about 50 schools across the region. The winners bagged the InspiriaQ trophy along with a prize money of Rs 10,000 while the 1st runners-up received rupees 5000/- and the second runners-up received rupees 3000/- respectively. All the participating teams were felicitated with a token of memento and participation certificates. The mega event provides a unique opportunity to budding school quizzers of the region to showcase their talent from diverse fields and win cash prizes. This is the fourth consecutive year of the contest which witnessed participation from several reputed schools across Siliguri, Jalpaiguri, and the Dooars, specifically designed for students of XI and XII standard (all streams).
  17. 17. Insvaganza 2017 Insvaganza the inaugural annual socio-cultural fest of Inspiria Knowledge Campus was held with great en- joyment and fun and more expectations to fulfill. The event scheduled on 24th and 25th of February 2017 was one of the popular fests of North Bengal. “Rannvijay Singha”, the youth icon of India was the celebrity guest for the annual event and was the major attraction of the event. The youth of Siliguri was bowled over by his charismatic personality. It was indeed a moment to savor when he shared his success mantra and achieve- ments and the sacrifices made during his journey to fame with the audience. Insvaganza showcased the skills and expertise of participants from across the region in the wide range of competitive events like painting, cooking, coding, photography, reverse film-making, tug of war, rapping among others in the two-day event. Performing arts, technology, business innovation challenges along with innumerable fun and frolic, delicious food and handsome prizes and goodies made Insvaganza a perfect hub for singers, dancers, gamers, tech geeks and creative enthusiasts.
  18. 18. Dewang Mehta Excellence Award Inspiria was extremely proud to host the Dewang Mehta Excellence Award at the campus for the first time in Siliguri, which witnessed an astounding response from everyone in Siliguri and its adjacent areas. The toppers from around 20 colleges and institutions of North Bengal were felicitated with the Dewang Mehta Excellence Awards during the event. An eminent IT industry professional Mr. K.K. Natarajan, Executive Chairman, Mindtree honoured everyone present on the event with the Dewang Mehta Memorial Lecture. It was followed by workshops conducted by Mr. T Chendil, another eminent IT expert. The event also comprised of the Business Plan Competition where five teams from Siliguri and adjacent areas participated. “Team Habitat” from Sikkim Manipal University of Technology (SMIT) was declared winners followed by “Make it Work India” of Sikkim Manipal University of Technology (SMIT), who secured the 2nd position and “Easy Wheels” of Inspiria Knowledge Campus who secured the 3rd position. Abhijit Saha a student from first year BCA also received full scholarship from Anant Foundation and CSRT17.
  19. 19. Bakery and Confectionery Workshop Candidates came in with lively energy. With an ex- citing menu set up for them, we had a ‘Do It Your- self ’ theme going. After a general run through of Inspiria Knowledge Campus and about the Hos- pitality course, they were taken into the world of baking. To start with, a short briefing on baking was given. Then with intro- ductions done, the candidates skimmed through the modern and professional bak- ing equipment and technologies offered at Inspiria Bakery Lab stations. Under the guidance of Chef Anjani Nandan and Bakery expert Dolly Thapa, the participants baked yummy Butter- Vanilla cupcakes right from scratch. They decorated them with vivid strokes of blue and white sweet vanilla frosting using their own creativ- ity. The next Item on the menu was chilled choc- olate mousse. With closely supervised instructions, participants whipped up a tornado of alter- nating layers of choc- olate sauce, chocolate cream and white va- nilla frosting. And the result was savoured by all. In less than 2 hours, they learnt in details how to bake & frost cupcakes, make chocolate mousse, cast made chocolates and chocolate sauce. All in all a decadently successful event!
  20. 20. NASSCOM TechConclave 2016 The NASSCOM Techconclave, 2016 held at Inspiria Knowledge Campus, Siliguri was a first-of-its- kind event for the academic as well as business sector in entire North Bengal. NASSCOM is the premier or- ganization that represents and sets the tone for public policy for the Indian software industry. The events began with the launch of Incubation centre named STUP by Prof. Indrajit Chatterjee, Inspiria Knowledge campus. STUP – is a place where emerging ideas are cared, nourished and given an environment to grow. Students of Inspiria as well as students from different colleges in North Bengal were to be given a chance to Start-up the business idea and grow. Mr. Rajiv Vaishnav (Head – Ecosystem & Partnerships at GenNext Hub, A Reliance Enterprise) was called up to highlight the need and importance of StartUp Ecosystem. His session was full of insights and high source of motivation. He not only encouraged the entrepreneur but also the intrapreneurs. The highly enlightening session was followed by a mind- boggling workshop
  21. 21. of Dr. Som Singh Dutta – Founder & Chief Marketing – Unspun Consulting Group (UCG), a self made entrepreneur. Her workshop on Entrepreneurship was inspiring and endeavouring to help the students understand the need of time. The second ‘Techconclave’ was inaugurated with the lighting of the lamp cer- emony by Mr. Atul Gupta, Founder & CEO Insync Solutions, Mr. Kamal Agarwala, Chairman NASSCOM East Region Product Council, Mr. Rajiv Vaishnav, Head of GenNextHub, Relience Enterprise and Dr. Som Singh Dutta, Founder & Chief Marketing – UCG Unspun Consulting Group. There was an interactive ses- sion by eminent personalities from the field of Information Technology. An insight was provided by them into the field of employment and entrepreneurship. Also, inspiring stories were shared with the students to get them motivated. (Compiled by Shiladitya Ghosh, 3rd year, Media Science)
  22. 22. Insvaganza 2018 The second edition of Insvaganza, the annual socio – cul- tural fest of Inspiria Knowledge Campus was the most trending event of Siliguri held on 9th and 10th March 2018. With more than 25 colleges participating from Sili- guri and its adjacent areas in the 32 events spread across the two days. The major events were segregated into Creative, Media, Business, Technical, Cooking & On Stage. The au- dience witnessed an astounding musical performance from Madhurima Basu, famed bollywood playback singer and popular rock band from Nepal – “Call Breakers” during the Fest. Insvaganza provides a platform for the budding performers from renowned academic institutions of North Bengal to participate in the wide range of events like Solo Singing, Short Film making, Group Dance, Street Play, Carpe Diem, Business Plan, Mad Ads, Coding, Mobile App Mock up, Mimic a Band, and Flip the glass to showcase their respec- tive skills and talent. A complete students’ initiative, Insvaganza is one of the most happening and innovative students’ fest in the entire region of Siliguri.
  23. 23. Youthrun 2018 With the objective to inspire the youth of North Bengal, Inspiria Knowledge Campus successfully launched and conducted the first edition of the much awaited annual marathon “YOUTHRUN” on 10th March 2018 - a noble initiative to encourage and inculcate the habit of sound health and fitness among all age groups. The race category included 5 kms and 10kms respectively with two different race circuits: off-road and on-road tracks moving through the premises of Himanchal Vihar and Uttorayan. The winners and the participants of the concerned events recieved trophies, digital certificates and customized T-Shirts with Inspiria Youth Run logo. The exclusive prop- erty of Inspiria, “Youth Run” is arguably the biggest mar- athon event to be organised in North Bengal till date to motivate the youngsters of the region and instill self con- fidence. The funds generated from the event will be even- tually donated to educate the youths and children of the country. SILIGURI
  24. 24. FICTION “The Story of By Ravi Chettri A family is very important in our life. There must be someone who loves you non-stop. So he too had a dream to have a family. Everyday, he woke up; he tried to find love. Every night when he slept, he tried to find reasons not to die. Every moment, he tried to find reasons to hope, dream and love. Time decides our fate, our journey. And when time changes, everything changes. Everything. Sometimes for worse, sometimes for the better. And sometimes, for the best. This is not a story. It’s about something more real than stories. It’s about him. Him”
  25. 25. It was the month of May 1998, he came in this world with an innocent, cute face. Everyone used to talk about his cute, charming smile. He had his mom and dad. His dad was very simple, kind hearted and a child inside. He loved his family very much. He was financially weak but millionaire by heart. He was always willing to do anything for family. He used to bring vegetables from villages and sell them home to home which needs very hard work. He did everything he can just to provide every needs of his family. His family had to face number of problems, financially and mentally. There was no good relation between his mom and dad. Everyday his dad would home after doing all the hard work but his mom never cared. They were always fighting with each other not even thinking of the child. Day by day this kid was growing older and older. Was living his childhood happily. One day when he was at the age of five, his mother ran away with another man. There was no fear, no love for family not even towards her kid. She left them alone and destroyed everything. But the father always waited for her, even kept telling his son that one day his mother would come to them and they would live their life together again. “Life was very painful after she left. Every day was very hard to live without her”. After two years, the father committed suicide hanging himself. He loved her so much that he couldn’t live without. So that he took the decision to die because he was very soft hearted. He didn’t see any other option except dying. That small boy lost his entire family at the age of seven. Tears and screams became his constant companion. He was an orphan now. He had always wished to have his mother and father living together like his friends did. But there was his grandfather to take care of him. He took all the responsibilities of his grandson. So that he started going school again. His grandfather showered plenty of love and care on him. After some months, his mother appeared from nowhere and promised his grandfather to take care of him and give him a good education. His grandfather let him go with her. She took him somewhere in Sikkim. There he was admitted in a school. He got an opportunity to study again but after a couple of months his mother stopped him from going to school and made him work at home. Then after two weeks, she sold him off to somebody. He had to work at the man’s house and his hotel for washing dishes. He was made to work very hard like a slave and was not given enough food to eat. He was made to rise early and sleep very late at night. Sometimes he was beaten and was given no food at all. Years later, his uncle saw him working there. He immediately took him back to Kalimpong to his grandfather.  He started staying with his grandfather again. In 2006, the nuns of Bal Suraksha Abhiyan (trust) received information about him and took him away with the permis- sion of giving a good education. The nuns looked after him and many other children as well. There he made many friends, brothers and sisters and lived as one family. He was successfully completed his school education and went for further study. (Ravi Chettri is a First Year student of Hotel management)
  27. 27. Malala Yousufzai famously quoted – “I raise my voice, not so I can shout, but so that those without a voice can be heard – we cannot succeed when half of us are held back”. This sentiment clearly states the basis of new age women empowerment. Addressing issues of discrimination of women and ensuring their rights is the unfinished business of the 21st century. Why is it that women in our country still have to fight for their basic rights so that they can breathe independently? Women in our country are worshipped as goddesses in the name of Lakshmi, Durga, Kali and so on, but do men really give honour and respect to them? Even today, in village areas, every time a girl is born, men think of her as a curse to the family and wish her death. They think of girl as a burden who cannot support their family economically. They think girls are only meant for raising up children and keeping their kitchen fires burning. Villagers who have daughters want to have children again in the hope for a baby boy who will carry their family’s honour and name forward. They think a boy can earn for the family and not be a burden for dowry. Why are women subjected to such brutality? India ranks a shameful fourth in instances of rape in the world. Every day at least one rape case gets reported in the news- paper. The blame is put on the girl for walking in the street at night or wearing a dress which was unacceptable. There are horrible cases where even small girls are raped in schools – do those men realise the terrible pain that the small girls have to go through, her trauma as she loses her dignity and self-respect at such a tender age. What was her fault? Once girls are born they are thought of as burdens. Parents want to tie their knots as early as possible. Does not she have the right to live her life fully? Was she was born in this earth just to procreate. She was not born to just feed her family. She must have all those rights which a person should have. One should not forget that the shameful dowry system still prevails at many parts of the country. Fifty per cent of the world’s population consists of women. If men can get educated and dominate the world, then why can’t the other half of the population and get education as well. Men need to be reminded that they exist in the world only because of is women who give birth to them, raise them up and make them powerful so that they can work for the family and create a future. They do not realise that if a woman can keep a baby in her womb for nine months and bear the pain which is equiv- alent to the breaking of 206 bones, then they can do any- thing. A woman plays the role of mother, daughter, sister and wife. If they can play multiple roles in their lives, I think they are strong enough to change the world. India will be a truly developed country when the women are able to step out of the houses without any fear in her mind. It will progress in real terms the day men start re- specting women and treat them with dignity. I can proudly Maya Angelou’s words – “I am a woman phe- nomenally - phenomenal woman that’s me.”
  28. 28. Doing well inall fronts ACHIEVEMENTS By Upasana Chhetri A college that inspires you to achieve your dreams, Inspiria Knowledge Campus has since its inception strived to provide the best environment, amenities and oppor- tunities to its students. 2017 has indeed been a remarkable year for the students as well as the college as a whole. Whether it be in academics, sports or any other extra curricular activity, our students have brought pride to the name of the college and their fellow mates. Some of them have notable accomplishments to their names even before they have been graduated. Sheer hard work and active participation has resulted in yielding these fruitful results. The year had a wonderful beginning when a student of BBA 3rd year, Amit Agarwal topped the charts of top 10 young entrepreneurs of the country. The government of India’s Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship made the selection based on the innovative business initiative “UPCART”, a specially designed luggage carriage to facilitate move- ment up and down the stairs and make journeys hassle free. It was a moment to cherish and savour when he received the coveted award from the Honourable P.M of India, Mr. Narendra Modi. It was a pleasure to see him speak confidently during the launch of his product among eminent personalities at the “Tomorrow’s India Global Summit 2017”. UpCart, a product which impressed the minds of many described itself as the ‘tri-star wheel mechanism’ made for carrying loads over stairs easily. Sheetal Jhalaria, a student of Hospitality Management proved that her true potential lay in the field of academics by becoming the college topper. A shy yet determined girl, she came out with flying colours and astonished everybody when she secured a S.G.P.A of 9.20 in her 2nd semester. She received ‘Outstanding’ in 5 subjects and ‘Excellent’ in 6. In a country like India, where professional courses and the people pursuing them are still looked at with doubt by the society, Sheetal stands a proud example dwarfing every opinion which belittled her dreams and aspirations.
  29. 29. As the famous saying goes, ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’, Sub- hankar Saha is the next feature for the achievement list. Subhankar, a third year student of Media Science, won the championship title in the inter-col- lege table tennis tournament organized by MAKAUT (Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology). He has done Inspiria proud. Talking about employability, the college has stood true to its words, because two students from BCA(Bachelor of Computer Applications) have been suc- cessfully placed in a French multinational company, CapeGemini. It is a ser- vice based organisation with its headquarter in Paris, France. They provide IT consultancy services. They have major branches in almost all the metro- politan cities of India. Three students from Inspiria Knowledge Campus had appeared for a series of tests beginning with aptitude tests, then technical interview followed by HR interviews which all of them cleared positively. There were around 1200 candidates who appeared for the first round. While only 150 qualified in the second round, the number further diminished to 100 in the final round. After such multiple and extensive procedures, Anmol Kumar Rai and Ankit Kumar Roy were the only Inspirians to get successfully placed in the well renowned company.   Such achievements are a matter of pride for all of us. Dedication, passion and hard work are the key essentials which let the individual strive harder each time after they fail. Success may not come at once but putting all efforts together and coming back strong after each setback is what makes one taste success in life. These achievements are not merely trophies, certificates or moments of happiness but the milestones we set for ourselves so that we may perform better next time and also for others to inspire and motivate them to achieve their goals and create a healthy competitive environment for all, allowing each one to grow and blossom. (Upasana Chhetri is a 3rd year student of Media Science)
  30. 30. FEATURE (Compiled by Jyoti Saha) RISINGSTARS INSPIRIA’S
  31. 31. TPrashant Jha of BBA loves speeding on a bike and eating varieties of street food. A straightforward person who is never ready to accept anything that Prashant Jha – The Forthright Aaditya Saha Gupta – The Versatile Yangchen Lhamo – ‘The Élégant’ is wrong, Prashant’s aim is to do MBA in finance in one of the best Inter- n a t i o n a l B Schools An ardent reader, with a poetic fluen- cy in thought and expression Aaditya Saha Gupta, a student of Computer Science has musical temperament and an indomitable spirit for coding and mathematics. He has been one of the winners of the  ‘Civil Awareness Programme Week’  Organised by the NHPC on Demonetization and has since then moved people by his lively speeches. He has made the college proud by winning competitions in inter-col- The beautiful and gentle Yangchen Lhamo, a native of Paro, Bhutan is . His motto in life is  ‘Never try to prove to anyone else except to one- self’. lege meets, has partic- ipated in the SITEX Tech Fest f o l l o w e d by win- ning two runner-up medals for the Coding and Speech Competitions at the SIEM fest. one of our p r o m i s - ing stars. Yancheng is pursu- ing  Bach- elors in Hospitality M a n a g e - ment as she wishes to have her own business in Bhutan. Hospitality is in her blood and her family already runs a resort. Yangchen aims big and is aiming for a start-up with a five- star hotel. The love of her life is dance; no event in the campus goes by without a per- formance by her. It’s a treat to the eye to watch her dance and her rhyth- mic movements actually depict the grace and beauty of her Bhutan. A very family oriented person who still believes in the old tradition of joint family system, Yangchen hopes and prays that this system will never per- ish. Mayank Agarwal, a student of BBA not only topped his school in his Plus +2 examinations but was the Darjeeling district topper as well. He is a workaholic who studied for six to seven hours to reach his goal. For his excellent performance, he was Mayank Agarwal – A Topper In Our Midst awarded a laptop and an amount of ten thou- sand ru- pees. He aims to be a part of the hospi- tality industry in future. His moti- vation is his uncle who has done his MBA from London and is the owner of Summit Group of Hotels and Re- sorts, Siliguri. BBA student Amit Agarwal is ener- getic, full of ideas and loves to work hard and take risks as well. Amit is already an entrepreneur. He owns Amit Agarwal – The Entrepre- neur In The Making and runs the Serenity Gift Shop in Siligu- ri where customiz- es gifts are sold. He started with his first sale of Rs.80 and has now signed up an MOU with Sri Shya- mashis Printers. His motto is “cus- tomers first, profits second”. The signing of the MOU was a moment in his life that he cherishes. Madhukar Pradhan can be easily de- scribed as a youngster who is born to perform. Music is his world, every minute of his day is spent well with music. His love for singing started Madhukar Pradhan – Born To Be A Performer in grade 2 when he won a prize in a singing c o m p e t i - tion. Cur- rently he is the lead singer of his band called “MadNug” and also recorded a song titled “Taken (by your love)”. At this very young age
  32. 32. of aspira- tions and hopes for the future, Pooja’s aim is to become a flight at- t e n d a n t . She won the BH M student Gopanshu Anand has a knack for and loves to experiment in the kitchen which helps him come up with new combinations and fla- vours. Gopanshu aims to become a Gopanshu Anand – Restau- ranter Personified famous chef like Gor- don Ramsay or Sanjeev K a p o o r . He won the second place in the Masterchef Media Science student Bivek Chan- dak is an active member of theYI Yuva Chaupal,Siliguri and also of the National Entrepreneur Network (NEN). He was one of the members Sweta Gupta, a Media Science stu- dent has a keen interest in writing, wedding planning, designing clothes Bivek Chandak : Upcoming- Media Entrepreneur Sweta Gupta – The Budding Contemporary Artist second place in the Masterchef com- petition conducted by the Siliguri Institute of Technology. Inspiria is proud to have students like her and we wish that all her dreams come true. competition conducted by the Sili- guri Institute of Technology. of Inspirias team Bye- Load that b a g g e d the fourth place in the Yu STA RT 2015- Busi- ness Plan Competition in Bangalore and also took away the third place at NASS- COM- Business Plan Competition in 2016, Kolkata. Vedant Bajaj – Entrepreneur With A Different Outlook BBA student Vedant Bajaj is a prom- ising entrepreneur who is already into tea business. Vedant also loves digi- tal reading and likes to write stories for children. Interesting- ly, Vedant is a karate yel- low belt. He was one of the members of Inspirer’s team Bye – Load that bagged the fourth place in the YuS- TART 2015 business plan competi- tion organized by Young Indians in Bangalore. Avik Agarwal – Entrepreneur In The Making Avik, a BBA student was one of the members of Inspirias team Bye – Load that bagged the fourth place in the YuSTART 2015 business plan competition organized by Young Indians in Bangalore. A small p r o b l e m that he faced in his business became an excellent idea ‘BYE–LOADS’ as the start up in the business plan competition and it bagged the fourth place in YuSTART 2015. Avik determination to do well B i k a s h Mittal, a s t u d e n t of BBA, is an active member of the YI Yuva C h a u p a l , S i l i g u r i Bikash Mittal – The Phleg- matic Entrepreneur Chapter and also of the National En- trepreneur Network (NEN).Bikash Mittal stood first in the NASSCOM E-Summit in Kolkata for his business plan ‘UPCART’, which has made In- spiria Knowledge Campus proud. Pooja Gurung – The Valiant BHM is a karate black belt who has won two bronze medals in the na- tional level (shitorio). An ex-student of APS, Bengdubi, she has represent- ed her school in various basketball competitions. A young girl with lots he has started writing his own songs and composing them. His desire is to become a Pop Singer and enjoy the lifestyle that come with it. is evident in that way he overcame personal struggle including the death of his beloved grandfather to take his life forward.
  33. 33. Shiladitya Ghosh– a simple, ma- tured, un- derstanding and a sensi- tive young man with a creative and Aman is a student of Media Science department at Inspiria Knowledge Campus. He began his college life by winning an award at ‘Spotlight’, an event hosted by t2 of ‘The Tele- graph’ and ‘Neotia Getwell Health- BCA student Ujjal loves computers and geography. He wanted to join the armed forces but could not on Phys- ical grounds (under go surgery). So he decided to start a software busi- ness of his own. A highly potential boy who is full of fun and energy, Ujjal loves adventures and bike rid- Shiladitya Ghosh – A Young Editor With Great Potential Ujjal Dey Sarkar – Aspiring Software Engineer Aman Dugar – “The Face Of Inspiria” and any- thing that is very cre- ative. She is passionate about danc- ing. Sweta Gupta is the topper beautiful mind is a student of Media Science He is a gifted writer and aims to join the editorial desk in a nation- al level English newspaper. Shiladi- tya reads a lot and has a questioning mind who seeks a comprehensive understanding of the world. ing. He aims to develop a software for highway traffic that that would reduce the rate of road accidents. care Centre’. Along with e x c e l l e n t a c a d e m i c results, he is a good sportsman. He was pur- suing when a family tragedy compelled him to leave his medical course. Howev- er he was back on his feet, showing great promise as a media science student. His photographs have been published in The Hindu. Aman can make it big in the world of media and communications. Tiasha Sil- The Girl With A Strong Vision Media Science student Tiasha Sil has a second interest – fashion design- ing. She thinks the two vocations are not unrelated.. Tiasha is a good artist too. Her canvas paintings have been exhibited at various exhibitions and sold online on various online stores, namely Amazon and her own of the class but she steps into all the activities of the campus. She can be termed as one stop solution for all cultural activities. She represented Inspiria at “THE RAAS”, where she was greatly praised by the eminent artists of the theater. website. She also works as a mod- el. The year 2016 award- ed her with four titles, Raw Star of North Ben- gal, Timi Ananya, Miss Innovision (Salesian) and Miss Fresher ( Inspiria Knowledge Campus). BBA student Vinay Agarwal is pas- sionate about cars and gadgets. He aims to enter the automobile indus- try as an entrepreneur. Vinay has a Vinay Agarwal- The Speed Enthusiast great pas- sion for travel, at a young age he has al- ready visit- ed countries like Mauri- tius, Czech Republic, Thailand as well countries in Europe. He desires to be an exten- sive traveller and travel all around the world. His ultimate destination is USA. Mr. Insva- ganza 2017, Siddharth A g a r w - al is from the BBA s t r e a m . S i d d a r t h has several Siddharth Agarwal – Mr Insvaganza 2017
  34. 34. her leader- ship skills got her the p o s i t i o n of House Captain in school and her organ- i s a t i o n a l Abhinav Kumar Das – The MJ of Inspiria skills never went unnoticed. It was when she reached grade 9 that she realised her talent in writing as well. She bagged the trophy for the de- bate competition organised by the Central Bank of India, hosted event after event at Inspiria and also re- ceived the Dewang Mehta Excellence Award for academics. Abhinav a student of the Depart- ment of Me- dia Science, is a talent- ed cricket- er who has played sev- eral matches at the inter-school and inter-college level. Abhinav also has a keen interest in dancing and is called MJ (after Michael Jackson) by his Manoj Mahanta – The Unde- viating! Manoj Ma- hanta of BCA has his vision for the future - a school which de- livers quali- ty education to the students of the lower mid- dle-class families. Manoj loves math- ematics. He enjoys doing maths and teaching it as well. One of the major aims in his life is to do research in the field of mathematics. R o n a k A g a r w - al of BBA has start- ed a start- up venture called Easy W h e e l s with two of Ronak Agarwal –The Over- zealous Tripti Sinha – The Pirouette Twirl, sway, spin, jump that’s what Tripti like to do all the time- “DANCE”. This dancer is a student of Media Science. Her aim is to open a dance studio where contemporary dance forms and ballet will be taught. She also has plans to go to Hong Kong to do her PhD in dancing. Her one and only dream is to make everyone dance. Priyanka Kumari is a student of BCA with a strong affinity towards technology. She aspires to become a professional ethical hacker. She has recently been awarded by the college Priyanka Kumari – The Viva- cious for her ef- forts in not only stud- ies but her voluntar y and devot- ed efforts in making Insvaganza 2017 successful. She loves coming to the college and has 99.9% attendance by far the highest in the college. Upasana Chhetri, a student of Me- dia Science says, “ Life isn’t a race, it’s a journey full of surprises!” A girl with multiple talent and interests, Upasana Chhetri – The Reso- lute interests like photography, automo- biles and gadgets. His love for sport has already helped him taste the es- sence of bungee jumping, paraglid- ing and zip flying. He next plans to attempt scuba diving and skydiving. He won the third place for Business Plan competition at Nasscom and second place at Innovision 2016. The next step for “Easy Wheels” is the YI competition in Bangalore. The aim of this business plan “Easy Wheels” is to create a revolution in the auto- mobile servicing market. Siddharth feels it’s a way to bring out his cre- ativity in modification of vehicles. his friends. They were the 3rd run- ners up at Nasscom and came 2nd at Innovision. He was also the 1st run- ner up for Carpe Diem, Insvaganza 2017. Ronak loves to read motiva- tional or inspiring blogs, quotes etc. He is a veg foodie who loves to try out new veg cuisines from around the world.
  35. 35. Neden Lama Yolmo – The Multifaceted Hailing from a musical background, Media Science student Neden Yol- mo has a special interest in music. She is a vo- calist who also plays the guitar. Night pho- tography is another of her interest areas. How- ever she aims to make a career in videography and film-making, spe- cially documentaries that focus on people and culture. An enigmatic ambivert, BBA student Aneesh Khowala is academically Aneesh Khowala – The Am- bivert driven and believes in trying new things. A m u l t i - l i - guist with command over a num- ber of for- eign languages, Aneesh is presently he is learning Mandarin. Aneesh is a Hollywood addict who plays several Chetan Jain – The Unpreten- tious Chetan Jain of the Department of Computer Science likes to try his hand at ev- e r y t h i n g . He gives equal im- portance to studies as well as ex- tracurric- ular activi- ties. An exceptionally good student, he is a quizzer, rapper and dancer. Awards and achievements are not new to him, his latest achievement was when he stood first in the event Minute to Fame at INNOVISION 2017. Travelling and making friends is something he loves doing. BCA student Nikhil Agarwal is our next feature in Rising Stars. Nikhil had been the school captain in his early years and had a great affinity towards engineering. His love for technology and computer program- ming in particular opened avenues Nikhil Agarwal – Simple and Confident of opportu- nity in front of him and he decided to pursue his career in Comput- er Science at Inspiria Knowledge Campus. Nikhil actively participates in all college events and believes that more exposure to peo- ple and events would help him prog- ress further in life. friends. His most cherished dancing opportunity came when he was giv- en the chance to welcome Mr.Rann- vijay Singh on to the stage through his dance moves and then to dance with Rannvijay himself at Insvagan- za 2017. Abhinav is pursuing Media Science with the intention of making it into the filmmaking industry. outdoor games like cricket, basket- ball, table tennis and badminton. His motto is “Life shall never be good, but I must always be”.
  36. 36. FROM EXPLOREA GOING BACK AGAIN AND AGAIN Compiled by Upasana Chhetri During the sunrise, the first rays of the sun shed light on the twin peaks of the Kanchenjunga painting it pink and then in a beautiful orange colour. Located in Darjeeling, the hill stands as the highest summit of Ghoom, the highest railway station in the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway- a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Tiger Hill stands gloriously 107 miles away from the majestic Mount Everest. Tiger hill: Tiger Hill, the lake in Mirik and Gajaldoba are locations that offer a new experience every time While on Tiger Hill one can visit Senchal Wild- life Sanctuary which offers great picnic spots and have two artificial lakes which serve as reservoirs for water supply to the town of Darjeeling. The early morning gleam of the first rays of the sun make for a stunning view from the hill. It is one of the major attractions for people visiting Dar- jeeling from all over the world. The first glimpse of the golden horizon makes one’s day. The sun plays true colours behind the mountains and the horizon turns crimson as the sun comes out of the mountains like a perfect yolk. It is relishing to see the sun become stronger as it goes into the sky. The sky turns into a beautiful canvas with varied colours enhancing the artistry of Mother Nature. The mountains seem to look so close that they deceive people. Tiger Hill is a destination in itself offering not just great views during the sunrise but it’s also a place where one can soak himself in the Himalayan serenity anytime of the day.
  37. 37. Mirik is one of the most famous tourist spots in Darjeeling which is famous for its beauty and obscurity. On the way to Mirik, one may witness scenic beauty filled with greenery on all sides with tea gardens, mountains and pine trees. The Mirik Lake or Sumendu Lake is the favourite tourist spot in the region. Boating and Pony Riding are some of the means of recreation for the visitors. It is a quiet place where one can stay for the entire day and still not get bored of it. The area around the lake is surrounded with pine trees on one side and a garden on the other side. Both these sides are connected by a foot bridge which is also named as the Indreni Pool (rainbow bridge). The place runs back in history to the time where the lake was a marshland with thick vegetation and the garden used to be a polo ground used by the British. The soothing climate adds on to be a mood refresher. The regular visitors and tourists have helped this small town evolve as a commercial centre. From vendors to small shops to some classy restaurants, the Mirik bazaar has been a major source of living for its natives. There is a temple named Singha Devi Mandir on the west of the lake. The two points near the lake namely Rameetya Dara and Deosi Dara have the best view of the snowcapped Himalayan range. The sunrise and sunset are the best from this particular area. Mirik Lake: FROM EXPLOREA
  38. 38. Gajoldoba on Teesta Barrage is an hour’s drive from Siliguri through the Baikunthapur forests around 25 kilometres from the town. It is a perfect place for bird watchers. Gajoldoba: A Mega Tourism Project is on the anvil at Gajoldoba which is situated at the mouth of the Fulbari Canal alongside a vast water body by the Teesta, enhancing the beauty of the area. The Baikunthapur forest region in the western part of the Dooars surrounds part of Gajoldoba The place has been a boon to migratory wa- ter fouls after a dam was constructed on the river Teesta to divert the river water to the Fulbari canal for irrigational purposes. The reservoir, surrounded by dense forests, in- FROM EXPLOREA
  39. 39. vites an impressive range of water birds from Ladakh and Central Asia. One can spend some leisurely hours on the spur with a binocular and watch the Brahmini ducks, Bar-headed Goose, Pochards, Pintails, Shovlers, Mallards, Black Ibis, and many species of storks, cor- morants and ducks. It is a good place to see migrating and win- tering raptors, plus grebes. Other birds seen here are Common Shelduck, Falcated Duck, Garganey, Red crested Pochard, Ferrugi- nous Pochard, Lesser Sand Plover, North- ern Lapwing, Osprey, Western and Eastern Marsh Harriers, Hen Harrier, Peregrine, Great Crested and Black necked Grebes.
  40. 40. The word ‘chams’ is of Tibetan origin, and simply means “a dance.” Cham Dance is an ancient ritual mask dance. It is quite unique because it is performed exclusively by the monks during multi-day religious festivals in dif- ferent monasteries of Bhutan, Tibet, Sikkim and differ- ent parts of India (especially Himalayan region). These 1,300-year-old mystical dances, collectively called cham, are performed to remove evil for the benefit of the entire world. The monks who perform this dance have to meditate for days or even weeks before hand, visualising and invok- CHAM DANCE OF EASTERN HIMALAYAN REGION FROM 1001 THINGS ing protective deities. On the day of the performance, the monks visualise themselves as deities, displaying ancient movements and chanting sacred mantras. It is believed that they draw in the evil in the crowd and the Compiled by Jyoti Saha
  41. 41. surrounding world. The evil is trapped in an effigy or a human body made of dough. Then the dance master cuts open the effigy and draw the evil into his body to show it peace and the path to liberation. The first Cham was believed to have been performed by Indian saint Padmasambha- va (also known as Guru Rinpoche) during 740-760 AD. He was invited to Tibet to banish evil spirits. He began dancing, using tantric mudras (various body posi- tions, but predominantly of the hands) and invoking the gods. From this successful performance, some say that Cham dances gradually spread to all other Tibetan mon- asteries. While mostly concentrated there, it eventually spread to Bhutan, where it is similar in strength, as well as to certain re- gions of India and Mongolia. The Monks performing Cham are robed in highly ornamented costumes of brightly coloured silk. They put on elaborate masks that represent various deities and demons, as well as animals. Sometimes they dance holding ritualistic instruments. Other monks accompany them, in instrumental music ensembles, playing traditional Ti- betan instruments. There is a leader pres- ent who keeps time with cymbals, while others play wind instruments or drums. The deities are also depicted in wrathful forms in order to show that evil comes from within. Evil does not exist externally, it comes from within the mind. Evil is cre- ated by ignorance, anger, desire, jealousy, and ego. The nature of the mind is clear, but it is covered by the ego, as clouds cover the sun. Cham removes the ego from evil’s mind, allowing it to see clearly the path to transformation. It is believed that even simply witnessing the dances as an audi- ence member is said to bring one closer to enlightenment.
  42. 42. WORK HARD AND MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICE According to statistics, around 58% of unemployed graduates and 62% of unem- ployed post graduates cited non-availabil- ity of jobs that matched with education qualifications and experience it to be the main reason for unemployment. Again ac- cording to India Skills Report launched in the 3rd CII National Conference on Skill Development, 96% were found unemploy- able out of 1,00,000 candidates.  Choosing the right career backed by the requisite skill goes a long way in ensuring that you have a successful and sus- tainable career. Here are some of the currently popular job possibilities that hold good promise for a string and secure career. Ethical Hacking is one of the latest trendy careers in India and is yet to be widely accepted. An ethical hacker or a white hat hacker is the ultimate security professional whose duties are broader than penetration testers. Report says, there is a huge demand of cyber security professionals and is supposed to grow in the coming years 3.5 times faster than any other technical jobs. The reports also suggest there is an acute shortage of cyber security skills in the global market and with the enhancement in technologies the numbers have clear intentions to grow making ethical hacking a good career for the ones good with computers. by Jyoti Saha CAREER LOOK
  43. 43. Content Writing is a creative profession. A content writer must be proficient language and at the same time have knowl- edge of the SEO-friendly words, which will help bring traffic to a website of the client. The creativity of the profession lays on the tactics to balance between language and SEO. In India, content writing professionals are always in demand due to increasing demand for online presence. Every com- pany starting from MNC’s to start-ups try to maintain their presence online through websites, social media, newsletters and emails, blogs, etc. Web content development is a never ending career and is financially stable making it one of the trendiest careers all over the world including India. Hospitality industry has faced crisis of man power after a sudden boom in the tourism and hotel industry. Figures from the annuala report 2009-10 of the ministry of tourism show a constant increase in foreign travellers visiting India from 2000-2009. The boom has been constantly backed and supported by events such as Commonwealth Games, Cricket World Cup- 2011, Under-17 Football World Cup- 2017 etc. Hospitality Management industry is a fairly well paying industry and is largely influenced by the tourism industry. Peo- ple were unaware of the industry but with liberalisation and development in technologies Hospitality Management is a career that is widely accepted and has a large potential of employment opportunities in the coming days. Rural Management is a study of planning, organising, directing and controlling of cooperatives, agribusiness, and allied fields. In simpler words, rural management merges the knowledge of management studies and applies it in the rural context. In a country where 60% of the population resides in the rural parts of the country and agriculture is still the backbone of the economy, Rural Management is the only way to establish it as a “developed country”. Agro-based industries and agriculture as an industry need efficient managers who can help them professionalise their operations in rural areas with efficient management. It is a wide industry that is scarcely explored and thus has the potential flourish in India. Carlton Fisk said, “It’s not what you achieve, it’s what you overcome that defines your career.” It’s a quote worth remem- bering as you set to carve the right career for yourself.
  44. 44. BAKED CHICKEN ROULADE WITH CARAMELISED SHALLOTS, PEAS MASH, BEET GLAZE GOURMET By Prof. Anjani Nandan ............................................................................................................
  45. 45. Ingredients Boneless Chicken Breast - 4 nos For stuffing Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 3 tablespoon Mushroom chopped - 100gm Carrot chopped - 50 gm Onion chopped - 1 tablespoon Garlic minced - 1teaspoon Fresh Oregano - 1 tablespoon White Wine - 50 ml Grated Cheese - 2 tablespoon For Caramelised Shallots Shallots, roots intact - 6 pcs Butter - 1 teaspoon Sugar - 1 tablespoon Red wine - 3 tablespoon Crushed Pepper - a pinch Mashed Peas Frozen Peas - 1 cup Cream - 2 tablespoon Mint chopped - 1 teaspoon Butter - 1 tablespoon Beet Glaze Peeled diced beets - 250gms Balsamic Vinegar - 1 tablespoon Butter - 1 tablespoon Seasoning to taste Stuffing: For the stuffing, heat oil in pan, add chopped onion and garlic and saute till soft. Add carrot saute for 2 minutes, then add mushroom. Add wine and deglaze the pan. Let the wine get reduced completely, remove from heat. Add oregano and cheese. Take the chicken breast, flatten it and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Evenly put the stuffing on the breast and roll carefully. Put the stuffed breast in a baking tray and roast at 180C for 12-15 minutes till a nice brown color is formed. Caramelised Shallots: Melt butter in a pan, add shallots and sugar and toss to coat evenly. After 2 minutes, add the wine and reduce completely. Sprinkle salt and pep- per and then place the pan in oven at 180C for 15-20 minutes. Just toss whole mushrooms in a pan over high heat. Mashed Peas: Boil the peas in very less amount of stock. Mash it. Add cream, butter and chopped mint. Beet Glaze: Grind beetroot and strain through a fine sieve to collect the juice. Put the juice in a pan, add balsamic vinegar and seasoning. Reduce over heat. Remove from fire and whisk in soft butter. Put a heap of mashed peas, arrange around the slices of roulade. Add the caramelised shallots and mushroom in plate and drizzle over with the beet glaze.
  46. 46. Pina Neon Ingredients: Fresh Pineapple Juice - 60ml Blue curacao Syrup - 20ml Powdered Sugar - 1 teaspoon Preparation time: 3minutes. Method: In a boston shaker, add two ice-cubes of ice, 60ml of fresh Pineapple juice, 20ml of blue curacao syrup and one teaspoon powdered sugar. Shake well and serve it in a martini glass by passing through the hawthorne strainer. The quantity of beverage is 3oz(90ml). Glassware: Cocktail glass. Garnish: Slice of fresh Pineapple and red Maraschino Cherry. (Susan K.C. is a student of Hospitality Management) GOURMET By Susan K.C. Pina Neon Ingredients: Fresh Pineapple Juice - 60ml Blue curacao Syrup - 20ml Powdered Sugar - 1 teaspoon Preparation time: 3minutes. Method: In a boston shaker, add two ice-cubes of ice, 60ml of fresh Pineapple juice, 20ml of blue curacao syrup and one teaspoon powdered sugar. Shake well and serve it in a martini glass by passing through the hawthorne strainer. The quantity of beverage is 3oz(90ml). Glassware: Cocktail glass. Garnish: Slice of fresh Pineapple and red Maraschino Cherry. (Susan K.C. is a student of Hospitality Management) By Susan K.C.
  53. 53. Students from Inspiria Knowledge Campus, Siliguri were selected for 6 months Internship with our esteemed property, Le MERIDI- EN, Pune. During their tenure all the students were found to be hard working and eager to learn. We wish them the very best and lots of success for their future endeavour. The students who worked under my supervision they are Ashish Rai, Aman Gupta, Pooja Gu- rung, Prabhat Jha, Raman Das, Saurav Karjee, Subhajit Brahma. They were trained in Front Office, Housekeeping, F&B Service, F&B Production. ASMITA DESHPANDE Training Manager Le Meridien, Pune Hotel Management students of Inspiria Knowledge Campus underwent successful internship training at top hotels such as Le MERIDIEN, Bangalore, HYATT, Bangalore, RITZ-CARLTON, Bangalore and HILTON SHILLIM ESTATE Pune. Below is the positive feedback they received. SUCCESSFUL INTERNS
  54. 54. PRASHANT PATIL Training Manager HILTON SHILLIM ESTATE, PUNE Students from Inspiria Knowledge Campus, Siliguri underwent 6 months Internship with our esteemed property, HYATT, Bangalore. During their training they were paid stipends based on their strong efforts. We wish them the very best and lots of success for their fu- ture endeavour. The students who worked under my supervision are Sreya Roy, Rajat Tirkey, Sagat Shakya, Tshering Bhutia, Abhishek Rai. They worked in the department of Front Office, Housekeeping, F&B Service, F&B Production. Students from Inspiria Knowledge Campus, Siliguri were selected for 6 months stipend based Internship with our esteemed organ- isation, HILTON SHILLIM ESTATE, Pune. During their tenure the students were found to be hard working and sincere. We wish them best success for their future. The students who worked under my supervision they were Gopanshu Anand, Joel Samuel, Ming- ma Moktan, Chhiyama Sampang, Kim Limbu. The various depart- ments they worked were Front Office, Housekeeping, F&B Service, F&B Production. A student from Inspiria Knowledge Campus, Siliguri went through 6 months Internship training with our esteemed proper- ty, RITZ-CARLTON, Bangalore. He successfully completed his in- ternship to our satisfaction and his conduct during the tenure of the Internship was good. The name of the student who worked under my supervision is Chogyal Kazi and the departments he worked during training included Front Office, Housekeeping, F&B Service, F&B Production. POOJA BAILEY Training Manager RITZ-CARLTON, Bangalore SUDIPTA HALDER Training Manager HYATT, Bangalore
  55. 55. TEAM INSPIRIA ANNUAL MEET The annual meeting of Team Inspiria was held on 22nd of March at Lemon Tree Hotels, one of the best star category properties in the region. Mr. Atul Gupta, the visionary managing trustee of the institution graced the occas- sion with his presence. The vision statement for the institution was laid for- ward and all the team members pledged to take Inspiria Knowledge Campus to the next higher echelon in the coming years. The gathering at the meeting was a perfect blend of an informal get together along with a note of formal corporate vision. The new members of the Inspiria family formally intro- duced themselves to Mr. Gupta and he in turn reached out to them with the long term vision objectives and the values that the institute tightly holds on to. For the members who have spent longer time in the family, it was an opportunity to suggest the course of action that would driv e the college to be even more successful. The meeting concluded with a lavish and sumptu- ous dinner that not only tasted great but also filled the hearts of the Inspiria family with great sense of happiness and satisfaction.
  56. 56. Inspiria Knowledge Campus Himachal Vihar, Phase – II, Matigara, Siliguri – 734 010 West Bengal, India. Helpline: +91 8900755550 | Email: