Putera Sampoerna Foundation Report Quarter 3 2010


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Putera Sampoerna Foundation Report Quarter 3 2010

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Putera Sampoerna Foundation Report Quarter 3 2010

  1. 1. 3rd Quarter Report 2010 The Nation’s FutureIs in the Hands of Our Teachers www.sampoernafoundation.org
  2. 2. Table of Contents Letter from the Managing Director 2 Letter from the Managing Director The Pathway To Leadership 3 • Teachers Hold Key to Nation’s Future Insights 4 - 12 I always look forward to writing these words because I am able to • Best of the Best for Our Future Education report on progress, and it is progress which perhaps best sums up Sampoerna School of Education what the Putera Sampoerna Foundation (PSF) is concerned with, the • 100 Next Generation Teachers Begin Their Journey progress of a nation and its people. Sampoerna School of Education • Movie Makers Showcase Video As Learning Tool This is why one of the most significant aspects of the Foundation is our Sampoerna School of Education grand strategy Pathway to Leadership which promotes the stability of PSF’s programs in collaboration with our partners, donors and other • Bridging the Gap between Old and New stakeholders in achieving the aim of improving the nation. During the Sampoerna School of Education third quarter of 2010, the Foundation has made significant • Global Interest in SSE progress including the defining and implementation of PSF’s “Four Sampoerna School of Education Pillars”. • Pathway to Leadership Begins for Scholarship Winners Sampoerna Academy These Four Pillars are (1) Job Creation through Entrepreneurial • Getting Down to Business Development (2) The Development of Leaders through Education (3) Sampoerna Academy The Enlightenment of the General Populace through its Women (4) • What Good Leaders Should Learn Assisting in the Deployment of Aid and Assistance for Disaster Relief. Sampoerna Academy • Eyes for Entrepreneurs Quality leaders, developed through quality education, who are able Sampoerna School of Business to empathize with their peers across the archipelago and national • PSF Alumni Support Education Fund with Major Donation borders, and who are able to pragmatically reach consensus through Putera Sampoerna Foundation Alumni Association compromise are the common denominators of this aspiration. • Skinny Fish Team Turns Ideas into Reality Putera Sampoerna Foundation Alumni Association The Foundation believes that Education and Job Creation are the • Team Leader Awarded Erasmus Mundus Scholarship cornerstones to the creation of a dynamic, peaceful and prosperous Putera Sampoerna Foundation Alumni Association people. Partners 13 - 19 • Indonesia Wins 17th International Mathematics Competition The process of molding future leaders from those who hail from the PT. HM Sampoerna Tbk. lowest economic quintile is an essential part of this vision as leaders • ‘Locomotive’ for Local Development can come from all walks of life. Also within this vision, it is necessary to PT. Sampoerna Agro Tbk. ensure that a change in mindset can be achieved, bottom-up, through • Beautiful Bali in Mind the empowerment of women. Putera Sampoerna Foundation • Educators Ready to Inspire Apart from that, realizing that Indonesia is often affected by Sampoerna School of Education unpredictable natural disasters, the Foundation provides philanthropic • Standard Chartered Bank Supports City of Students donations targeted to alleviate the pain in afflicted communities. Sampoerna School of Education In doing this, the Foundation uses its vast network throughout the • Out and About archipelago. Sampoerna School of Education • Bandung Students Enjoy Overseas Collaborative Effort Q3 2010 saw the Dies Natalis for the newest batch of 100 students for School Improvement entering the Sampoerna School of Education. As part of the Sampoerna School of Education • Trakindo Utama Partners with PSF in IDR 2.5 Billion Project inauguration ceremonies, an exciting and beneficial workshop Sampoerna School of Education competition was held which highlighted the making and use of videos • Major Presence for Message as learning tools. PSF ‘Save a Teen’ • Sean Kingston Tells Jakarta Audience to Save a Teen! During July through August, 2010 progress was also made through PSF ‘Save a Teen’ Sahabat Wanita with 55 retail shops assisted. The Foundation was also • Teenage Superstar Sherina Munaf supports ‘Save a Teen’ able to assist Bait Al-Kamil in collecting IDR 18 million of donations to PSF ‘Save a Teen’ help 5 muslim scholars. • Grand Zuri Hotels for Cause PSF ‘Save a Teen’ It is also gratifying to see the pledge of IDR 500 million by the PSF Government 20 Alumni Association to support the Foundation’s activities. This • Public Private Partnership demonstrates the spirit of helping the greater community, which PSF Sampoerna School of Education alumni have embraced as a worthy and noble part of life. • Muara Enim and Empat Lawang Regencies Scholarships Announced We have also been fortunate to receive the ongoing support of PT HM News & Events 21 - 22 Sampoerna Tbk., PT Sampoerna Agro Tbk., Deutsche Bank, Astro TV, PT • International CSR Conference Hears the Vision Trakindo Utama, Standard Chartered Bank and also warmly welcome Putera Sampoerna Foundation our new partners such as PT Bank Mandiri (Persero) Tbk., Grand Zuri • Opportunities, Not Gifts hotels and many others. Putera Sampoerna Foundation Strategic Partner News 23 - 24 We really appreciate the supports from our donors, including the many • 55 New Shops and Skills Training thousands of corporations and individuals. Without your support, we Sahabat Wanita will not be here as we are today. • A Moment to Share Bait Al-Kamil And a special gratitude goes to all of our teachers – the future of our nation depends so much on your abilities, dedication and passion in List Of Contributors 25 improving the quality of teaching in Indonesia. New Partners 26 - 27 Nenny Soemawinata Partner Galleries 28 - 29 Managing Director Financial Highlights 30 - 31Putera Sampoerna Foundation 2nd Quarter Report 2010
  3. 3. Pathway to Leadership Insights 3Teachers Hold Key to Nation’s FutureHelping Nurture and DevelopIndonesia’s New, Inspired TeachersTeachers play an extremely important role in the development The new generation of Indonesian teachers will also need toof a nation. It is teachers who ultimately ensure the capacity of make use of new learning tools and technologies.a nation’s people to understand and embrace the future. One such Indonesian educator is elementary school teacherThe Indonesia’s ability to compete effectively in the 21st Agus Sampurno who says, “We are preparing our students forCentury’s increasingly globalized and homogenous society will the future. We prepare them by using the latest in technologybe determined by the quality, dedication and number of its to face future challenges”.teachers. Agus Sampurno is widely known for his fluency in using socialHowever, Indonesia faces major hurdles in achieving the goal media including blogs, Twitter and Facebook.of creating a more capable and informed populace due to thelack of suitably qualified teachers. He says, “Teachers and books are no longer the only sources of our present knowledge. The students are already fluent inAccording to a 2009 report from the Indonesian Directorate finding materials and information on Google and other searchGeneral for Quality Improvement of Teachers and Education engines. Teachers must be prepared for this”.Personnel, 57.4% of teachers are currently below thenecessary qualification standards. Mr Agus also believes that in the era of the “2.0 Teacher”, teachers need to change their attitude and mindset. He believesResearch also shows that Indonesia needs to significantly that discipline, for example, can no longer be instilled throughincrease its teacher numbers. fear or violent methods, but through respect, which he defines as when students feel comfortable in the classroom and feelThe 2009 report from the Directorate General for Quality free to interact with the teacher.Improvement of Teachers and Education Personnel, alsoshowed that in 2011 Indonesia will face a shortfall of 56,981 The Putera Sampoerna Foundation works tirelessly to improveteachers. Education in Indonesia today, and tomorrow, requires the quality and numbers of inspired teachers in Indonesiamore professional and modern personnel for the teaching as our way of supporting the development of the nation.profession. We invite you to play an active role in reaching this goalLeoNora M. Cohen and Judy Gelbrich of Oregon State by supporting our efforts.University – School of Education, USA shared their thoughts: “Every child has the potential to bring something unique andspecial to the world. Teaching is a lifelong process of learningabout new philosophies and new strategies, learning from thecommunity, learning from colleagues and especially learningfrom the children”. www.sampoernafoundation.org
  4. 4. 4 Insights Sampoerna School of Education Searching Best of the Best for Our Future Education Rigorous Selection Process for 100 New Students Teachers are at the heart of our nation. Linda Darling-Hammond The events took place at two different schools – SD Kepodang at (2009), a respected educator from Stanford University says, Jalan Taman Masjid Sunda Kelapa in Menteng, Central Jakarta “…our future now depends, as never before, on our ability to and Sekolah Master, Depok. teach”. The names of the 100 students who were accepted into Sampoerna School of Education (SSE) believes that the quality Sampoerna School of Education 2010 intake were announced of the nation’s leaders is only as good as its teachers. As such, during August 2010. the School continues to progress and has recently recruited 100 high quality students who will be nurtured to become the Once they had been accepted, the new students began a four next generation of teachers. day orientation program at the SSE building to introduce their campus environment. Part of the selection process was a series of events designed to gain further insights into the potential teaching capabilities The orientation began with welcome speeches by the Dean of of the applicants. SSE, Prof. Dr. Paulina Pannen and Prof. Gopinathan from the National Institute of Education. After completing their written psychological assessments and interviews, the applicants were placed in a series of social events To all the new generation of prospective teachers, welcome to with the aim of assessing the potential students’ sociability the Sampoerna School of Education. including concern for others, respect for others, tolerance of differences and their ability in dealing with others. Putera Sampoerna Foundation 2nd Quarter Report 2010
  5. 5. Insights 5100 Next Generation Teachers Begin Their JourneyPartners Join 2nd SSE Intake Opening CeremonyThe official inauguration of the new generation of students of Nenny Soemawinata said, “The Sampoerna School of Education2010/2011 on Tuesday, October 5 2010, coincided with the is a part of the realization of the Sampoerna University plans,celebration of the first anniversary of the Sampoerna School which is one of the implementations of the Putera Sampoernaof Education (SSE). Foundation’s mission to provide quality education facilities for Indonesian students in order to face global challenges”.The opening ceremony and the celebration of the Dies Nataliswas attended by Poppy Dewi Puspitawati, MA., Deputy After a rigorous selection process, SSE in its second year hasDirector Directorate Training and Development, Directorate chosen 100 candidates for the next generation of outstandingGeneral for Quality Improvement for Teachers and Educational teachers in higher education with international standards.Personnel, Nenny Soemawinata, Managing Director of thePutera Sampoerna Foundation, Prof. Dr. Paulina Pannen, Dean From those 100 talented student teachers , 54 of them choseof Sampoerna School of Education and Yos Adiguna Ginting, the English Language Teaching program as their academic field,Director of External Relations Communications and Contribu- while 46 chose the Mathematics Education Program.tions of PT HM Sampoerna Tbk. together with representativesfrom the Sampoerna School of Education’s partners; MicrosoftPartners in Learning, DBE2 USAID - Educational DevelopmentCenter and Bank Bukopin. www.sampoernafoundation.org
  6. 6. 6 Insights Movie Makers Showcase Video as Learning Tool Noted Director Nia Dinata Joins Competition Judging Panel As part of the first Dies Natalis of Sampoerna School of Education (SSE) held in Jakarta on October 5, 2010, noted film director Nia Dinata attended the Windows Movie Making Competition awarding event. The competition which was an initiative of the SSE Student Senate (SEMA), encouraged participants to create an instructional video as a medium of learning for high schools, student teachers and teachers. The competition assessment criteria included under- standing the use of video as a medium of learning, the correlation with lesson plans, the selection of music, narration, words and pictures, as well as originality. Participants in the competition were required to use Windows Movie Maker or Microsoft Live Movie Maker as software using the (.wmv) video format. The objective of the competition was to encourage teachers to use technology as a learning tool and cre- ate instructional videos as a medium of teaching. Partners who supported the 2010 SSE Movie Maker Competition Judges of the videos submitted included Nia Dinata, include Microsoft Indonesia, the EDC and Bank Bukopin. SSE planned Arif Sadiman from the EDC and representative team to incorporate the program as an annual SSE event from Microsoft Indonesia. Bridging the Gap between Old and New 80 Educators Review Newest Teaching Methods The Teacher Education Program (TEP) Open House is an In July 2010, 80 participants attended the TEP Open House annual program where participants analyze current trends and which was held in the main auditorium of the Sampoerna practices in education, then examine ways of introducing new School of Education (SSE). methods into the classroom. Speakers at this year’s TEP Open House included Rusminah, a TEP Alumni, Kenneth J. Cock from Sampoerna School of Education Outreach and Yuniarti Santosa, homeroom teacher at Kristiansand International School. Subjects discussed at a series of talk shows included details of the new TEP academic year and TEP’s planning for the rest of the year. All participants were updated on the importance of bridging the gap between older teaching methods and new teaching methods. All those attending the TEP Open House were provided with certificates acknowledging their participation. Putera Sampoerna Foundation 2nd Quarter Report 2010
  7. 7. Insights 7Global Interest in SSENew International Cooperation PlannedGuests from around Indonesia and the world have made a Prof. Dr. Paulina Pannen began the meeting with theseries of visits to the Sampoerna School of Education (SSE) New Zealand delegation with a presentation which was thenduring recent months. followed by a campus tour, accompanied by Mrs Vera Syamsi, M. Hum., Head of the English Depar tment, Baby Poenomo,In July 2010, SSE hosted a series of seminars for Amkur School, Head of External Relations and J. Rosalina Kristianty, Ph.D.,Sambas, West Kalimantan. The seminars highlighted the Director of Academic and Studies.paradigms’ shifts in modern teaching methods. The eventstook place at SSE’s building.. During the campus tour, the guests from New Zealand were impressed with the quality of the SSE’s extensive library.In August 2010, David L. Jones, Director of InternationalDevelopment at Indiana University - Purdue University,Indianapolis, USA visited the Sampoerna School of Educationwith the purpose of getting to know more about SSE.Mr Jones was welcomed by the Dean of the Sampoerna Schoolof Education Prof. Dr. Paulina Pannen and Managing Director ofthe Putera Sampoerna Foundation, Ms Nenny Soemawinata.After touring the SSE campus, Mr Jones held discussionswith students from the SSE’s English and Mathematicsdepartments and SSE Head of Students and Alumni Affairs,Sulandjari Rahardjo.On August 31, 2010 representatives of PT HM Sampoerna Tbk.and guests from Victoria University, New Zealand visited anddiscussed the University’s cooperation with SSE. www.sampoernafoundation.org
  8. 8. 8 Insights Pathway to Leadership Begins for Scholarship Winners Careful Selection Process Sees 241 Scholarships Awarded After rigorous evaluation and testing, 241 students On July 17, 2010, the 150 new 2010/2011 intake students from financially disadvantaged families across Indonesia attended the Students Inauguration which was presided over by have been selected to receive scholarships valued at the Vice Governor of East Java, Syaifullah Yusuf, the Mayor of US$15,000 to attend Sampoerna Academy for a school period Malang, Drs. Peni Suparto M.AP, Education Ambassador to the of three years. Putera Sampoerna Foundation, Imelda Fransisca and Principal of SMAN 10 Malang (Sampoerna Academy) Niken Santjojo. The 241 scholarship recipients were selected after thorough examination of their application documents, psychological At SMAN Sumatera Selatan (Sampoerna Academy), scholarships testing, interviews, focus groups and visits to the students’ were awarded to 91 students from 729 applicants. homes. The 91 new 2010/2011 School Year students celebrated their The scholarships to Sampoerna Academy will cover school Students Inauguration on July 19, 2010 which was attended fees, boarding, food, textbooks, health benefits and by the Governor of South Sumatra, Alex Noerdin, the Head uniforms. Students will also receive quality education based of the South Sumatra Education Office, Ade Karyana and the on international curricula with local compliance and will be Principal of SMAN Sumatera Selatan (Sampoerna Academy) equipped with entrepreneurial skills, as well as leadership Erma Retnowati. capabilities honed through various programs and boarding facilities. At SMAN 10 Malang (Sampoerna Academy), scholarships were awarded to 150 students from 3,150 applicants. Putera Sampoerna Foundation 2nd Quarter Report 2010
  9. 9. Insights 9Getting Down to BusinessStudents Take On Role of Business LeadersPutera Sampoerna Foundation and SMAN 10 Malang(Sampoerna Academy), in collaboration with The IntellectualBusiness Community of Jakarta, is conducting an experientialentrepreneurship learning opportunity which puts students ina business decision making position.The program is endorsed by the local government which willacknowledge local business participation and its contributionto the development of the city of Malang.The Sampoerna Academy Youth Entrepreneurship Programbegan on August 3, 2010 with 36 Sampoerna Academyscholars ready to study entrepreneurship together with 12teachers who act as the students’ financial and marketing The first segment is CHECK IN, which takes one month.mentors. Followed by BOARDING, the ‘taking charge’ period of three months, then followed by ARRIVAL, the one month newThe program is guided by business consultant Dr. Bayu Prawira business development period.Hie and is planned to be held over six months with three majorsegments. An award will be given to those who have successfully made the biggest positive impact on the business. Let’s wait and see!What Good Leaders Should Learn‘Learning to Live’ Program:Part of Holistic EducationTo instill Sampoerna Academy (SA) students with the qualities The activities take place at the schools and at the SAof altruistic yet pragmatic leadership, each student is required campus. Programs include tutorials on Art, English, ICT andto fulfill 240 hours of the Learning to Live (L to L) program Environment. Similar programs were held by the students ofbefore they graduate from Sampoerna Academy. SMAN 10 Malang (Sampoerna Academy).Learning to Live program (L to L) is a program which is developed All of these programs help to ensure that holistic educationthrough some best practices in personal development takes place within Sampoerna Academy and beyond.to balance the students’ strength in both academic andnon-academic standing. It integrates knowledge, attitudes andskills to help students in the elements of action, interaction, andreflection in developing their social, communication, and prob-lem-solving skills. It covers four development areas namelyPersonal Well-Being, Creativity and Art, Community Serviceand Global Citizenship which are distinct to each other butpossess equal importance and must be developed at the samepace to ensure balance.During the academic year, regular Community Servicesprograms have taken place in both Sampoerna AcademyMalang and Palembang. In Palembang, students work withelementary school students from Al Ma’ruf, Restu Bunda, SDN186, and SD Tulus Bakti. www.sampoernafoundation.org
  10. 10. 10 Partners Insights Eyes for Entrepreneurs Sampoerna School of Business Inaugurated Education can now reach all levels of society in Indonesia, Harina Yuhety, Expert Staff to the Ministry of National including low income groups. Education, who attended the inauguration on behalf of the Minister of National Education said, ‘’The Government is This new vision is reflected in the Sampoerna School of obliged to educate this nation according to the personality of Business (SSB) which was inaugurated on September 22, 2010 this nation. Therefore, the Ministry welcomes the effort made at the SSB Building in Pancoran, Jakarta. by the Putera Sampoerna Foundation in creating international class leaders and entrepreneurs who highly respect the values Ms. Nenny Soemawinata, Managing Director of the Putera of local wisdom.” Sampoerna Foundation, said that SSB is the first tertiary business school in Indonesia which gives priority to outstanding Professor Nasser Spear, the SSB’s International Academic students from disadvantaged families to study at an international Advisor, said “With the various programs which we have standard tertiary school by providing financial facilities through developed, we hope that the graduates of the Sampoerna long term soft education loans (student financing) with up to 14 School of Business will have above average academic skills, years installments after graduation. The newly introduced sys- with global and local insight, as well as social sensitivity.” tem opens a wider access for outstanding students who have not previously had the opportunity to receive a scholarship to acquire international standard education. Putera Sampoerna Foundation 2nd Quarter Report 2010
  11. 11. Partners Insights 11PSF Alumni Support Education Fund with Major DonationIDR 500 Million As Sign of CommitmentBeneficiaries of the Putera Sampoerna Foundation scholarships The education aid fund given by PSFAA will be used as fullhave shown their commitment to contribute back to the scholarships which will be given to outstanding students fromnext generation. At the 97th Sampoerna Strategic Group disadvantaged families so as they can complete their studies atAnniversary celebration on August 27, 2010, the Putera leading universities in Indonesia including the University ofSampoerna Foundation Alumni Association (PSFAA) pledged Indonesia, Bandung Technological Institute, AirlanggaIDR 500,000,000 contributions in the form of an Education University and also at tertiary level in Sampoerna Academy.Fund to help save outstanding students from disadvantagedfamilies. It is one of their efforts to take part in improving thequality of Indonesian education..Eliezer Marthenny Kaeng, Presidium of the PSFAA said,“We came from the same background and we were determinedto continue our studies to a higher level, but we were hamperedby economic reasons. As a form of our appreciation for theopportunity given by the Putera Sampoerna Foundation,we would like to give our share and help our outstandingyounger brothers and sisters who come from disadvantagedfamilies to acquire the same opportunities in continuing theirstudies as we did.”Skinny Fish Team Turns Ideas into RealityFashionable Idea to Include Bali CraftsmenOne of the highlights of the Putera Sampoerna Foundation Alumni The judges at the PSFAA Business Plan Competition 2010 wereAssociation’s year is the annual Business Plan Competition which experts from a number of backgrounds including PSFAA alumnusseeks to encourage young entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into from management consulting firm, alumnus from entrepreneurialsuccessful projects. background, a microfinance company, an entrepreneur and a non-profit company.The theme of the PSFAA Business Plan Competition 2010 was“Ideas into Reality” and five finalist teams presented their The diversity of the judging body ensured the quality and depthbusiness plans in front of judges and a large audience on Saturday of questioning during the finalists’ interview sessions. Suring theJuly 24, 2010 at Sampoerna Strategic Square, Jakarta. final event, the five finalist teams were each given 30 minutes to present their business plans and answer the judges’ questions.The winners of this year’s competition are the Skinny Fish teamwho received Rp 25.000.000 as part of their “seed capital” Prior to the judging, Nenny Soemawinata, Managing Director ofto get their idea off the drawing board and turn it into a the Putera Sampoerna Foundation, presented a seminar entitledsuccessful enterprise. The members of the Skinny Fish team are “Nurturing Entrepreneurship in Indonesia”.Putu Ary Dharmayanti, Luqman Hakim, Aris Rudianto (UGM)and I Nyoman Gede Suarsana (STMK Stikom Bali).The Skinny Fish team won the 2010 competition with their ideaof using fish skin waste to create leather-like material to be usedin the production of bags and wallets.The team impressed the judges in the final by showing theirtechnical knowledge on fish skin processing as well as theircomprehensive distribution plan - the team plans to build apartnership with Balinese craftsmen and art shops to manufactureand market their products. www.sampoernafoundation.org
  12. 12. 12 Partners Insights Indonesia Wins 17th International Mathematics Competition Team Leader Awarded Erasmus Mundus Scholarship Meet Albert Gunawan, Mathematics Department student Once again, Albert made his country proud by winning the 1st at Gadjah Mada University Yogyakarta and also a Putera prize at the 17th International Mathematics Competition for Sampoerna Foundation (PSF) scholarship recipient who University Students, Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria, 2010. graduated on August 19, 2010 and recently became an official PSF Alumni Association member. Upon this achievement, the Ministry of National Education repre- sentative promised him a grant to pursue his doctoral degree. Looking at this humble young man reflects a figure of someone who is genuinely talented, a high achiever and a worthy With a final GPE score 3.91 out of 4.00, it was no doubt that recipient of a PSF scholarship. Albert would receive the Erasmus Mundus scholarship to add to his master’s degree in Mathematics and ALGANT (Algebra, From one competition to another, Albert always strives to be Geometry and Number Theory). the best and has a track record of succeeding. With this full scholarship, Albert will be studying at the Leiden In June 2010, after a 10-day quarantine and selection University in Netherland and Bordeaux University in France a process, Albert was awarded the First Place Medal in the year later. National training and selection for the 17th International Mathematics Competition (IMC) for University Students. Congratulations Albert – all of Indonesia is proud of your achievements! With his First Place Medal, Albert led the six other students who were also selected to represent Indonesia at the International Mathematics Competition in Bulgaria. The international competition was held from July 24-30, 2010. Competition was tight with brilliant young minds from around the world taking part. And the result was an outstanding success for Indonesia. Putera Sampoerna Foundation 1st Quarter Report 2010
  13. 13. Insights Partners 13Research In ActionPT HM Sampoerna Tbk.’s ProjectsImprove Teacher and School QualityThe Classroom Action Research (CAR) concept is moving ahead PT HM Sampoerna Tbk. through the Sampoerna SchoolIn Indonesia with 450 participants taking part in this year’s of Education Outreach has provided funding to enable teachersCAR in Pasuruan, Karawang and Surabaya which was held on to conduct their own action research projects; to show whetherAugust 4 - 5, 2010. specific practices or strategies in the curriculum, instruction, assessments and school climate impact student achievement.School improvement efforts over the last few decades requireteachers not only to study, implement, and assess learner The aim is to maximize student achievement by offeringoutcomes outlined in national education standard, but also to teachers in Karawang, Pasuruan, and Surabaya areas theprovide meaningful, engaged, learning (cognitively, socially, opportunity to conduct CAR projects and share the lessonsand culturally) for a very diverse student population. learned from those projects with the educational community in those regions.CAR is a process through which teachers collaborate inevaluating their practice; raise awareness of their personal One of the outcomes of CAR is that a number of writtentheory; articulate a shared conception of values; try out new research reports have been produced, which describe the CARstrategies to render the values expressed in their practice to projects and their results in impacting learning and studentbe more consistent with the educational values they espouse; achievement. Last year, 10 – 15 CAR papers were beingrecord their work in a form which is readily available to and published in education journals, and became focus at theunderstandable by other teachers; thus develop a shared “Kongres Guru Indonesia” (National Teachers Congress) andtheory of teaching by researching practice.” (John Elliot, CAR other conferences or seminars focusing on Education.Network, UK).CAR aims to offer teachers and schools the opportunity toimprove their quality. www.sampoernafoundation.org
  14. 14. 14 Partners Insights ‘Locomotive’ For Local Development PT Sampoerna Agro Tbk. Funds New Schools in South Sumatra “Thank you, PT Sampoerna Agro Tbk. and Putera Sampoerna At the handover, PT Sampoerna Agro Tbk., Mr. H. Salman, Foundation,” said students and teachers of SDN 2 Sumbu Sari Corporate Social Affair General Manager, said “The new school and SDN 1 Maribaya with big smiles on their faces as they buildings establishment is part of PT Sampoerna Agro Tbk.’s moved into their new school buildings. commitment to community development in areas where our plantations are located. The commitment also expects to see The new school buildings were officially handed over to the students and teachers of local communities enjoy the teaching school managements on July 14, 2010. and learning improvement and optimize their potential”. Mr. Ishak Mekki, the regent of Ogan Komering Ilir, South A continuous effort for school building establishment is Sumatra attended the handover ceremony held at SDN 2 expected to expand to more areas across the country. Sumbu Sari, Mesuji Raya in Ogan Komering Ilir (OKI), South Sumatra. Indonesian education needs full support from different sectors such as governments, corporations and individuals to join The 278 students of SDN Sumbu Sari and 350 students of hands in maintaining sustainable community development SDN Maribaya along with 22 teachers are making full use of the which in the end benefits us all. school buildings which are funded by PT Sampoerna Agro Tbk. and channeled through the Putera Sampoerna Foundation. The buildings have 4 classrooms, two toilets and one storage room. This effort aims to provide a better environment and improvement in the process of teaching and learning. Putera Sampoerna Foundation 2nd Quarter Report 2010
  15. 15. Partners Insights 15Beautiful Bali in Mind40 Full Time Astro Kasih Scholarshipsfor Selected Bali UndergraduatesAstro Kasih Scholarships are well known and highly valued by The Putera Sampoerna Foundation has cooperated with Astrostudents from Bali which is why more than 100 enthusiastic TV Malaysia since 2007 in the Astro Kasih Scholarship ProgramBalinese students crowded into the Astro Kasih Scholarships which is targeted specifically at High School students andselection process held during July 28 – 30, 2010 at Udayana Undergraduates who hold Bali ID cards.University. This year’s recruitment program for the scholarships selected80 students for further tests, discussions and focus group participation. The selection process was conducted by the Sales and Scholarship Departments of PSF assisted by the Executive Students’ Council of Udayana University. The team also conducted home visits as part of the process of selecting the Astro Kasih Scholarship recipients. After much deliberation, 40 students were chosen to receive full time four year scholarships for study at UI, ITB, UNPAD, ITS, UNAIR, UGM and Udayana University. Congratulations to all!Educators Ready to InspireDeutsche Bank’s 15-monthTETRA Program A Success“We make the learning method more fun. We provide more The closing ceremony which was held at SMKN 4 Mataram waspractices which the students can enjoy while learning,” said attended by Drs. H. Lalu Safi’I, the Head of Education OfficeHelmiyati, a teacher of SMPN 1 Lembar (Junior High School), of Nusa Tenggara Barat, Shaun Cheng and Terence Ng fromWest Lombok Regency, Nusa Tenggara Barat (NTB). Deutsche Bank, Wendy Armunando, the Head of Professional Development for the Sampoerna School of Education OutreachHelmiyati is one of 105 teachers and principals from 17 and Vira Soekardiman, Director of Sales for the Putera Sampo-state-run junior high schools in Mataram and West Lombok erna Foundation.who have graduated from the Teachers Effectiveness Trainingand Development Program (TETra), a part of the Teachers De-velopment Program funded by Deutsche Bank.The 15-month program is the direct result of an educationneeds assessment conducted by the Sampoerna School ofEducation and is supported by the NTB Government.On June 16, 2010 Deutsche Bank and the Sampoerna School ofEducation announced the recent completion of the program,which was marked by an education exhibition to showcasethe participants’ real-life application and innovation ofthe learnings. www.sampoernafoundation.org
  16. 16. 16 Insights Partners Standard Chartered Bank Supports City of Students Focus on Teacher Training, Scholarships and School Repairs Evolving with the community through sustainable development Beginning with the reconstruction of five schools damaged is a key social responsibility for Standard Chartered Bank. by the earthquake in Yogyakarta in 2006, Standard Chartered Bank’s commitment toward education in “The City of Students” This commitment was shown when a team from Standard is consistently being developed. Chartered Bank together with the Putera Sampoerna Foundation’s Managing Director, Nenny Soemawinata visited Standard Chartered Bank through Putera Sampoerna the teachers’ training at SDN Karangrejek 2 Wonosari, Gunung Foundation has already trained 150 teachers and provided Kidul, Yogyakarta on July 27, 2010. scholarships for three to four years to 500 students from elementary, junior high schools and universities in Yogyakarta. After restoring educational facilities in Yogyakarta in terms of infrastructure, teacher quality and students access, Standard Chartered Bank through PSF has confirmed their commitment to re-organize the teacher training program for 120 more teachers in Yogyakarta to absorb more funds from the IDR 788 million budget. This training, which began in December, 2009 was designed to improve teacher quality. During the visit to Yogyakarta, Standard Chartered Bank also donated five computers and a printer to SDN Duwet (elementary school) Gunung Kidul . Out and About Bank Mandiri Brings Good News to 25 New Scholars As a sign of their shared vision and mission to support All 25 sponsored students showed their gratitude to PT Bank education in Indonesia, PT Bank Mandiri (Persero) Tbk. and Mandiri (Persero) Tbk. by providing a series of entertaining the Putera Sampoerna Foundation (PSF) have combined to performances. provide 25 scholarships for students attending SMAN Suma- tera Selatan (Sampoerna Academy). The scholarships with a total value of US$125,000 are for a one year period. The official launch of this scholarship participation was held at Palembang, South Sumatra on July 16, 2010 where a Perjanjian Hibah (MOU) was signed by Mrs. Vira Soekardiman, Director of Sales for the Putera Sampoerna Foundation and Mr. Sukoriyanto Saputro, Senior Vice President of PT Bank Mandiri (Persero) Tbk. The signing ceremony was witnessed by Mr. Ade Karyana, Head of the South Sumatra Local Education Office. Putera Sampoerna Foundation 2nd Quarter Report 2010
  17. 17. Insights Partners 17Bandung Students Enjoy Overseas CollaborativeEffort for School ImprovementSMAN 11 Bandung DesignatedModel Senior High SchoolThe 64th Indonesian National Independence celebration The day was also marked with the launch of theon August 17, 2010 was more than special for students and “Beacon of Learning Project” and donation handover fromteachers of SMAN 11 Bandung. the collaborative partnership of the Singapore International Foundation (SIF), Metro Pte Ltd and Pioneer Junior College and was facilitated by the Putera Sampoerna Foundation. Aiming to take a holistic approach in the school’s improvement, the program will see USD 20,000 and 5,000 Singapore dollars fund, scholarships for 18 financially disadvantaged students from SMAN 11 Bandung, two year trainings from specialist volunteers, as well as co-funding the construction of the school’s multi-purpose hall in the first year. “SMAN 11 Bandung has been provided with assistance from the Putera Sampoerna Foundation since 2005 and has been selected by the provincial government as a model school for other quality senior high schools in the province” said Drs. Wardoyo M, the principal of SMAN 11 Bandung.Trakindo Utama Partners with PSF in IDR 2.5 Billion ProjectFive Primary Schools in Five Cities to BenefitWe all need to play our part in improving access to quality The project’s duration is for one year with three programs ineducation in Indonesia and that’s exactly what PT Trakindo each school. One school has already started to enjoy benefitsUtama is doing. To mark its 40th Anniversary, the company from this program since its launching on August 26, 2010 athas pledged its commitment to help improving education in SDN Tegal Alur 11 (Elementary School) in West Jakarta.Indonesia by partnering with Putera Sampoerna Foundation inthree worthwhile programs - School Renovation, Scholarshipsand Teacher Development Programs.Celebrating the partnership, a MOU Signing Ceremony washeld at PT Trakindo Utama’s office in Jakarta on May 24, 2010.The MOU was signed by Rachmat Sobari Hamami, ManagingDirector of PT Trakindo Utama and Vira Soekardiman, PSFDirector of Sales.The project will involve five Primary Schools in five cities – Jakarta,Malang, East Java, Palembang, South Sumatra, Banjarmasin,South Kalimantan and Balikpapan, East Kalimantan. www.sampoernafoundation.org
  18. 18. 18 Insights Partners Major Presence for Message ‘Save a Teen’ Program Song Takes Center Stage at Cutting Edge Music Awards The Putera Sampoerna Foundation (PSF) recently collaborated with the Indonesia Cutting Edge Music Awards to raise awareness of its ‘Save a Teen’ Program which raises funds to help academically talented students from the lowest economic quintile continue their education. During the Awards Presentation which was held at Jakarta’s Epicentrum Walk on July 18, 2010 the PSF team distributed donation boxes and Coca-Cola donation beverages throughout the venue. PSF ‘Save a Teen’ program’s aims and missions were discussed during the Awards Presentation. As part of spreading the message of how the PSF “Save a Teen” Program helps prevent financially disadvantaged students from dropping out of school, an innovative Video and Music presentation took place with the Hollaback band performing the spirited original song entitled “ACT NOW!” Sean Kingston Tells Jakarta Audience to Save a Teen! International Rap Star Identifies with School Drop-Out Problem Rapper Sean Kingston shared his view about school drop-out ‘Save a Teen’ thanked Sean Kingston for the support. Also to problems in the Carribean to his fans at the Istora Senayan Ja- Sentra Live as the organizer, local musicians and public figures karta, September 23rd, 2010. such as Iwa K, Eno with the SOB (Sons of Beat) and Manohara who participated and showed the support by wearing the same Sean Kingston, known for hit singles “Beautiful Girls” and wristband. On stage, SOB asked the crowd to visit the ‘Save “Eeenie Meenie”, is recognized as an international artist who a Teen’ booth. Thanks to the ‘Save a Teen’ band, Hollaback cares about humanity issues. This concern was expressed which performed their song with a multimedia presentation once again in a press conference at his Jakarta concert, by on facts about Indonesian Education. People, it’s time to act. addressing the ‘Save a Teen’ campaign which is geared towards Let’s ACT NOW! fund collection to help academically achieving teenagers from financially lacking backgrounds to stay in school. Sean said “If you care, then wear the same wristband I wear for ‘Save a Teen’!” ‘Save a Teen’ is designed to make donations easy and fun. Sean Kingston shows that by wearing the fashionable wristband from ‘Save a Teen’, anyone can make a social-fashion statement while participating in helping those in need. Putera Sampoerna Foundation 2nd Quarter Report 2010
  19. 19. Insights Partners 19Teenage Superstar Sherina Munaf supports ‘Save a Teen’More Than Gift of Musicfor Earthquake Devastated SchoolOn August 16, 2010, teenage superstar Sherina Munaf recently Sherina’s endorsement is part of efforts by the Putera Sampoernavisited SDN Donotirto, a public elementary school located in Foundation to help stem the flow of more than 1 millionBantul, South of Yogyakarta, to support the ‘Save a Teen’ Pro- teenagers who drop out of high schools nationwide each year.gram. During her visit to the school, Sherina donated a keyboard, 35 melodeons, 50 flutes and school uniforms. She also committed to donate some of her earnings to the ‘Save a Teen’ Program from the sale of her ring back tones for cell phones. Head of Corporate Channels of PSF Ario Saptomo said, “We have targeted to provide funding for 12,000 teenage dropouts across Indonesia every year” . The school has been rebuilt since it was leveled by the devastating Yogyakarta earthquake in 2006. “Public participation can be facilitated through donations via the PSF bank account or by purchasing ring back tones for cell phones offered by selected operators”, said Ario.Grand Zuri Hotels for CauseWelcoming another Partnerto the PSF “Save a Teen” Program Grand Zuri Hotels have announced their commitment to the Putera Sampoerna Foundation ‘Save a Teen’ Program. An MOU was officially signed at Grand Zuri Hotel, Jababeka II Cikarang on July 28, 2010 and the hotel committed to encourage its guests to donate IDR 10,000 and its multiples when they check-in. Grand Zuri Hotels are located throughout Indonesia including in Pekanbaru, Duri, Dumai, Palembang, and Jababeka – Cikarang. All funds received at Grand Zuri Hotels will be distributed to needy high school students through the Putera Sampoerna Foundation’s ‘Save a Teen’ Program. www.sampoernafoundation.org
  20. 20. 2020 News & Event Governments Public Private Partnership New Five Years School Development Program for Bintuni Local government and education offices in the Bintuni district The participants welcomed the initiative of the school together with the Putera Sampoerna Foundation through the development program which is seen as an opportunity to Sampoerna School of Education (SSE), have announced a new developt the education process in Sumuri Junior High School School Development Program. and improve the quality of graduates as a human resource. This new program will run for five years from 2010 to 2014 and From August 9 – 16, 2010 a second series of coordination is designed to develop, implement and improve the quality of meetings were held to prepare the technical aspects for education program at Sumuri Junior High School. implementation of the socialization for participants, the headmaster and teachers’ workshop and seminars for The first visit by the PSF Team during June 7- 19, 2010 involved parents. coordination meetings with local government and education offices, the socialization of the program with the participants, early assessment and selection process for teachers at the junior high school, a teachers and principals workshop and a seminar for parents of students at the school. Muara Enim and Empat Lawang Regencies Scholarships Announced In an encouraging move for education in South Sumatra, seven New scholarships were also announced on July 20, 2010 at a more scholarships to SMAN Sumatera Selatan (Sampoerna MOU signing by the Regent, Head of the Education Office and Academy) were recently announced. local legislative representatives of Empat Lawang Regency. On July 19, 2010 a MOU was signed in the District of Muara Based on the agreement, two students at SMAN Sumatera Enim by the Regent of Muara Enim and the Head of the Selatan (Sampoerna Academy) will each receive a three years Education Office. full scholarship. The agreement will guarantee five students who have The seven scholarship winning students are now embarking on graduated from Junior Secondary Schools in the Muara Enim a holistic education program designed to create future leaders Regency to receive three years full scholarship education at of high caliber who can help Indonesia face global challenges. SMAN Sumatera Selatan (Sampoerna Academy). Putera Sampoerna Foundation 2nd Quarter Report 2010
  21. 21. News &Insights Events 21International CSR Conference Hears the VisionPSF 4 Pillars Focus Part of Achieving MDG GoalsSynergy between the Government, community and the Nenny Soemawinata, Managing Director of PSF, discussedbusiness sector is greatly needed to resolve poverty and about the achievement of MDGs in Indonesia as well as theother societal gaps in achieving Indonesia’s 2015 Millennium implementation of social responsibilities as a factual solutionDevelopment Goals (MDGs). to the development of the society.This was disclosed in The 3rd IBL International Conference on Ms Nenny outlined the 4 main pillars of PSF’s missionCorporate Social Responsibility (The 3rd IBLCCSR) on Building in achieving the MDGs targets. The first pillar is theMulti-sector partnership for Sustainable Development which development of future leaders through education. Thewas held in Balai Kartini Jakarta on 29-30 September, 2010. second pillar is building entrepreneurship skill and creation of job opportunities through development of entrepreneurship.During the opening of the conference, Vice President of The next pillar is the enlightenment of the general populaceIndonesia, Boediono stated, “To handle poverty, there is a through women’s empowerment. And the last pillar is in theneed for synchronization from all parties of interest. This is form of assisting in the deployment of aid for disaster relief.very important because this synchronization will determinewhether the end result of the development can be felt by the The PSF 4 Pillars focusing on helping achieve Indonesia’scommunity”. The Putera Sampoerna Foundation (PSF) also 2015 Millennium Development Goals have attracted a lot ofshared its experience in handling CSR activities during the interests from both Indonesian and international delegates.conference. www.sampoernafoundation.org
  22. 22. 22 NewsPartners New & Events Opportunities, Not Gifts PSF Honored at MarkPlus Gathering The Putera Sampoerna Foundation (PSF) was honored to be The ecosystem also includes improved teaching skills and school one of the examples of an impactful CSR Operator during a development in rural areas, and the women’s empowerment Marketeer’s Club Dinner Seminar on September 29, 2010 at program where female entrepreneurs are nurtured and the Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta. assisted to run their business, so that they can contribute to their community’s economic development. Husin Wijaya, Practice Head of MIM (MarkPlus Institute of Marketing) emphasized the importance of establishing a As explained by Nenny Soemawinata, PSF’s Managing Director, sustainable and long term CSR program. One of the examples “We give them opportunities, but don’t give it as a gift. We was PSF’s founder Putera Sampoerna’s Manifesto to create a invest, and expect that leaders who graduate out of our system complete ecosystem for Education, which expected to be a role to remember their roots, and contribute back to the next model for Indonesia’s education system in general. generation. This is how sustainability can be created.” The ecosystem includes a process where selected students are helped and nurtured to become future leaders, and then in time will be able to contribute back to the next generation of students. Putera Sampoerna Foundation 2nd Quarter Report 2010
  23. 23. Insights Strategic Partner News 2355 New Shops and Skills TrainingSahabat Wanita Forges Aheadwith Women’s EmpowermentSahabat Wanita (Friends of Women) is one of the Putera On July 27, 2010, 50 women from the Tanjung Sari communitySampoerna Foundation’s strategic partners and aims to act as participated in health training on Diabetes Mellitus, supporteda ‘foster mother’ to promote the empowerment of women and by Johnson & Johnson.gender equality through training and economic development. This was followed by Basic Nutrition training on October 14,On August 26 2010, Koperasi Sahabat Wanita (Friends of 2010 which was attended by 34 women and fully supportedWomen Cooperative) or KSW launched its retail network of by Nestle.small shops or Warung Sahabat in the Tangerang area, not farfrom Jakarta. On October 21, 2010,32 female members of KSW participated in a Cooking Skills training session which was supportedA total of 55 small shops are now run by KSW members who by Bogasari.are supported by Sahabat Wanita. Sahabat Wanita continues to extend invitations of participationAs well as having the opportunity to receive financial to corporations and partners who share the vision of anassistance in the form of a one-year soft loan, KSW members enlightened populace through the empowerment of women.also receive training in small-management skills provided byYayasan Sahabat Wanita (Friends of Women Foundation).In cooperation with partners from across the industry, oneof Sahabat Wanita’s key activities is to enhance women’sknowledge about health, financial management andpractical skills. E www.sampoernafoundation.org
  24. 24. 24 Partners GalleriesNews Strategic Partner A Moment to Share Alms Givers Celebration Brings Joy to Scholars and Orphans Ramadhan is a special time when individuals from all levels of Bait Al-Kamil was also able to share a disbursement of IDR 18 society get together and share a common joy. During the most million to the five scholars from Madrasah Aliyah Negeri 13. recent Ramadhan celebrations, a particularly joyous event was attended by five scholars from Madrasah Aliyah Negeri Apart from that, during September 2010, a Bait Al-Kamil 13 (islamic high school) and 40 orphans at the Blitz Megaplex, booth at Sampoerna Strategic Square, Jakarta attracted many Pacific Place, Jakarta. workers and visitors to the Square to channel their alms during Ramadhan. On September 2, 2010 a special evening for Muzakkis (Alms Giving People) was organized where the five scholars and 40 A total amount of IDR 103,563,084 was collected and will be orphans enjoyed watching movies at the Blitz Megaplex. channeled to people in need. The year 2011 will see more funds channeled for scholarships and BEKTACE (Bait Al-Kamil Some of the students had never visited a Cineplex before or Training Centre), a training center for young school drop-outs. been inside a sophisticated mall such as Pacific Place. For them, it was an almost unbelievable experience. All participants at this Muzakkis celebration were greeted by representatives from Bait Al-Kamil and shared spiritual enrichment as part of sharing Ramadhan. Putera Sampoerna Foundation 2nd Quarter Report 2010
  25. 25. Insights List of Contributors 25List of ContributorsCorporate ContributorsDeutsche Bank AG IDR 1.000.000 - 5.000.000 IDR < 1.000.000 Lailly PrihatiningtyasDisDik PemKab OKU Alia Risyamaya Dewi Adelina Laksmi MaharaniExxonMobil Oil Indonesia Inc. Andi Eridanie Alda F Siregar Le NieGive 2 Asia Anggis Rakhmi Ichsan Amelia Suherman Lea Djamilah SriningsihMercy Relief Anindita Rahardjo Andi Achmad Manoppo LilyMobil Cepu Ltd Arfy Frisnanto Andries Sibarani Lily Wardani HoesinPemerintah Kabupaten Lahat Ario Widiyanto Anita Pascalla Matt Danalan saragihPemerintah Kota Prabumulih Asmarawaty Zaini Ari Rachim Marica Mike MeilaniTambang Batubara Bukit Asam Budi Mulyono Arianti N.P Pratomo(Persero) Tbk , PT Budi Suryanto Ario Saptomo Hediarto Nabil ParkarTrakindo Utama, PT Catharina Palupi Ari Dewi Astri Sri Sulastri Nana Kurnia AstutiWeda Bay Nickel Chika Wardhani Auditya Nisa Andriani Nurul Berlian Devara Atma Hudoyo Audry Gazali Ozal Thirafi Udaya Dewa Kadek Widhinugraha Bernice Cokrosaputro Ponky N. Pudjianto Eridanie Zulv Beta Novandaru Priscilla MartadjajaRetail Contributors Erin Supriyanti Billy Yuriko Putu A F Andriyani Ezekiel Sutjiamin Cecillia Hidayat Reda GaudiamoBank Mega Credit Card Farif Miharto Cinantya Sriyono P Redho YhophansaBursa Efek Jakarta Febriny Rimenta Cindy Lenggo Genie Renata MelvanoraBlitz Megaplex Firman Sumabrata Citra Savitri RetnoasihCalifornia Pizza Kitchen Gunawan Sunjoto Cynthia Ridwan TjitradjajaChopstix Restaurant Halim Perdana Kusuma Danny Karta Rina SuhastiChristian Dior Indonesia, PT Hanindyo Putro IR Deden Rochmawaty Robby Naru SanusiHEMA Dutch Resto Indra Hastoadi Dedi Setiawan RosaliaInfrastructure Asia 2010 Istiadi Wijaya Desiyana CH Rosalia Heny ChrismawatiMAP HSBC J. Prima Thamarina Dian Saraswati Rudi OktobertaMarkplus Inc Jastin Iskandar Dian Artati Rudi Indra JayaMenara Thamrin Juliani Dian Palupi Rusmi RusdiPapa Rons Pizza Juni Soediro Diar Endah Wulanda Sandrine Jezabel BPlay FM Radio Leny Wahyuni Dinda Nawangwulan Sanjay N. BharwaniPlaza Mandiri Linda Yanuar Tandjung Doni AS SantyRed & White Publishing M.Kurniawan Donny Bambang Bintoro Shirley MelindaStaco Graha Parklane Maharani Wuri P Dwimayati Kanadia Sisi SularsoStandard Chartered Bank Marcelany Dwinanto Santoso SugiantoTony Romas Syelvy Hartono Maria Ellen Eka Kusuma Wardhani Marsal Irwan Masita Endah Syifa Fauziah Melania Eka Widra D Erliana Tandoko Tan MelanIndividual Contributors Moh Syafri Pontoh Evita Yuniarti Theresia Gerungan S Mythia Bachsin Farani Harida Putri Tigor Simanjuntak Nataya Vidasagita Farida Lestari Tjatur SuharsoIDR > 5.000.000 Nova Liliana Sitanggang Fernanda Uun SuandaniAndrini Hendrayani Poedji Churniawan Fitri Alfiani Virginia RusliBudiman Gani Ratih Sukma Wirdhani Fitria Hasanah Wandy JohnChandrika Purwarin Reagan Halim Giovanni G Wangidjaja Yahya PermanaEka Handaya Wiraha Rhensi Margareth Hutapea Griya Rufianne Yardin OktoraEtza Anyasamova Rizki Imam Ardhi Hendra Cahyono Yobel HadikrisnoFranky A Widjaja Ronald Rosanto Indah Aprilia Yuki WiyonoGlaudy Hendarsa Rosita Indra Imansyah Yurike MaedaKarina Mochtar APIN Ryana Kharismawati Iwang MartonoKathleen C.Liem Santy Neria Juddy AnugrahManohara Adelia Pinot Sri Mulyati Rahayu Juliana WisupenoNathalie Halim Stella Maris Yappy Johny GunawanRio Rido Vanda Meijer Kartikasari BrynerioRita Suzanna Theodore Yufinah Sutharia Khatarina SihombingRiyanda Taswar Vira Soekardiman Kwee NicholasRobert Welty Become a Contributor We welcome your participation and commitment to if you would like to make a direct donation, please send it to: support the work of Putera Sampoerna Foundation. If you would like to become a sponsor and need further Yayasan Putera Sampoerna information about our program, please contact us: Bank: ABN Amro KCP Bursa Efek Jakarta A/C: 36 0052 3484 or 36 0052 3508 (USD) info@sampoernafoundation.org Bank: BCA, KCP Bursa Efek Jakarta A/C: 458 300 9992 www.sampoernafoundation.org
  26. 26. 26 Financial Highlights New Partners New Partners PT First Jakarta International Bursa Efek Jakarta managed by PT First Jakarta International is an office space committed to support Save a Teen campaign by providing free space to PSF on April 26-30, 2010. Cibubur Junction Cibubur Junction, a member of Lippo Group, is among the malls that provide complimentary space for Save a Teen on May 10-16, 2010. Graha Satria Graha Satria is an office building giving a complimentary space for Save a Teen booth from June 21- 26, 2010. Indika Energy Founded in year 2000, PT Indika Energy Tbk. has grown into a leading integrated energy group that specializes in energy resources, energy services and energy infrastructure. The Company operates through a number of subsidiaries and associated companies. PT Indika Energy Tbk. provides through PSF scholarships to 20 beneficiaries of regional police officers and their children in East Kalimantan. Jakarta Education Festival 2010 Kesekolah.com provides through its Jakarta Education Festival 2010 a complimentary space for Putera Sampoerna Foundation’s awareness booth from November 3-7, 2010. PT Jaya Readymix A joint venture between Boral International Pty. Ltd. (Australia) and the Jaya Groups parent company PT. Pembangunan Jaya, PT Jaya Readymix is the first and the largest supplier of concrete in Indonesia. PT Jaya Readymix through PSF has committed to support 1 year scholarships for its 200 employees’ children in total IDR 255.000.000,- Musica Musica is one of the oldest and biggest names in local music industry, well-known for producing big hits and famous artists. Together with other major labels Musica contributes to channel fund-raising from song and RBT “Rindu Bersatu” for “Save a Teen” campaign. Putera Sampoerna Foundation 2nd Quarter Report 2010
  27. 27. Insights New Partners 27Radya TamaPT. Kerabat Dyan Utama or Radya Tama is an event organizer for the successful kidsevent Bobo Fair at JCC and committed to provide Putera Sampoerna Foundationa complimentary space on its fair from June 30 – July 4, 2010.Sony Music Entertainment IndonesiaSony Music Entertainment Indonesia (SMEI) is an affiliation of Sony Music Internationalwhich produces and distributes international albums in Indonesia. Sony Music isamong the four major labels contributing through song and RBT “Rindu Bersatu” andits artists for “Save a Teen” campaign.Teluk BintuniThe local government of Teluk Bintuni regency in West Papua partnered with PuteraSampoerna Foundation for EQUIP (Education Quality Improvement Program) inBintuni, West Papua.PT Trakindo UtamaPT Trakindo Utama is the authorized dealer in Indonesia for Caterpillar products,the world’s largest manufacturer of mining, forestry, agriculture and constructionequipment, diesel and natural gas engines, industrial engines and generator sets.The company is committed to education improvement by partnering with PuteraSampoerna Foundation in School Refurbishment, Scholarships and EducatorEmpowerment Programs.Trinity Optima ProductionTrinity Optima Production is a local entertainment and music label, whose businessspecialization also includes artist management and branding management. Trinity isone of the four labels committed to produce song and RBT “Rindu Bersatu” whichcontributes its proceeds to support “Save a Teen” campaign.Warner Music IndonesiaWarner Music Indonesia is a major music label, an affiliation of Warner MusicInternational with an array of best-selling hits and top artists. Warner Music contributesits part to produce song and RBT “Rindu Bersatu” along with other labels and its artistssupporting Putera Sampoerna Foundation’s “Save a Teen” campaign.Xnet Creative NetworkingPT Exhibition Network Indonesia or Xnet Creative Networking is an event organizerbehind the success of international level exhibitions such as DEEP Indonesia 2007 &2008 and SCOPE Indonesia 2010, later will be organized in two cities: (Sabuga, July1-3, 2010) and Jakarta (JCC, November 12-14, 2010). Xnet Creative Networking givesPutera Sampoerna Foundation considerable support by providing free space for theFoundation to operate awareness booth during their exhibitions. www.sampoernafoundation.org
  28. 28. 28 Financial Highlights Partner Galleries Partners Galleries Education Program Partners Putera Sampoerna Foundation 1st Quarter Report 2010
  29. 29. Partner Galleries Financial Highlights 29 Corporate ChannelsStudent Loan PartnersStrategic AlliancesMedia PartnersInternship Provision Partnership www.sampoernafoundation.org
  30. 30. 30 Financial Highlights 2010’s Second Quarter Financial Highlights Started the first quarter of 2010, Putera Sampoerna Foundation had a slight increase in its net asset by 15 % and maintains its healthy final balance of more than Rp 182 million for the upcoming quarters. CONTRIBUTIONS & EARNINGS USD IDR (In 000) SOURCE OF SUPPORT AND INCOME CONTRIBUTIONS & EARNINGS USD IDR (In thousand) Putera Sampoerna 4,537,492 40,492,575 6.92% Institutional Contributors 10,556,187 94,203,414 0.54% 27.82% Individual Contributors 88,246 787,512 Other Income 1,128,907 10,074,363 IDR (In 000) TOTAL CONTRIBUTIONS & EARNINGS 16,310,823 145,557,864 EXPENSES AND CHANGES IN NET ASSETS USD IDR (In thousand) PSF Sponsored Program Expenses 64.72% Scholarship Expenses 782,251 6,980,807 Putera Sampoerna Sampoerna School of Education 1,662,154 14,833,062 SF - Sampoerna Academy 734,502 6,554,695 Individual Contributor Student Loan 319,696 2,852,967 Institutional Contributor Others Non Scholarsip Program* 331,367 2,957,115 Other Income Total PSF Sponsored Program Expenses 3,829,969 34,178,646 PSF-SPONSORED PROGRAM EXPENSES Donors Sponsored Program 8.35% School Reconstruction, SF-USP, 8.65% 19.18% 20.42% Sampoerna Academy, Computer Donation, Teacher Knowledge 4,085,187 36,456,207 and Resource Centre Program- PT HM Sampoerna Tbk. School Construction & Educators Quality 263,765 2,353,842 Improvement Program - Sampoerna Agro Scholarship - Astro 179,141 1,518,341 Education Quality Improvement Program 103,784 926,167 43.40% - Mercy Relief Scholarship Expenses Scholarship, School Reconstruction 96,717 863,100 and Adopt a Teacher Program - Sampoerna School of Education Standard Chartered Bank SF - Sampoerna Academy SF USP - PT BP Indonesia 77,011 687,246 Sampoerna School of Business USP - Exxon Mobile 66,744 595,627 Others Non Scholarship Program* Putera Sampoerna Foundation 1st Quarter Report 2010
  31. 31. Financial Highlights 31 Teacher Training and School Construction 61,080 545,079 - Deutsche Bank Teacher Training and Teacher Scholarship 53,524 477,6 - Credit Suisse Foundation ‘Other Sponsored Programs** 403,425 3,600,167 Total Donors Sponsored Program 5,381,378 48,023,420 Total Program Expenses 9,211,348 82,202,066 General & Adm Expenses 3,132,647 27,955,745 Fundraising Expenses 269,406 2,404,179 TOTAL EXPENSES 12,613,401 112,561,991 Increase (Decrease) in Net Asset 3,697,431 32,995,873 Net Asset, Beginning Balance 17,987,329 160,518,927 NET ASSET, ENDING BALANCE 21,684,760 176,809,827 * Consists of Alumni Affairs, Student Loan, Research and Program Development, SEER (School Establishment & Education Recovery Program), and Unit Pelayanan Zakat (UPZ) - Bait Al-Kamil ** Consists of donor sponsored program expenses below 1% of total donors sponsored program expenses The rate of exchange used was IDR 8,924 to US$ 1, computed by taking the average transaction exchange rates of Bank Indonesia as of September 30, 2010 DONORS SPONSORED PROGRAM EXPENSES School Reconstruction, SF-USP, Sampoerna Academy, Teacher Knowledge and Resource Centre Program-PT HMS Tbk. 1.13% 1.00% School Construction & Educators Quality Improvement Program - 1.24% 1.43% 7.50% Sampoerna Agro 1.80% Scholarship - Astro 1.93%3.16% Education Quality Improvement Program - Mercy Relief4.90% Scholarship, School Reconstruction and Adopt a Teacher Program - Standard Chartered Bank SF USP - PT BP Indonesia USP - Exxon Mobile 75.91% Teacher Training and School Construction - Deutsche Bank Teacher Training and Teacher Scholarship - Credit Suisse Foundation Other Sponsored Programs** HOW WE USE OUR FUNDS 2.14% 24.84% 73.03% Program Expenses General & Adm Expenses Fundraising www.sampoernafoundation.org
  32. 32. Sampoerna Strategic Square, North Tower, 27th floor Jl. Jenderal Sudirman Kav. 45, Jakarta 12930 Telp. (62-21) 577 2340 Fax. (61-21) 577 2341 E-mail: info@sampoernafoundation.org Website: www.sampoernafoundation.org Follow our Twitter : psfoundation Facebook fanpage : Sampoerna Foundation