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Gyan vihar isbm newsletter first issue

  1. 1. Contributors to this issue : Prof Swati Mishra Dr. Ruchi Goyal Dr. Ram Garg Dr. Preeti Sharma Dr. Renu Pareek Prof. Deep Mathur Prof. Puneet Bafna Prof. Inakshi Prof. Parul Dr. T.K. Jain Ms. Neha Punjabi glorious past of India and attributed the giant achievements to the Uni- versities like Nalanda, Taxshila etc. The independence day was celebrated with en- thusiasm. The students and faculty got an oppor- tunity to listen to motiva- tional lectures by Chair- man, Chief Mentor, and President of the Univer- sity. V2V Band presented melodious music presen- tations. In his scintillat- ing address Honorable Chairman Sunil Sharma said that Universities are the makers of the na- tions. He recalled the "Universities are the makers of the Nation" - Chairman We have hosted the pres- tigious Grand finale of the 22nd National Busi- ness Management Simu- lations (popularly called NMG) being conducted by All India Management Association. This is a very prestigious event and it has very high reputation in business circles and professional bodies. This year, 132 teams from leading companies of In- dia participated in differ- ent rounds. After clearing rigorous rounds there were 11 teams which qualified for the grand finale, representing four regions namely - North, Eastern, Southern and Western Regions of man- agement associations and corporate India. All India Management Association organises national Business Man- agement Simulations every year. This event is based on business simula- tions, which are con- ducted using a software called "Chanakya", which is based on business deci- sion making in complex and turbulent business environments. The teams which are able to take right decisions are able to win in this competition. Thus this is a game of business decision making and the best decision makers win. It was a great opportunity for ISBM to host the Grand Finale - which were held in Rajasthan for the first time. The team from Indian Oil Corporation won this year's NMG and got prize of Rs. 1 lakh. The team from Powergrid Corporation was the the runner up team and got prize of Rs. 60000. Both these teams will now par- ticipate in the Asian Business Simulations, which will be held in Sin- gapore. If they are able to win again, they will qual- ity for the World Business Simulations. The Chair- man of Gyan Vihar Uni- versity Sri Sunil Sharma distributed the coveted prizes. Gyan Vihar ISBM हलचल BUSINESS SIMULATIONS (NMG) BY AIMA Inside :  Amazing per- formance of school of hotel management in creating world record  CIMA Collabora- tion T his newslet ter is prepared f or all t hose w ho are well w ishers of ISB M 15/8/13 Volume 1, Issue 1
  2. 2. 4. Maruti Suzuki Gurgaon 5. Indian Oil Corporation, Delhi 6. Steel Authority of India Ltd. , Bokaro 7. Hindustan Petroleum Corporation, be launched shortly). Mr. Chinmaya took the social development and social activities as responsibilities of every citizens and spared some time out of his busy schedule. Mr. Chinmaya or- gansied Cycling show and environ- mental presentations during C3W 2012 (Convention on Climate Change and Water crisis Oct. 2012), which was ap- preciated by all the students. Suresh Gyan Vihar university has been constantly motivating students to pur- sue social development agenda and also to become entrepreneurs. The initia- tives of the University bring results as we witness students converting them- selves into social catalysts. Their suc- cess stories further reinforce the spirit of the University and we get inspired to channelise the energies of the students towards this great cause and for the benefit of both the student and the soci- ety at large. I shall mention here about one such student of Suresh Gyan Vihar Univer- sity - Mr. Chinmaya. While doing his engineering, Mr. Chinmaya was ac- tively involved in social development activities, which ultimately enabled him to start an NGO called ECO PAD- DLERS (started in 2012) and also a website called (it will Mumbai 8. Bosch Ltd., Bangalore 9. NTPC Noida 10. NTPC Jhajhar 11. NTPC New Delhi These 11 theams are winners of their regional business games and therefore they are the best teams in the country in business games. All these teams appreciated hospitality and the overall arrangements made by ISBM. During NMG, the corporate representa- tives who came from different parts of the country, appreciated the infrastruc- ture and facilities of ISBM. They also appreciated the approach and attitude of the staff. Following were the teams which quali- fied for the Grand Finale of NMG (conducted by AIMA) this year : - 1. ONGC Mumbai 2. Powergrid Corporation Gurgaon 3. BPCL Mumbai The students of ISBM are going to start forums of achievers, where they will collaborate to undertake some aca- demic activities with the guidance of faculty members and achieve practical insights. A: ET Reading and Discussions In this club students will read ET and discuss among the club members. This develops the self study approach in the students and develops their presenta- tion & analytical skills. B. Digital Marketers Digital Marketing club links the world at market space. This club will support and update all the digital marketing strategies and internet marketing and the club members will try out their hands on digital marketing. It will use the MARKETING AND ADVERTIS- ING RESEARCH LAB of ISBM. C. Virtual Traders A virtual trading is a reproduction of an event real or hypothetical that hap- pened or can happen in a stock / com- modity market. It enables the students to understand the theoretical concept in practical manner and also under- stand the aspects which influence cur- rency rates, share prices and commod- ity prices. It will use the FINANCE LAB of ISBM. D. Business Planners Students will prepare business plans and present them in B-Plan contests. They will invite entrepreneurs and interact with them. They will work closely with Entrepreneurship Cell of the University. Every student of ISBM regularly reads Economic Times and Business World. The students are also regularly orga- nizing events, which enable them to transform themselves into managers. FORUMS OF ACHIEVERS IN ISBM AMAZING STUDENTS OF SGVU ISBM HAS AMAZING INFRASTRUCTURE— BUSINESS SIMULATION EXPERTS FROM THE CORPORATES Gyan Vihar ISBM हलचलPage 2 “ISBM has amazing infrastructure, and you have tremendous commitment to service” - one participant
  3. 3. In an amazing display of finest level of coordination, the students of Gyan Vi- har School of Hotel Management pre- pared the WORLD'S LARGEST, HEAVIEST, AND EGG FREE PIE on 18 August 2013. The event was well organised and managed by the stu- dents, who took less than a month for this amazing milestone. Large number of visitors were stunned to see the en- thusiasm, team work, vision, dexterity, coordination, managerial skills and efficacy. There were a number of other events also for the entertainment of the visitors like Magic Show, Film Shows, Musical Orchastra, and displays. This is the first time that a Pie of such a huge size was made - that too egg free as per the policy of the University to promote vegetarian food. The weight of the Pie was 365 Kg and its dimensions were 12 feet by 6 feet. It was outcome of research by the faculty members of the school of Hotel Management. We congratulate Mr. Manoj Srivastava, the Principal of the School of Hotel Management and the entire team on this giant achievement. stipend for his outstanding contribution during the summer project. The com- pany requested for extension of his summer project considering his great contribution to the restructuring proc- ess of the company. His tremendous efforts have benefitted his company. We are proud of his contribution and wish him a bright future. ISBM started B.Com programme last year. Our B.Com is also as rigourous as MBA. Students study over 22 papers during three years and they cover all the papers of company secretary pro- gramme, hence they gain expertise in corporate administration. There are summer projects also in this pro- gramme, which is under the guidance of some CA / CS. Thus the students get a great opportunity of getting hands on experience of working in corporate world. The students of the first batch have done their projects in different compa- nies. We are getting positive feedback about their summer projects. Mr. Amit Pathak, a student from B.Com. (Corporate Secretaryship) did his summer training in Living Greens and got special appreciation letter and guide the faculty / visiting faculty about its course contents and teaching peda- gogy. This FDP will be conducted on 30 August 2013. ISBM is the only institute in North India to have this kind of tie up with CIMA. This will enable students of B.Com (Honors) to get tremendous ad- vantage. The placement of CMA is very good and therefore this programme will enable students to pursue a great course just after class 12th. ISBM has signed an MOU with CIMA London, whereby the stu- dents of B.Com (Honors in Manage- ment Accounting) will also get an op- portunity to undertake CMA (Chartered Management Accounting) at ISBM. We shall be now offering educa- tion for CMA (Chartered Management Accounting) along with B.Com (Honors in Management Accounting) at our campus from this academic session. As a part of collaboration, ISBM will bene- fit from curriculum, expertise, study material, placement support, and re- sources of CIMA. CIMA will be conducting one day Fac- ulty Development Programme (FDP) to WORLD'S LARGEST, HEAVIEST, AND EGG FREE PIE B.COM (CORPORATE SECRETARYSHIP) AT ISBM FDP BY CIMA ON 30 AUGUST 2013 Page 3Volume 1, Issue 1 WORLD’S LEADING INSTITUE IN MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTING—CIMA IS NOW PARTNER WITH ISBM
  4. 4. dence. Thanks would be a small word here...." - Taruna Nagori (MBA Fi- nance from ISBM 2009-11 batch) Reminisciences - from the pen of Alumni Alumni are the brand ambassadors of any institution. ISBM is priviledged to have a very rich alumni network. Eve- ryone who has once studied in ISBM has pleasant memories of ISBM. This is one platform, where they can share their memories, present achievements, and future plans. We are also planning to organize Alumni Meet on 10/10/13. All the alumni are advised to coordinate with Dr. Renu Pareek to organize it in their dream manner and to make it memora- ble. "... great two years of experience. I have got everything in terms of career, growth and achievements and level of success. Thanks to all my faculties and friends. I had great experience while conducting virtual trading game in ISBM. ISBM has given me super confi- This newsletter is an initiative to document the various ac- tivities taking place in ISBM. Please subscribe to receive this newsletter regularly. In order to subscribe it, please write an email to The subscription fees is that you have to promote this newsletter among your 10 friends. Please provide us their email ids, so that we can send them this newsletter regularly. Your articles and news clippings are also welcome. We shall be delighted to publish them. Any student from Gyan Vihar University or any alumni / well wisher can contribute his articles / notes / writings / photographs for this newsletter. ISBM Isbm.gya ISBM: where young leaders experiment and innovate SGVU MAHAL JAGATPURA JAIPUR 302017 Ph: 0141-6450389 Email : is bm