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Inspire 2019 - Annual Magazine of Inspiria

Inspire is the annual college magazine & yearbook of Inspiria Knowledge Campus, distributed to all the members every year.

The magazine glorifies the activities and the achievements of staffs and students including alumni.

This year the magazine is themed to "Looking Ahead"

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Inspire 2019 - Annual Magazine of Inspiria

  1. 1. LOOKING AHEAD Annual Magazine of Inspiria Knowledge Campus INSPIRE2019
  2. 2. Contents 1. Message from the Chairman 2. Managing Trustee’s Message 3. Convincing the Unconvinced 4. Preface 5. From The Faculty Social Media: A prominent trending force in journalism 6. From The Faculty My Spirit Flies Free 7. From The Faculty This Left Feels Right: Looking into decision making 8. From The Faculty The Degree of Life: Fact & Fallacy 9. From The Faculty Growth & Development of Radio Storytelling and Drama Program in India 10. From The Faculty The Mega Sporting event- ICC Cricket World Cups 11. From The Faculty Racism in English Language 12. From The Faculty Will Robots Replace Human Beings? 13. From The Faculty Emerging Challenges in Cyber Security (ESPCCS) 14. From The Faculty Recipes 15. Events Upbeat in the Campus 16. Students Article 17. From 1001 Things Fulpati Festival 18. Batch 2018 Photographs 19. Our Courses
  3. 3. Thus, Inspiria was conceived. Born to inspire and equip an unparalleled learning experience, Inspiria encourages the youths to forge ahead in their chosen career fields. Our distinctive approach to theoretical and practical education assures holistic industry experiences and skills to the aspiring youths. Inspiria provides the youth with a groundbreaking opportunity to identify their bent and pur- sue an education on the same. Our career-focused programs transcend beyond the walls of the classroom and realistically enrich your career aspirations. Our guidance not only helps you identify your true potentials but also instill leadership and entrepreneurship attributes. And, above all, we ensure to lead you beyond the degree of literacy and make you ‘well-pre- pared’ to undertake the challenges and demands of the modern professional platforms. Inspiring Change for Quality Education & Career Shri Lalchand Prasad THE CHAIRMAN OF INSPIRIA KNOWLEDGE CAMPUS Oftentimes, a radical and progressive change requires a catalyst. Since ages, quality educa- tion has always been that catalyst for inven- tors, pioneers, leaders, and the greatest minds on the planet. Education is an explicit inter- pretation of freedom. It is the sole medium for breaking the hell-bent boundaries of stereo- types. Education is life.
  4. 4. Message From the Managing Trustee Atul Gupta MANAGING TRUSTEE J P SAHU FOUNDATION There are so many memories that we created in the last one year, it would be unfair not to collate all of these memories in one place and preserve it forever. Thus this annual magazine gives the much desired opportunity and a platform to publish student’s thoughts and creativity that marks their zest for life. The magazine not only serves as a chronicle of various activities showcased by our college and members of faculty alike but also asserts our inner beliefs and perspectives and aptly puts forward various achievements of students in their joint and personal capacities. It is with this belief that I thank all those who have been instrumental in promoting the insti- tute to greater heights of distinction with particular reference to our dear students who have immensely contributed to the magazine. With a vision towards a shared future, I wish all my readers the very best in their personal and professional lives as we continue to move ahead with our vision of success. Our institution has taken firm steps in strengthening the academic-industry interface through student placements and industry interaction and a host of events and activities were con- ducted to keep our students exposed to constant changes in the corporate world in order to integrate the same into their path of learning. The arrival of the second edition of INSPIRE depicts the constant endeavour of Inspiria Knowledge Campus in furthering its mission of world class quality education, technology driven academic delivery and an undying focus on making students realize their potential to the fullest.
  5. 5. Convincing the Unconvinced Rahul Gupta OPERATIONS HEAD We’ve attained this level and still, we notice the need to keep pace with this internet- driven world, this advancing technology inducing digital in every sphere. Certainly, we are living through such life-changing times – in a snap or, in a blink of an eye, things change! Albeit the change, we introduce you to our Annual Magazine- “INSPIRE” which is akin to a light revealing the institution’s memoir, struggles, principles, values, and missions. It just feels surreal, evenly gratified & thrilled to have the first edition of INSPIRE being published. In the originality of its creation and layout, Inspire Annual Magazine attempts to mirror the values and the essence of the institution itself. Today, Inspiria stands in its new light and abides by its principles, shaping the destinies of the youths through quality education and training. Our Annual Magazine consequently intends to reflect and inspire the readers in the excellence in writings and aesthetic visual representation, in its promises to pre- cision and truth, and through fine discussions and editorial perspective and more alike. It seems only yesterday that we walked into a newly constructed campus. I remember ad- dressing merely a dozen new faces and wel- coming the fresh batch of students for the first time. And here we are now- 5 years from where we’ve started! May our horizons continue to grow broader. Regards. Truly, this present generation is rolling quicker!
  6. 6. Indrajit Chatterjee (HEAD - ACADEMICS) It is my pleasure to announce the second edition of our college magazine. The journey started in the year 2015 with the introduction of four cours- es. This year we will be offering nine courses for the year 2019. We have been able to spread our wings to include new innovative undergraduate degree courses such as Sports Management, Animation & Multimedia and Film & Television Studies. We direct a lot of emphasis in the area of liberal arts with a focus on critical thinking. Students take part in a wide range of extra curric- ular activities that are regular features in our aca- demic calendar. Our students actively participate in Sports and Games. Students have achieved success at university level competitions too. We have successfully completed a nation- al seminar, where more than 25 faculty mem- bers teaching different subjects from all over India attended and presented papers. This year we are starting inter-college paper presenta- tion by the students to inculcate the culture of research mindset within the student commu- nity. Our library has become rich in terms of collections of titles. Many renowned academi- cians and industry professionals have shared their experiences with us through lecture ses- sion in our campus. We have also conducted a leadership talk program, where senior ex- ecutives from IBM, NIIT, Infosys, NASSCOM among others, have addressed our students. This college magazine is the place, where students, members of faculty, staff members show- case their creativity and thoughts. We would also like to update the community as a whole with our activities. Preface I wish you all the best for this endeavour. With warm regards.
  7. 7. From The Faculty Social Media: A prominent trending force in journalism The advent of social media has revolutionized the way people communicate in the contemporary society and reshaped the very nature of journalism practiced in mainstream media. The digital space especially the popular social media platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc has provided great avenues for the masses to fraternize, thereby eliminating the barriers of time, space and distance. The primary reason for the rapid upsurge among the various social networking sites is contributed to it’s ability to instantly connect people from across the globe within mili sec- onds and also because smartphone can accompany with you in your pocket, not to forget the high speed internet connectivity. In the last decade or so, social media has undoubtedly become a dominant and growing source of news and information for hundreds of millions of people around the globe. It has not only changed the dimension of how masses consume news but also the process of gathering news. The chal- lenge for mordern day journalism is to compete with this new digital media platforms which are ram- pantly changing the media landscape. It has got quicker, immediate and more personal than anyone could ever conceptualize. We are well aware that news needs to reach its targeted audience quickly but with social media it travels even faster almost at the speed of light. The ability to publish or broadcast news on social media platforms at anytime of the day from anywhere makes it extremely time relevant compared to newspaper or television. Even the content is more dynamic since it can be constantly updated much faster than television and newspaper. The readers or viewers can not only witness the news content real time but also post and share views and feedbacks on the same. Social media gives an opportunity to reimagine the public sphere with more transparency and pro- viding much greater space for all citizens. Audience can now possibly have interactive dialogues and social interactions with the Journalists. The conventional linear communication process accus- tomed with traditional media forums is turning into two-way conversations thanks to social media. Social media also provides ample opportunities to ordinary citizens to share stories and facts from their neighbourhoods, locality, or community making it more consumer centric as well transforming the traditional nature of journalism where only a certified newsman was allowed to report newswor- thy information. Public awareness about socio-economic-political issues is very important and social media is facilitating a lot in this regard. Many issues which often gets ignored in mainstream conventional media have found new alterna- tive space to express the content and garner public attention. The future of media and its role in dis- seminating information will be constantly challenged by the inception of social newtorking platforms. The phenomenal growth and success of popular social media forums in circulating newsworthy con- tent is commendable with increasing powers laid on the hands of the consumers making it almost impossible to hide or supress newsworthy issues pertaining to common citizens. By DIPJYOTI DAS Asst. Professor (BMS)
  8. 8. The digital space is truly promoting the very idea of free speech and expression pivotal for a dem- ocratic society. But several challenges lies ahead since the digital space is still uncontrolled and unfiltered, subject to misuse from vested interest. Anonymity and lack of moderation are also some serious factors taken into consideration when we take into context the role a fabricated content can have on society. Sometimes it’s difficult to trace the veracity of a content as well as the origin. However, the larger question still remains to what extent the consumption of news through conven- tional media forums will be dented with the ever growing presence of social networking sites since the former still dominates the news industry. Independence of media is a battle which the conven- tional platforms are still aspiring for whereas the social media space till now enjoys complete eman- cipation from any hindrances. Probably freedom is the one exception where social media is ahead of the race compared to mainstream traditional media. Interesting days lie ahead to witness on the overarching role social media may play within the periphery of the news media ecosystem. JOURNALISM INSTAGRAM FACEBOOK WHATSAPP TWITTER YOUTUBE
  9. 9. I stare into the stormy sunset And ache for dawn to come I ask myself why - The inability to accept The story sunset Leaving me thirsting so. One day I’m sure I will know. I will feel the hues That the sunset brings As well as the calm grace Of the newborn dawn With equal ease - one day it will be. When that happens I believe it will The day That my spirit Will be truly set free And then I woke up one day And it hit me right away. I flew as a bird set free From The Faculty MY SPIRIT FLIES FREE
  10. 10. When I realised - I didn’t belong to me! Life owns us all She allows us to fall She watches us fly She grieves and mourns when we die So, What have I to fear? Neither hurt Rejection - Nor tear. Once I had realised within my heart That I was But a part Of a plan, of a scheme This is - Life’s dream. The thought set me free Like the way life wants me to be Higher and higher I soar For fear is with me No more- So come and join me As life travels through eternity With you And me. By STEFFI PRASAD Asst. Professor (BMS)
  11. 11. From The Faculty This Left Feels Right – Looking Into Decision Making When it comes to choice and decision making we all get confounded by the number of options that may lie before us; each promising a certain outcome with varying levels of certainty and ambiguity. Yes, we’ve all been through such situations before and possibly we are facing the same at this point of time. Humankind as a whole alone can think, conceive, articulate countless thought processes in their mindswitheachhavingitsownreflectivescenariousplayedwithintherecessesofthemind.Whatmen and women conjure in the deepest depths of their consciousness they themselves might never objec- tivelyrealizebuttherationalpartoftheconsciousmindrushesintoprojectanabstractionofthethought that we may somewhat comprehend. At the other level of the thought spectrum conscious thoughts surface and present themselves in totality that incorporates clarity of mind, self introspection of the deepest level, careful consideration and examination of scenarios that may aid in decision making. Advances in the science of decision making informs us about research findings that helps to il- luminate our thought processes. According to Ohio State University, generating at least three op- tions is a game changer. It enables one to engage in ‘out of the box’ thinking. It always helps. Dr.ThereseHouston,adecisionmakingexpertandauthorofHowWomenDecide,assertsthattoooften weonlygiveourselvesonlyoneoptionanddeludeourselvesintothinkingit’sactuallytwo.ShallIdothis or not? There’s actually one option present in purview – I’m going to make this change or I’m not going to.. But if one gives herself three options, one can decide better by giving room to more possibilities. A research at the University of California Davis by Dr. Jack Grinband asserts that if one post- pones the inception of the decision process even as less as 50 to 100 milliseconds, it makes the brain to focus attention on the most relevant information and shield out irrelevant distractors. Pausing for six seconds – the amount of time it takes emotion chemicals to be fully absorbed after release in the human system makes a better scenario to make more original, powerful lev- el-headed decisions based on our goals. This means that control can be exercised over percep- tual neurological processes to arrive at better decisions by resorting to the advantage of time. By ARNAB SEN Asst. Professor (BBA)
  12. 12. In all scenarios removing oneself from the contempletive situation that is in immediate reference and looking at the problem from a third party perspective may not only lead to better and wiser deci- sionmaking but it may also lead to a plethora of positive outcomes when pitched against the future. The same has been propounded by in experiments at the University of Waterloo. When we talk about decision making in our personal sphere which may range from the simplest of choice making such as “which type and color of carpet I would like to purchase?” to the relatively composite such as “ which are the critical, semi critical and peripheral factors that require serious consideration for searching a marriage prospect” to the highly complex such as “which religion should I follow that would lead me to self realization ?” one can adopt an equal perceptive premise to arrive at optimal decisions that would be in the best interest of the initiator. First of all, think about the problem at hand from a third person perspective to make sure that bias- es, preconceptions are recognized, checked and kept to a minimum if not altogether nullified. This would at the start assure you of a relatively neutral perspective of the problem. Then think of various ways that you can find out to look at the problem; everytime differently from a different point of view. Give yourself that much required time University of California Davisas possible for hasty decision making do not yield best outcomes in most circumstances. Keep your emotions on check but be emphatetic as well to respond to value based and emotional scenarios from a well thought, self de- liberated perspective. See to it that your thoughts are not clouded by moral dilemmas or dissonance of the mind and achieve a state of mental disassociation and liberation from the problem scenario so as not to get unduly influenced by various overwhelming factors. Only then what you perceive, feel, think and act upon will lead to the best possible outcome from the situation. It is therefore more of a habit that needs to be consciously nurtured in our minds than a mere knowl- edge of how to engage in productive decision making; training our minds to respond in the above ways that guarantees optimal decision making would not leave us astray or delude us into a world of oblivion but clarify our intellect and our senses through ways unprecedented.
  13. 13. What to do next? This is a typical question that excites, taunts and often haunts close to 30 million kids in India who graduate each year..... For the chosen few - the enlightened; the confusion trickles in the initial days of college boot camp and orientation and for the majority the ordeal stealths in the fag end of the second year. There are clouds that encapsulate many in its unchartered and in- substantial ethereal world of dust and haze leaving many in the impression of observed, self-devel- oped and many times imposed skepticism that leads to an apparently-self-contradictory or logically unacceptable conclusion. Inundated in the world of dissonance where one deliberately incites to challenge one’s own ability and in that fabricated torment shifts the mind from the deemed sanctity, peace and security of the shores to the wilderness and the ruthlessness of reality like misery per- sonified. Choices hover between abort or save mission! Like an arrogant and condescending dialectician, the maleficient diety of ego and restrain tries its hoodwink in a desultory fashion attempting pre- cariously not to judge others just because they have sinned differently. Life gets into a tizzy and in a convivial tinkering between the possible and the probable as the fear of the impossible lingers strongly behind. TheDegreeofLife:Factand Fallacy By NEERJANG LAMA Asst. Professor (BBA)
  14. 14. In the universal law of obsequious fullness of the senses, this all may rather appear little dramatic; but if it intrigues you, or acceptably terrifies you, then firmly move forward and salute yourself be- cause you are an impartial and a reasonable person. Quality of participation can’t always be mea- sured and I reckon you may feel utterly and completely wasted and this will last just for a while albeit the elasticity depends on how each one stretches and distinguishes the timeline for their own ‘while’. Life can be found in abbreviations, acronyms, palindromes, and oxymorons making sly and shy innuendos and juvenile delinquencies. The apprehension, which we beckon fear resides in all of us and all that it asks is for your diminutive, though undivided attention, and some understanding so it has a place in space, to live, breathe, like reparation to the emancipated soul and above all the willingness to reciprocate in the mellifluous stream of consciousness. It is the law of nature and its basic extinct of survival that concede beings to execute immediate, abrupt, represented, gradual or a completely impromptu move to ameliorate, although never to deteriorate. As we attempt to have a glimpse of life after degree; it ought to come to our realization that this is where the comfort zones cease to exist. Many succumb fervently to this larger than life bolt from the blue, without realizing that extensive and extended highly exciting and even far strongly loaded time- liness awaits to be explored. Rise above from the appalled and indistinct chatters of the masses. All it takes is a daring heist and it could net you millions. In a snap of a second, at times even faster than the speed of light the pain pulverizes to extinction and from all mental famine life transforms into a psychological feast. Go and be in all places in the world you want to be. Play, seek, manipulate, appreciate and acquire. Become the best of the best. To seize upon the opportunity, to grasp that moment of magic you need to leap forward with all the gusto and might. Merely gazing from the threshold of their naive dwellings, cuddled happily in the fortification of their womb of satiety, one can never reach out for the stars. Sanity never breathes solely in a sanitorium of isolation like vapor, unseen. Sanity frets and swells in an auditorium of openness, appreciation, and accolades. The alleviation does not transpire through a conspiracy of swearing out loud, but by simply wearing the priceless smile and walking confidently with grandeur to savor the flavor and celebrate the moment where people cheer and applaud as you pass by. That would be victory forever! They did it ... so can you... The battles seem inevitable. The ammunition of verbs solemnly attaching adjectives to one’s prop- er nouns. The degree sidewalks like the gentle strokes of the brush, attempting to utter and insert the alluring artist in you. The canvas of life lays tranquil, barely being swithered by the feeble trials, because it craves for the impetus of a plot, and as apparent, it may be, in a deluge of an emotional frenzy of allusion, illusion, and delusion the best of human technologies can fail. Nothing substantial can be installed unless it is instilled in our minds that the more we confront our fidelity and tragics, the more we discover and logically deal with it to yield prolific gains. Gains that provide an intuitive and innate sense about something momentous and monumental. Bestow upon yourself by yourself the vigor, heat, and the rhythm to choreograph the dance moves, to swing, undulate and step on the deck of aggrandizement so you bounce with glee; well coordinated with the jingles of the universe.
  15. 15. From The Faculty Growth & Development of Radio Storytelling and Drama Program in India Storytelling is an art and this art is slowly and steadily generating good business for FM Radio in India. Statistics showed a positive sign for FM Radio Industry and the good news is size of audi- ence based is increasing day by day. According to AZ Research report over 64% population in India listens to FM Radio every day. Radio is one of the oldest mediums but it still stands tall when it comes to reach states AZ Research’s Radio Listener’s Research Report. According to the report, more than 64% of people listen to FM radio every day. They attributed the increased ac- ceptance of FM radio to the ease of access. Since electronic media is a vast term, I would like to only focus on radio. In this research paper I would like to throw a light on Growth & Develop- ment of Radio Storytelling program in India. According to TechSci Research report “India FM Radio Industry Forecast and Opportunities, 2019”, the country’s FM radio industry is forecast to reach $ 656 million by 2019. Over the last five years, Delhi, followed by Mumbai and Bangalore, Kolkata, Lucknow have emerged as the leading markets for FM radio in the country. This is mainly attributed to the large number of FM radio listen- ers living in these regions. We’ve grown up hearing the stories from our elders, every children loves to hear stories from elders, it could be a grandfather, grandmother, mother, father or even siblings, these people became the storytellers for them, before going to sleep they develop the tendency to hear a fairy tale. This illus- trates the power of storytelling – why we often all fall in love in stories. Introduction By TAQUI HAIDER Asst. Professor (BMS)
  16. 16. “India FM Radio Industry Forecast and Opportunities, 2019” has evaluated the future growth po- tential of FM radio market across India, and provides statistics and information on market structure, market trends, market size, etc. The report includes FM radio projections and demand forecasting. The report is intended to provide cutting-edge market intelligence and help decision makers in tak- ing sound investment evaluation. Besides, the report also identifies and analyzes emerging trends along with essential drivers, challenges and opportunities available in the Indian FM radio industry. Radio drama is the art of performing stories, acts, or even full-lengths musicals to be broadcast on radios. These productions have no visual aspect at all, and rely on the dialogue, music, and sound effects to tell the story. In a period before television and films, radio plays were extremely popular, as they were so widely accessible. Radio dramas began as early as the 1880s, but have roots back to the Roman playwright Sene- ca, who wrote plays to be performed by readers in a purely auditory fashion, as opposed to act- ed on stage. In 1921, the first English-language radio drama aired in Pittsburgh in the United States. The response from the public was enor- mous, and a year later, entire Broadway musi- cals featuring the original casts would be per- formed and broadcast. In September of 1922, Schenectady’s WGY began airing weekly plays, and this trend caught like wildfire. Subsequent- ly, radio stations across the US. began airing plays or one-acts regularly, and hosted scripting contests to encourage more writing. Radio dra- mas grew exponentially in popularity between the 1920s and 1950s, declining only after tele- visions became more common in households. Radio Drama depicts the reflection of life in all spheres from very vast field of India and the world. The variety of themes, such as social, historical, mythological, biographical, folk, abstract, science fictions and family melodrama; the quality of presentation and ability to create mental pictures through words, sound effects and music is called Radio Drama .
  17. 17. Neelesh Misra occupies a unique space on the Indian creative landscape, probably the only creative professional to work across so many diverse genres. He writes Bollywood lyrics and scripts, narrates stories every night on radio to a nationwide audience of 31 million people, is an award-winning jour- nalist who now runs India’s first professionally run rural newspaper, Gaon Connection — and has written five books and edited two. His last day job was as Deputy Executive Editor of the Hindustan Times. He moved on to pursue his love for writing and creating content that connects him with more and more people by means of books, stories, songs, scripts and his voice. As a journalist, Neelesh Misra has covered conflict and insurgency over the past two decades in South Asia, travelling deep into the hinterland. His travels have taken him from the rebel heartlands of Kashmir to Naxalite-dominated areas of central and eastern India, to the faraway north-east which is home to some of the world’s longest running insurgencies. He has closely studied the Maoist insurgency in Nepal. For his reportage from India’s insurgency lands, he received the Ramnath Goenka Award For Excellence In Journalism and the K.C. Kulish Memorial Award in the year 2009. Many stations of AIR broadcast plays in Hindi and their regional languages. Radio adaptation of classics, novels, short stories and stage plays are also some of the highlights of Radio broadcast. Besides original plays, a large number of AIR stations regularly broadcast family dramas with object of eradicating deep rooted social evils and blind beliefs prevailing in the society. Serials projecting current socio-economic issues are also broadcast on a regular basis. The National Programme of Plays is an important programmme of Radio. The first NPP “PRAFULLA” a Bangla stage play by Girish Chandra Ghosh was broadcast in July 1956. Since then, the NPP is broadcast on every 4th Thursday of every month at 9:30 p.m. from all stations of AIR. The broad- cast is in Hindi and its translation in all regional languages as well on the same day, date and time. Through this NPP, the national integrity, harmony and colours of unity in diversity are presented to our listeners.
  18. 18. From The Faculty The Mega Sporting event- ICC Cricket World Cups The ICC Cricket World Cup is the mega event of one day international cricket. It is conducted by the International Cricket Council (ICC) every four years with preliminary qualification rounds leading to the final rounds of the tournament. This event is one of the most viewed sporting event globally. The first world cup was hosted by England in 1975. The event started on 7th June 1975. England has organized the first three events and officially it was known as the Prudential Cup. All the matches played in this tournament were of 60 overs per team and all were day matches with players wearing white jersey and playing with a red cricket ball. Eight teams participated in the inaugural tournament comprising of Australia, England, India,New Zealand, Pakistan, and the West Indies (the six Test playing nations at that time), together with Sri Lanka and a composite team from East Africa. West Indies won the tournament by defeating Australia by 17 runs in the final at Lords. Prior to the 1979 world cup an ICC Trophy competition was introduced in order to select the non test playing teams for the world cup with Srilanka and Canada qualifying for the tournament. The West Indies cricket team won the tournament for the second time by defeating the host nation England by 92 runs in the final. England again hosted the 1983 world cup for the third consecutive years. Zimbabwe qualified to play in the tournament through ICC Trophy Competition. Teams were divided into two groups of four each. Each team played the other three in their group once with the top two from both groups ad- vancing to the semi-finals. The Indian Cricket team was crowned the world championship title after they beat the West Indies by 43 runs in the final. The 1987 world cup was the first world cup to be hosted outside England. The tournament moved to the Asian continent with India and Pakistan getting the previledge of jointly hosting the tournament. The game was played 50 over a side as the daylight hours were less comparecd to the European continent. Australia emerged as the champion by defeating England by 7 runs. In the year 1992 the world cup was hosted by Australia and New Zealand, the two Australasian na- tions.The tournament has undergone a vivid change in the context of the game in terms of coloured clothing, white balls, day/night matches, and a change in the fielding restriction rules. South African team for the first time participated in the tournament. Pakistan the second asian team emerged as champions by defeating England by 22 runs in the final. In the year 1996 the world cup tournament again for the second time moved to the Asian continent with Sri Lanka getting the priviledge to host few group matches along with India and Pakistan. The host nation, the Lankan Lions become the champion of the tournament by defeating Australia by seven wickets in the final at Lahore. By DEBASISH RAY Asst. Professor (BBA-HM)
  19. 19. In 1999 the world cup went back to England. Australia beacame the champion for the second time by defeating Pakistan with eight wickets in hand. In the year 2003 the tournament was organized by the African nations comprising of South Africa, Zimbabwe and Kenya. The number of teams partcipating in the tournament was increased from twelve to fourteen teams. Australia emerged as the champion by defaeating India by 125 runs in the final in Johanesburg. The 2007 world cup was hosted by the Carribean Nations ( West Indies). The number of teams participating in the tournament was increased from fourteen to sixteen teams. Australia emerged victorious by defeating Sri Lanka in the final by 53 runs (D/L method) as it was a rain affected match. The Asian cricketing giants i.e. In- dia, Bangladesh and Srilanka hosted the 2011 world cup tournament. The number of teams participating in the tournament was decreased to four- teen teams. The host nation India lift- ed the world cup for the second time and for the first time in their home soil by defeating the island nation Sri Lanka by 6 wickets in the final in Mumbai. Australia and New Zealand together hosted the world cup after 23 years in 2015. The final was played between these two nations with the Australian team emerging victorious for the fifth time by defeating New Zealand by 7 wickets in Melbourne. The 2019 world cup tournament is the 12th edition of the tounament since inception and is going to be or- ganized by England and Wales from 30th May 2019 to 14th July 2019. The first match will be played at the Oval and the final at Lords.The format for the tournament will be a single group of 10 teams, with each team playing the other nine once, and the top four at the end of the group phase pro- gressing to the semi-finals. The win- ner will be decided at Lords on 14th July 2019. The interesting fact about this year tournament is that all the matches will be played in a round robin fashion.
  20. 20. From The Faculty Racism in English Language Language is a representative of society’s beliefs, political situations, economic statuses and trau- matic experiences. The power of language is to be the mute spectator and document all that goes around acting like a mirror to society. It is through language, that Prospero controlled Caliban in Shakepeare’s Tempest, Hitler created an outrage among the Germans to stay unified, V S Naipaul enlightened us with the growing trend of “mimic men”, Martin luther King gave the striking phrase of “I have a dream” which became a reality with Obama’s ‘Yes!! We Can’. There is a striking collabora- tion between the ‘language’ and ‘culture’ of a particular place. A small research stated that in Span- ish, a watch is said to walk, whereas in German, the watch functions, in French, the watch marches, and in English , the watch runs. English Language remains the dominating language all over the world and mostly in the colonised nations, who could free themselves from the shackles of slavery and second class citizenship, but could never emancipate themselves from the racism of the language. Even in the post colonial era, the thought process of an individual is guided through English language, as we know it is the lan- guage that taught us that, ‘Time flies, Watch Runs and Time is Money’, and on we go with the race. The one who fails in the race, loses time as well as money. English language remains such a powerful tool for us to decide the victim and the victor, the self and the other, the white and the black, the dark and the light. A small in- stance can be taken from the re- search of the play Tempest, by Shakespeare, which highlighted on the achievements of Prospero, the man who occupied the land of ‘barbaric’ people like Caliban. He taught language and culture to Caliban so that he could efficient- ly carry out his responsibilities as directed by his master. Was lan- guage a liberation or bondage for Caliban? Caliban used the same tool of language to create an outrage and revolution for freedom as he realized how learning could bring change. “ The stone that the builder refuse will always be the head cornerstone”, remarked by Robert Nesta Marley who is none other than the famous lyricist and musician, Bob Marley, was born out of a Jamaican white father and Jamaican black mother. Marley used the English language in the song to vital the effect of cementing his thoughts on being shunned by his white family. By SHRISTIKA CHHETRI Asst. Professor (BBA)
  21. 21. From The Faculty Will Robots Replace Human Beings? In today’s world ,we are in a phase where internet is a basic requirement. It is expected that in future all the work will be done by robots .The devices working on Internet of Things or IOT are capable of maintainig details about your health, to sense change in weather or to maintain the electronic devices which include home appliances like electric light, Acs etc. In 2016, Hong Kong has already developed the first humanoid robot named Sophia. Telsa is planning to start driverless cars which will replace the drivers. In 1942, Issac Asimov, science fiction author defined a robot as “”...a machine which may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm”. In todays world ,there are robots which are being used to collaborate with humans to ease the work.They are known as cobots.They are inteded to be used for interaction with humans physically. An Automated guided vehicle(AGV) is a special type of robot which is being used for transferring heavy machinery using marked lines on the floor Introduction Impact of Modern Technology on Human Life • Unemployment: Robotics and Artificial Intelligence is replacing man power for certain jobs which is no surprise. We all know that certain jobs are disappearing as those are totally being replaced by machines. Industrial revolution has also led to unemployment but the fields were machines used at that time were the ones having harsh environment for human beings. It has also been predicted that there would be large scale job losses again when machines will have the capability to think and make decisions. • Dependability: Man has become fully depen- dent on machines and has lost his creativity by becoming dependent on machines. Many people today struggle with simple calculations without us- ing calculators and mobile phones. Though these tools make our life simple, we may become highly dependent on them. • Wars and Destruction: The affiliation between AI and nuclear war is acknowledge. Modern tech- nology could be a major explanation for increasing war because of producing of recent weapons. By NILAV DARSHAN MUKHOPADHYAY Asst. Professor (BCA)
  22. 22. The sensing technology present in robot is very precise and accurate as compared to humans. Their brains consist of the core functioning at its peak potential with nothing to hold it back.It can process a large amount of data in speed which is uncomparable to human beings.They can work for 24x7 for 365 days without any wages making robots a cheaper option as compared to human beings.They can be used to work in harsh environment like mining . Even though the robots lack the emotion ,the robots can make more logical and faster decisions “But will they take over man.” • Environment: We are hooked in to fashionable technology that the power consumption has enhanced. Increasing use of vehicles has increased air pollution that is damaging the environment. The impact of technology on the environment is severe and is accountable for forceful climate changes. Global warming is resulting to many diseases in humans. There is conjointly extinction of many birds, plant and animal species due to the changes in climate. The answer will be possibly no because the robots require training which is being provided by the humans.They work according to the commands which is fed into the system’s memory.The humans have a special power of adaptability to change which is provided to them from nature.Whereas as the robots are totally dependent on commands,they cannot change their code themselves for different environment.They are mostly made to work for a particular environment. They can not understand emotions eventhough they can generate which is composed of a sequence of facial expressions and/or gestures. Since they lack emotions, sometimes the outcome of decision can be very evil. Even though ,the robots can defeat humans in some aspects but the relationship between man and machinery is dependent on each other as man need machinery to ease his work and machin- ery require man to provide the commands to machinery. Is Robot over Man? Is Man over Robot? Conclusion
  23. 23. From The Faculty Emerging Challenges in Cyber Security (ESPCCS) Access control has been and will always be one of the centre pieces of cyber security. The future of access control focus on three necessary characteristics of future information systems and tribute, automation and adaptation. Future access control policies delegating more of the routine being fine grained, at the same time which are future access control are properties of relevant entities, Emerg- ing Security and Privacy Challenge of Cyber Security(ESPCCS) by delegating more of the routine, future built automation and adaptation, however human users are configure to access around these three systematic element of the transaction on dependable and secure computing on data and ap- plication security leads multiple terms conduction research of many aspect of cyber security includ- ing secure information share, social computing security , on access control model and technology conference on computer and communication security term conduction research on many aspect security including secure information sharing, social and urban development of new age technology leading government organisation, lecture all over world. The world is spinning on an electronic spindle, where the cyber threats are the considerable accounts needs to be wary. Looking onwards 2018’s ransomware attack ,facebook breach which is identified on16th of September 2018,the biggest whistle-blower leak in history of FIFA,bug within the website of Google+was sharing the access to the accounts and data from Google+ profile between 2015 till March 2018,cyber-attack on UBER which happened to expose 57 million customers and driver data on 2016, cybersecurity breach on BRITISH AIRWAYS which affected around 380,000 transactions, around 2 million T-Mobile customers who were based in the US had their account details breached in which their names, email IDs, account numbers, billing details and encrypted passwords. Cyber defenders need to be very circumspect on some probable challenges that might be : Deepfakes/Phishing : Deepfake is an AI-based technology used to produce or alter video con- tent so that it presents something that didn’t, in fact, occur .Deepfake is an AI-based technology used to produce or alter video content so that it presents something that didn’t, in fact, occur. So the hacker will either be flooding the world with fake videos(DeepFakes) on some sensitive issues which will have very low frequency of discrimination with respect to its original version or will acquir- ing the control over the users credentials by Phising. By SOURAV BHOUMICK Asst. Professor (BBA)
  24. 24. Poisoining of data set: to be realistic, Artificial intelligence is been used to anticipate and detect the cybercrimes by providing the model with trained data. A Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) is a class of machine learning systems where two neural network contest with each other in a zero-sum game framework. This technique can generate photographs that look at least superficially authentic to human observers, having many realistic characteristics. Now using this technology its a quite handy job to predict the algorithms and target the trained data sets to poison the whole model. Hacking of blockchain technology: a way for one Internet user to transfer a unique piece of digital property to another Internet user, such that the transfer is guaranteed to be safe and secure, everyone knows that the transfer has taken place, and nobody can challenge the legitimacy of the transfer. But it’s still early in their development, and researchers are finding bugs in some of them. So are hackers, who have exploited flaws to steal millions of dollars’ worth of cryptocurrencies. Target on the cloud: Cloud computing is the the use of various services, such as software de- velopment platforms, servers, storage and software, over the internet i.e remotely, often referred to as the “cloud”. This makes super-tempting targets for hackers. Their intensity is to breach the company servers as well as to tamper the clients profile too. The world leading companies and organisations can afford the cost of cybersecurity defences but this will effect the small industries. The extension of technology is in its pace wich require a broadspectrum of security to protect the human race from themselves economically and socially.
  25. 25. Recipes By ANJANI NANDAN Asst. Professor (BHM)
  26. 26. Aam panna Think summer and it’s those lovely ripe chausa, dasheri, langra: the varieties of mangoes savoured by all. But to beat the scorching heat of those summer months in the main heartland of UP and Bihar we do have a summer coolant made from unripe mangoes. In addition to heat resis- tant properties it helps to restore the lost salt due to sweating, has iron and vitamin C and prevents diarrhea.The combination of tangy mangoes with spices and mint gives a soothing effect to our palate. Preparation time : 10 minutes Cook Time : 30 minutes Serving size : 4 glass Ingredients Raw green mangoes : 2 pcs Roasted fennel/saunf : ½ tbsp Roasted cumin powder : ½ tspn Black Pepper : 3-4 pcs Red Chilli Powder : ¼ tspn Black salt : to taste Sugar : ½ cup Mint leaves : a bunch Method • Wash the mangoes and remove the skin. Separate the pulp. Do not throw the inner stone ( the hard part which we call as guthli ). • Take a vessel, add the cut mangoes, roasted fennel, black pepper, chilli powder sugar. • Add water to cover the mangoes. • Now put it on heat to boil then simmer and let it cook till the pulp becomes very soft, approximately 20 minutes • • Leave it to cool down. • Remove the stone and grind the mixture. Strain it in an- other bowl. • Now add approx 2 glass chilled water to adjust the con- sistency. • Add the jeera powder and black salt. • Crush 8-10 leaves of mint and add to bowl and mix well. • Serve chilled in a glass of ice cubes topped with mint leaves.
  27. 27. Guava Merry Ingredients : Guava juice – 90 ml Fresh lemon juice – 10 ml Suger syrup – 10 ml Tabasco sauce – a dash Preparation time : 3 minutes Method : In a boston shaker add four to five cubes of ice , 90 ml guave juice , 10 ml fresh lemon juice, 10 ml Suger syrup, and a dash of tabasco sauce. Shake it well and strain it in a margarita glass. The quantity of beverage is 4 oz (120 ml ). Glassware : Margarita glass Garnish : Rim the glass with spicy mix ( red chilli powder and chat masala ), and green chilli. By SOUVIK SARKAR Asst. Professor (BHM)
  28. 28. Mango Daiquiri Ingredients : Whire rum – 45 ml Fresh mango juice – 70 ml Fresh Lemon juice – 15ml Suger syrup – 10 ml Preparation time : 3 minutes Method : In a boston shaker add four to five cubes of ice , 45 ml white rum , 70 ml fresh mango juice,10 ml fresh lemon juice, 10 mlSuger syrup , and Shake it well and strain it in a champagne saucer glass. The quantity of beverage is 4 .5oz (140 ml ). Glassware : champagne saucer Garnish : mint leaf and mango wedge
  29. 29. PHILADELPHIA CHEESE CAKE Philadelphia Cheese 500g Castor Sugar 200g Youghurt 50g Cornflour 10g Eggs 5no Marie Biscuit 250g Butter melted 35g Egg White 64g Castor Sugar 30 DEHYDRATED CHOCO MOUSSE. Egg White 180g Castor Sugar 180g Icing Sugar 180g Cocoa Powder 50g CHILLY INFUSED MARSHINO STAR ANISSE COU- LIS. Sour Cherry 250g Castor Sugar 250g Star Anise 15g Bird Eye Chilly 10g Serves – 8 portions BakedDelights By ANANDA SHANKAR CHATTERJEE Asst. Professor (BHM)
  30. 30. METHOD OF PREPARATION: 1. Cream the cheese and castor sugar together. 2. Mix the youghurt and corn flour and eggs together to the creamed cheese mix. 3. For preparation of the base grind the biscuits to make it powder. 4. Add the melted butter and egg white and castor sugar to the biscuit powder to make a dough. 5. Label the mixture in a mould lined by alluminium foil. 6. After lining it bake the base at 180 degree celcius. For 15 mins. 7. Let it cool down. 8. Pour the cheese cake mix in the lined mould and bake it at 160 degree celcius for 45 mins to 60 mins. In a hot water bath. 9. After baking cool it down to 8 degree celcius to cut it smoothly into desired shape. 10. For making coulis place the cherries and sugar in a pan add the staranise and bird eye chilly and cook till the sugar is dissolved. 11. For making the dehydrated choco mousse beat the egg white castor sugar and icing sugar to form a meringue, add seived cocoa powder to it. 12. Line it in a tray and bake it untill crispy and dry at 100 degree celcius. 13. Plate it as desired.
  31. 31. A Plethora of meaning events added value to students experience at inspiria UPBEAT IN THE CAMPUS InspiriaQ North Bengal’s largest annual quiz competition was or- ganized on 17th November 2018 by Inspiria Knowledge Campus. The preliminary rounds of the competition were conducted in over 91 schools with 13,000 participants from Sikkim (Namchi, Gangtok), Kalimpong, Kurseong, Darjeeling, Mirik, Siliguri, Jalpaiguri, Hasimara, Jaigaon, Alipuduar, Coochbehar, Malbazar, Binnaguri and Rajganj. The winner of InspiriaQ 2018 was G.D Goenka Public School, Siliguri who bagged a cash price of Rs.15,000 along with Certificates. The first Runner-up was BSF Kadamtala who received a cash price of Rs.10,000. The second runner-up was St. Joseph’s North Point Darjeeling, who was granted a cash price worth Rs. 7,000.As a token of appreciation, Inspiria Knowledge Campus presented pens, bags, and certif- icates to every participant present on that day. EVENTS
  32. 32. The winner of InspiriaQ 2018 was G.D Goenka Public School, Siliguri bagging a cash price of Rs.15,000 along with Certficates. The first Runner-up was BSF Kadamta- la who received a cash price of Rs.10,000. The second runner-up was St. Joseph’s North Point Darjeeling, who was granted a cash price worth Rs. 7,000. As a token of appreciation, Inspiria Knowledge Campus presented pens, bags, and certificates to every participant present on that day.
  33. 33. Insvaganza 2019 Towards Learning and Recreation The third edition of Inspiria’s annual So- cio-cultural Fest – INSVAGANZA 2019 was successfully organized on 22nd and 23rd of February. The biggest annual fest of this region comprised of 34 events across two days, with more than 20 colleges partici- pating from and across the region of North Bengal. The highlight of the event was the “Fusion Wood” band which the students relished. With various compelling events like turn a coat, business events, and many creative and cultural prize-winning events, the fest witnessed a huge number of registrations and saw active participation from students of many colleges. What made INSVAGAN- ZA different was with the growing trend, PubG was retained as an event in the col- lege.The event was inaugurated by Mr. Ra- hul Gupta – Operations Head, Academics head Mr.Indrajit Chatterjee and Coordina- tors of the various Departments Mrs. Sher- ry George, Miss. Steffi Prasad and Mr.Anja- ni Nandan. The inauguration was followed by a string of events like solo singing, rap battle, fashion show, among others.With the students’ initiative, the spirit of innovation and creativity, the events spanned over two days with great enthusiasm. The perform- ers from all over North Bengal showcased their skills and talent and it could be said that the spirit was definitely high!
  34. 34. SILIGURI Youthrun 2019 When “Youth” painted the city Orange! Inspiria Knowledge Campus hosted the second edition of Inspiria Youth Run on 24th February 2019. It was a chilly sunday morning. The empty roads and the quiet ambience was the obvious proof that the city craved more of the sunday morning slumber. However, it was otherwise at Inspiria Knowledge Campus. From the dawn of 5.00 AM onwards, the campus brimmed with the volunteers and the enthusiastic participants for the marathon. Running, in fact, is the only sport to be highly recommended by the doctors no matter what ailment you are suffering from and how old you are! So, what’s the purpose behind the Inspiria Youth Run? Inspiria Youth Run was a vision to provide high-quality education for all. It was formed with a mission to raise funds for educating the underprivileged children in so- ciety and to make the youth of the country free from the slavery of illiteracy and ignorance. Mr. Atul Gupta (Managing Trustee, Inspiria Knowledge Campus) him- self actively participated in the run. The marathon fur- ther strives to instil the sportsmanship and to lead a healthy lifestyle among the citizens.
  35. 35. Inspiria Youth Run 2019 received an excellent response from a huge number of participants who came forth for the run, supporting the cause. The only one of it’s kind of marathon to be held in the entire North-eastern region, having participants from Sikkim, Bhutan, Nepal, as well as from various regions of Hills and Plains including those from the border town Jaigaon. The marathon was divided into two categories- 5 km and 10 km. The participants from the regis- tered category had to cover the trails that combined Himachal Vihar, City Centre Mall area, and Uttarayan. There were volunteers appointed at multiple spots along the racing track to guide the runners with the direction of the route. The “Guest of Honor” for the Inspiria Youth Run 2019 was the famous and legendary personality, Mr. Murlidhar, Former BSF Commando, trainer for Olympics 2020 in New Delhi. He is the first Indian to win a Bronze medal in “World Marathon Run” 1988. He has won 20 Gold Medals,11 Silver, and 7 Bronze medal in “Marathon Run”. Overall, he has won 40 Medals in both the National and Global category. The marathon began with the “Flag Off” ceremony by Mr. Murlidhar. The 10 km Run was scheduled at 7:00 AM and the 5KM Race at 7:15 AM respectively. Each partic- ipant was given a bright orange T-Shirt with a printed insignia of “Inspiria Youth Run 2019” in black and bold. Each participant was also given a unique BIB number for the marathon. The race was quite a beautiful sight to behold. The runners traversing the marathon trails splashed the city with the hues of orange underneath the mild golden morning sunlight.
  36. 36. The event was a huge success because “Inspiria Youth Run 2019” received support from those that preferred a change in the society through education. The event ended with the prize distribution ceremony where each participant was awarded a certificate of participation and a finisher medal as an acknowledgment. The winners for both categories were awarded the Winner trophies, a certificate, a finisher medal, and a free one Year Gym Membership from Gold Gym India. Inspiria Knowledge Campus continues to help and sup- port the change through education and hence looks for- ward to meeting you again in next year’s youthrun.
  37. 37. Freshers 2018 Bartending And Work Flair Workshop An enriching session on bartending & work flair was conducted on the 9th April 2018 by Mr. Rahul Sarkar & Team (bartenders of Tantra, The Park Kolkata) at Inspiria Knowledge Campus, Siliguri. En- thusiastic undergraduate Hospitality Management students of the college attended the workshop to get an in-depth knowledge and learning about modern trends & tricks of bartending, basic bar flair, work flair and preparing various classic and innovative cocktails & mock tails. The session convened from 11.00am onwards and continued till 1.30 pm with various bartending basic skills shows, hands-on training on preparing cocktails & mocktails by the students, and interactions with the students about modern industry trends with presentations. The primary objective of the workshop was to enhance the knowledge of the students about the bartending profession as career options and make familiar about the modern industry stadard, and introduction to the cocktails & mocktail’s basic preparations. Mr. Rahul Sarkar is currently working as the head bartender at Tantra, The Park Kolkata. He is award winner of THE CORRALEJO MAR- GARITA CHALLENGE 2016, (All India Bartend- er Competition) as Best bartender of East zone.
  38. 38. Inspiring Leaders Talk The Inspiring Leadership Talks event is of it’s kind to be held in the North Bengal region, in which the iconic leaders from the prestigious orgniza- tions address and inspire the stu- dents regarding various industries, leadership, and entrepreneurship and future career prospects in the fast ad-vancing world. The event is the initiative taken by the Inspiria Knowl- edge Campus. The remarkable event first started on 27 November, 2018. The sole objective of the event is to inspire, enlighten, and expose the students with the fast-evolving world so that they can strive to be a better version of themselves in their chosen field. Celebrating The Spirit Of World Cup
  39. 39. SERIES Inspiria Knowledge Campus was privileged to organise ‘Inspiring Leaders Talk, 2018’ and host the founder and executive chairman of CYIENT, an infotech enterprise which gained its recognition in 1991 with an aim to provide engineering services to global market. A member of NASSCOM ex- ecutive council since 2003,chairman of Confederation of Indian Industry(CII), a prolific business analyst who has recently been awarded with the Padma Shri, he is none other than Dr. B.V.R Mohan Reddy. Dr. Mohan is credited ‘Engineered in In- dia’ brand, providing design engineering services to global companies including Boeing, Airbus, Pratt and Whitney, Bom- bardier, Philips, Siemens and Westing- house. He also serves as a Chairman, Board of Governors of IIT Hyderabad, member on the Board of NIIT Universi- ty, Neemrana and member of Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at IIT Hyderabad. ‘Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality’ - Warren Bennis DR. BVR MOHAN REDDY An Inspiring Leader
  40. 40. On 27th November, 2018, a session where the students of Inspiria Knowledge Campus got an insight into the growth and evolution of various industries, leadership and entrepreneurship which was a great opportunity for them. Dr. Mohan started with the most basic question- ‘What was the first Industrial Revolution?’ and gave us an understanding of assembly line manufacturing production- T assembly line by Hen- ry Ford. He also talked about Moore’s law, founded by Gordon Moore, cofounder of Intel, which states that the number of transistors in a dense integrated circuit doubles every two years. In an era where technology has its impact in every part of the world, he made us realise that we youngsters are lucky to be born in this period. This is the age where technology has grown expo- nentially and youngsters can gather knowledge from within their fingertips. He gave the figure of 5 billion people having access to technology directly or indirectly in the world population of 7 billion. We indeed are blessed to study in such an organization where we get to meet the distinguished leaders and personalities and get to know their stairs of success towards leading the world.
  41. 41. The morning of 27 November, 2018 marked the opening of the Iconic Leadership talks at Inspiria Knowledge Campus. The OAT (Open Ampi Theatre) covered in a satin blanket of ivory coloured drape crisscrossing each other resonated with the excitement of over 350 students full of positivity and anticipation to meet and greet Mr Som Mittal - our guest of eminence. Mr Som Mittal is currently a strategic advisor to corporations, governments, academic institutions, trade bodies and business leaders. He served as President of NASSCOM steering the industry through the most turbulent period and helped the industry grow significantly. He has also been rec- ognized by the World Information Technology and Services Alliance (WITSA) with a lifetime achieve- ment award for outstanding dedication to the growth of the global information and communications technology industry. MR. SOM MITTAL An Inspiring Leader
  42. 42. As Mr Mittal addressed his views on corporate leadership he filled the ambience with intel- lect, wisdom and power. He emphasized the importance of strategic directions and the benefits of good leadership. He advised students on how to cope in an ever-increasing change in mar- kets, customers and technology. He was highly impressed with the variety of courses offered at Inspiria and was awestruck seeing the multiracial, multicultural mix of the students in the campus. He appreciated the sculpturesque infrastructure of the college and its objective of transferring quality education to students to enable them to thrive and flourish in a diversified environment. The students felt inspired and rejuvenated after the session which indeed came with a bonus take away on how to excel at work, succeed in life and lead with determination.
  43. 43. The Future Of Employment Opportunities As a part of the Inspiring Leaders Talk 2018, Inspiria Knowledge Campus was proud to host Ms. Debjani Ghosh, President NASSCOM on the 30th of November, 2018 that marked the final day of the programme. Debjani Ghosh is the fifth President of The Nation- al Association of Software & Services Companies (NASSCOM),  veteran of the technology industry, and a champion of gender diversity in corporate India, Ms. Debjani was the first woman to lead Intel India, Manufacturers’ Association for Information Technology (MAIT), and presently NASSCOM. Ms. Debjani Ghosh commented on the scenic campus that the college hosts and highly appre- ciated the modernity of the institute in terms of infrastructure and facilities offered. She spoke about how her firm belief in herself along with an undauntable spirit to achieve led to an illustrious career spanning over two decades where she held diverse leadership roles across geographies in South and Southeast Asia at Intel. A firm believer in the power of technology in enhancing lives and livelihoods and lever- aging it for societal good, Ms. Ghosh is also an advocate of women empowerment and be- lieves firmly in inclusive growth in organizations in terms of equal opportunity and exposure. She led a highly interactive session with students and strongly asserted that will power, career focus and strong devotion to one’s career will ultimately lead to success be it working for an or- ganization of repute or intiating and continuing an entrepreneurial pursuit. MS. DEBJANI GHOSH An Inspiring Session By
  44. 44. She spoke about how she was the first non-engineer to have made to Intel and grown and learnt exponentially over the years as her firm belief in herself was instrumental in steering her career growth and asked students of Inspiria Knowledge Campus to imbibe the same spirit of courage and desire to strive for and excel in their chosen fields. Students from various streams of Inspiria Knowledge Campus questioned Ms. Debjani on ‘career choices to be made’, ‘dichotomy of choosing between further education vis-a-vis getting into jobs’ and ‘initiating start-ups’. Ms. Debjani replied to a flurry of questions by saying that “it’s a personal choice between choosing higher education and jobs” but at a personal level she upheld the ne- cessity for practical training which enables learning and growth. She also said that knowledge and information about career choices must be gained and adjusted with real world scenarios to obtain a realistic understanding of employment opportunities that lies in front of young graduates. Ms. Debjani Ghosh spoke about how Artificial Intelligence has already started to replace many components of jobs and how by 2022 artificial intelligence would be able to replace many ba- sic human jobs that are repetitive by nature. She quoted Alibaba founder Jack Ma who said that schools and colleges should teach students how to be different from machines and said that one must go on making milestones in one’s career despite obstacles that may come along the pathway. Students were engrossed with the interaction and they benefited immensely by being imparted with knowledge-led clarity on career choices which greatly expanded their mental horizons and inner motivation to excel.
  45. 45. MR. RAJENDRA S. PAWAR An Inspiring Leader Inspiria knowledge campus was honored to host Mr. Rajendra S Pawar, Chairman and Co-Founder of NIIT Group and NIIT Limited as part of the Inspiring Lead- ers Talk on 28th November, 2018. Mr. Pawar, a Padma Bhushan awardee as well has not only revolutionized the IT training industry, but is also recognized as a global technology thought leader. The talk focused on leadership and the key factors that are required to become a leader. He stressed on the need for every individual to be initially a follower and then become a leader. “Leaders were also once Followers”, he said and to be- come a great leader one has to be a great follower. Mr. Pawar then continued the session by talking about various aspects of leadership which are Inspiration – Inspiration gets people going, helps them to see the bigger picture. Aspiration – Helps in direction and what one wants to achieve. Respiration – The idea of open mindedness and incubation. Perspiration – Conversion of the idea to its logical conclusion, i.e. the finished product or service. From Followers to Leaders …The path to become a Leader!
  46. 46. “Success is not easy to achieve, anything worth achiev- ing takes the greatest effort” he encouraged the stu- dents to follow this mantra – Inspiration, Aspiration, Respiration and Perspiration to become a great leader. The talk concluded with the Managament Trustee Mr. Atul Gupta felicitating Mr. Pawar with a memento.
  47. 47. Wine Tasting Workshop Inspiria organised an enriching session on Wine training & wine tasting by Sula Vineyard for Hos- pitality Management Students. The workshop was conducted on 15th March 2019 by Mr. Soham Poddar (Asst. Manager testing & marketings) at Inspiria Knowledge Campus, Siliguri. Enthusiastic undergraduate Hospitality Management students of the college attended the workshop to get an in- depth knowledge and learning about different types of wines, their characteristic , food pairing with various wines, & taste of each variety of wines (including white, red and sparkling wine). The session convened from 12.00pm onwards and continued till 1.30 pm with various basic knowledge about the wines, hands on training on the uncorking of different wines like red and white sparkling & their service techniques, wine tasting procedure by following 5S thumb rule , food pairing with different wines and interactions with the students about modern industry trends of wine culture . Mr. Poddar also added that the main active ingedi- ent of wine is alcohol. Since drinking small quantities of wine is good for health, there will be a decreased risk of heart disease, cancer etc on drinking wine. Mr. Poddar spoke on how the term “Sula” became popular as a label. He then went on to give a brief description of wine making process with different brands of Sula that are currently on offer in the market for sale and consumption. The primary objective of the workshop was to enhance the knowledge of the students about the sommelier profession as career options and make familiar about the wines , their various taste & characteristics with diffrent food & amp; wine harmony & amp; wine standard service procedure in modern world.
  48. 48. Cosplay, a contraction of the words costume play, is a hobby in which participants called cosplayers wear costumes and fashion accessories to represent a specific character. Cosplayers often interact to create a subculture, and broader use of the term “Cosplay” applies to any costumed role-playing in venues apart from the stage. Any entity that lends itself to dramatic interpretation may be taken up as a subject and it is not unusual to see genders switched. Favourite sources include anime, cartoons, comic books, live-action films, television series and video games. INSPIRIA KNOWLEDGE CAMPUS set forth a fun-filled evening to celebrate cosplay everyone dressed up like our own favourite comic, cartoon character and represent themselves for the same. It was celebrated on 18 th January 2019 evening, filled with laughter and unforgettable memories. Women’s Day & Ethnic Day Ethnic diversity and Women empowerment culminated the observations of International Women’s day 2019 at Inspiria Knowledge campus. For over 100 years International Women’s Day has cel- ebrated the achievements of women worldwide and the struggle for gender equality. 8th of march witnessed a combination of celebrating international women’s day along with the ethnic day . It was a day dedicated to all those who stood against odds and have excelled in their fields . We were honoured to welcome Dr. Neela Bhattacharya, plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Smita Das Ghosh, gynecologist , Mrs. Sweta Tiwari, principal of Birla Divya Jyoti School, and Pri- yanshi Jalan, fashion advisor and entrepre- neur. The event commenced with the lighting of the lamp, followed by each of the speak- ers talking on how women empowerment is not about giving special rights to women but about establishing gender equality. They also showed light upon how a women is incomplete without the support of a man and vice versa and how they cannot be put on a seesaw. FUN WITH COSPLAY
  49. 49. Waffles Making Workshop Inauguration of “Inspiria TV” – an exclusive Audio visual platform for media aspirants Siliguri witnessed the official launch of “Inspiria TV” – the first Audio Visual platform by an academic institution of North Bengal on 9th July 2018. An exclusive initiative of Inspiria Knowledge Campus to expose the budding media students about real industry environment and challenges. The Youtube channel would consist of many different sections such as Entertainment, Infotainment and Events followed up with numerous subsections along with it such as Education, Health & Fitness, Travel, Culinary Shows, documentaries, short films etc. The channel was officially launched by the Honourable Principal of Birla Divya Jyoti, Ms Sweta Tiwari amidst the presence of huge audience comprising of faculties and students. Even the official song of Inspiria “Marzi 2.0” was also of- ficially inaugurated during the same event. Em- inent dignitaries across media platforms of Sili- guri were present during the official launch of the channel. The event was also widely covered across popular media platforms of Siliguri. The students can easily connect with the audi- ence and showcase their attributes, since the popularity of infotainment and entertainment is immense, especially among the youths with massive subscribers across digital platforms. We then experienced the presence of another great speaker, Rajesh Agarwal who is a motivational speak- er. The programme then carried on forward with the embark of first web series of North Bengal, introduced by Inspiria TV - College Diaries. The first glimpse of the webseries was showcased after which a series of dance and singing performances took place. The graceful dance performances added a silver lining to the cloud . The day ended with a wave of joy and hap- piness spread all over.
  50. 50. Teachers Day Celebration 2018 Trade Bustle Challenge 2018
  51. 51. World Environment Day Toastmasters International (TI) is a non-prof- it US based world leader in communica- tion and leadership development with more than 352,000 memberships worldwide with a strong presence across 142+ countries. Siliguri hosted the first ever Area Level Con- tests on 17th March 2018 at Inspiria Knowl- edge Campus, Matigara. It consisted of two key contests – International Speech & Table Topics….an epic battle of wits, perseverance, practice, and passion. The contests are aimed at choosing the best-prepared speakers and impromptu speakers from the Area. The participants were Toastmasters across a wide cross-section of society – students, homemakers, professionals, and businessmen alike who had already won at their respective clubs and were now vying with each other to win and thus represent the Area at the Division Level con- sisting of West Bengal, Assam, Sikkim, Meghalaya, Jharkhand as well as Bangladesh & Bhutan. Winners at the division level will go forward to the district level & ultimately winner at the district level will represent India in the finals of the ‘World Championship of Public Speaking’, to be held in Chicago, USA later this year. Area Director, Ayan Pal, a distinguished Toastmaster and multiple award-winning Author who works as an IT Consultant in IBM along with Assistant Area Director Abha Ohri, Principal Shri Ram Cen- tennial School helped conduct the contest. Mr. Pal played the role of the Chief Judge and headed a panel of esteemed Judges across the Area comprising chapters in Siliguri, Kolkata, Gangtok, and Shillong.The world needs leaders. Leaders head families, coach teams, run businesses and mentor others. These leaders must not only accomplish, they must communicate. By regularly de- livering speeches, gaining feedback, leading teams and guiding others to achieve their goals in a supportive atmosphere, leaders emerge from the Toastmasters programme. Rendezvious with Toastmasters
  52. 52. Inspiria Knowledge Campus organized an inter-college coding competition titled “Inspiria Coder of the Campus” on 27th July 2018 in the college premises. The competition witnessed massive participation from various colleges and academic institutions across North Bengal and Sikkim. The majority of the participants were from Inspiria Knowledge Campus, Siliguri Institute of Technology (SIT), SRM Sikkim,Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology (SMIT), Jalpaiguri Institute of Technology, Aptech Institute,PUSET, Lovely Professional University and many more. The winners of the com- petition were Aman Srivastava (First) from Jalpaiguri Institute Tech- nology, Ankit Roy (Second) from Inspiria Knowledge Campus and Sankhadeep Dey (Third) from Siliguri Institute of Technology. The first, second and third position holders’ of the competition received 5000/-, 3000/- and 2000/- prize money respectively. The participants thoroughly enjoyed and had a great time competing with each other. Inspiria Knowledge Campus has always encouraged its students to venture in various innovative and subject relevant activities. The only campus in North Bengal, rendering the modern way of learning has aided the young minds in discovering their quest and passion. The exposure to various activities, competitions, seminars, internships, etc., has honed their skills and minds to a broader aspect. On the 30 th of October, 2019, the E-cell of SIEM College, Siliguri, organized a workshop for the bud- ding entrepreneurs. This workshop was addressed by Mr. Tunir Saha, an entrepreneur, and CEO of Skubotics, Kolkata. It was a great experience for the students of Inspiria Knowledge Campus in being a part of this workshop as they got a deeper insight about entrepreneurship and startups. This was followed by a ‘Business Plan’ competition where students from different colleges participated in extending their innovative business ideas. In this event, there were four teams who were judged by the prominent investors of Siliguri. It was a proud moment for Inspirians when they bagged the first prize in the competition. Their business idea was about strolley – a smart way of shopping. The judges liked the idea and suggested some measures to add to the concept. By evaluating their creativity and their ideas of the smart trolley, we can conclude that the blossoming entrepreneurs of Inspiria Knowledge Campus are keeping up well with this technology-driven world. Their innovation was extremely appreciated as it makes shopping delightful. The significant aspect of strolley is that it is time friendly. You need not require taking out the goods that you’ve picked, as it will be automatically calculated inside the strolley. Isn’t that remarkably smart? The workshop went extremely well as it brought various new ideas and creativity in the limelight. It was a great learning and delightful experience for all the students. They look forward to being a part of more such kind of events. Inspiria Organizes Mega Coding Competition Inspirians Bag First Position at B-Plan Contest for their Startup Idea
  53. 53. INSIGNIA, the Management club of Inspiria organ- ised an Inter-departmental debate competition named as “Clash of Minds” on the 8th of February, 2019. Insignia firmly stands for inculcating and developing students to bring out the best in themselves in terms of participation in activities. A debate competition is an effective method to instil a ‘thinking mind’ among students to understand issues that may affect them in their lives. The event saw students from various departments and members of faculty gathered as audience to cheer the participants. There were a total of 10 participants, two from each department. The participants where already given their motion ‘for’ or ‘against’ on the topic ” Women are trying to become more like men.” Ms Steffi Prasad and Ms Geetanjali Rathore were the esteemed judges for the event. Mr. Arnab Sen acted as the moderator for the debate competition. It was a highly stimulating talk with different views and opinions on their respective motions. The speakers were full of energy and enthusiasm which kept the audience enthralled till the end. Sneha Pandey of BBA (3rd year) won the trophy of the Winner and abumper cash prize and Dimpi Singhal of BMS (2nd year) stood second winning a cash prize. It was a wonderfully co-ordinated event organised by the management club of Inspiria. “Clash of Minds” An Interdepartmental de- bate competition Inspiria Coder of the Campus the mega event was powered by CodeChef – a leading coding plat- form in India, providing opportunities for young aspiring coders to showcase their talents. The ob- jective of organizing such an event was to inculcate and promote the culture of coding in the region of North Bengal. The almost four hours long competition was filled with competitive spirit and great concentration among the competitors. Inspiria Knowledge Campus continuously promotes such initiative amidst the young aspiring learners of the region through such innovative platforms.
  54. 54. InspiriaKnowledgeCampuswitnessedanengaginginterdepartmentalcompetition‘LogoMotion’or- ganized and executed by ‘Insignia’ – the Management Club of Inspiria on the 9th of November, 2018. A total of eight teams spanning across various departments participated in the event in teams of four with representation from various batches. Each team was given a case study which necessitated them to think in a team and conceptualize and create a brand logo, logo storyline & adoption, brand differentiation and positioning that would enhance the firm’s competitive position in the market. Teams were given case studies and necessary arrange- ments to create content in the form of presentation and they were seen thoroughly engaged in forming, exchanging, and clarifying creative outputs over a span of four hours. Finally, the winners to ‘LogoMotion’ were team members Tiasha Sil – BMS 3rd yr, Mona Munda – BMS 3rd yr, Chan- dan Baheti – BBA 2nd yr and Akash Kumar Shah– BCA 3rd yr. They received a bumper cash prize and certificates of participation announcing the team as winners to the event. All participating teams received certificates of participation. Inspiria Knowledge Campus organised a one day Photography Workshop on 24th April 2018. The session was convened by Mr. Tirtha Dasgupta, an eminent Photographer with 22 years of experience in the concerned field. The media science students of the college were exposed to the various compositional and practical skills to be practised and implemented. The session be- gan with the basic compositional guidelines applied in photography, followed by practical demon- stration of various usages of lights and different accessories used in photography. The workshop was immensely interactive and enlightening, providing great opportunity for the students to explore and understand the diverse nuances of photography. Mr. Tirtha Dasgupta’s extensive knowledge in the field of photography was indeed a great learning for the aspiring students of media science, aiming to explore a career in photography. He is associat- ed with the School of Fototechnik, New Delhi and is the honorary member of numerous famed in- ternational photography institution such as FSOF, FPSNJ, FSAP and PESGSPC. Exclusive Photography Workshop Conducted at Inspiria LogoMotion – Enhancing Brand Performance
  55. 55. Entrepreneur Sriya Singhal spoke to the students of BBA/ BCA/ BBAHM regarding “Time Manage- ment”. On the 2nd day, the BBA/BCA/BBAHM freshers were addressed by Abha Ohri, the Principal of Shri Ram Centennial School, Siliguri. To fuel their quest and passions, Sangeeta Reddy, the founder of Reddy’s Clinic spoke to the ardent In- spirian freshers of BBA/ BCA/ BBAHM on “Communi- cation”. Another session was held simultaneously at Seminar Hall 2 for the BMS/BHM students. The guest speaker of the day, Priyanka Anuj not only spoke about the “Time Management”, but also endowed useful tactics and skills on how to utilize them wisely. On the fourth day of the week long programme, BBA/BCA/BBAHM freshers had a session with with Dr. Sam George, the honorable Direc- tor of the “Genesis Foundation on “Team Work”. In the meantime, the freshers from BMS/BHM depart- ment were addressed by Mr. Joseph Sebastian, the esteemed founder of Chatterbox. The orientation week for 2018 batch was held from 6th of August to the 10th of August 2018. The session introduced the newcomers with the academic environment of Inspiria Knowledge Campus. The program was organized on the mentioned date from 10 am – 1 pm every day.. The entire campus got a feel of the Orientation Program amidst great enthusiasm . Day1.(6th August 2018) With an intention to teach the youngsters to pursue their passion, Sriya Singhal the owner of Buddy Quest and Mr. Jaspal Bindra the managing Director of Punjabi Kadai was invited as guest speakers on the first day. On last day of the orientation week Mrs. Sherry George, introduced all staff members to the stu- denst and spoke on the rules and regulations to be observed in the campus. SEMINAR HALL 2 (BHM/BMS) Ms. Steffi Prasad, Mr Anjani Nandan, Mt Arnab Sem and Dr. Ratnakirti Roy addressed the stu- dents on various issues. The Orientation Program helped the students in their transition from school life to college life. Orientation week 2018
  56. 56. Inspiria Theater Club impressed the audi- ence with yet another drama, “Mera Bharat Mahan” on the occasion of Republic Day. It was performed on 28th January, 2019 at the amphitheatre of the college. The act had three scenes. The first scene reflects how youngsters these days have become igno- rant of their own nation. The second scene throws light on the achievement of India and it’s people through a conversation between a mother and his son. The third scene portrays the time of British rule in India and how it ended. The students had gone an extra mile to give their best performance. The play by the Inspiria Theater Club left the audience amazed and with the ending note of “Jai Hind”, the amphitheatre echoed with applause. ‘Grooming Extravaganza’, a unique initiative was taken by the Women Cell of INSPIRIA KNOWLEDGE CAMPUS. In the first ever grooming workshop organised by the members of the women cell, we had Priyanshi Jalan, Dr.Sanjukta Chaudhari (Neotia Getwel Health- care) and the HABIBS as our guest speakers. The session was informative and helpful. Priyanshi, a fashion blogger who believes in be- ing classy yet quirky gave a quick gist of the pro- fessional and personal aspects of styling an indi- vidual should be aware of. Discussing the updated trends of the fashion line, she also highlighted the do’s and the don’ts a girl should follow. Ms. Priyan- shi gave a very wider picture of how a young as- piring lady can communicate through the clothes she wears. Her session covered all aspects of styl- ing like shoes, accessories, colours, designs etc. At the end of the programme we had Dr.Sanjuk- ta who is associated with Neotia Getwel Health- care as a consultant in the Obstetrics and Gy- naecology department providing a broad insight into gender issues. It was more of an interac- tive session where students came up with their problems. She also discussed the health hazards that can be caused by smoking and drink- ing. She said “personal hygiene is two-third of health” and threw light over the importance of personal hygiene and made us aware of the right things a woman should do in her life. Adding to the session came the most exciting part, THE HABIBS –hair and beauty franchise where the trained members offered a class about makeup tutorials and hairstyles. Ms Retina Gurung a faculty at Habib’s discussed the need to be hygienic and how to keep their hair and skin. Overall it was a very productive day for all the women for whom hygiene, overall enhancement of appear- ance and personal development is of parallel importance along with other aspects of life. Grooming Extravaganza Inspiria Theatre Club Drama “Mera Bharat Mahan”
  57. 57. The air of valentine’s week spread it’s magic on Inspiria Toastmasters Club on 9th February 2019. To celebrate the joy of love, the club organised a special session on Saturday. The plans on how to make it a perfect blend of entertainment as well as an educating session went on for weeks until the final day. Everything needed to be perfect and fun at the same time. This event was also a part of one of the goals of the pathways, completing which a member check marked on that objective. Therefore, it was an important event for the member as well as everyone in the club. Selective members of the club helped in planning and execution of the event. On ‘the day’ members reached earlier than the scheduled time and helped in decoration and set- ting up of the location. The president along with SAA and VP Membership took care of the guest’s requirements and final touches before the beginning of the session. After the stage was set and the audience all seated SAA called for the onset of the session with the oath taking ceremony and reading of general rules and regulations. President then welcomed the guests who gave their short introductions and wished all the best to the speakers. TMOD then took over and with the theme of ‘L’Amour Toujours-Love Always.’ the session proceeded. The variety of speeches was a delightful experience for all spectators, and the showstopper like always was the table topic session. While speakers imag- ined themselves to be different objects and delivered their ta- ble topic speech on the same it filled the crowd with glee and not even the mixture of bad weather and outdoor location could dull that. All smiles, laughter and ap- plause roared louder as the bal- lots for the bests were present- ed. Accompanying the ballots in this special session were beautiful roses for the ballot achievers and other categories of – 1. Speaker with zero grammatical errors. 2. Fastest response to the listener’s questions. 3. Maximum usage of the Word of the Day 4. Least number of fillers. With the aura of love and happiness spread through beautifully crafted speeches and of course the flowers, the President adjourned the session after feedbacks and suggestions from the guest. Over- all it was a successful event with many lessons of its own always accompanied with tips on the ar- eas that the club needs to work and improve on. Also, maximum members participation proved the phrase of, ‘United we stand, divided we fall.’ to it’s most extent. The speeches merged with the theme of the day and the inclusion of the word of the day, ‘reverie’ set just the desired mood and atmosphere Toastmasters 34th Session – ‘L’Amour Toujours-Love Always.’
  58. 58. The Toastmasters Club Chartering ceremony was long awaited. This prestigious label of honour was going to be an important milestone for the newly formed club at Inspiria Knowledge Campus. It was a very momentous day as the first club officers were to be installed and charter members to be inducted. There was joy and thrill as the exuberance of emotions floating in the air filled every soul with pride and delight. One just couldn’t miss the glaringly visible smile on the students that stretched across the universe. The congregation was overflowing with animated prattles and interactions were being exchanged on very high notes, muchofitbeingintenseadulationsdirectedateachother.The newly appointed chartered members just weren’t able to hold backtheirgrinsastheywerealldelighted,excitedandignited. It started almost as an impossible dream in April, 2018 when the Management team of Inspiria Knowl- edge Campus flagged off the Toastmasters club and now we proudly claim to have achieved the eminent status and the grandeur of being a ‘Distinguished Member’. This is completely gratifying and has such a positive effect on the members as this proud- ly adds another right and bright star to the galaxy of the ‘Inspirian’ stories of success. The essence of being a Toastmaster is the desire to improve one’s communication skills. Pur- suing on the popular adage of finding a remedy rather than finding faults, the club has soared high, saying bye to its fear of public speaking, marching relentlessly and gracious- ly on it mission of helping others and to become effective communicators and leaders. Appreciation and a token of profound appreciation goes to both our Distinguished Toastmasters Mr Ayan Pal and Ms Jennifer Ghosh. They were indeed a valuable addition to the event and were delightfully entertaining personalities. Both witty and informative, their parlance drew the audience in and held their complete attention. There was not even one single dull moment. Their assertion triggered new ideas that will cer- tainly benefit the Inspiria Toastmasters club. The Charter event has boldly showcased Inspirians to the world for being the pio- neer, the first-ever Toastmaster’s group amongst all North Bengal academic insti- tutions. In the coming days, we are going to see some incredibly exciting moments when our members thrust their limits, steering them beyond their comfort zones to explore new opportunities of effectu- al communications and global leadership. Let it go, let it flow, let it grow, let the world know Inspiria Toastmasters Club Charter Ceremony As it is said that success comes from 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration; though challenging, the outcome of the groundbreaking Toastmasters Charter ceremony held at Inspiria Knowledge Campus has been highly worthwhile and rewarding.
  59. 59. Financial Inclusion Survey Inspiria Students team up with Researchers from University of Pennsylvania Inspiria Knowledge Campus held a collaborative Research Project on Digital Banking in Rural India in association with the researchers from the University of Pennsylvania, USA on the 11th & 12th March 2019. Dr. H. Daniel Heist, a doctorate student at the school of Social Policy and Practice at the Uni- versity of Pennsylvania and Ms. Marquisha Laurence Scott, University of Pennsylvania, a youth influencer in collaboration with Dr. M.S Moodithaya, Pro Vice Chancellor of NITTE, Dr. Ganesh Bhat, Former Professor, St. Mary’s College Shirva, Mrs. Rohini Ganesh Bhat and Dr. Prabhakar , Former Princi- pal, Mahajana’s College, Mysore, conducted a two day digital financial inclusion survey in North Bengal region.For this pur- pose two villages were identified for the digital survey 1. Farabari – (digital village) 2. Patharghata (non digital village). On the first day i.e the 11th of March, the delegates along with the two teachers - Asst. Prof. Mr. Taqui Haider (Media Science Dept) and Asst. Prof. Mr. Anil Philip (Business Administration Dept) along with 33 students of Inspiria Knowledge Campus, visited ‘Farabari’ village, which is the cashless village of North Bengal. They conducted a survey on digital banking, covering around 200 households and providing the knowledge and awareness of digital banking. The following day, the survey was continued in ‘Pathar- ghata’ village, covering 200 households again. The data collected will be used to bring about the relationship between digital India and financial inclusion of the marginalised. It was a wonderful learning experience for the students, bringing them closer to the reality that majority of the people in our country are facing.
  60. 60. First year Media Science students were taken for an industrial visit to Doordarshan Kendra, Siliguri on the 6th of February, 2019. Industrial visits are a vital part of any professional course where students gain practical insight into the field. Doordar- shan, for any media student, would be a prominent area of interest because it was the first TV channel of India. This visit turned out to be a good learning experi- ence. The students were divided into four groups, each guided by a representative of DD. The stu- dents were taken around the Art Station Room, PVR Room, Studio and the Editing Room. They were briefly explained how the videos are shot,synchronized by audio, edited, uplinked to the satellite and downlinked and distributed as programmes to viewers. The machines and it’s technicalities in each room were discussed con- cisely.The students spent 3-4 hours studying and assimilating the valuable information. The main motives behind the trip were: 1.Practical experience of the theoretical knowledge gained. 2.Hands on training of equipment’s. 3.Inculcating and developing a professional attitude. 4.Motivation and encouragement for broadcast media. Overall, this trip was very resourceful and informative. It has helped the students to explore the worldof their interest. Asst. Prof. Taqui Haider and Asst. Prof. Shubhankar Dandapat accompa- nied the students. Industrial Visit to Doordarshan Kendra, Siliguri
  61. 61. Industry visit meets the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical instruction. This expo- sure broadens the perspective of the students regarding the workforce and different industries. Industry visit enhances the overall development in a student such as communication skills, team spirit, leadership qualities, and much more. With an objective to provide in-depth learning about the real-life environment of industry opera- tions, Inspiria Knowledge Campus initiates an industrial tour for every subject. The students of BHM 1st year were taken for an industrial visit to ABSOLUTE HYGIENE CARE, Siliguri on 15th of January, 2019. Industrial visits are the essential element of any professional course where stdents get good industrial exposure in particular fields.The visit was very enlightening. The students were divided into two groups guided by an expert on ABSOLUTE HYGIENE CARE. The divided groups were taken around the different workstations having different laundry equipment to experience the practical laundry cycle. The main objectives behind the visit were: 1. To gain practical exposure to a commercial laun- dry. 2. Hands-on training toward laundry equipment. 3. To experience the laundry cycle. 4. To observe the use of different stain removers. Overall, this visit remained very resourceful and enlightening. It has helped the students to explore the Off Premises laundry concepts. A vote of thanks to Asst. Prof. Shoubhik Ghosh and Asst. Prof. Souvik Sarkar for accompanying the students and making this trip a success. Is learning restricted to a particular field? No learning initiates knowledge, practical or theoretical - both in its own forms. Industrial visits add a different level of exposure . With this very motive, Inspiria took a tour to Zydus Pharmaceutical Industry, along with its enthusiastic faculty and stu- dents of BBA 1 st Year. The visit to Zydus Pharmaceutical Industry, Sikkim was a mixture of knowl- edge and fun. The cleanliness and security is what the students found the peak point of the industry. The first department was the Packaging de- partment wherein the packaging systems and devices were shown to the students. This wasa followed by a visit to the ware- house and the last was the quality and as- surance department. After the visit to the various departments refreshments were of- fered to the students, marking the end of a very fruitful and learning experience. BBA Industrial Visit to Zydus Pharma, Sikkim Industrial Visit to Absolute Hygiene Care
  62. 62. Inspiria Knowledge campus had organized an industrial visit on the 24 th of November last year to Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd, Siliguri. A team of 52 students from BBA 1st year along with three faculty members, Mr. Arnab Sen, Mr. Bijendra Sharma, and Ms. Shristika Chhetri toured the Amul factory. Students were segregated into three groups, and three different professionals from the industry explained to them the different procedures for the production of milk and milk products like paneer, lassi, and cheese. Students were thrilled to know the history of Kaira farmers and their initiative in freedom struggle with the guidance of Sardar Vallabbhai Patel, which led to the establishment of Kaira District Cooperation Milk Producer’s Union Limited. With remarkable effort and quality, GCMMF endeavors to satisfy the taste and nutritional requirements of the custom- ers of the world. The students learned the complete process be- hind the making of paneer and ghee, tetra pack- ing of milk and milk processing. They were also told about the process of pasteurization, packag- ing and transporting of the milk. A rapid round of quiz was organized where the students actively won Amul chocolates. The faculty members and the students were served with refreshments like Amul Cheese balls and French Fries, which are yet to be launched in the market. It was an insightful and interactive visit, where the students understood the production processes, products, and operation of one of the best examples of cooperative achievement in the developing economy. Mr. Subhasis Kundu was highly hospitable and approachable to all the queries of the students. Inspiria looks forward to such visits filled with infotainment in future. Gujarat Co-operative Milk Industry Visit