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Panoramic radiography


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Panoramic radiography

  2. 2. Definition It is radiographic technique for producing a single image of the facial structures that includes both maxillary and mandibular dental arches and their supporting structures .
  3. 3. indications 1: Evaluation of trauma . 2:Third molars . 3:Extinsive disease such as large lesions . .4: Tooth development (mixed dentition) .5: Retained teeth or root tips (in edentulous patients) .6: Developmental anomalies 7: Panoramic radiographs are also useful for patient who don’t tolerate intraoral procedures well.
  4. 4. Advantages 1. Broad coverage of the facial bones and teeth 2. Low patient radiation dose . 3. Simple & fast technique 4. The fact that it can be used in patient .unable to open their mouths
  5. 5. Disadvantages 1. The image doesn’t display the fine anatomic detail available on intra oral Periapical Radiograph 2. Uneven magnification and geometric distortion. 3. The presence of overlapping structures such as the cervical spine can hide the incisor region
  6. 6. Technique and positioning 1. patients should be asked to remove any earrings . Jewelry hair pins spectacles dentures or orthodontic appliances 2. the procedure and equipment movements should be explained to reassure patients 3. patients should be placed accurately within the machines using the various head-positioning devicesand light-beam marker positioning guides 4. patients should be instructed to place their tongue into the roof of the mouth so that it is in contact with hard palate and not to move throughout the exposure cycle ( approximately 18 second )
  7. 7. Ext. Auditory meatus Mandibular condyle Articular eminence Coronoid process Zygomatic bone Ptregomaxillary Fissure Inf. orbital rim Floor of Maxillary sinus Ant. wall of Maxillary sinus Hard palate Nasal fossa Inf. Orbital canal and foramen Zyg. process of Maxilla Panoramic Innominate line (Infra temporal surface of Zyg. bone Lat. ptreg. plate Man. fossa Inf. border of Mandible C- Spine Mental foramen Hyoid bone Inf. Alveolar canal Ext. oblique ridge All this diagnostic information is missed in intraoral X-rays Hard Tissue
  8. 8. THANKS