castrestorations diabetes & periodontal disease gingiva cleft lip and palate dentistry tmj disorders dental anatomy rationale of endodontic treatm diseasesofpulpandperiapicaltis cleaningandshaping caseselectionfinal sealers mercury toxicity dfg contactsandcontours resorption pulpirritants pulp responses non carious lesions and manage introduction-endodontics intracanal medicaments cavity designs airabrasion pain control in operative dent complex amalgam restoration casehistory-seminar cariesdiagnosis isolationoftheoperative gingivaltissuemanagement dentinal hypersensitivity. infection tarnish and corossion pit and fissure sealants infection control in conservat steps cavity preparation rotary instruments gic dentalamalgam zinc polycarboxylate introduction operative1 compositepreparation1 bonding environment and health preventive and interceptive orthodontics consumer protection act pathologic tooth migration cementum prevention of periodontal dise prevention of oral cancer prevention of dental caries auxiliaries art plaque control pit and fissure concept designs in descritive .planning and evaluation epidemiology health education fundamental of biostatics finace dental care trauma from occlusion periodontal abscess. gingiva in health dental plaque wound healing role of dental calculus inflammation hormones halitosis epidemiology of periodontal di gingivalenlargment desquamative gingivitis defense mechanism of gingiva classificationofperiodontaldis classification of periodontal chronic periodontotitis risk factors prognosis -dr asif piezo-surgery-dr asif periodontal pocket periodontal medicine pdl gene therapy modern restorative materials isolation and matrices primary & secondary impression differences between primary an impression trays diagnosis of pulp pathologies dental health education connnectors in fpd temporization of provisional r rpd basics gingival tissue retraction all ceramic materials. impression and theories in cd direct retainers biomechanics of tooth preparat post & core indirect retainers soldering & welding retainers in fpd principles and objectives of i pfm preparation occlusal rims & record base major connectors eruption disorders chronology child abuse and neglect behaviour management in childr behavior learning theories setting up a pediatric dental occlusal developmental disturb fluoridetoxicity-and deflorurd fluorides fear and its management early childhood caries development of occlusion dental caries analgesics and antibiotics sport dentistry pediatric radiology oral habits introduction to pedodontics diet nutrition dental materials in pediatric dental home avulsión treatment planning surgical orthodontics skeletal maturity indicators orthopedic appliances biology of tooth movement orthodontic appliances class-concept of occlusion adult ortho retention and relapse interceptive orthodontics habits genetics fixed appliance extractions in orthodontics expansión epidemiology of malocclusion diagnosis in orthodontics classification-of-malocclusion cephalometic radiography anchorage model analysis midline diastema methods of gaining space management of developing occlu laboratory procedures in ortho introduction to orthodontics tmj ankylosis osteomyelitis embryology zmc fracture maxillary osteotomy mandibular fracture impaction analgesic transalveolar@spark orthognathic surgery inferior alveolar nerve block implantology exodontia distraction osteogenesis basic sterilization & asepsis developmental disturbances odontogenic tumors cysts malignant con tissue tumors benign connective tiss tumours tmj development of palate dental pulp alveolar bone oral mucous membrane maxillary sinus tongue saliva maxillary first molar axillary 2nd and 3rd molars mandibular central incisor and taste maxillary incisors ulcerative vesiculo bullous red & white lesions oral pigmented lesions intra oral radiograpgy systemic diseases of bone radiographic quality assurance benign tumors of jaw opg odontogenic cysts fibro osseous lesions burning mouth syndrome sterilization and disinfection radiation protection lichen planus & osmf iopa interpretation
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