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Tweeting Learning-Twearning-the-day-away


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Tweeting Learning-Twearning-the-day-away

  1. 1. Tweeting and Learning = Twearning the Day Away! Ida M. Jones Tweet:#CSUFTIP13
  2. 2. What is Twitter and Who Uses it?What is Twitter?• Microblog with postings of 140 characters or less• Hashtag (e.g. #CSUF- TIP13)to organize and search• Can include links to videos, images & websites To listen to the webinar that is the source of this information, Tweet: go to: #CSUFTIP13 events/webinar-teaching-twitter/
  3. 3. Abstract & Objective • According to Chickering and Gamson’s Seven Principles for Good Practices in Higher Education, three of the effective practices that promote student learning in undergraduate education. – Student engagement, – feedback and – time on task • Faculty can use Twitter effectively in class as a tool to accomplish the 3 noted practices. Objective: • Promoting deeper learning through effective use of Twitter. Description of Seven Principles: Tweet: #CSUFTIP13
  4. 4. Tweet:#CSUFTIP13
  5. 5. Tweeting and Twearning Class • Sports Marketing Law class • Required for Sports Marketing majors • 18 students • Most hadn’t used much technology in their marketing classes previously • Survey: 50% created a Twitter account for the first time in this class Tweet: #CSUFTIP13
  6. 6. Twitter Assignment-Part 1 • Take notes and ask questions during class • My Goal: More involvement with and knowledge of course content C & G-more time on task and hopefully more feedback! Tweet: #CSUFTIP13
  7. 7. Twitter Assignment-Part 2--GroupSummary • Weekly summary; 5 minute presentation – Immediate feedback – Reinforcement of learning • Post for other students to use Tweet: #CSUFTIP13
  8. 8. Tweet:#CSUFTIP13
  9. 9. How do you assess accomplishment of objectives?ASSESSMENT Tweet: #CSUFTIP13
  10. 10. Student Perceptions of TwitterUse • Contribute to Knowledge of Content? – Pre: 56% Agreed/Strongly Agreed – Post 64% Agreed/Strongly Agreed • Would Make No Difference – Pre: 25% – Post:17% • Would Not Contribute – Pre: 19% Agreed/Strongly Agreed – Post: 17% Disagreed it would make a difference Tweet: #CSUFTIP13
  11. 11. Course Grades: Spring 2011/Spring2012 Tweet: #CSUFTIP13
  12. 12. Twitter Assignment-Part 3—Follow aProfessional Athlete; Develop aSocial Media Policy • Evaluate Twitter use and legal implications by 3 sports figures and develop a proposed policy – Favorite sport – Identify 3 professional athletes who have twitter accounts – End of proposed policy on athletes’ use of social media Tweet: #CSUFTIP13
  13. 13. Expectations • Identify legal implications of using social media – Role of sports governing bodies – Contracts – Torts – Labor law/collective bargaining • Develop, read and analyze policies Tweet: #CSUFTIP13
  14. 14. How do you assess accomplishment of objectives?ASSESSMENT Tweet: #CSUFTIP13
  15. 15. Impact • Evaluation of policies submitted • Student comments – High level of involvement (100% agreed or strongly agreed) – High level of satisfaction (72% agree or strongly agreed/27% neither agreed nor disagreed) • Good start on policies Tweet: #CSUFTIP13
  16. 16. Questions and Comments Images: license from & PowerPoint template (free) Tweet: #CSUFTIP13 added/powerpoint-templates/0.html