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ALSB 2012 Teach and Tweet-Jones


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Presentation at 2012 Academy of Legal Studies in Business by Ida M. Jones; Twitter and its impact on exams; initial findings

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ALSB 2012 Teach and Tweet-Jones

  1. 1. Teach & Tweet…and Videos Too! Ida M. Jones Brian Levey Patrick Walker Tweet your comments & questions
  2. 2. Technology can be Disruptive! Tweet your comments & questions
  3. 3. Tweet During These Presentations!! Tweet your comments & questions
  4. 4. Tweet yourcomments& questions
  5. 5. 21st Century Literacies• Attention• Participation• Collaboration• Network awareness• Critical consumptionAttention, and Other 21st-Century Social Media Tweet yourLiteracies by Howard Rheingold, available at comments & questionsand-other-21st-century-social-media-literacies
  6. 6. Today’s Agenda• Using Twitter to Encourage Participation & Analysis of Legal Issues Ida M. Jones, California State University, Fresno & Patrick Walker• Stephen Pryor (via video link)• Film Clips & B Law: Something Old, Something New? Brian R. Levey, University of Notre Dame Tweet your comments & questions
  7. 7. Tweeting class• Sports Marketing Law class• Required for Sports Marketing majors• 18 students• Most hadn’t used much technology in their marketing classes previously• Survey: 50% created a Twitter account for the first time in this class Tweet your comments & questions
  8. 8. Twitter Assignments-Part 1• Student Assignments: • Take notes and ask questions during class • 5 minute presentation which was a group summary of weekly tweets • Tweet outside class• My Goal: More involvement with and knowledge of Course Content Tweet your comments & questions
  9. 9. Tweet yourcomments& questions
  10. 10. Group Summary • Weekly summary; 5 minute presentation • Immediate feedback • Reinforcement of learning • Post for other students to use Tweet your comments & questions
  11. 11. Your Turn• Do you believe this use of Twitter would help increase student knowledge of course content?• Tweet your responses (Yes or no and 2-3 word explanation why) Tweet your comments & questions
  12. 12. Student Perceptions of Twitter Use • Contribute to Knowledge of Content? • Pre: 56% Agreed/Strongly Agreed • Post 64% Agreed/Strongly Agreed • Would Make No Difference • Pre: 25% • Post:17% • Would Not Contribute • Pre: 19% Agreed/Strongly Agreed • Post: 17% Disagreed it would make a difference Tweet your comments & questions
  13. 13. 21st Century Literacies•Attention•Participation•CollaborationAttention, and Other 21st-Century SocialMedia Literacies by Howard Rheingold,available at Tweet your comments & questionson-and-other-21st-century-social-media-literacies
  14. 14. Exam Results: Spring 2011/Spring 2012 Tweet your comments & questions
  15. 15. 21st Century Literacies• Evidence of: Critical consumptionAttention, and Other 21st-Century SocialMedia Literacies by Howard Rheingold,available at Tweet your comments & questions
  16. 16. Twitter Assignments-Part 2• Evaluate Twitter use and legal implications by 3 sports figures and develop a proposed policy • Favorite sport • Identify 3 professional athletes who have twitter accounts • End of proposed policy on athletes’ use of social media Tweet your comments & questions